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Independence Hill RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The United States of Independence Hill

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Welcome to The United States of Independence Hill

Date: 7/28/20

Pop: 16.992B

Life Ex: 75.02

Avg IQ: 124.96

Political Freedoms: 70.77 Very Good

Civil Rights: 71.51 Excellent

Economy: 86.48 Thriving

Exp: []65.621T -> []23.95Q/yr

Imp: []65.398T -> []23.87Q/yr

Net Ex: +[]223B

Ex Rate: []1 = $1.31 +$0.03

Daily and Weekly Inflation/Deflation: -2.34% | -2.96%

Empl Rate: 66.80%

Avg Income: P10%: []34,953.92 +[]1,059.72 | MC: []77,512.56 +[]526.25 | R10%: []184,108.34 -[]4,908.88

Con Spend: []493.354T +[]7.025T

Con Save: []62.18T +[]0.509T

GRP: []585.374T +[]29.84T

GRP Per Capita: []34,449.99 +[]1,585.92

Rev: []197.21T -> +[]4.86T 35.5% of GRP []71.98Q/Yr

Spending: []74.1T -> +[]2.5T []27.05Q/Yr

Balance: []123.11T -> []44.94Q/Yr (Hold []7.87T)

Vault: []1.22417Q

Embassies: Fredonia, The Embassy, Reddit, THE NEWS, The empire of plutous, Greater Canada, The Leftist Hype House, Dantorum, Luzerut, The Paragon Accord, 1980s America, Vicit Regna, Panellinion, Hollow Point, Anti Fairy Pact, Lardyland, and 203 others.United States of America, Union of Liberated Free Nations, The putnan empire of nations, Click Here, Compatibility, Evrevia, Oneid, The Writing Nook, Andromalius, Royal houses of europe, The Region of Grotesques, Nocturnalya, Megistos Card Farm, The United Monarchs and Communities, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The International Airport, The Big Fridge of Friends, The Croquet Fields of Damnation, Base Union, Turkic Union, Noverra, Princium, Free Ancapistan, The Bar on the corner of every region, Nordic Territories, The Region Of Gargery, MilitaryWorld, United Colonies of America, The Great Universe, Lofelkat, Hartalia, United Hellenic Nations, Tolands Shattered, The Military Superiority Union, West of the Desert, The outlawed nations, Got Issues, The Holy Robotsharkian Empire, Azur Rozen Europa, Victorian era rp 2, Alameda Federation, The United Socialist Republic, Pacifists and Warlords, Planet Jammbo, Krolikden, Mediterranea, okbuddynationstates, Wrecsam, Anarchist Alliance of the World, Llemgotiut, Nebraska and Kansas Territory, The Empire of Outremer, Soviet Space, Statlandia, Isolert Ulv, East Pole, The United Allies Of Floridornia, Oroton, Plushies United, Fox Island Empire, Warzone Africa, Ancient World Sol, Cannibalism is not ok, SEC Fanatics, Liliy, Vakisil, Koyaanisqatsi, Caacrinolass, RAMS, Land of Prosperity, The First French Empire, Universal Dream Network, Save Our Planet, epic bazinga region of cool dictators, Chicken overlords, Glendale, South Dakota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, United League of Nations, The Courage of the AI Army, Freetown, Eastern Europe, Dispatchia, North Carolina, Weffle, Georgia, Bus Stop, Australia, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Japan, Arizona, New Hampshire, The MLB, Pawnsilvania, Kuwait, the Bahamas, Rhode Island, Idaho, Nebraska, Vietnam, Manchester, Axixican Trade Federation, Pennsylvania, Cemetery, NS neutral zone, Greater Middle East, The NewsStand, Southern Africa, The United Empires of Carson, Empire of Great Britain, Halifax, International Debating Area, La France, Central African Republic, Michigan, Ontario, Federal Republic of Russia, Bangkok, Costa Rica, New Mexico, The Universal Order of Nations, Taipei, Rwanda, Commonwealth States, Kentucky, Maryland, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Santo Domingo, Nevada, Knights of the Round Table, Guinea, The Congo, Delaware, Kansas, Washington DC, Rio de Janeiro, Wyoming, Montreal, Malaysia, Honduras, Seattle, Ethiopia, Buenos Aires, The Twitter, Nintendo, Northern Africa, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Morocco, Minnesota, Iowa, South Carolina, Wales, Capital Heights, Nassau, Dublin, Havana, Sydney, Western Africa, Legendary card farm, Illinois, Detroit, Jamaica, London, Bern, Colorado, Abu Dhabi, Warsaw, Mexico City, Guatemala, El Salvador, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Beijing, Cape Town, Imperial Prussia, Ghana, Qatar, Prince Edward Island, Port of Victoria, Alliance Francophone, The Brotherhood, Edinburgh, United World, Luxembourg, Indianapolis, BLM, Port Louis, East Timor, The Empire of Common Territories, 1st Epitome United, The Galactic Empire of Britain, Liberty Democratic Alliance, Indonesia, South Bentley, Westminster, Mercenaries R Us, Dead Sea, The Royal Imperial Directorate, The British Empire, United Imperial Union, Organization of United Sovereign States, and The Almondrian Collective.

