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Mosh pit is over there *points*

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Yay !!!

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Giant isopod plague and infections forcing us to dealing the hell of months to then maintaining the public safety and secure health back to normal. There’s no indication of lab experiments failure and any threats of bio-weapon causing that horrible event to occur along the eastern parts shorelines and south east regions. Displacing homes and abandoned towns and the measuring of the loss predictable as we rebuild back society ...

— Twin Karamoy Channel for youtube and television

Welcome to Atlantic, Pho cal and Neil ghosh.

Pho cal

Welcome back to Strikeforcedelta.

In case anyone saw the flag and noticed it looked different, I can confirm that the flag has been updated. The original flag was very small and did not scale up well, so it was recreated from scratch at a much larger size.

Gog Magog, Diamond dupree, Under Atlantis, and Sigilo

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Rost Dreadnorramus wrote:Salve.


Under Atlantis wrote:?

Latin for Hello.

Rost Dreadnorramus wrote:Latin for Hello.

I googled before posting and thought you were talking about bandages. Hi though.

Hi everyone!

Hello there.

Diamond dupree

Sorry about the nap. Let's rock this place!

Salve. Great to see the old home alive again.

We in Balugata wish to affirm our strong ties with a former Region such as yourself, and hope that in spite of the impending World Assembly vote, will try to keep ties with Atlantic, as we believe your troubled past should not reflect your modernity


Condemn Atlantic

The Atlantic stands proudly with the modern Atlantic in the face of condemnation for past actions under different governance.


Under Atlantis wrote:?

Another forgotten realm reborn I see.

I wouldn't say it's forgotten, at least not completely. Atlantic has only ceased to exist on two occasions, and in both cases it was brief (just before an update) and intentionally done to re-found with an active nation. We might be quiet and uninterested in global affairs, but we're still here.

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