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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

HUMMEX: Phase 2 Begins

The HUMMEX Exercises have reached their second phase, as all participating nations were commended for their great skill in the first phase.

The exercise, which was meant to be a month-long international exercise, will see all nations get training in the handling of medical emergencies (simulated disease outbreaks), flood prevention and response (direct intervention in floods in the southern Zhen), natural disasters (such as firefighting, tree collapse, storms, landslides), and emergency response. Phase 2 will involve the simulation of a massive disease outbreak.

In the first phase, the groups intervened directly in floods in the southern Zhen, as they aided in evacuation and recovery efforts. Unusually intense rainfall has swept away buildings and ruined homes, affecting about 15 million residents. Over 100 were killed. Luckily, the arrival of HUMMEX personnel ensured that some properties were salvaged, and the floodwaters were managed. Personnel were seen reconstructing small water reservoirs, desiccating properties, and clearing debris from thoroughfares. They were also given several days worth of work in hospitals across the affected areas, in a bid to sharpen their medical skills.

The joint exercise tempered the participating troops’ physical and mental quality, comprehensive ability and team cooperation consciousness as well. All the participants were highly praised for their superb skills, indomitable wills and spirits.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Rites

The Board of Rites has announced that it would greenlight a series of initiatives for Nepal, aimed at enhancing the quality of life in the region.

The recent construction of roads to the mountainous nation is expected to make cross-border land trade easier, as artisanal traders peddling wares from both sides will find it easier to trade in frontier markets. The Board has also approved the construction of a small street market near Zhangmu, solely for the exchange of goods and services by Nepalese and Zhen traders.

A diplomatic envoy has also been dispatched to Kathmandu for a three-day friendly visit. There, the envoy is expected to conduct professional and sports exchanges with their Nepalese counterparts, and participate in the public welfare activities. This will also coincide with visits to local businesses and schools, in a bid to bolster public image and cooperation between the two sides.

The Board has also expressed its interest in facilitating more investments into Nepal’s STEM sector, with $500 million ZGD investments into companies such as Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals, IMSHome, Kathmandu Infosys, and DishHome by tech giants Alibaba and Tencent.

As a sign of goodwill, the Board will also permit 5,000 Nepalese students to study in Zhen universities under generous scholarships every year. The scholarships, which are awarded through random lottery, will grant academically gifted Nepalese students access to some of the best educational facilities in Asia - if not the world - so they can actualise their full potential. The Board has also arranged for more academic exchanges between tertiary education institutions between the two countries, such as Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, and Sikkim University.


OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Revenues to increase FOREX Reserves

The Board of Revenues has made plans to increase its foreign exchange reserves, from $3,101,692 million USD equivalent ($3.1 trillion USD) to $3,200,000 million USD equivalent ($3.2 trillion USD) by the end of the year.

In light of the signing of the APCA, the Zhen government has found it prudent to expand its FOREX (and gold) reserves to improve the strength of its currency, as well as to comply with international transaction and investment rules stipulated by the APCA. The exact composition of the foreign-exchange reserves of the Zhen is classified, although popular consensus is that 66% is held in USD, 20% in Euros, and 14% either in Yen or Pounds. What little news is available indicates that the $98,308 million USD in FOREX reserves will not be denominated in USD, but rather, in other currencies.

The new currency holdings will include $14,044 million USD equivalent ($14 billion USD) of the TSPR Baht, the TPR RMB, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Pulai Ringgit, Indonesian Rupiah, and Bangladeshi Taka each. Such a move is expected to strengthen said currencies, by loaning more demand to such currencies. In conjunction with the APCA agreement, all countries involved can expect to see a valuation of their currencies against each other’s.

The Board of Revenues will also increase its gold reserves, from the official number of 1660 tonnes to 2,100 tonnes by 2021. This comes after the Zhen Board of Revenues takes moves to ‘play the long game’, by protecting its currency reserves and gradually position the ZGD as global reserve currency on par with other counterparts. By increasing its gold holdings, the Zhen is able to ensure that it will have a stable, valuable ‘hard’ currency to use in the event of an economic collapse or incident in the near future. However, some analysts state that the Zhen’s gold holdings are between 3,000 tonnes and 6,000 tonnes of gold, and that the numbers are much likely to be higher than expected.

            नो मोर यूनियन
            No More Union

            India disbands all Union Territories
            June 4th

Union Territories were established back in 1949 as a territory administered directly by the Central Government of India in New Delhi. In an attempt to 'free up' India, Kunnathuparambil's administration has passed a bill through both houses removing this status. As a result, all Union Territories have been dissolved and incorporated into surrounding states.

Delhi will be reclassified as a Capital Territory, meaning it will only change in name. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have merged into one, and will become known solely as 'Kashmir.' It will function under it's current legislature, but as a state and not a Union Territory. Andaman and Nicobar Islands will function as a state with the capital based out of Port Blair. Chandigarh will become part of Punjab, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu will become part of Gujarat. Lakshadweep will function as a state out of its capital in Kavaratti, although it is considered that the former Union Territory will become part of Kerala ( a vote will be held at a later date to discuss this union).

Puducherry will be split over three States. The Puducherry and Karaikal Districts will merge into Tamil Nadu, Yanam District into Andhra Pradesh, and Mahé into Kerala. These merges are expected to take up to a week before being finalised.

    Italian Navy to protect its interests

With Roman protest for Egyptian presence in Bosnia; the President has announced that he is looking towards economic consequences against Egypt, and looking to use the EU to minimise economic ties with Cairo. There were also attempts to reach out to Sarajevo, but the government has since deemed these discussions to be futile due to the past relation established by Bosnia's neighbours; as well as with the action of NATO. President Franco will still be pursuing a diplomatic solution to ask the Egyptians out of Bosnia, but Italy will be on high alert within the Adriatic Sea as not to diminish the compromised geo-strategic defences of Italy. President Franco would refer to Egyptian military presence as irresponsible and provocative, and refers to NATO as well as European inaction to be weak and problematic. The President is seeking French and British support in combatting ever growing hostilities; as the Americans are believed to be fighting their own battle, Turkish commitments are questionable due to varying interests. Italy has been cornered by NATO leadership, and fears the need to act independently.

    "We have been trying to deal with everything ourselves; it would just be too much work to go through NATO. The government is communicating with the organisation, but they have given us nothing yet - so at this moment, we're only assuming that we are protecting our territorial waters. This doesn't have to be the major event that it is, we're facing unwanted foreign intervention in a region that does not need this. The navy and the air force have been keeping an eye out; but Bosnian fear mongering has been questionable, and Egyptian presence is just problematic. We absolutely do not need a flashpoint so close to home - Libya has been a problem, and with Bosnia in the East; we are being surrounded by turmoil to the point and level that I fear we ourselves will feel the consequences of these directly."

