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LinkWelcome to the Greater Middle East!

The Greater Middle East is a role-playing community that started out primarily focused on the Middle East, but has since grown and evolved to include the rest of the world as well.

|| 🗺️ World Map 🗺️ || ⚖️ Rules ⚖️ || Link💬 Discord (Has Important Media RP) 💬 || 📌 Guide to a Wiki Style Factbook 📌 || 📰 Roleplay Application 📰 ||

One real-life day corresponds to one roleplay day.

Please fill out the application in a factbook/dispatch and send it to the moderators before roleplaying on the RMB.

Keep OOC messages to an absolute minimum on the RMB, the Discord is for that.

Feel free to invite your friends if you enjoy our region!

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Greater Middle East contains 152 nations, the 142nd most in the world.

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As a region, Greater Middle East is ranked 9,043rd in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The The Kingdom of Yugoslavia of Dvaistic Republic of SerbiaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Brotherhood and Unity”
2.The Republic of Nova IranCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Unity, Freedom, Justice”
3.The Imperial State of Afsharid PersiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Long Live Persia! | !زنده باد ایران”
4.The Sunrise Kingdom of YerehaCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“養正之心ヲ弘ム”
5.The Federation of Sovietskaya SoyuzPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!”
6.The Democratic Federation of Greater-KurdistanDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Long Live Free Kurdistan!”
7.The Republic of A z a n i aCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“ǃke e꞉ ǀxarra ǁke | Unity in Diversity”
8.The Empire of The EnderarmyInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Steadfast in loyalty”
9.The Pashtunkhwa of KhyberistanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Pashtunkhwa Zindabad!”
10.The Islamic Albanian Sultanate of InukastanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“If you fear Allah, you won't fear humans.”
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Greater Middle East Regional Message Board

Post by Greater Thai suppressed by Arab-Jamahiriya.

hello there , could i claim india,bangladesh,myanmar, thailand,laos,cambodia,vietnam? and sri lanka

Greater Thai wrote:hello there , could i claim india,bangladesh,myanmar, thailand,laos,cambodia,vietnam? and sri lanka

Please fill out a proper application then send it to one of the moderators:





"Stretching from the pristine sands of Morocco to the vast unforgiving steppes of Kazakhstan, from the rivers that brought civilization to the world in Iraq and the bustling bazaars from Cairo, Tehran and İstanbul: The Greater Middle East is a land of richness and stories to be told."

- What is an Application? -

Applications are the standard method for new players to join the GME community and roleplay, all new nations as well as puppets you wish to bring into the region must fill out this application in order to begin roleplay. Any posts done by a player who does not have an accepted application will be suppressed, as it is your responsibility to make an application and send it to Regional Government.

- Application Rules -

1. Applications must be published as a dispatch under "Meta" and "Reference"

2. Applications will not be reviewed unless sent to all the following nations: Afsharid Persia, The Turkish-State, Union of Israel, and Byeloruthenia.

3. You cannot claim territory that is already taken unless the owner agrees to it. Please telegram them prior to stating your claims in your application.

4. The Greater Middle East uses the real life stats of the territory you will be claiming, this also applies to your application. However, some exceptions can be allowed if the history backs it. Regional Moderation mandates applications for the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia to avoid drastic changes in territory, economics, history and politics.

- Application Template -


SECTION I | Answer in your own words :

• What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences ?

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming ?

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming ?

      Refer to the rules and FAQ for help with Section I

SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.

Name of your nation: [Input Nation Name]

Location of your nation on the map: [Input Territorial Claims]

Capital City: [Input Capital City]

Demographics of your nation: [Input Ethnic and Religious Statistics]

Population of your nation: [Input Population]

Economics: [Input Nominal GDP and Per-Capita GDP]

Leader of your nation: [Input Leader Name and Title]

Government type of your nation: [Input Governmental Description]

Brief history of your nation: [Input National History Description]

Previous Roleplay Experience : [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Very Experienced]

Flag Link: [Input Link to the Original Flag you are using]

- Example of a Good Application vs a Bad Application -


SECTION I | Answer in your own words :

• What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences ? Out of character, In Character

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming ? Separating OOC and IC information, and informing moderation when suspected meta gaming is taking place.

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming ? Staying within the bounds of realism that my desired claim will allow, as well as informing moderation when power gaming takes place.

Refer to the rules and FAQ for help with Section I
SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.

