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Welcome to Northern Utopia; founded in July 2017, we are an independent roleplay region for all.

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Northern Utopia contains 76 nations, the 216th most in the world.

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Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Northern Utopia is ranked 13,443rd in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Socialist State of KjanuLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Peace, Protection, Prosperity”
2.The Alpine Kingdom of The Soviet state of SvalbardScandinavian Liberal Paradise Normal“Better dead than a weeb”
3.The Indivisible Republic of GrenopiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise Normal“Of these lands plain and green, no harm shall come.”
4.The Incorporated States of Arrettrez Holding CompanyCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Live rich. Live short.”
5.The United Socialist States of Nordic Democratic RepublicScandinavian Liberal Paradise Normal“Equality, life, and freedom for all!”
6.The Commonwealth of CirnezviCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Ad Benevolentiam Curaque”
7.The Grand Socialist Rebublic of United KuzikstanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“We are not your enemy, until you make us one.”
8.The Tri Constitutional Monarchy of United Kingdom of Miotia-CandorInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Cuteness is Justice.”
9.The United States of QeskariaPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Utopia”
10.The Incorporated States of Latin TigersInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Just because we want to”
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AIMS wrote:OOC: Hello! I 'm new here!

StateofJehova wrote:Thanks for the invite.

Welcome to Northern Utopia, is it recommended for you to join our discord server. There you can talk to our members and learn about our complex world. Our laws can be viewed at the top of the page.
It is required for new nations to be in the region for a week or two to apply for a spot on the map. Map updates happen every two months. The upcoming update is next week.

Please fill this map application form after a week being in this region.

Lastly as a note: non-roleplay posts are required to have "OOC:" in front to prevent confusion.
I would advise you to start with writing factbooks and introducing your nations.

Dust had fallen over the entirety of the bedroom, blanketing as if it were a thin layer of snow. A mug of tea remained unfinished, a crossword incomplete, and in the centre of it all, Neyde slept in her bed. Her eyes closed tightly, a soft smile on her face.

In the depths of her slumber, Neyde picked up on somebody entering the room, gingerly creeping up to her bed.
"A-are you prince charming?" She softly whispered.
"No. Its Supernanny"
"Oh... gross." Neyde yawned, her eye's creaking open. She stared around her.
"How long have I been asleep for?"
"2 months."
"WHAT?" Neyde suddenly gasped, then flinching back from the pain of suddenly jumping up.
"Yes, you have been asleep for an extremely long time" Supernanny shook her head, "in this time the Skyfoogle got loose, Team Plug Socket nearly ruined our relationship with Svalbard, a Pigeon population learnt English, a lady turned 300, we discovered what a smartphone is, Britney Spears burnt down a whole village by accident, and there was a 10 way marriage."
"Aww that's sweet I'll send my blessings, but seriously all that?" The poor queen seemed in a sudden state of shock.
"No need to worry!" Supernanny smiled "Now you're back, we can catch you up on all the legal business, and we can go on like nothing happened."
"That seems to be what this country is best at" Neyde mused.

Supernanny laughed "Indeed! Now let's get things going again..."

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United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor wrote:

New republic of frontera wrote:

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor wrote:

Miotian Imperial Times
Deadlines and Ultimatum
Edokyuuria has sent an ultimatum to New Republic of Frontera midnight. Geographic records, safety documentation of certain Yotsubishi equipment, Trade deals after Rias Union, monthly report of corrosion within the Sitnalta frame, are all overdue.
This does not apply only to politics, even the private industries are affected by overdue work.
Edokyuuria suspects corruption within the high level of the Frontrean government. Edokyuuria issued an ultimatum, demanding New Republic of Frontera to either apply for an extension plan with clearly written schedules or submit their overdue work. They have 12 hours before the United Kingdom takes action.