    Admiral Antonio Romero

Many fears lie within Italy in the face of conflict; as the country has made it known that it does not seek conflict with many of its neighbours. Specially an economically productive state like Egypt who has potential to be a strong economic state with potential for greater European partnership. The Bank of Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo, and UniCredit have all dropped their investment ranking for Egypt, Bosnia and the Balkan region due to rising tensions. Egypt in particular has been dropped from Potentially Major Economy Ratings, compiled by the UniCredit; Economies such as China and Turkey were both on the Rating in the 80s and 90s respectively having graduated in the early 2000s. Angela Martini President of the Italian Economic Rankings project has stated that it is a potential massive loss, and that NATO should take into consideration the economic power that Egypt has the potential too, as well as the regional power that it wields. Crushing Egyptian stability will have underlying consequences in the region; and should be avoided at all cost. Both for economic and political reasons.


            Kashmir unites
            June 4th

After Prime Minister Kunnathuparambil announced that India is renouncing Kashmir's special status as a Union Territory and declaring Kashmir in its entirety, she as also announced that Kashmir will form one state under the name Kashmir. President Kunnathuparambil made this statement on twitter:

    "Now when I say 'Kashmir belongs to India,' I mean Kashmir. I do not mean Jammu and Kashmir. I do not mean Ladakh. I do not mean Azad Kashmir. I do not mean Gilgit-Baltistan. I do not mean Saichen Glacier. I do not mean Aksai Chin.I do not mean Shaksgam Valley. Now, when I, or when anyone else, says 'Kashmir,' they will be, by definition, referring to the whole area. The whole, 100% Indian, area. Checkmate boys."

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Ministry of Justice

The sentencing hearing for an Australian man accused of killing 51 Muslim worshippers in the country's worst mass shooting has been set to begin on August 24, the court said on Friday.

Brenton Tarrant pleaded guilty earlier this year to 51 charges of murder, 40 charges of attempted murder and one charge of committing a "terrorist act". He had initially planned to contest the charges, but changed his plea to guilty in March this year. The reasoning was unknown.

Insider sources say that the hearing is estimated to last three days, but it will take as long as is necessary. However, many say that the court is most likely to hand down life without parole as a punitive sentence.

Tarrant has been in police custody since 2019, after he was arrested and accused of using semiautomatic weapons to target Muslims attending Friday prayers at two mosques in the city of Christchurch. The attack was streamed live on Facebook and cited as providing inspiration for several other attacks targeting religious groups around the world.

Noticias de el Imperio Mexicano | News from the Mexican Empire

Imperial Cabinet Accepts Aid Offered by ZQRD

Zhen Dynasty wrote:El Estado Mexicano

The Zhen Government has requested approval for the Zhen Quick Reaction Division (ZQRD) to be deployed to Oaxaca, after news of a magnitude 7.4 earthquake had reached the Zhen.

The ZQRD is a first response unit which is meant to respond to emergency situations in 10 minutes or less. They, alongside the QED, form the backbone of the Zhen's first response capabilities. They can perform a wide range of duties, stemming from basic medical treatment and fire suppression, to vehicle extrication and SAR (search and rescue).

Should Mexico acquiesce to such a request, 200 rescuers can be instantly airlifted to Mexico City, with 400 more the next day.

A formal response was issued through diplomatic channels in which the Imperial Cabinet, under the authority of the Emperor, accepted the aid offered by the ZQRD. Although it was requested that the amount of aid workers be kept at 600 as a total. Although no official reason was given, some online articles point at the less than expected impact foreign aid has had before in Mexican Disasters.

"Gloria por La Patria, Familia, y Cristo Rey! | Glory for the Homeland, Family, & Christ the King!"

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Russian Alaskan Mercenaries arrive in México

NOTE: This information is considered Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.

Rusalyaska wrote:NOSOROG Security Services Ltd.

International Operations Catalogue — June

North American Department:

- Deal Reached With Mr. Sánchez and the Mexican Government

Ping: El Estado Mexicano

After negotiations between individuals related to the Mexican government and members of the board, NOSOROG has agreed to a deal put forth by the Mexicans. According to the details of this deal, worth half a billion USD, NOSOROG Security Services Ltd. would be:

    - Providing personal protection for certain members of the Mexican government
    - Advising some local Law Enforcement units and agencies of the Mexican government
    - Providing training and advising to the Mexican Naval Marines

This deployment of personnel will be one of the largest NOSOROG has ever undertaken. Ms. Taranova, the chairwoman of the company said the deal was monumental: "Mr. Sánchez was very receiving of us and wanted this deal to happen very much. The negotiations took a while, but in the end the deal we agreed on was monumental for us. I am sure the Mexican government will be pleased with purchase, and I hope this will catch the eye of other nations with similar needs."

NOSOROG Security Services Ltd. - Our priority is your security.
Please contact us to see how we can help with your security needs.

After the announcement of the deal between Mexican Billionaire Emir 'Francisco' Sánchez & Russian Alaskan Security Company NOSOROG, several of their operators were seen entering México. The newly stylized Princess Gabriela was seen being escorted through the Capital by NOSOROG Operators. As of right now, no conflicts have erupted between the NOSOROG Operators & the Cartels. However, once the Foreign Operators begin to get more involved in México. It is doubtless the Cartels will begin to react to this new threat. Nonetheless, for now the presence is a welcomed response. Although some politicians have criticised the "privatization" of security. The Mexican Army & Law Enforcement have traditionally been plagued by corruption from the Cartels. Thus the presence of foreign mercenaries could disrupt the dominance the Cartels have held on the Army & Law Enforcement.

"Gloria por La Patria, Familia, y Cristo Rey! | Glory for the Homeland, Family, & Christ the King!"

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Vicente Fox: The Epic Comeback

Although Vicente was formerly the Caudillo of México in the 2000s. This has not stopped him from remaining in the political spotlight. Part of several organizations & an active advocate. Mr. Fox has often been criticised for his involvement in the spotlight despite no longer being Caudillo. Traditionally, once a Caudillo's term finishes. They are expected to remain out of the spotlight to observe an unspoken rule of Mexican dignity. However, Mr. Fox has disregarded this tradition & even criticised it before.

Hence why it came as no surprise when Mr. Fox again involved himself in politics. Although Mr. Fox has been critical of American President Donald Trump before. Recently, Mr. Fox released a statement on social media in which he invited the President to have a drink along with Central American figure Bukele. He stated,

"While we're at it, lets throw in Bukele as well. The 3 Kings of the Americas should meet up!"

Although the statement gained controversy as many in México regarded the use of King as a slight against the Imperial Family. Many believed it was a joke & found it humorous. In addition, Mr. Fox has noted that he will be emerging himself into Mexican politics once more in a bid to "Strengthen México" as he put it. The world will wait to see how the self styled, "Fox of México" makes his epic comeback onto Mexican Politics

"Gloria por La Patria, Familia, y Cristo Rey! | Glory for the Homeland, Family, & Christ the King!"

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            I24News International

            Sinai Settlement Plan Unveiled

    Jerusalem- Prime Minister Netanyahu and Vice Prime Minister Miri Regev greeted the press from the steps of the Knesset at 2:00 PM IDT, to announce their governments plan to further increase the development and settlement of the Israeli Sinai Region. The Plan, unveiled by the two Likud Leaders, is a detailed Afforestation and Deseret Reclamation project that is expected to cost approximately $2 Billion USD ( ₪6.8 Billion Israeli New Shekels). The project, according to Prime Minister Netanyahu will be half funded by Foreign and Israeli private investment, while the other half will be funded by Jerusalem.