Name of your nation: The Republic of Korea

Location of your nation on the map: South Korea

Capital City: Seoul

Demographics of your nation: 96% ethnically Korean
4% Foreigners (Chinese, Americans, Thai, Filipinos, Uzbek and others)

Population of your nation: 51,446,201

Economics: $2.241 trillion $43,212 per capita

Leader of your nation: President Sejong Ri Sun

Government type of your nation: Unitary presidential constitutional republic

Brief history of your nation: The Republic of Korea was established in 1948, prior to that it was occupied by Imperial Japan from 1910-1945. From 1945-1948 the Korean war waged on, splitting the peninsula forever. Under American leadership the first Republican was established after the war on the 15th of August in 1948. The current constitution came about in 1988 after a series of coups and dictatorships that had stagnated South Korea. Despite the United Nations taking part in the establishment of South Korea, it went on to join the organization in 1991. In the 2017 election that came about due to the corruption scandal of President Park Geun-hye, with a turnout of 77.2% the Jayuhangukdang (Liberty Korea Party) came to power winning 54.42% of the vote. The new administration has began peace talks with North Korea, with the largest step so far being the Panmunjom Declaration. President Sejong Ri Sun has also promised to persue peace with the North, even proposing to invest in the North described as 'Peace Economy'

Previous Roleplay Experience : [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Very Experienced]

Flag Link:


SECTION I | Answer in your own words :

• What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences ? Out of character, in character

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming ? by not doing it

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming ? by not doing it duh

Refer to the rules and FAQ for help with Section I
SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.

Name of your nation: Korea

Location of your nation on the map: Korea

Capital City: Korea's irl capital

Demographics of your nation: irl korean demographics

Population of your nation: 50 million people

Economics: 5 trillion USD, 100,000 capita USD

Leader of your nation: leader Sejong Ri Sun

Government type of your nation: government like irl korea

Brief history of your nation: korea divided like germany, two korea enemies to today still.

Previous Roleplay Experience : super experienced af

Flag Link: flag

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Oh and btw, Sri Lanka is already claimed, the WFE exists for a reason :/

Flourishing Southlands wrote:BRSC Tank Tender

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

BRSC Tank Tender

The BRSC has finalised details of its tank tender, opting for the Challenger 2BR MBT as it outperformed its main competitor, the Korean K2 Panther.

The two MBTs underwent tough combat tests in both mountainous and jungle terrain, lasting for over 100 days, which saw the Challenger 2BR excel. Featuring a standard 120 mm smoothbore gun capable of firing a full range of shells, including several HESH and APFSDS variants, the Challenger 2BR has a new engine with increased torque output to deal with muddy and rough terrain, increased ventilation facilities, and an array of digital camouflage technologies suited to jungle terrain. The 2BR will also include advanced weapon control and surveillance and target acquisition systems, with a standard Dorchester (or Chobham) armour package with CSP reactive armour plating across all sides.

As an added bonus, BAE Systems Platforms & Services has also offered various improvement packages over time in the future for the vehicle, which will be considered if needed. It aims to include a series of new protective devices onto the Challenger 2BR based on local collaboration, such as spall liners, a directional IR countermeasure, and a laser jammer to complement its current protective devices.

The 600 Challenger 2BR tanks, with spares and parts, will be purchased in a deal worth $3 billion USD, making it the BRSC's largest foreign defence deal of FY2021.

Greater Britanniya

People's Daily

Tibetan Chief Executive Che Dalha holds press conference on region's economic potential and needs ahead of NPC session

"Chief Executive of the Tibetan Special Administrative Region, Che Dalha announced a new initiative to bring 5G and faster internet speeds to the Tibet SAR. In a conference held in the SAR's capital of Lhasa, the Chief Executive expressed support for new initiatives to be taken to ensure parity between western and eastern China. He hailed President Li Keqiang and the Chinese Revolutionary Nationalist Party for 'Their efforts to ensure parity between east and west'. However, Tibet's governor urged for the Central Government to organize a more 'concentrated effort' to tackle infrastructure issues in both Xinjiang and Tibet, China's westernmost regions. His comments were echoed by CRNP Tibet Chief Secretary, Wu Yingjie who called for further funding to improve infrastructure. Recently, the SAR has been putting local funding into the expansion of 5G and fibre cables across the SAR. In November of last year, Huawei announced it had sold China Telecom equipment for 5G towers in the Tibet SAR to provide coverage for users in Lhasa. That same month, China Telecom announced plans to improve its 5G network in the urban areas of Tibet and Xinjiang, though they warned that coverage may be difficult in the south of the SAR due to mountains and distance.