We've also interviewed some of the naval personnel in the Naval Academy:
Voice1: What!? We're going to what now!?
Reporter: Edokyuuria has isussed-
Voice2: Inaban, we're going to invade Frontera?
Voice1: Just- shut up, Akima.
Reporter: Excuse me?
Voice1: This is outrageous... Must've been a suggestion from Hirosei-
Reporter: Hirosei? As in the Airforce's-?
Voice1: Nevermind that! Anyway, there's nothing much we could do about it, we will follow the schedule and depart if the worst happens.
Reporter: Wait- Wait a moment!
Voice1: Guards, take this unwanted visitor out of the hanger.
Reporter: Wait-
Voice1: Sorry miss, this is a restricted area in the first place.
Voice2: You do know that they're streaming live right, Inaban?

Hirosei Estate, Flugel, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor
“M’lady, it seems like the first fleet has left the naval academy. Your transport is also ready”
The butler walked into the office and reported to Hirosei Hana.
“Thank you, I’ll be there soon.”
Hirosei replied politely and returned writing her email. The Butler left the room and closed the massive fancy wooden door quietly.
Now she is alone again in her office. The sound of a pendulum at the corner could be heard clearly again.
“Now then… let’s have some fun shall we? Inaban? Heller?”
She smirked as she put her coat on and sent the email. Taking a folder with her, with the insignia of the Voluntas Company.

Walking out to the sunlight, a transport helicopter was waiting for her.
Just as she took the steps into the vehicle, the sky suddenly turned dark.
It was an Arsenal Ray passing by, heading toward the west, Frontera.
“Well, it’s time for us to go too.”
She murmured as the door of the transport closed. Showing the seal of the Chief Staff of the Airforce.

First Fleet, URN DDVN Hakuhou, Nautilus, Frontera Weather: Foggy
F-37 began to take off, scouting the area ahead as fully anti-submarine equipped Ashigara-class DDGs scout the DDVN.
“Well, who would’ve thought her maiden voyage would be like this?”
Captain Akima commented as he came back inside to the bridge from the fog.
“That can’t be helped. While our real goal is to smoke out what happened to that governor plane that was shot down in Mendenwall back in december can’t believe we’re doing it by sheer force…”
Inaban signed, fixing her admiral cap as she leaned on the wall. She backed away from the wall quickly, realizing the paint wasn’t dry.

Second Fleet and the 3rd Battalion, Trinada, Weather: Foggy
As landing crafts reached the beach, the URA and the URN could see that the Fronteran were clueless on what’s about to happen.
The occupation forces were able to make their way through the Fronterans capital like tourists. While many other Frontereans take pictures, videos, etc, thinking this is a parade of sorts.
“...I do believe they are missing the point”
One of the soldiers said.

As the occupation moved toward the capitol building, the streets were suddenly cleared.
“Where is everyone?”
Not before long, a battalion of unregistered classes of green and yellow Aragami Sentries marches out of the mist in uniform. Forming a blockade.

“What is the meaning of this!?”
Chief of Army Staff Nick Heller shouted through the SOOM call conference.

Yotsubishi Tanabe Pharma, Sitanita, Frontera
“Who are you people!?”
Doctor Boikin asked the masked agents who broke into the foundation facility.
The masks had no facial features other than a thin line for eyes and mouth.
They broke into the facility copying and stealing the database, then destroyed it.
“Our higher ups had enough playing nice and friendly with the ‘enemy’.”
One of them spoke before leaving the room through a collapsed wall.
The mysterious ‘thieves’ left, however there is more suffering to come. The United Kingdom’s military is slowly breaking into the underwater city via hacking into the lockdown system. Due to the fact not a single shot was fired yet from either side. Neither side dared to spark it.

Unknown forces, Underwater tunnels.
“Hurry up!”
The masked one in lead shouted, holding the door open for the rest of the team.
“To think we could’ve saved the entire database into three SSDs.”
“We must take it back as soon as possible. Who knows when the ‘enemy’ would strike?”
“Like now?”
A man’s voice could be heard from behind, they have been followed by someone.
Sakamoto Ryouma, of the Neo-Sphinx division of the SSS 3rd branch and his team were all aiming at the ‘thieves’.
“You gave us a flavor of retrieving the blueprint from the 8th branch. Which we’ve always been suspicious of. I’ll thank you for giving them a hard day. However, I don’t like killing brats, it really does recommend you to surrender and hand over the SSDs.”