    The aim of the project of will be to plant 1 Million Acres of trees along the Northern Israeli Sinai Mediterranean coast over the course of the next few years, as well as working with the Ministry of Immigration and Diaspora Affairs to encourage the Settlement of thousands of new Israelis in the new Sinai Agricultural Regions.

    The Ministries of Agriculture and Immigration, according to Netanyahu, already have plans in the works to begin settling nearly 10,000 American Jewish Immigrants in the Sinai, with the goal of providing them new farmland and greenhouses to begin the process of establishing the new Sinai Agricultural economy.

    Vice Prime Minister Regev has also stated a new underground water reservoir in the Western Sinai has been discovered that will provide 84.5 billion gallons towards the initial phases of the project.

    The Plan also includes allotting sparsely populated lands in the Central Sinai Region to the Bedouin People of Southern Israel. The Bedouin Arabs make up a population of approximately 250,000 people, and are one of the fastest growing demographic groups in Israel. The lands allotted to them would be outfitted with basic infrastructure, that will be maintained by the Israeli Department of Infrastructure, Water, and Energy. And will provide the Growing Bedouin Population with room to expand and grow, while also maintaining their culture and traditions.

    According the Prime Minister Netanyahu, Vice Prime Minister Miri Regev will be taking up the newly created role of Sinai Development and Affairs and will be responsible for the implementation of the plans moving forward.

            Statue of Netanyahu Unveiled

    Amit- Early this Afternoon, in little known boarder town of Amit (Formerly El Qantara) a peculiar site was unveiled. Amit Mayor Irina Zeev and the local town council unveiled a gold colored Statue of sitting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu.

    Mayor Zeev stated the statue was commissioned by the town government roughly one year ago, and was designed by two local artists.
    Joshua Gold (Jewish Israeli) and Haneen al-Saah (Egyptian Israeli). According the Mayor and Councilors the statue was commissioned to commemorate Prime Minister Netanayhu and the role he played in annexing the Sinai Peninsula.

    The Statue is located in the town centre, outside of Town Hall. It faces West looking towards the Israeli Suez and across the Egyptian-Israeli Boarder.

    While the statue has been met with positive reception by the Israeli population of the town, those few Egyptian Arabs that remain in the area have been vocally against the idea since the town council approved the statue late last year.

    France 24 English Edition

    4th July, 2020

      Turmoil in Parliament

PARIS -- The recent announcement made by President Nicolas Sarkozy to withdraw all French personnel from the NATO Military Command sparked controversy amongst lawmakers shortly after the announcement. The Socialist Group President Valérie Rabault called the move “Dangerous for the national security of France” while the Republicans, who hold a majority in the National Assembly and Senate, called the move “Decisive and necessary”. NATO Allied Command Transformation Commander André Lanata stepped down from his position just 30 minutes after the decree was made by the President. The Allied Command Transformation headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia is intended to lead military transformation of alliance forces and capabilities, using new concepts such as the NATO Response Force and new doctrines in order to improve the alliance's military effectiveness. Since France rejoined the NATO Military Command Structure in mid-2009, a significant change took place where the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) became a French officer. The first French officer to serve as SACT was French Air Force General, Stephane Abrial.

Right wing conservative and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen praised the move, saying that it’s time to remove France from globalist idealism that will only hurt the integrity of France on a global scale. While again people with a more leftist political viewpoint such as the President of the Socialist Party Oliveir Faure calls it “A step backwards for France and Europe.”

      Sarkozy Departs to Cairo, Again

The President has left Paris for Cairo for the second time in under two months. This time the President is determined to secure a deal with the Egyptian government in relation to the situation in Bosnia. Egyptian presence in the country has sparked major controversy amongst EU states. The President has called the NATO response to the situation an embarrassment. The Germans, Italians, and the French have all come to a consensus that they are willing to use the EU to impose harsh economic sanctions on the country of Egypt due to this, and to also maneuver financial penalties on Egyptian assets. It is expected during this meeting some sort of deal can be made, to bring back to Europe in order things to move forward in this situation just ahead of the EU Summit which is scheduled for later on this month.

            सफाई भारत
            Cleaning India

            One man's waste is another man's treasure
            July 5th

with the likes of 1 500 000 metric tons of waste building up in India every day, President Kunnathuparambil has launched a gigantic and fantastical plan to cut India's waste by half. The Clean India Initiative seeks to cut India's waste and pollution by 40% by 2035.

Kunnathuparambil's plan involves almost tripling the current recycling workforce to 220 000 000 in 15 years. More recycling plants and greater waste collection methods aim to keep streets and rivers clean of any visible rubbish. Kunnathuparambil also aims to increase waste management and recycling education, making it a mandatory part of education.

Plastics will be collected and sorted in 32 new recycling processing plants. The recycled plastics will be used to pave roads, build benches, bins, pipes, and the like. As part of CUII, Kunnathuparambil stated that she wants 'a flushing toilet in every home' and 'many more decent paved roads' by 2035. When critiques called her out for being 'quixotic,' she responded with the lyrics from Imagine; "They may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."


Consolidated Infantry Weapon Program
The Army Ordnance Division has concluded testing on rifle and handgun candidates as part of its Consolidated Infantry Weapons Program.

  • Rifle testing: The FN F2000 was found to perform highly in all of the desired categories, particularly in its reliability in sandy environments. Rifles were capable of 2 MOA average group accuracy on semiautomatic. All 10 rifles survived the required durability testing, suffering few stoppages. The Trucial Land Army has ordered 100,000 F2000 rifles in the Tactical variant from FN Herstal in Revereia for a contract price of $90 million USD. Rifles will be equipped with the Steiner P4Xi 1-4x LPVO optical sight from Wulworth. FN's GL1 40mm grenade launchers have also been ordered for some rifles.

  • Handgun testing: The H&K USP performed exceptionally in the categories of reliability, accuracy, and handling. Due to these factors, in addition to the wide range of support for the platform, it has been selected as the winner of pistol trials. Subsequently the Trucial Land Army has ordered 70,000 USP pistols from Heckler & Koch in Wulworth, caliber 9x19mm Parabellum, for a contract price of $49 million USD.


OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Revenues

The Board of Revenues has announced that it would authorize the sale of 5G equipment to the Mongolia Telecom Company, as the country starts to assist its northern neighbour in modernising its telecommunications networks.

Currently, telecommunications systems in Mongolia face unique challenges, as the significant portion of the population living a nomadic lifestyle has rendered it difficult for ICT companies to make headway into Mongolian society. With almost half the population clustered in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, most landline technologies are deployed there. Wireless technologies have had greater success in rural areas.

Under this new arrangement, telecoms equipment provider Huawei will begin 5G trials in Ulaanbaatar for 5 months, followed by more trials in Choibalsan and Erdenet. 1,300 base stations will be installed in the three testing sites - if everything proves to be successful, the company will make plans to sell up to 50,000 5G base stations to the Mongolia Telecom Company, allowing the country access to 5G telecommunications.


In other news, the Board of Revenues has also expressed interest in capitalising on Nepal's bustling startup scene, as part of a greater Zhen-Nepalese friendship initiative.