Chief Executive Che Dalha also said that he would be present during the National People's Congress session tomorrow to personally express his desire for more funding to improve infrastructure in the region. He also expressed a desire to promote the SAR as a tourist destination. "Tibet shows a unique side of China that should be shown to the world. Not only will the tourism industry create jobs and stimulate the economy, it will also increase the growth of the Chinese tourism industry, which is already quite large compared to other countries." He said, adding that the Tibetan CRNP and its assemblies had already approved programs to grow domestic tourism but asked the Central Government for more support in promoting tourism initiatives.

Greater Thai wrote:i've sent it

The application must be in a dispatch so it can
be reviewed by moderation.

NHK News

Voting Begins in Japan With Strong Momemntum for Takahashi's Party

      |The outcry from the Financial Ministry grows louder pointing to the corporate greed which has compromised economic integrity and has ground the auto manufacturing sector to a screeching halt. Many within the market business are calling for economic protectionism from unwanted foreign competition. Latest predictions show that Japan will see a net decrease in the gross domestic product over the next decade, and poor corporate business dealings will set Japan’s intellectual growth back for decades. Finance Minister Tarō Asō has slammed the automaker giants Honda and Toyota for “cutting Japan short” as a merger between Volkswagen and Japan’s two largest automakers was agreed to by corporate leaders in early 2021. Since this merger, stocks have fallen down nearly 200% as many investors pinpoint the multi-billion dollar conglomerate deal as a monopolization of the Japanese auto manufacturing industry. Outraged by the statistics, and hearing the outcry from many Japanese investors whom they feel have been sold out to the highest bidder, Minister Asō plans to move forward to introduce new legislation that will preserve “Japanese integrity” by allowing the government to purchase stakes in Japanese based manufacturing companies.|

          |“This isn’t just petty corporate politics, but an infringement on our culture. We are not Americans where great automakers such as FIAT Chrysler owned by Europe are now the new face of American engineering. This is Japan, and what we produce will be Japanese.”|

      |Honda and Toyota have tried and failed to enter the European market for decades but failed due to European protectionism of their products. The only successful Japanese company to come close is through Nissan and Mitsubishi, but only with a Renault (a French car company) Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance. Asō believes that if the EU can play protector of their automakers, so can Japan through nationalizing all Japanese businesses by either buying out the competition or selling all assets within the State of Japan by foreign companies within the automaker industry to big corporate Japanese trusts like MFG.|

      |With the re-election of Kikyo Takahashi for another 4-year term who has built a strong wave of nationalist support amongst her supporters, she vows to put this motion into action and move ahead exercising her emergency powers.|

          |“No foreign company without merit and/or direct cause, let it be from greedy German and Chinese companies will infiltrate our automotive industry or practices. Through this executive decision, no foreign company will be allowed to overtake a Japanese company without approval from the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Cultures sign-off. In order to protect our industries from any foreign takeover, we must as a society embrace Japan first before any foreign entity.”|

      Takahashi said.

      |But what would a nationalization of the Japanese automaker giants mean to future investments? It’s rumored that before the election the Financial Minister met with the top national investment banks in the country to speak on their losses when Honda and Toyota CEOs decided to dump their profits for German stakeholders. This has prompted “outrage” from the CEO of Mitsubishi Financial Group, which is the second-largest bank in the world by a total number of assets and their investors of Mitsui Trust. Even though the meeting was behind closed doors, the message seems to be clear that the government and many Japanese investors are not happy with the recent merger, with the CEO of MFG calling the CEOs of both companies complete idiots. He welcomes the idea of nationalizing the public sector within the companies in Japan claiming to reset the playing field to where Japan controls its own manufacturing sector remains paramount. In other words, the government will practically hand over the industry back to the country’s top 1% of earners and has made it difficult for them to sell stakes to foreign competitors. Many, especially among the opposition has called foul on this move, calling it risky and could potentially seem as bad faith between Japan and the EU, but the Minister of Foreign Affairs rebutted the argument raised saying that Japan has every right to indulge in economic protectionism just as every other nation, pointing at Germany, France, and Italy respectively.|