“The 3rd branch!? So that means the United Royal Navy is here already…”
The shorter masked agent muttered in panic.
“Oh? You even know about the ties between the navy and the 3rd branch huh?”
Sakamoto replied, impressed.
“We’re not your enemy.”
The masked leader said.
“Perhaps, but that doesn’t matter, we have our orders.”
Sakamoto insisted.
“The true enemy is-”

“I’ll count to 3, before that, surrender to us.”
Sakamoto said coldly.
The masked agents did not move an inch.
The tension rises as mine exploding could be heard through the walls.
“We refuse.”
The leading figure of the masked agents shouted.
The thieves reminded him of Marissa’s stubbornness.
“Why does this dirty job include killing kids so damn much…”
Sakamoto muttered in regret as he gave the signal to fire.
One of the older masked agents rushed to the front and took out what looked like a rectangular shield, blocking the heavy fire.
“What- there’s no way she could’ve carried that-”
Before Sakamoto could react, another masked agent released paralyzing gas in the area.
“These- these are extinct equipment from the former reign-”
The oxygen tanks and masks were very quickly destroyed by something that looked like a red hot cutter knife.
“Damn you-”
The Neo-Sphinx Division quickly fell unconscious.

“Quickly! Get on the boat!””
The leader of the masked agents ordered as the fog gets even thicker on the surface.
“I can’t wait to get back home and tell everyone about our trip.”
The little seems excited.
The boat quickly departs and disappears into the fog, heading toward an ancient shadow.

First Fleet, URN DDVN Hakuhou, Nautilus, Frontera Weather: Foggy
“This is DDH Aoshima to DDVN Hakuhou, the 5th battalion has secured the underwater city and the 8th branch of the Yotsubishi Corporation.”
“This is DDVN Hakuhou to DDH Aoshima, secure to the central command center of the hospital, we don’t want anyone from activating the underwater fortress. That thing is the equivalent of Edokyuuria.”
Akima replied via transmitter as he looked out into the fog.
“Unde… sto…”
DDH Aoshima CIC replied, however the signal is getting weaker.
Suddenly the first officer Oriba Ooyama slammed open the hatch and called Akima back inside the bridge.
“We’re being jammed.”
“We’re being jammed. Sir!”
“What do you mean we’re being jammed!? We’re in goddamn Frontera!”
The next moment and explosion could be seen in the thick mist. Which shocked the entire fleet, the fighting has begun.

“All hands, Battlestation!”
Inaban ordered as Akima climbed down from the upper deck into CIC.
“What’s the situation!?”
Akima asked as he walked over to the radar officer.
“Sir, our FAF system has been hacked, every single ship and jet out there is labelled as hostiles-”
Before the officer could finish, an explosion shocked the entire ship.
“We’re firing at ourselves sir.”
“That’s impossible-”
He cut off and turned to Inaban, both nodding in agreement. It’s a backdoor in the program planned by Yotsubishi Corporation.
“Use morse, while we try the radio, I want every single jet and ship to switch to the preinstalled 2016 FAF right now.”
Akima ordered.

“So that’s why they wanted me on board…”
IT department chief sighed at the corner.

One by one the red spots on the radar slowly return to blue.
Everyone in the CIC sighed.
Akima quickly asked for a damage report, which turned out one F-37 destroyed and minor damage on the DDG Awoo.
“Well, it could be worse-”
Just when he thought the wave was over, a new blue dot appeared on the radar.
“There shouldn’t be anymore-”
Before the radar officer could finish, the radar data was mysteriously malfunctioning. Making the last blue dot appearing all over and there.
“Captain, you probably want to see this!”
First officer Oriba Ooyama called from the bridge.