Since 2015, hundreds start-ups have sprung up in Nepal, which was also after the year where a deadly earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people. Several months after that, India imposed an unofficial trade and humanitarian blockade the country, causing the economy to spiral further downward. The country's massive reliance on foreign imports, aid, and tourism had rendered its economy unsustainable, so locals had started to explore domestic alternatives.

The start-ups offer goods and services ranging from apparel to tech products, and operate in sectors as varied as horticulture, organic food chains, disaster recovery and the vehicle industry. The entrepreneurs are usually people between the ages of 22 and 35 who have been educated in universities overseas.

The Board of Revenues has drawn plans to grant 400 small start-ups in the country $500,000 USD investments, which is expected to increase their starting capital and business performance. Some of the start-ups which will be granted participation in this new investment scheme include coffee chain Red Mud Coffee, e-commerce platform Foodmandu and ride-sharing app Tootle. Altogether, around $200 million USD will be dedicated to this scheme.

In addition, the Zhen Board of Works has also offered to cooperate with this scheme by providing small annual payments of up to $11,000 USD. This is offered to Nepalese alumni students who had studied in the Zhen and subsequently returned home to engage in entrepreneurship.


17:00 CET


Just after he was sworn as a new mayor of Belgrade, Ivica Dačić (DS) has promised putting 8.000 more police officers on the streets of Belgrade up to the end of the year, in order to, as he has described it, "lower the crime rates and boost the employment rates". However, although it is up to Belgrade city authorities to open the contest for employing new police officers in the capital of Serbia, it is Ministry of Internal Affairs that decides of the number of police officers who are going to be employed at the end.

Yesterday, documents were leaked from the Interior Ministry, showing Interior Minister Vladimir Popović's intention to employ only 3,500 new police officers of total 8,000 requested by Belgrade mayor Ivica Dačić, describing his request as "unrealistic for our current financial situation" and "cheap attempt of mayor's self-promotion". In the meantime, Ministry has confirmed that leaked documents from the closed meeting between the Interior Minister Popović (DS) and his team are authentic, meaning that these comments has really been delivered on that meeting. Majority of analysts even agree that documents were leaked purposely, so that Minister Popović, regarded as one of the most powerful men in the Cabinet, send public message to mayor Dačić about his early ambitious behavior.

In his reaction on what has been leaked, mayor Dačić said:

"I am sad if that is the official position of Ministry. Everyone understands that leaks happened purposely, and I would appreciate if the Minister chose to invite me on talks and settle the matter that way rather than making this issue bigger than it is. However, due to nature of the situation, I will not give up on my request of 8,000 new police officers on the streets of Belgrade, because it is not about my self-promotion, as you all know I have nothing personally from that except if Minister is for example implying that I am in the conflict of interests regarding the job contest which is completely false, but it is about making our capital city more safe for all our citizens. If this situation continues like this, I am going to ask the Prime Minister on next Cabinet meeting to be involved in settling the matter and deciding how many new police officers will Belgrade citizens be able to see up to the end of this year."

Up to this moment, Prime Minister Balša Božović (DS), who's also the party leader of Democratic Party whose members are both Minister Popović and mayor Dačić, has not yet publicly stated anything in regards to this specific issue. But if Ministry of Internal Affairs once again reject Dačić's proposal of additional 8,000 police officers, there's no doubt that the Prime Minister will have to choose between the two or try to reach the compromise among them.

On the other hand, Leader of the Opposition Saša Janković (SDP) has called all this "an internal fight among DS factions where no one actually cares of people", implying what large public has recognized as two factions fighting for power within DS - on one side Foreign Minister Hana Adrović, Belgrade mayor Ivica Dačić and their followers, and on the other Interior Minister Vladimir 'Beba' Popović, Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Ivan Mrkić and their followers. Although this comment has passed well among the opposition voters, it has been criticized as ignorant, since both mayor Dačić and Minister Popović have stated their reasons which are pretty much concerning the care for people - first has described his intentions as attempts to boost safety and employment, and second has described his concerns as of economic nature and need to be fiscally rational.


This morning on the press conference in his Ministry, Health Minister Miodrag Stojković told the press that Health Ministry will launch two major projects in the upcoming period. Here's what he said:

"In last three months, we have mostly focused on fighting the covid-19 directly and honestly speaking some other important areas have been left with less cover and attention. Now that pandemic is mostly behind us, although certain number of cases remains, we must focus back on our other priorities and try to give our best to offer each patient our full attention. Two areas are of great significance, and both are partly related to the post-covid health situation. First project we're going to launch is concerning the further development of artificial insemination programs for our citizens, and the other one is concerning the further development of care for the situation in area of psychical health. Allow me to briefly speak of both.

First, regarding the artificial insemination, you all probably already know how many couples we have each year with requests to enter the programs. It is the sad truth that each year less and less couples decide to try to get a child in natural way, mostly due to sexual health issues possibly related with uranium bombing we faced back in 1999 and everyday consuming of genetically modified food, but it is still amazing that there's an alternative to natural procedure and that is artificial insemination. If we want to preserve ourselves as a nation and invest into our future, we must care of the birth rates. Therefore, Health Ministry has decided to launch programs of further increasing of our capacities so that couples don't need to wait for months before they can enter the standard procedure.

Second program is more concerned with the pandemic, but let us first not forget in regards to previously described program that it is also related to pandemic in a positive way because while people were locked home we faced significant boost of the birth rate. Now, passing to the second program, and that is related to the psychical health of our citizens. It is also deeply related to the pandemic situation that we had, mostly because numerous people were left in homes during the curfew hours that we've had and not everyone accepted that well in terms of psychic response to events. So, in the upcoming period we must focus on lowering the stigmatic treatment that psychological health issues have had for a long time in our past, we must give our best to accept that as normal and ordinary set of health problems, and we must put more efforts into healing them. I know it is not easy, but we must try because if we give up on a significant number of our citizens, then we're not worth to be governing this country and this Ministry. Therefore, we are going to organize more free medical appointments for patients, more education seminars and better psychical health coverage for patients in villages.

I suppose you're curious on how are we going to finance all that, and I can assure you that Ministry has money to launch them, but we are also going to rely on citizens donations and I want to use this chance to urge our citizens to donate into the public health citizens because that is direct investment in the future and healthy life of all our compatriots."

اسلام آباد ، پاکستان
Islamabad, Pakistan

The Following has been Published by an Independent Media Outlet

President, General Yaqoub Ali Khan had earlier ordered and Emergency Meeting in the Wake of the Afghan Crisis, since then the Government has come under increasing Pressure from its Immediate Neighbour, India to Relinquish its Claim over the Kashmir Territory, Yaqoub's Government has not yet taken a sigh of Relief as the Nation tries to hurdle over its Many Crisis but at the same time strides to achieve Progress.

More Recently, the Government has approved a Project which aims to Divert Rivers which flow in between the Mountains that Border the Pak-Afghan Border in to Pakistani Territory so that the Water can be used for the Purpose of Drinking, the Contract has been awarded to a Private Egyptian Enterprise only Days afetr both Governments Pledged to strengthen Ties. It Must be kept in mind that this is a Private adventure, the enterprise does not represent the Egyptian Government itself.

