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Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,543rd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,357th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 2,383rd Largest Retail Industry: 2,434th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,459th
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Welcome to J o J! This region was once a gathering place for a decent group of friends, but now, only one resolute nation remains to face the whirlwinds of evil alone. That nation is fulfilling that task just fine, and they plan to continue doing so for plenty more years to come! This great region stands against tyranny, evil, and radicalism of all kinds, in the defense of freedom and all that is just. With that said: Long live J o J!

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Security State: DEFCON 5
The first version of this region was founded around December 2017.

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Embassies: J o Jian Military Network, Union of Nationalists, American Patriotic Front, Dixie, HoH SiS, Albosiac, Fossils and Friends, Elena, Altay, International Society of Julius Evola, Southern Army, and Great Chuliu Empire.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Capitalist, Conservative, Free Trade, Human-Only, Imperialist, Minuscule, Modern Tech, Password, and 1 other.Religious.

J o J contains 3 nations.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of Baktoid Combat AutomataFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Roger Roger”
2.The Confederacy of East Asian IslandsCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Hail the Confederacy”
3.The Limited Democracy of J o JFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Unity through Nationality”

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This is who they voted for. Joe Biden is supposedly some champion of the left and a bringer of progressivism and then he says the N word during a speech. Thatís nice isnít it?

I donít know how to be less white, but I sure as hell know how to stop drinking Coke. I used to drink Coke, but Iíll never take a drink of it again. This be less white garbage is absolutely ridiculous and everybody on the planet should view it as the same type of intolerance white supremacists spew.

ďThe 8 White IdentitiesĒ, made up by a black professor? How can a black person tell me he knows more about my race than I do, and then proceed to categorize me like an inanimate object? That sounds pretty racist to me.

If you're confused as to why I am closing a bunch of embassies, read the following:

Tell me, what do you think about the human conscience? It's a truly marvelous thing, yes? It is defined as "an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior.", and to go against it and force it to shut up takes a lot of energy and effort. In most aspects of my life, I always listen to it, and let it guide me. Notice that I said most. There's an exception that needs to be cleared from the board. This game. I've been telling my conscience it's acceptable to work with regions that harbor people who do unspeakable things, they deny the holocaust and the suffering of millions, they at best tolerate and at worst support the national socialist ideology as described and instituted by Adolf Hitler in the 1930's and 1940's, they subscribe to abhorrent racial conspiracies, and more rather unsettling behavior that I have been sweeping under the rug in order to oppose my primary opposition. I thought I could tell my conscience to just shut up about it and I could perhaps get away with it, but that only worked for so long.

I cannot sit here and support people who affiliate themselves with a regime which murdered millions of people, including the elderly, women, and children any longer. I cannot I sit here and try to oppose evil and oppression when my own "allies" support this same behavior any longer. I cannot sit here and go against my own beliefs against tyranny and evil when I sit in the same camp as this ideology.

Why am I deciding to make a change now? Not because of any of you on the other side "saving" or "converting" me, I am doing this for myself. I don't care what any of you think, my primary focus and priority is my nation and ensuring that it is a beacon of righteousness and a bastion against evil. I cannot tell myself I am doing that when I am affiliating myself with an ideology of evil any longer. Nobody influenced this decision except myself. Every man, woman, and child has inside them a voice which tells you what is right and what is wrong, and that voice is among the most powerful forces within your very existence. I cannot silence this voice anymore, because from the start it objected to affiliating myself with fascists and at times borderline neo-nazis, but I told it to shut up and kicked the can down the road to deal with later. I figured perhaps somehow I could work it out, perhaps something similar in nature to the alliance between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies during WWII, but it was no use, that fallacy of an alliance was set to an expiration date as is this one between my nation and region with the evil I haven't publicly opposed until now. There are a select few that knew for a while that I harbored distaste for most of these "allies", but I won't disclose those names because they might catch some flak for conversing with me in the first place.

No, I will not be backstabbing the fascist regions and damaging them (I see doing that as totally below the belt and a scumbag move. Make no mistake though, I could do a lot of damage ranging from dispatch destruction, embassy closures, mass post suppression, discord server vandalism, and far more.) No, this will not make me a "fash-basher". No, this does not mean I am helping the communists or leftists. No, this does not mean I am attacking my former allies. No, this does not mean I am changing my beliefs radically. No, this does not mean any body is just going to spontaneously get regions back from me. I have always opposed totalitarianism and I have always been a supporter of a reformed democracy similar to this nation's current ideals and policies.

I don't care if you believe me or not, whoever you may be reading this. I don't care if you keep calling me a fascist or racist, because your words mean nothing to me. I wrote this because I wanted it as a historical reminder to myself that today was the day that I finally threw this part of my nation, that I never really liked in the first place, into the trash can of history. I will not stop refounding or raiding enemy regions, that will not change. This nation is a testament to the value of determination, dedication, and patience, and through those virtues it has created its own personal empire and domain, different from any other. The fascists will no longer claim my achievements for their collective ideology and cause, because 95% of it included none of their help whatsoever, on nearly all occasions it was I who contributed to their operations and supported their work.

I can no longer tell myself these allies are not evil. There are plenty of well-meaning and not-so-evil nations within these regions, and to them I must say I am sorry that things cannot work any longer, but their overall region is indeed evil in many ways, and I can't tell my conscience to stay complacent with it any more. I do not wish them harm unless they lash out at me, in which case they will become enemies of the state just as the communists and radicals are.

With that said the following will become effective immediately:
- Embassies with fascist regions are hereby scheduled for demolition. (Specifically any region with the fascist tag)
- Alliances with fascist regions are hereby terminated.
- This nation's discord account will be removed from fascist discord servers.
- Any and all of this nation's representatives will resign from any regional officer roles and return to J o Jian Military Network.

Glory to J o J. Let the green banner fly on every hill she claims.

Read factbook

Business will continue as usual. Nobody is getting anything from me. Nobody is getting out of my sights who was already in them. Just because I stopped being allies with the fascists does NOT mean I will be giving up my grand empire or that it will stop expanding or that it will return territory. Never in a million years. I don't care why I took a region before or who I took it on behalf of, that region is territory of the empire and it shall not be returned and I will not apologize for taking it. Rather, just consider any region I took on behalf of fascist powers to now be taken in the aim of preventing it from falling into the hands of communists or ANTIFA.

This is why vice is a joke...

Mrs. Bryant is not a victim. She clearly pulled a knife and attempted to injure or kill another person. The officer that shot her did nothing wrong. That officer saved an innocent personís life. The video does not lie. Do not attempt to politicize this shooting because if she was white nobody would be making an uproar.

Also LeBron James needs to keep throwing that ball around and keep his inflated head out of the realm of politics.

I just read this and learned that apparently New York requires individuals to provide "proper cause" to carry a firearm and exercise their constitutional right. How the hell does that make any sense? Do you need "proper cause" to VOTE? What about THE FIRST AMENDMENT, do you need "proper cause" TO SPEAK? This is draconian and is definitely unconstitutional. If forcing voters to show IDENTIFICATION TO VOTE is Jim Crow on Steroids, then this anti-2A legislation in New York is far worse.

Also I decided to do some spring cleaning in J o J's embassy section.

Cancelled the closure with Fossils and Friends, forgot I didn't own that one. *facepalm*

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