Inaban and Akima quickly took the lift to the bridge. Upon arriving, other than the malfunctioning electronics, a massive black shadow could be seen in the distance.
“I don’t remember any landmarks here on the map.”
Inaban said as she went for a closer look with her binocular.

“This is really strange, it's like one of those phenomena in Kuzikistan sea, or what the Second Combined Fleet encounter during the Serpentuem war.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about Ooyama.”
Akima commented on the first officer’s muttering.
“Our tracking system won’t-”
Inaban shouted.
“Incoming? But missile won’t-”
Before the crew could react An explosion coming from the deck and DDG Fubuki could be seen.
“What was that!?”
Akima asked as he held onto the wall until the ship stabilized.
Looking out the window, DDG Fubuki’s superstructure has been completely destroyed, the vessel was on the verge of capsizing. DDVN Hakuhou’s deck sustained mild damage due to the double plat conduction armor she has.
“That’s no missile… that’s a goddamn naval gun!”
Akima shouted as he walked over to the center of the bridge.
The giant shadow approaches at a stunning speed that could rival Hakuhou’s.
As the mysterious vessel approaches, four twin 35.6cm caliber naval guns could be seen aiming at DDNV Hakuhou and DDG Awoo.
“It’s a Haruna-Class Fast Battleship, the one my father told me about.”
Tactical officer Hayato Amamori said in shock.
“A ghost ship.. huh?”
Oriba Ooyama suspects as he orders to have the four AGS-X target the unidentified battleship.
“All AGS-X prepares for HP rounds, we need to disable those 35.6cm or we’re good as dead!”

“You’re telling me that thing is a Haruna-Class? The one from the Kkhano war!?”
“Yes Captain, I’m sure of it.”
“It’s a hundred year old-”
The four 35.6cm guns on the Haruna-Class fired. The shockwave and fire from the guns could be seen breaking through the thick fog.
DDG Awoo broke into two and sank, for DDVN Hakuhou while the electric plating took most of the damage, more than half of the hanger was destroyed.
It was a direct hit.

“How the hell did their electronics work in this area?”
Ooyama asked as he tried to get up from the floor.
“Eyes. they’re using their eyes.”
Amamori answered calmly as he admired the ancient battleship passed by.

“Why aren’t we firing!?”
Akima shouted at the AGS-X gun mounts.

Inaban stood on the edge of the balcony, admiring the floating relic. Noticed a paint over of some sort of wolf-like logo.
The crew of the Hakuhou watches in silence and admiration as the FBB Haruna passes by, leaving the heavily damaged first fleet behind.

??? FBB Haruna
On the bridge of the ‘ghost ship’ was filled with masked crew members.
“Sir, we’ve broken through the last line of the URN occupation fleet. As planned, we will reach our destination in half a day.”
The masked crewmen reported.
“We must leave this area before the fog clears. Her excellency is waiting.”
“Yes. Of course.”
The masked crewmen answered and returned to his post.

“We’re certainly outdated, but we’re not outgunned.”

Slowly in the fog and mist, the flag of the Voluntas Private Military Company could be seen flying by the FBB Haruna.

The occupation of New Republic of Frontera and Mendenwall was successful. Edokyuuria launched an investigation of the crashed flight that carried a government corporation overseer of the Yotsubishi Corporation.
Furthermore, the URA has been putting pressure on the Fronterean government to finish their overdue works, ranging from internal governing to trade deals that should’ve been done back in mid 2019.
Other than the URF surrounding Fronterean ministries pursuing them to finish up their work, both Republics returned to their ordinary days.

The first fleet is rumored to be heavily damaged during the occupation, however the navy did not release any more information on the topic.

OOC: Term Changes
Kaiser -> Imperatrix
F35C Lightning II -> F37 Edward
Military Police -> Public Health Security (PHS)
Hexagon -> Candorian Intelligence Agency (CIA)

UKMC Season 2

Dear Itashikir,

How are you doing? Despite the unfortunate warfares that had taken place over here, I’m doing very well over here in the Republic.
Do you still remember that fateful day we met? Wheatfield that goes as far as to the horizon. Visible waves of wind passed through the field as we sat, and enjoyed the view of that summer.
My memory of that day was as fresh as if it was yesterday.
This field where I currently settled certainly reminded me of Omoikane, our home.
Today marks the 36th anniversary since we left.
I know it is still difficult for you to accept.
Return to us. In our new home.