Chairman of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Naseer Shamsi celebrated the project as a major achievement which would "Allow for a Greater Number of people to be able to access clean Drinking Water". The Project could benefit Millions although there remains concern that instead of the water being utilized for the purpose of Domestic Use, it may instead be used by the Government to Foster Greater Irrigation furthermore the affect of this Project on Neighbouring Afghanistan's Water supply also remains a matter of Great Concern, the two have recently been embrolled in a Cold Dispute over the Matter of Terrorrism, tensions hit a new high when the Afghan Government suddenly sealed their Border, arrested a number of Pakistani nationals on the charges of Terrorism and executed 14 among them. However the Pakistani Government has reiterated that the Project has no Political Agenda and is only based upon the government's efforts to ease the Water crisis which affects many parts of the country. A government spokesperson stated to Media Personnel that "We hold no Political Agenda behind this Project, it is a matter of our internal Affairs which we have the freedom to operate"

Hence it has become quite evident that the Government is in no Mood to bear claims that there lyes any "Sinister" Cause.

اسلام آباد ، پاکستان, صدر ہاؤس
Islamabad, Pakistan, President House

President Yaqoub Ali has taken the decision to Face the Nation in the Wake of the "Disgusting" behaviour of the State of Afghanistan which in accordance to his statements is a "Gross abuse of Human Rights towards which the World has turned a Blind Eye". His Live Telecasted Nation-Wide Address displays his Response.

"Assalamoalaikum, people today i come forth, representing You to the International Community, excercising my right to Protest against the brutalities of the Afghan Government. 14 of Our innocent Men who had been arrested on charges of Terrorism have been Martyred and Yes Martyred, why do i say that? Because i have no doubt that these men were Innocent, they had been taken in custody by Wrongful Force and Provided no Justice. I have a credible reasoning to support this suggestion of mine, these arrests came not long after the sudden border closure initiated by the ASF and even when they were arrested, the handling of their cases seems quite questionable and corrupt when considering that the court Proceedings of all of these men were completed within Mere Days, which raises alarm surrounding the transparency of these sessions. The Government of Pakistan was not even served its basic right to be made aware of the identities of these individuals nor the supposed evidence which proved their guilt, in consideration of this, it can only be understood that the Nature of these proceedings is nonetheless questionable and concerning Leaving us to conclude that Pakistanis in Afghanistana are being continously maligned and Attacked due to their Nationality, although we had raised concern regarding the dissappearence of a Pakistani in Afghanistan, Young Ismail Khan, we have still not received any word on him. Where is the basic human rights which many world Governments hope to display? The Afghan government has not only chosen to completely bombard us for their failures but also to tarnish the Brotherly relations in between Afghans and Pakistanis. Considering these actions as Gross and intolerable, i have issued a number of Decrees with immediate Affect,
1) The Pakistani Government with immediate effect, severes all Diplomatic and Trade Relations with Afghanistan.
2) The Afghan ambassodar in Pakistan is expelled with immediate effect while the Pakistani Ambassodar is being recalled.
3) The Afghan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) is terminated with immediate effect.
4) The Pakistani Government with immediate effect Terminates the permission given to the Afghan Government to conduct Transit Trade From the Port of Gwadar.
5) Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been commissioned to arrange the repatriation of all Pakistani Nationals in Afghanistan.
6) Pakistan has closed its Airspace and Territorial Waters to Afghanistan."

1) The Afghan government loses the ability to co-operate with the Pakistani Government, Afghanistan's exports will be reduced.
2) The Afghan government loses the ability to co-operate with the Pakistani Government.
3) Afghanistan will lose the opportunity to strengthen bilateral Trade Relations with Pakistan.
4) Afghanistan will lose the ability to Import Goods from the Port of Gwadar, which would force its Government to resort to taking the Much Longer and Risky Route that Runs through War-Torn Nations.
5) Pakistani Migrant Labor reduced, local businesses may be affected.
6) Afghanistan will not be able to access Pakistani Airspace or Waters.

"i believe that we bare the right to undertake such painful Measures in light of the much more daunting steps taken by the Afghan Government. On the Matter of Persian Involvement, it is only best if their offer would come in the case where they were nuetral, whereas they are not, it is my appeal to them that they study their actions, review their status" - A portion of the Speech

ويسما ڤوترا - Wisma Putra
Office of the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kota Seri Iskandar

Pulai officially joins the Pattaya Alliance

بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
دڠن نام الله، يڠ مها ڤڠاسيه دان مها ڤڽايڠ
Dengan nama Allah, yang maha pengasih dan maha penyayang

Prime Minister Khadijah Jumaat signed the Pattaya Treaty, signifying and recognising Pulai's entry to the alliance. Pulai joins with other east Asian nations so as to increase diplomatic ties and improve relations with each other. By joining this alliance, development in the Kingdom will increase, therefore Pulai will be able to pace up and keep up economic developments with the Alliance. We hope that this region and alliance will build strong relations and prosper together.

-Tan Hock Bee, Minister of Foreign Affairs

July 6th, 2020

Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu: 'Korea, Sahuria, and Bosnia are our core main concerns.'


‎6 Temmuz 2020

Dışişleri Bakanı Mevlut Çavuşoğlu: 'Kore, Sahuristan, ve Bosna bizim ana meselemizdir.'


Turkish Troops arrive in Busan / KBS

Mehmetçik in Korea after 67 years!

EAST ASIA– Thousands gathered in Busan to green the Turkish Armed Forces, including members of the Korean Government, and the Turkish Diplomatic Mission to Korea. The troops landed in Busan on the 67th anniversary of the final Turkish divisions arrival to Busan during the Korean War. Turkish and Korean forces are also set to take part in a joint military parade on the 25th of July, marking the 70th year anniversary when Turkey became the first nation to answer the UN's call to send troops to Korea. The periods President, Nihal Atsız, on the day Turkey answered the call to war addressed the nation via radio in which he said

'Yesterday, it was us who needed our Mehmetçiks survival, but today it is our brothers who need our Mehmetçiks for their survival. The call made thousands of years ago by Korea to the Göktürks for an alliance will be honored today, tomorrow, and until the end of time.'

Throughout the duration of the Korean War, President Nihal Atsız had deployed a total of 49,239 military personal to Korea. Even helping in establishing the Korean education system through the 'Ankara Schools'. However when the post World War economy began to cool down in the late 50s, Turkey once again had entered an era of neutrality. With the last Turkish troops leaving Korea in 1962. Since then around 60,000 Turks and Koreans have resettled in each others countries. This brotherhood between the Turkish and Korean people was best highlighted during the 99 Marmara Earthquake when Korea became the biggest donor of aid and personal to Turkey in a time of crisis. And later in the 2002 World Cup when Turkey played with the home field advantage due to the support of Korean fans for the Turkish Nationals. When the two nations faced off in the Third Place match for the 2002 World Cup the headline in both country read 'brotherhood'. The bond has continued into the new generation as well between the two people, with polls as recent as 2018 suggesting that Turks view Korea as Turkey's closest ally. Only second to Azerbaijan.