Tags: Capitalist, Democratic, Feminist, General Assembly, Independent, Liberal, Minuscule, Modern Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, Security Council, Socialist, and 1 other.World Assembly.

Independence Hill contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Poor Incomes in Independence Hill

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Independence Hill is ranked 3,614th in the world for Highest Poor Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United States of Independence HillCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Government, Central Bank, & Military of the U.S.I.H.”
2.The Armed Republic of Kentish CarolinaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Pride and Industry”
3.The Republic of TanaskaCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“By The People For The People”

Regional Happenings


Independence Hill Regional Message Board

Historical Record of the United States of Independence Hill

Date: 7/26/20 | Daily Measurement

Pop: 16.828B

Life Ex: 74.09

Avg IQ: 124.07

Political Freedoms: 67.06 Very Good

Civil Rights: 69.222 Excellent

Economy: 85.30 Thriving

Exp: []64.491T -> []23.539Q/yr

Imp: []64.494T -> []23.54Q/yr

Net Ex: -[]3B

Ex Rate: []1 = $1.27 +$0.01

Inflation: -0.79% Deflation

Empl Rate: 67%

Avg Income: P10%: []33,469.62 +[]248.76 | MC: []75,908.79 +[]810.88 | R10%: []187,319.37 +[]2,823.24

Con Spend: []486.329T +[]2.048T

Con Save: []61.671T +[]0.506T

GRP: []548.0T +[]2.56T

GRP Per Capita: []32,562.84 -[]32.26

Rev: []192.35T -> -[]4.56T 35.1% of GRP []70.21Q/Yr

Spending: []76.6T -> +[]1.1T []28.07Q/Yr

Balance: []115.75T -> []42.25Q/Yr

Vault: []1.10106Q

Historical Record of the United States of Independence Hill

Date: 7/27/20 | Daily Measurement

Pop: 16.904B

Life Ex: 74.08

Avg IQ: 124.39

Political Freedoms: 67.09 Very Good

Civil Rights: 69.46 Excellent

Economy: 85.97 Thriving

Exp: []65.621T -> []23.95Q/yr

Imp: []65.398T -> []23.87Q/yr

Net Ex: +[]223B

Ex Rate: []1 = $1.28 +$0.01

Inflation/Deflation: -0.62% Deflation

Empl Rate: 67.27%

Avg Income: P10%: []33,894.20 +[]424.58 | MC: []76,986.31 +[]1,077.52 | R10%: []189,017.22+[]1,697.85

Con Spend: []493.354T +[]7.025T

Con Save: []62.18T +[]0.509T

GRP: []555.534T +[]7.534T

GRP Per Capita: []32,864.07+[]301.23

Rev: []197.21T -> +[]4.86T 35.5% of GRP []71.98Q/Yr

Spending: []74.1T -> +[]2.5T []27.05Q/Yr

Balance: []123.11T -> []44.94Q/Yr

Vault: []1.22417Q

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1 Sylliton=4.45 $!

The President says “Size and people do not refer to currency, the economy refers the Currency world”

Holy kompot... you guys definitely put a lot of effort into this. Wow.

Hello, fellow embassy region!

Do you want to enter a fun competition? Do you want the story of your region to be highlighted? If so, then you should join... The Challenge Of The Embassies!

Please read the following dispatch for more information!