Love, Opere

June 4th, 3:20am
The humanoid figure puts away the letter as the Shinkansen emerges from the tunnel. The ruined and plant-covered view of the former Amatsumikaboshi could be seen. Especially the former local university campus and the concert stage at the beach. The fans and families of the victims of the Celestial 5 idol group gathered at the stage as the annual memorial ceremony held by the local university began.
To their own surprise, he did not turn away from looking at it.
They remember the scenery twelve years ago very well. They were simply following the chairman’s orders at that time. Morally blinded by their people’s fury and helplessness, they finally did what he was told.
For a certain period of time that guilt of what they did haunt them. However, these feelings started to turn dull as the years went on. Reason was one of the few things they still hold onto.
They know the path he chose was not of a hero’s.
“Justice must be done through heaven’s fall.”

June 5th, 2020, 12:16am, United Kingdom of ???, central capital: Edokyuuria
“Hold on!”
PHS operator Haru Shinozaki shouted as she forcefully turned the wheel, drifting through the alley.
“Just what the hell is happening!?”
Hawk Graf, the retired veteran in his casual clothes, asks as officer Albert Lionheart passes a pistol to him.
“As if we’ve got any idea.”
Albert replied while busy contacting the other field officers.
The sound of bullets hitting the armored vehicle could be heard as the chase continued.
Tatiana Graf, lost her consciousness after she was hit by a paralyzing round from the enemy. Officer Rika Sutsushi, and a good friend of the operator, sat beside Tatiana and monitored her health status.
“Have you figured out what caused her to pass out?”
Albert asked, lowering the window to return fire from the pursuers.
“The chemical found in the needle is similar to those used by the failed anti-Miraculum life contamination units.”
“Rika, I thought that project was abandoned!?”
“Either the Yotsubishi gave them the data or they had spies within the Corp.”
Shinozaki commented coldly as the vehicle returned to the main road. A curfew has been placed under the entire capital after the unfortunate events hours ago. A friend or foe filter was installed on the Athena crime prevention system. The United Royal Army moved in from Izanagi to seize control of the parliament. A state of emergency has been declared throughout the entire Republic and its overseas territories.
“Will she be ok?”
The girl in casual clothes who was sitting across from Tatiana and Sutsushi asked worriedly. She seems to be about the same age as Tatiana.
“The AMLCU failed to contain the spread of miraculum infestation in Hinomoto, I’m sure she will be fine.”
The officer replied, slightly surprised by the girl’s sudden question.
“Who is she anyway?”
Graf asks Shinozaki while he reloads his weapon.
“Not entirely sure. But Hirosei insisted on having her follow along.”
The girl in question did not reply, she stared at the red skyline of Edokyuuria as it got more distance from the vehicle.

June 4th, 2020, 6:50am, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor, Edokyuuria, former ministry of defence
“Your move.”
Airforce’s chief executive Hana Hirosei said carefreely after she moved her chess piece.
On the other side of the table Army’s chief executive Nick Heller, was her opponent.
The two were sitting at the center of a completely empty and abandoned office of the minister of defence within the abandoned sector of the Edokyuuria Arcology.
Despite the fact there was no electricity, the two could see the chessboard surprisingly well.
“You’re going easy on me huh?”
Heller asked as he moved his piece and won. Hirosei smiled maliciously.
“What do you have in mind?”
Heller leaned back on the sofa and asked with suspicion.
“I was wondering what kind of future will you show the twin kingdoms?”
She asks him as the light of dawn shines through the broken window, causing a giant shadow of the two on the wall.
He did not reply.
“Uncertain huh? Or perhaps it won’t succeed if you let it out?”
“Well, either way, it’s time for me to depart. If you excuse me.”
Hirosei stood up and bowed at her colleague. Turning away from the table, her nobility aura could be felt just by looking at the movement of her cape.

