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oh in that case maybe I should quit putting this lube all over my boot then..*puts away an almost empty bottle of lube* but on a good note it is cherry flavored

On a good note. That boot is easily flamable.

no it is not.......and don't make me use it on you right now......*raises an eyebrow towards you*


(Runs Off)
- On A Hill, Several Miles Away -
(Loads Artillery Shell Into Artillery Canon)
(Turns Radio On)
(Puts In Metallica)
[Song: Seek And Destroy]
(Fires Artillery Shell At LR, And UWO)

Your not shoving no boot up my a$$, Cherry flavored or not.... And UWO, You just irritate me at times....

(Loads Another Artillery Shell)
(Fires At LR, And UWO Again)
(Continues To Do this Process)

Go use it on Glug. I believe he enjoys objects inserted into his (Insert word) by females

I would not insert it up the back end......more like the nose but so far down the nasal cavity that you would see the boot heel out the back end......sort of like this *does this the UWO*


(Fires More Artillery Down at UWO And LR)

That feels good. Tickles.

Lies? why in the heck would I want to harm you......but I am rethinking that right about now I am tired of dodging Artillery...0.o

LIES!!! LIES!!!! LIES!!!

(Sends A Bombardment Of Artillery Towards UWO And LR)
(Picks up a Radio)

- This Is G Man, Come In Alpha Bravo Foxtrot -
[- This Is Alpha Bravo Foxtrot, What is it G Man-]

- B-52, Bring The rain -
[- Okay Rodger That G Man -]

(Moments Later Along with the Bombardment Of Artillery, A B-52 Starts Firing rounds to the ground at UWO And LR aswell)

...*Holds LR in the air for cover and meat shield*

*is killed once again*

Oh frack ya'll.....seriously frack ya'll.

*floats away into a world where I am not killed every few days*

Now that thats done and over with. *Sits and drinks a can of pepsi and watched re runs of the bill cosby show

(Sneaks up behind UWO and slices his throat)

I wasn't trying to kill her you 'Now Ghost' Twit....

(Revives LR)

There hon...

*Keeps watching the Bill cosby show* your the one putting "Fires artillery at LR and UWO* So explain that one mr dumbass :)

yea AT Not hitting you directly..... 0.0 (Insane Logic Makes Sense)

Oh well you killed her. Have fun making that up to her even though it probably wont take that long xD *Continues watching bill cosby opening a fresh bag of lays patato chips*

HA you can't enjoy those, Your dead!!!! Enjoy being a Ghost Dumbass.....

LR your alive again hon....

ORLY? *Trollface* *Riencarnates self and eats patato chips and enjoys bill cosby*

Tommorow wont be back till thing again. Meh.

NEW CoS LAW: Glugerstut(G Man) Is The Only One In region Allowed To Use The Word, Meh.

I like that rule :p pica.

i do three...

so it is passed :p

*hugs husband* thank you for rezzing me dear *smiles*


it is time to show this region what happens when you kill mamma

*Calls down orbital bombardment from the space fleet turning a good part od the Carnival region into a broken moon scape*

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