The Kingdom Of Aredita Is Hosting A Challenge!
The Challenge Overview
Hello embassies,
Aredita here! As we are in the midst of The Coronavirus, not being able to have many social interactions have definitely put boredom into my life, and I'm sure others lives as well. But, I don't believe in boredom! So, to challenge the evils of boredom, I thought that it would be fun to have a little NationStates competition! Sure, this isn't an official component of the game, but I still thought that it would be fun. So, here it is: I am officially announcing The Challenge Of The Embassies!
What Is "The Challenge Of The Embassies?"
I'm glad you asked! The Challenge Of The Embassies is a great game to support patriotism of your current region, bring the embassies The Region Of Gargery has, together, and challenge and defeat boredom! But, I'm sure you were wondering what the game is exactly. Again, thank you for asking! Each region The Region Of Gargery (Gargery) has as an embassy will have the option to sign up for the game. If your region is on the list below, congratulations, you can sign up!
1. Kylden
2. Reminated Euromean Republic
3. Montrandecs Neighbours
4. 0000
5. Samoa
6. Union of Democrats
7. Cyberius Confederation
8. The Cormorant Pact
9. Fredonia
10. Mathematics
11. The Embassy
12. Embassies Embassies Embassies
13. Codex Ylvus
14. The Region Of Gargery Citizenship
15. Fettarian Peoples Land
16. Sanctum
17. Democratic Republic of Southern Africa
18. Monaco
19. United Christian Empires of the West
20. Gypsy Lands
21. Communist Balestria
22. The Great Universe
23. Allied Conservative States
24. Mid Atlantic Quarantine
25. Independence Hill
26. Ay lugi
27. Federal Republic of Russia

Any new embassies that Gargrey gets will not be included in the challenge. Anyway, to the main point (sorry). If the WA Delegate or the Founder signs up for the competition, the whole region is in! Here, the region works and collaborates together to create a fictional short story about how their region came to be. For example, you could write a story about how your region was once ruled over by a crazy dictator and was taken over by its own people and made better (Or the opposite if you are a dictator region).

Rules Of The Challenge
Anyway, what's a competition without rules? After all, rules rule! Here is a list of the rules:
1. You may not get any help with your fictional story outside of your region

2. Forming alliances, bribing, or any other form of cheating to get information on another region's fictional story is prohibited. (This even applies if the regions agree to share their story).

3. A Nation in a region that is signed up is not obligated to contribute to the challenge.

4. Your short story must maintain a 600-word limit

5. There must be at least 4 regions competing in the challenge, or else it will be called off

What happens if you break the rules:
Well, I will penalize you. When I read and judge your short story, I will take into account that you cheated. Even if the story is really good, I still won't think of it the same way. However, the only rule that you can break (let me be clear, to an extent) is the 600-Word limit. If your short story is 601 words, don't worry about it! However, if it's 650 words, I would start worrying. I'm not going to penalize a region that has a couple of words over the 600-word limit. But, let's just say if you are over 610, it will be penalized.

How To Sign Up
First off, copy and paste this link into a new tab:

This will bring you to a page where either the Founder or the WA Delegate will sign up on behalf of the region. Just fill it out, and the region is signed up. Just like magic! Only the WA Delegate or The Founder can sign up. If it is detected that the region was signed up by not the WA Delegate or The Founder, it will result in disqualification.

Dates and Deadlines of The Competition
If you are wondering what the dates for the competition are, well, here you go:

Deadline to Sign Up: August 17, 2020 - If your region misses this date, it will not be allowed to participate. However, if you sign up on this date, it will not be marked as missing the deadline.

Competition Officially Starts: August 18, 2020 - This is the first day you can submit your short stories.

Submission Deadline: Monday, September 7, 2020 - All short stories must be telegrammed to me by this date. If not, your short story will not be judged.

How To Submit Your Story, Winning, and Awards
Once the whole region (or at least the nations that agreed to take part) agree that the short story is ready to submit and be judged, the WA Delegate or The Founder will address a telegram to me, Aredita and I will judge it. Please note: To keep things fair, Gargery will not be submitting an entry in the competition, since I will be judging the entries. And now, the best part: Awards! The top 3 entries are the ones that will be honored. Here is what they get:

First Place: A special, one of a kind video created by me honoring the first place region, bragging rights, an Official Certificate, and a whole lot of good attention!

Second Place: Bragging rights, a whole lot of good attention, and a one of a kind Official Certificate, created by me!

Third Place: Bragging rights and a whole lot of good attention!

For questions, comments, concerns, etc.
If you have a question, comment, concern, etc. Please send a telegram to me, Aredita and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


P.s. This pamphlet may be updated at any point, so be sure to check it every so often.

Read factbook


Immmmmm Baaackkkkk

Attention everyone in the WA,
Please vote AGAINST on the WA Propsal: Liberate Syria.

Syria is a fellow embassy region of TRG and I've been in contact with their leader, and they do NOT want to be liberated.

I encourage everyone to vote against this proposal, however, I know that you are all entitled to your opinions. Please vote on what you feel is the right option.

Thank you allies, may this RMB post find you well,

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