Walking out of the abandoned sector, Hirosei makes a phone call, with the ID: V.
“It’s me. Get 053A out of the United Kingdom as soon as possible.”

June 4th, 2020, 8:00am, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor, Kanatoro, Flugel, Airforce headquarters
In the vast desert of northern Kanatoro, a large group of trucks slowly approaches the Flugel Base. The base was not anything impressive on the surface, a runway, and a few buildings. However, it's an entirely different story underground. This is the largest airforce base within the United Kingdom, it is also the one that houses Arsenal Rays.
“Eh? A convoy of trucks?”
One of the guards asked after he saw the incoming convoy with his binoculars at the top of the control tower.
“Did our princess ordered some AAM-3 from Amason?”
The control tower asked sarcastically.
“I’m pretty sure Yotsubishi don’t sell AAM-3 on Amason, commander.”
The trucks stopped at the gate as the airforce guards slowly walked over.
Before the guard could react, a bullet was put between his eyes. The next moment a squadron equipped with quantum stealth robes shot the other guards at the gate.
One of the soldiers had a rocket launcher aimed at the control tower.
“Sound the alert now!-”
The tower exploded, killing most of the officers.
In the burning remains of the control tower, the commander reached for the alarm.
“You’re not getting away with this… Heller.”

The alarm echoed through the colossal underground hanger as engineers dropped their tools and rushed to the shelter.
Gates to the surface slowly began to be sealed off one by one like airlocks.
The camouflaged force slowly advances into the surface base with little to no resistance.

June 4th, 2020, 12:10pm, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor, Edokyuuria, The Citadel Square
“Is the World Union the answer? Was the World Union ever the answer? We did try to reach out to the world, and I believe that’s a good thing. Integration of Kjanu? Joining the WU? I believe that’s a grave mistake. Look at the current United Kingdom, you could hardly even call it administered at all. Do you really think the commonwealth would have approved the construction of the Midonia-Class orbital destroyers if we didn’t share the blueprints? Why did the Serpentuem Resistance War last so long? We have weapons of mass destruction, and they were in the silos rusting. If losing half of the country to Serpentuem forces isn’t enough to use them, when are we going to? The next time Serpentuem attacks we will use our nuclear arsenal.”
Saskia Piltz of the nationalist party furiously criticizes the Mashiro administration during this last debate right before the election on the 4th. The Citadel was the very top of the United Kingdom, physically and politically. In front of the capitol building, under a clear sky, the last political debate was held as seagulls gathered above.
“What good is there if we leave the World Union now? We’re a major power within the union if you haven’t realized yet. Rather than blaming it on the outside why don’t we have a look at the inside? We are one of the most technologically advanced nation, and yet we don’t utilize them in defence. Instead what the heck did we use these tech for? Entertainment!? Anime? We’ve been using the same infantry equipment for the past 3 decades.”
Nicola Lafrenz of the United Soicalist Party replied at Saskia Piltz’s comment.
“What? Are you going to take away the economic freedom of those industries? Why is war the first thing that comes to your tiny brains whenever we have a debate? Anyway, I’d agree that the integration of Kjanu is not well administered, it is necessary to bring the three-nation closer. If you look at the situation currently, we are only helplessly watching kjanu in chaos.”
Liberal Democratic Party’s Nagase Ryu added calmly, confident in her potential voters.
“Well, if they would allow the URF to head over there in the first place, there wouldn’t be such chaos. Additionally, have you all forgotten to demand reparation from those aliens? You actually expect us to sit here and do nothing while these war criminal Valassari or whatever they call themselves from other nations take our jobs? This is ridiculous, humans must always come first.”
Else Schnorr of the Neo-fascist party added.
“You know it would be nice if we just put the Imperatrix back in power-”
Morita Takejiro immediately got backslash from all parties.
Stella Inder shouted through the microphone.