TRT Haber

Today Turkish streaming service Exxen has become the first streaming service in Turkey to surpass 10 million users, beating out Netflix who has 3 million users in Turkey, and other streaming services. Abroad they have around five million users, with that number set to grow as more foreign language films, and shows are being produced. Launching in 2015 as 'EnverTV Online', the streaming service only provided reruns of shows, and movies Enver TV umbrella. Though later it would add live news, and sports leagues like the Süper Lig and the Basketbol Süper Lig. However, with the arrival of Netflix in Turkey in 2016, EnverTV Online saw decline in revenue and almost closed its doors. Rebranding itself as Exxen in late 2017, they sought to make itself the direct competition of Netflix in Turkey, and in the Middle East. Exxen signed big money deals with studios across Turkey, TRT, social media influencers, sporting leagues, and podcasters throughout 2017, 2018, and 2019 which has allowed it to begin producing thousands of hours of Exxen Exclusive media. Exxen in mid 2020 signed an exclusive deals with multiple Japanese studios Kyoto Animation, Madhouse, Ufotable, Studio Bones, Wit Studio, A-1 Pictures, Pierrot, Toei Animation, and OLM, Inc. to have exclusive streaming rights to their entire library for Turkey. Which saw a boom in membership that has continued to this day, and pushed it over the 10 million mark. Especially as hundreds of new soap operas, reality shows, movies, and animations being made in Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Hebrew, Urdu, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Korean it is set to see much more growth in both the domestic and international market. In 2021 Exxen announced it will be seeking to launch its 'community and creator' feature in July that will see a free side of Exxen made. It will allow users to create, and consume similar to YouTube, with Exxen set to allow content creates to monetize content at a future date after the launch of the 'community and create' feature. Finally, Exxen and the Japanese studios they had already signed deals with announced that they had renewed their deals until 2026, with Exxen now having exclusive rights to stream the libraries of these studios not just in Turkey, but in every single country outside of Japan. However, Sony's Crunchyroll service will be allowed to continue streaming anime for the duration of this deal.

Internal Power Projection

The Philippine Navy has confirmed an order for 4 Tarlac-class landing platform docs from Indonesia, bolstering its current fleet from two to six within the next few years. The Duterte administration has stated that it is looking to implement a new military doctrine for the Philippine Armed Forces, focusing on what has been termed internal power projection. With the primary aim of unifying the Philippine archipelago's vast territorial claim under a new coherent and efficient military command system. General Cirilito E. Sobejana, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, stated that one of the countries biggest issues is efficient movement around its many small islands within a large archipelago.

    "We are very much different from most mainland countries, and even other insular states such as Japan and the United Kingdom. We face an issue where we have a small country, spread over a large body of water leaving all these internal seas and straits, that for the most part can be unmonitored, and neglected by our navy and coast guards. Then we are also faced with the issue of transporting troops from one island to another, and then successfully and properly patrolling all these islands. The country breeds decent within the lacking foundations of mobility and flexibility. This is where our armed forces need to step in, and perhaps begin looking at an efficient internal power projection, which we, unfortunately, struggle in."

Along with these purchases, included are eighty Harimau tanks. Classified as medium tanks, these vehicles have been picked for their mobility and general lightweight, but also for the support of regional partner Indonesia in developing their own local arms industry. Part of those purchases also includes ten CN-295. While the Philippines has heavily looked to other countries for military hardware, the government is intending on starting up a domestic military production line, particularly for armoured vehicles, firearms, aircraft, and naval ships. Secretary of National Defense, Delfin Lorenzana also said that it was important for the country to gain a level of self-sufficiency, and lessen the reliance on foreign suppliers.

Yet despite a heavy emphasis on internalized defense, President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated that he going to maintain a strong stance for maintaining Philippine sovereignty against all potential threats. International relations with its neighbors though have continued to look fairly well, as Manila has maintained a strong stance of neutrality in global conflict, it operates warm relations with many of the countries of the world, and currently has cordial ties with Beijing, which the Department of Foreign Affairs has stated it has no intention in changing. The Philippines is making track for joining the Pacific Alliance, after initial hesitation for violation of its own policy of regional neutrality, preferring to remain outside all potential hostilities within its Asia-Pacific region. But after an offer for an opt-out agreement to certain branches of the Pacific Alliance, Manila has reconsidered and has opened dialogue with Central America for supporting the Philippines' eventual integration into the economic circle of the Pacific Alliance.

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