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United Wrenland wrote:It seems like the CC isn't doing that good anymore :/, how are youre other projects goingHis Excellency? :)

Yeah, the Communist Cartel (or NationStates for that matter) really isn't a thing I do anymore. My main hobbies now is making YouTube videos (although I take forever to make them). If you want to join my personal Discord server, you're also free to do so at:

Bengaliana wrote:Greetings everyone. This is Bengaliana from India. We are happily announcing that recently, we have elected a new WAD, who is our very honourable Neo Kerala. Along with him, we have a new cabinet as well, and I, Bengaliana will be serving in it as Minister of Foreign Affairs this time. I hope the ties between India and the Communist Cartel can be improving day by day. Thank you.

Thank you Bengaliana, I hope you have a successful tenure as the Foreign Minister of India!

It's nice to be associated with the best communist dealer in NS again.


Servilis wrote:h


Fortis draco islands

Communist anrodia

I have no idea why I'm here.

Communist anrodia wrote:I have no idea why I'm here.

I have no idea why you are here.

This still exists?

New Walaca wrote:This still exists?


District 16

Sucks what has become of this region, but I hope everyone who once was a part of it is currently having a good life!

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