The stage was just a few steps away. Head of state Mashiro Fuyuki hesitated, still thinking about Tatiana’s memory loss and what Alfred Heller said to her back at the hospital. Yotsubishi 1st branch’s secret connection with the Army? Just what were they planning? The plane that crashed in Mendenwall back in december, was that Yotsubishi doing… or...
“What are you waiting for?”
Vice-GC Victoria Achenbach of the Constitutional Imperial Rule Party asked from behind. Kindly smiled at her.
“No one’s first job is the head of state. However, do not let those emotions get to you.”
Mashiro took a moment to organize her thoughts and nodded as her confidence returned.
However, Victoria did not come out with her.
Putting away her notes, she took a long look at the old bookmark. It was a good luck charm given by Laruna Kracht, a former classmate of hers. It was a memorial she received before her last performance as one of Celestial 5’s members, twelve years ago, on the exact same day as today.
Thought to be a change in the event script, Mashiro continues her way to the stage.
The crowd slowly returns to silence as the Imperatix turns her attention to the entrance of the stage,
The PHS in the back stage and at the windows of the parliament building are constantly searching for threats as tension grows in the square.

“Now it has truly saddened me that the invasion of Fronteran-Mendenwall was executed with a 88% vote within the parliament weeks ago.
Excuse me.

We’ve been through a lot for the past year, haven't we? Serpentuem declared war on us, some aliens, Valarssari declared war on us. Now? We’re allies, friends. We joined the World Union. Further uniting the world. We even sent a diplomat to Jezabelstien and he did come back. The Hinomoto desert…. Is no longer a desert. Look at that massive organic structure at the horizon. We did have teardrop plague, in the end, our cooperation with Serpentuem developed a cure from the particles of its pollen.
I’ve been elected because I was a meme. Yes. Laugh.
Throughout my past term, I have noticed even after we’ve moved to democracy, we’re still chained. Culturally chained, yes. Not by authoritarianism not by foreign powers, definitely not by money.
Our twin kingdoms are cursed and chained by hate since the dawn of time.
For 900 years we fought each other, chained to fight until the last standing, weren’t we pathetic? However, we did rise from those feelings of hate. We did break these chains.
And we can certainly do it again.
It’s all pain, sweat, tears, and blood. However, no revenge should govern our fate.
I’m talking to all of you, candidates.”
She paused to look at the other candidates.

“All within the state, nothing outside, nothing against the state?
We're a superpower at the world stage, think about the effects of our decision on the people of the world, damn it.
Focusing on rebuilding the United Kingdom and its relations to the FTF after the four major conflicts from 2018 to 2020 is the main goal of the Moeist Democratic Union of Cando-”

By New republic of frontera
Entering Miotian Waters, Aboard Experimental Transport Cesarski Helicopter Freysil
June 4th, 2020 6:00 am


As the sun rises from the Eastern sea, casting the Miotian skies with a brilliant red glimmer, the subtle yet present sounds of slicing rotors can be vaguely heard from an unknown source. No shadows are present to expose its identity, however; a slight distortion in the morning sky can still be observed moving across the horizon towards the United Kingdom. It is as if light itself is being manipulated to slide off the sleek exterior of the unknown source by some sort of meta-material, creating a sort of optical camouflage as the foreign object continues its course.

"Thirty minutes till we arrive in the target city." announced the pilot of the Freysil.

Two unknown voices can then be heard from the back having a heated argument. One voice seemingly stemming from a young adolescence figure and the other from an older foreigner both wearing a sparrow insignia on their lapel.

"You sure we should be flying within the vicinities of the RIAS space elevator?"

"What? Would you rather fly over the chaotic zkylinez of Kjanu? Even with advance camouflage, luck will ztill be a large dependent factor if we chose that unztable path, I would rather not rizk our tezt flight to zome lucky zhrapnel or zhell. Pluz, I'm confident in this technology and thiz iz a good and zafe way to tezt it, we zhould pazz undetected."