Over the last 30 years the two nations have continued to expand cooperation across all sectors, especially in joint Turkish-Korean businesses. Today Korea is the only the only non-Turkic Council member state whose citizens may apply for 'Blue Cards' also known as Citizenship Lite, which gives those who are granted Blue Cards all the benefits of citizenship with the exception of voting. Meanwhile Seoul has implemented a similar policy for Turkish citizens. President Meral Akşener and Empress Geunhye most recently expanded Turkey and Korea's military partnership to include 25,000 Turkish Military Personal being stationed in Korea, mostly made up of conscripts. The hope of both nations is to raise a new generation of soldiers trained with the best of the Turkish and Korean Armed Forces.

President Akşener signals an end of Turkish Neutrality

İYİ Parti convention, 2017 / İYİ Parti Medya

TURKEY – Since the 1993 elections Turkey has held a strict policy of neutrality toward its neighbors, and the world around it as the 2023 Project began to pick up steam. The joint effort by the state and populace to create a Turkish revival had finally been realized, just as Turkey's liberalization had began to see its benefits just 20 years after implantation. It was only in the late 2000s that Turkey began to move away from neutrality, this was due to the MHPs rise to prominence in the mid 2000s. With the MHP claiming victory in 2011, Akşener at the time would become the second female Prime Minister of Turkey, having previously held the post as Speaker from 1999-2010. Bahçeli though would become President, someone who saw neutrality as Turkey's key to success, while Akşener would push for increased Turkish involvement across the world. Along with infighting in the MHP between different factions, this division would lead to the eventual split of the MHP into the ÖC (Ötüken Front) and the İYİ Parti (Good Party). Though the sudden split of the MHP would lead to snap elections, the İYİ Parti would claim victory, with the ÖC falling below the 15% threshold required to enter the Assembly. Bahçeli would retire from politics a day after the election, and has yet to appear in the public eye.

Meral Akşener's election as President in 2017 made her first female President in the Republic's history, and since then Turkey's neutrality has slowly eroded. The deployment of Turkish troops to Korea has been described by many as the official end of Turkish neutrality, and the beginning of a new era in the Republic's history. This was highlighted on her May 19th Speech when President Akşener reassured the nation at the face of the Covid-19 Crisis, just a month before the vaccine would be available. Delivering a version of the Eternal Presidents 1933 address to the nation that reassured the nation on the 10th anniversary of the Republic that our future was brighter than ever.

    "The Turkish Nation! My citizens,

    97 years ago our fight for freedom and Independence began an undying fire of the Turkish people, through all hardships we triumphed. This
    is the greatest achievement the Republic. May it be celebrated for each of us. This is our moment, as a member of the great Turkish nation, I feel the deepest joy and excitement for what we have done up to this day. We have accomplished many and great tasks in a short time. The greatest of these is the Turkish Republic, the basis of which is the Turkish vallancy and the great Turkish culture. The undying spirit of our people against all evil. We owe this achievement to the cooperative progress of the Turkish nation and
    its valuable army. However, we can never consider what we have achieved to be sufficient, because we must, and are determined to, accomplish even more and greater tasks. We have raised our country to the level of the most prosperous and civilized nations of the world. We have endow our nation with the broadest means and sources of welfare. We have risen our national culture above the contemporary level of civilization. Thus, we should judge the measure of time not according to the lax mentality of past centuries, but in terms of the concepts of speed and movement of our century. Compared to the past, we will always work harder. We shall perform greater tasks in a shorter time. I have no doubt that we shall succeed in this, because the Turkish nation is of excellent character. The Turkish nation is intelligent, because the Turkish nation is capable of overcoming difficulties of national unity, and because it holds the torch of positive sciences. These are the very truths that led us to the where we are today. I must make it clear with due emphasis, that a historical quality of the Turkish nation, which is an exalted human community, is its love for fine arts and progress in them. This is why our national ideal is to constantly foster and promote, with all means and measures, our nation's excellent character, its tireless industriousness, intelligence, devotion to science, love for fine arts and sense of national unity. This ideal, which very well suits the Turkish nation, will enable it to succeed in performing the civilized task falling on it in securing true peace for all mankind. The Great Turkish Nation, we have followed in the footsteps of our Eternal President for
    the last 82 years. As he once said himself, there are two Mustafa Kemal Atatürks,
    one the flesh and blood that stood before us. The other, one that has lasted beyond his lifetime.
    The cornerstone of our civilization. The teacher of the very ideals and principles that we dream to live up to.

    O great Atatürk,

    I express my heartfelt wish that you will celebrate, after each decade
    elapsing into eternity, this great national day, in greater honor,
    happiness, peace and prosperity.

    How happy is the one who says "I am a Turk.""

Read dispatch

15 DHUL QADAH — 1441 
6 JUL — 2020


        وَإِنَّ جُندَنَا لَهُمُ الْغَالِبُونَ
        And indeed our partisans alone will be the victorious (Quran 37:173)


      بِسْمِ ٱللّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيم
      In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful

      | SARAJEVO — President Sarkozy travelled to Cairo on the 4th of July 2020 with the purpose of mediating Egyptian and European interests with respect to Bosnia. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards had previously established a presence in Bosnia with the purpose of securing Bosnia's legitimate security concerns, to keep such concerns valid, the new Egyptian and EU agreement will include an understanding that the European Union cannot interfere in Bosnian affairs for a period of 5 years, in exchange for the transfer of Al-Fatah Base and Imam Abbas Base to the regular Bosnian Military, and the withdrawal of Egyptian personnel, missiles, S-400's and Iskander's from the country. The news of the withdrawal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards was met with mixed reactions from Egypt's political spectrum. Numerous members of the National Assembly who belong to the Islamic Front, critiqued the Al-Faryadani administration for 'being too weak and submissive to Imperialist economic warfare' an echo that was heard amongst numerous figures of the Fundamentalist political faction. On the other hand, Reformists have praised the Government for its initiative to uphold the stability of Bosnia and the success in securing a 5-year EU commitment to to not interfere in any Bosnian affairs which includes a non aggression pact between the Bosnian and EU parties, respectively, a clause which Egypt pushed four as a layer of additional protection for Bosnia in the absence of a public Egyptian presence. The Foreign Minister however, indicated that despite an Egyptian agreement to withdraw, the Egyptian-Bosnian working partnership would not end and that the two states will continue the working partnership that has already been established primarily in socioeconomic fields. |

Baghdad-Ulaanbaatar Trade Deal

    The Iraqi government has made a trade deal with Mngolia. The deal would involve Iraq buying raw materials such as copper, wood, iron, and gold from the Mongolian Kingdom. This will improve relations with the two nations and further open up trade between them. Rather than carrying out free trade, however, both nations will maintain a degree of protectionism to prevent exploitation.

            Stand Up
            India officially recognizes the Humaidaan as the legitimate power in Kra
            July 7th

The Kunnathuparambil administration have made the bold mood to comment on the current conflict in Kra, which the nation has since made no comment on. In fact, Kunnathuparambil has gone out of her way to avoid talking about the Kra conflict.

Today, Kunnathuparambil has come out claiming full support for the Humaidaan. The Humaidaan's National Defense League, The Government of National Defense and Democracy, controls three Malay provinces as well as the Tang. GNDD aims to promote democracy and stop the rise of Chinese influence, fighting against the Socialist Thai Dai and allegedly 'anti-Kra' central government (The Times of India).

