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Independence Hill RMB

WA Delegate: The Democratic States of Italian Community (elected )

Founder: The United States of Independence Hill

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 818th Largest Retail Industry: 986th Most Nations: 1,095th+3
Highest Disposable Incomes: 2,142nd Most Rebellious Youth: 2,496th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,578th
World Factbook Entry

From the Nation's Capital, Cannabis Court D.C.


Term Limits
Marriage Equality is recognized
Compulsory Organ Harvesting
AI Personhood
Universal Healthcare
Space Exploration
International Climate Treaty is signed
Sex Education is legal
Religion is Taxed
Election Day is a Federal Holiday
Euthanasia is legal
Cannabis is legal


Cut Federal Income Tax to 20%
Reach an Economic Classification of 'Frightening'
Reach a Civil and Political Rights Classification of 'World Benchmark'
Establish Maternity Leave
Establish Public Protest
Abolish Nuclear Power

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Tags: Capitalist, Democratic, Feminist, General Assembly, Independent, Liberal, Medium, Modern Tech, Password, Regional Government, Role Player, Security Council, and 2 others.Socialist, and World Assembly.

Independence Hill contains 16 nations, the 1,095th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in Independence Hill

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, Independence Hill is ranked 15,292nd in the world for Most Extreme.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The State of HuvuderAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Sure, why not?”
2.The United States of Independence HillCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Federal Government and Central Bank of the USIH”
3.The State of TanaskaCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“By The People For The People”
4.The State of YauriaCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Battle Made”
5.The State of ChampalCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“Liberty and Tradition”
6.The State of CannafieldCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Home of the New American Desert and ElectroCars Inc”
7.The Commonwealth of EntaliaNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“A New World”
8.The Democratic States of Italian CommunityNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The State of Blueberry GroveLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Home of the Laramie S Frost Presidential Library”
10.The State of English AppalachiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Home of the USIH Museum of Science and Industry”

Regional Poll • Should The United States of Independence Hill Establish an Airport System in Every State and Create Travel Routes Between Every State?

The United States of Independence Hill wrote:This yes or no vote will determine whether we establish airports in every state and create travel routes between every state. A hub would be built in more populous states, while regular airports would be built in smaller and newer states. Construction and upkeep costs would be covered by the surplus ([]7.5 T for project completion, []1 T for upkeep costs. Each State would get to name their airport(s). Agreements with other airports will include state airports and will be listed under our airport agreements factbook entry.

Voting opened 3 days 21 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Should the United States of Independence Hill Participate in the Jewel Nations Olympics”“Should the Federal Government of the United States of Independence Hill Build an Interstate Highway System?”

Regional Happenings


Independence Hill Regional Message Board

Independence Hill wrote:We just didn't feel like it, I guess.

Ok. How you doin

We're pretty cozy. How are those civil and political rights doing for you?

Independence Hill wrote:We're pretty cozy. How are those civil and political rights doing for you?

Slowly but surely going up

All metrices are calculated using NS Trends. On the 'Trends' screen, you'll see a button below that can measure your own region. Time is measured by setting one NS year = one Earth day. This report is subject to change from NS year to NS year (day to day) and at least some NS years won't have a report at all.
States may create and use their own currencies, but the Universal Treasury Note is the one and only official currency of the United States of Independence Hill and must legally be accepted everywhere within the United States of Independence Hill.
------------------------------------------------------------General Information----------------------------------
Date: 4/11/21

Total Population: 28.498 B (+0.194)

National Civil Rights: 70.2 (Excellent) (+0.14)

National Economy: 89.83 (Thriving) (+0.05)

National Political Freedom: 64.77 (Very Good) (-2.09)

Avg IQ: 105.11 (+/- 0)
GRP: []2.705 Q (+[]0.0257)

GRP Per Capita: []94,918.94 (+[]257.41)

Money Supply: []2.655 Q ($7.62 Q) (+[]0.0257)

Velocity of Money: 1.02 (+/- 0)

Exchange Rate: []1.00 = $2.87 (+[]0.01)

Avg Income: Poorest 10%: []36,919.24 ($105,958.22) (+[]430.93) | Middle Class: []89,270.41 ($256,206.08) (+[]591.62) | Wealthiest 10%: []232,911.00 ($668,454.57) (+[]728.00)

Unemployment Rate: 3.76% (+/- 0%)

Minimum Wage: []11.02/hr ($31.63/hr) (+[]0.16)

Avg Cost of an Automobile: []11,603.08 ($33,300.84) (+[]54.45)

Avg Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline: []1.01/Gal ($2.90) (+0.01)

Avg Cost of a Residential Property: []132,881.77 ($381,370.68) (+[]1,362.28)

Avg Monthly Rental Costs: []157.49 ($452.00) (+[]0.64)
------------------------------------------------------------------Federal Budget----------------------------------------
Federal Tax Rate: 62% (Cut off at 27.9%)

Federal Revenue: []754.695 T ($2.166 Q)

Federal Spending: []127 T ($364.49 T)

Purchases: []0

Asset Upkeep: -[]1 T (Interstate Highway System Maintenance) ($2.87 T)

Surplus/Deficit: +[]626.695 ($1.799 Q)

Cash On Hand: []4.558 Q ($13.08 Q)

King Yi X:
Personality: He is a loud outspoken person who doesn’t take any disrespect from anyone. He demands the respect that people give him. His aggressive approach and his semi-oppressive rule helped him gain respect in the kingdom. Taking the throne at age 13, he needed to be cruel to hold on to power. He transformed a failing kingdom into a thriving Empire. He loves his people and tries his best to protect everyone. Known as ”Yi the transformer” he grew the military, grew the economy and made multiple civil reforms.

Queen Yianna:

Personality: Married to King Yi, he crowned her Queen of the Yi Empire. She dated the King at the age of 16. She is loyal, humble and a voice of reason. Born to a fairly wealthy family in Yi City, she was able to get whatever she wanted. But she was reminded that she had to be humble to be respected and liked. Her ability to be the voice of reason for her husband has given her immediate popularity once the royal wedding happened.

Prince Yo II:

Age: 10
Personality: Born to King Yi’s brother, Prince Yo I, Prince Yo has been the heir to the throne ever since his aunt died. But now with Queen Yianna’s coronation, he is now third in line He is a naive young boy who will take the throne once King Yi and Queen Yianna’s death. He is a student at Excelcia Academia and will learn how to lead the Yi Empire.

Read factbook

The Yi royal family

Duchess of Yi Union

Name: Queen Yianna

Royal Governor of Yi Arabia

Name: Amir Al-Rasheed (أمير الرشيد)

Royal Governor of Yi Manchuria

Name:Mei Chen (陳美)

Royal Governor of Yi Alaska

Name:Fate Johnson

Royal Governor of Southeastern Asian Yi Confederation

Name:Tane Figaro

Royal Governor of Yi Karelia

Name:Natalia Poklonkaya

Royal Governor of Brancaland United

Name:Samori Dalono

Read factbook

Yi Royal Governors

Greetings from the Region of Hell

Kyraina wrote:Greetings from the Region of Hell


They trying to condemn me for imperialism

Tanaska wrote:Hello

Why Yes? :(

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