It has been stated that supporting the GNDD, which is supported by the United States, is 'within the best economic interest' of India, and may be more beneficial than staying out of the war entirely. That being said, India has made little comment on how they're helping, but stated that 'would not directly give military aid.'

India has sold 40 Arjun Tanks, 150 MRAPs, 40K INSAS rifles, 5K INSAS LMGs, and 60 field guns

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War

In light of the declaration of war on Myanmar by Peoples Union of Bengal, the Board of War has announced that it will - in an act of unison - declare war on the Burmese state on humanitarian grounds, while invoking several clauses from the Pattaya Alliance.

The predominantly Bamar ethnostate known as Myanmar purges the poverty-stricken and segregated second class citizens of Zhen, Thai, and Muslim descent. It is actively engaged in a mass displacement campaign against the Rohingya Muslims, and is complicit in acts of mass murder. In addition, it tramples on the rights of the Kachin and Shan people, while also having murdered Bengali fishermen in prior incidents.

The existence of the Burmese state cannot be ignored. It is a country that sows danger, tyranny, and death. The Zhen must guarantee protections for the trampled masses, and defend its ally Bangladesh, in an act of collective security.

1 wei of paramilitary troops will be used to evacuate segments of the population from Mangshi and Ruili, after assessing potential "security hazards" there.


In accordance to pre-set orders, the Board of War has taken resolute actions to stamp out Burmese resistance.

    18 wei, active duty (100,800 men)
    5 wei, vanguard force (28,000 men)
    2 wei, Zhen Forces Bangladesh (inactive; 11,200 men)
    3 wei, reserve (16,800 men)
    1 wei, paramilitary (5,600 men)
    100 MLRS batteries
    1,600 armoured vehicles
    (60) HQ-9 batteries
    13 CAIG GJ-1s
    20 CAIG GJ-2s
    70 J-10Cs
    2 KJ-500s
    12 H-6Ks
    20 Q-5s
    10 J-20s
    15 J-11s

The Board of War has reported the downing of Myanmar's Myanmar Sat 2 satellite via use of the HQ-19 anti-satellite/anti-ballistic missile weapon, which was "successful". The Board will reportedly engage in a press conference, where more comprehensive details will be released.


ENCRYPTED - To the Kachin Independence Army:

The Board of War has made official, secret plans to arm and finance the aforementioned rebel group, in their bid to combat the Burmese government.

A team of 500 military advisors will be dispatched to Kachin state to cooperate with their rebel, Bengali, and Thai allies, in addition to $30 million USD loans to the group, with a per annum interest rate of 1.44%. The Board of War has also authorised the export of 3,000 QW-2 Vanguard MANPADS, 4,000 HJ-9 ATGMs, 5,000 PF-89 disposable RPGs, 50 WS2400 TEL vehicles (complete knock-down kits), and components for 20 B-611 SRBMs.

    Berlin and Brussels

As hostilities between Europe and Egypt ease, the German government has commended its contemporaries for finding the most reasonable solution in a time of great instability in the region. The Chancellor's office has stated that it will take the events that have unfolded when taking into consideration future relations with its EU partners as well as with external states such as Egypt. But with this in mind Berlin has announced that it will be taking more initiative when it comes to European defences, and will be seeking to establish a greater cooperation for the defense of the EU; not an act to diminish the role of NATO but to compliment it. For the atrocities that were unfortunately committed by Germany in the earlier half of the 20th century, as well as threatening stability on the European continent; this new century will be redefined by German efforts in ensuring stability on the continent.

The Bosnian Crisis has proven the Europe is still prone to instability regardless of the steadiness of continental institution; the security of the continent can be compromised, and Germany being the largest economy in Europe, needs to be more present when it comes to securing the interests of the continent. The global arena is shifting, and the power dynamic has moved slowly towards the East. This century is believed to be defined by the rise of eastern states such as China, India and those in Southeast Asia. This has made the ever growing presence on the economic field of Eastern states, an attempt of power play against the continent. There also remains pre-existing threats to continental stability, some internal. The only solution would be a stronger unified European front on issues such as defence and economics.

    Beyond the shores

The German Navy has shown interest in developing an Aircraft Carrier to better support its allies in the Mediterranean as well as to portray a stronger presence on the global stage. While the Germany Navy has been relatively small in comparison to other great powers such as the United Kingdom and France, its technology is amongst top in the world. Its coastline is also fairly small, and the need for projection has been low. Even with its current naval capabilities, it is sufficient enough to upkeep German obligations in the Mediterranean. Some have used this as criticism against the need for an aircraft carrier, as it is believed that it will be used purely to project German force across the seas.

    "I am dumbfounded as to why the German navy requires an aircraft carrier now; it is just very uncharacteristic of post-war German doctrine. The ability for great projection such as an Aircraft Carrier only signifies a need to sustain power elsewhere. Our coast is not only small, but is already heavily armed for its length. We're not in any dispute with our neighbours, and the only real close threat are the Russians, and we have a symbiotic relationship with Moscow that requires stability on both sides. I'm not even saying that that the German Defence Forces are unimportant and do not require attention, but an aircraft carrier would just be too much, and in the same level of acquiring nuclear weapons; is it a powerful equipment? Yes of course! But given our place in the world as peacemakers we have no need for such things."

    Professor Tobias Kühn of Heidelberg University

The government has made little comment about the Navy's interests, so the public knowledge on such development is unsure. Whether or not Germany will be undergoing the procurement of such vessels. Despite this, such developments are expected to take around 10 years at the very most, Germany has the technology and the capacity to construct a couple right now, as stated by Navy officials; but it is down to the institutional mentality, which does tend to lean towards a more passive European armed forces. Some have even said that Germany has been finding loopholes, specially in regards to its naval vessels, as similarly to Japan. Germany has undermined the role of its ships, like the Baden-Württemberg class; officially a frigate, the ship in capability is a destroyer, and is so but in name. Though this is characteristic of most European navies and have most often been ignored, as all current German frigates are more capable than its contemporaries that are classified as frigates. Some have referred to this a sign of weakness, while others believe it to be a symbol of deceit.

Wudiya Alyawm - الودية اليوم/Evening News
✸Latest news from the Afrin Canton tell us of the deemise of the Afrin Brigade heroicly defending the town of A'zaz against the Sahurian militias, a few of the surviving members of the Afrin brigade have made their way to The Turkish-State border shortly before being arrested by the Turkish border police.
✸On the South-Western Wudiyan border the Christian Al-Arz separatist militias establish dominance around the the city of Tarabulus and Homs.
✸The Kurdasan Militias in North-East Wudiya have secured both banks of the Euphrates seetting a permanant base a step closer to the Sahuri capital.
✸Meanwhile in Damascus the Rebel capital of Wudiya General Omar Abd-Abbas and his allies have rallied their troops in the effort to secure the remaining pockets of Sahurian troops in southern Wudiya.
✸ - ✸ - ✸ - ✸ - ✸
Stay safe people of Al-Wudiya ou Takbeer.

July 7th, 2020

SHP Leader Muharrem İnce: 'Are you f*cking kidding, absolutely not!'


‎7 Temmuz 2020

SHP Lideri Muharrem İnce: 'Hassiktir bok, asla olmaz!'


SHP Leader Muharrem İnce during TBMM debate / TBMM TV


ANKARA– “The very idea of letting any more of them into our country is absurd” said SHP Leader Muharrem İnce during today's Grand National Assembly debate on if Turkey should take in Sahuri refugees. İnce's passionate speech against Sahuri refugees shows examples of 'chaos caused by Sahuri nationals' who already live in Turkey. Ending his speech off with 'this is what happens when filth enters civilization'.

Today Turkey has a Sahuri immigrant population of around 30,000. Mostly living in provinces near the Turkish-Sahuri border, however in recent years around 3,500 Sahuri's nationals study in Turkish Universities, or other educational facilities. Now with the ongoing conflict inside of Sahuristan showing its effect at the Turkish border, including 159 arrests that have taken people at the border since the conflict began earlier this year. Most recently eleven Sahuri Militia members of the Afrin brigade were arrested near in the border province of Şanlıurfa, along with a Sahuri national who is studying in Adana.

President Meral Akşener called on compassion to be shown toward Sahuri nationals living in Turkey currently, but took a strong stance on the border. Even deploying 30,000 more personal to the border, include some JÖH (Jandarma Special Operations) units. Turkey has currently closed half of its border checkpoints with Sahuristan, though it has not stopped an influx of migrants toward at checkpoints. The issue first began to spread on social media in border provinces, but has become a nationwide story after Sahuri nationals opened the Çayıri (Wudiyan) rebel flag in Taksim Square. Causing mass outrage across the nation.

Unlike the SHP, the CHP has been more open to the idea of supporting Sahuri nationals. With CHP Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu suggested that Turkey could create a transport network to move Sahuri Refugees and nationals through Turkey to Europe, he would bring this point up again during the Grand National Assembly debate when he said:

'Let us be perfectly clear, it is the job of the Arab world and the Europeans to take care of them. After all every issue that has plagued Sahuristan came because the Europeans wanted to draw lines in the sand. That is the honest truth of the matter. The Arab world continue to sit on their *sses, so will the Europeans. The role Turkey has in this, if any, is to ensure that those from Sahuristan who wish to travel into the European Union for refugee can do so.'.

Despite the best effort of the SHP and CHP to make sure the 'Sahuri Refugee and Protection act' legislation failed to pass, the Grand National Assembly voted 320-280 to pass the legislation. The İYİ Parti MPs only voting in favor of the legislation, even 43 İYİ MPs voting against the legislation.

Despite the new legislation set to go into effect later this months, false information has began circling on the nature of the legislation, and reports are coming in from the Akçakale checkpoint on the Turkish-Sahuri border that large groups have been seen gathering on the Sahuri side. Which is Turkey's only border checkpoint that remains open in the western side of Sahuristan, due to the unholy amount of fighting that has broken out in western Sahuristan.

Turkey's Covid diplomacy saves millions

FM Çavuşoğlu in Tehran with Iranian FM Zarif, April 9th / TRT World

COVID – Turkey reported its first Covid-19 case in early March, though by that point Turkey had already closed down virtually all travel to the country. With one goal in mind, to reopen in time for the Olympics. By early April the Health Ministry had declared victory against the virus, and that Turkey was headed 'full speed toward the vaccine', the international effort for the vaccine ended in success on the 29th of April when the final trials were run before it was given to the public.

On the 9th of April, Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu made a surprise visit to Iran, which had been ravaged by the virus due to being caught off guard. Despite the meeting between Turkish and Iranian officials lasting less than half a hour, the Foreign Minister announced that Iran would be the first country to receive Covid Relief from Turkey.

The list of supplies sent over to Iran included face masks, protective overalls, test kits, sanitizer gels, ventilators, and other essentials that had become abundant in Turkey due to Ankara's unprecedented investment in the medical field over the last two decades.

Iran was only the beginning however, with the Foreign Ministry announcing that Covid Relief would be granted to all of Turkey's neighbors if they requested it.

Since then Turkish Covid Relief was been granted to at least one country in each continent. Including the Untied States of America, and European Union Members.

The effect of Turkish Covid Relief, as well as its program to mass produce the vaccine to be shipped abroad, especially as Turkey accepted every request for it, while continuing to provide other humanitarian aid during this period to nations in need.

This has resulted in pass praise for Turkish efforts from leaders of nations who received Covid Relief, and from those who did not need it, like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who said the following about Turkey's Covid Relief:

'I would like to Commend the Turkish Republic on its global response to COVID-19. Sending aid and supplies around the world. Including the United States and Israel. The international community could learn from the worldly approach of Turkey.'

Turkish flag displayed at Dome of the Rock / TRT World
Where does Turkey stand on Jerusalem?

JERUSALEM – Turkey in 1949 became the first Muslim majority country to recognize the Israel as a sovereign state, today the two nations enjoy close cooperation in fields ranging from the military, to agriculture. After the Six-Day War, the eras President Nihal Atsız threw full Turkish support behind the Israeli's, even referring to the Nasser government that started the war as the aggressor state, even making moves to recognize Israels control over the territories it had acquired in the Six-Day War. This would become one of the many factors that ended up costing Atsız the 1968 elections, resulting in the election of Süleyman Demirel who wanted to take a neutral stance on the Israeli-Arab conflict. Though losing to Alparslan Türkeş in 1973 put these plans on hold, with the new government opening the first Turkish Embassy in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv in later that year. By the early 80s public opinion of Israel was at an all time high, with 83% of those polled in 1981 stating that they supported Israel over Palestine. With President Bülent Ecevit in 1987 withdrew its recognition from the Palestinian state which would only give credence to

However, things in Turkey would change by 1993 when Süleyman Demirel claimed victory as part of the now defunct ANAP (Motherland Party). Demirel's election would finally see a stance of neutrality shown by Turkey toward the Israeli-Arab conflict, with President Demirel in 1997 referring Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's annexation of Sinai as 'the death of peace in the Southern Levant'.

The 2001 elections however would once again bring Turkey and Israel closer to each other, with the election of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, especially as one of the main objectives of his Presidency was to 'integrate Turkey into the West'. The failure of this policy by the Kılıçdaroğlu government, due to elements outside of their control for the most part, would see most projects involving 'western integration' abandoned by President Bahçeli. Including EU membership, and closer ties to Israel. By the time Bahçeli had been defeated by Meral Akşener, the Bahçeli's stance to move away from Israel had had its effects on Turkish society. Currently President Meral Akşener has held a firm stance of neutrality toward the situation in Israel, but has reaffirmed that Turkey will not turn on its past agreements.

In December of 2017 when the US announced it would be moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, it reignited the Jerusalem debate in Turkey. Polls taken on the 1st of July show that 35% of those polled support a Pro-Israel stance, around 25% saying that they supported Palestine, Egypt, and Sahuristan over Israel, with the remaining 40% argued that Turkey should remain neutral. The same poll also asked if Turkey should move its embassy to Jerusalem, only 21% said they would support it in the current climate, 38% opposed it, 15% said they were neutral on the issue, with 26% saying they would support it if Israel solved its disputed with its neighbors first. Though during the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey did answer Israel's call for Covid Relief which could signal a return to the 'good old days' for Turkish-Israeli relations.

Read dispatch

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