"I do not understand why we must depart as well, the 12th and members of the 10th could've easily handled this themselves..."

"I know you are anxiouz to return, be patient, the pie will tazte better if you let it cool. It iz bezt to zee one'z own plan flourizh in order to azcertain itz zuccezz, we muzt make certain thiz looze end iz tied properly before the exchange. Pluz, the 10th have already infiltrated the preparation ztaff there lazt night and 'prepared' the area quite well for the upcoming event. All we have to do is watch and enjoy the entertainment, not bad huh?"

"Fine, I'll bring the popcorn. Good lord fix up your accent, it's like talking to an alien with you."


Edokyuuria Citadel Square, Secluded section of the crowded viewing area
June 4th, 2020 12:40 am

A humanoid figure can be seen shimmering in and out of sight, his or her figure seemingly invisible as their body drifts in and out of view like a distortion created from heat. The figure moves quickly into position unnoticed via sight or sound, this thanks to Mashiro's loud speech being projected all throughout the square, even stress scanners from the ATHENA system have failed to determine the Health data of this unknown figure, making it no exaggeration to call him or her a living ghost. As the thunderous speech goes on, the figure can be seen crouching behind an empty row and... laughing? No, perhaps withering in pure utter rage... Or perhaps, maybe even been both, it is quite hard to tell with the figure seemingly transparent with light sliding off the cloak which fully covers the figure. Suddenly, deep breathes can be heard from the figure as he or she readies and assembles a weapon of unknown calibre hidden under the cloak, however; the sound of which is all still being masked by the raging speech. After attaching the scope, the tip of the barrel can be visibly observed as it leaves the protection of the cloak pointing steadily and directly at Mashiro's head before shouting his or her first words since entering the Citadel.

"1984 never forget!"

As the phrase rang out, echoing through the square, soundly revealing the general position of the unknown figure; another deep breath can be heard and then...

Edokyuuria Citadel Square, Amidst the crowd in the viewing area
June 4th, 2020 12:37 am

Two unknown figures can be seen sitting amongst the crowd in broad daylight, one offering popcorn to those sitting next to him and the other has their attention fully immersed on the speech, or more so, the podium housing a certain majesty which is behind the person making the speech. Both of these two figures seems to be wearing an odd sparrow insignia, this fashion choice was seemingly reflected in some of the audience within the crowd. As time ticks on a voice can be heard.

"Are the otherz ready for extraction? It iz almozt time... good lord, why the hell did they chooze to hozt thiz outdoorz during zummer?! The temperature iz terrible and itz like playing minezweeper when choozing a zeat with all theze zeagullz flying around." The focused individual asked.

"Yeah *munch munch* they should be ready *munch munch munch*. Just waiting for the signal *munch munch munch munch*." Replied the unknown figure finishing up his popcorn.

"Could you not talk with food in your mouth? Young people theze dayz have no mannerz." The first individual retorted as he places his feet on the row of chairs infront of him.

"I guezz it iz time, the zpeech is getting boring, let'z bring zome excitement to thiz boring atmozphere, let the symphony of change play to a new dawn! Nov Oridinis!" The first individual continued as he clicks a button hidden underneath his lapel.

From a distance, the speaker can be heard wrapping up her speech as the phrase " the main goal of the Moeist Democratic Union of Cando-" can be heard before being violently cut off by...

Edokyuuria Citadel Square, Secluded section of the crowded viewing area
June 4th, 2020 12:40 am


An explosion, born completely out of nowhere, engulfed the podium holding the Imperatrix and her group, killing them instantly as rubble tumbled throughout the stage like the drumming of a percussion instrument.


The sound of a non-silenced rifle can be heard bouncing throughout the sqaure, acting as the chorus to the unexpected tune of the explosion, harmonizing in an oddly horrifying and chaotic orchestration. However, a slight tune feels off and uncoordinated as the unexpected explosion and the scale of the blast ended up affecting the unknown figure's aim, causing him or her to miss Mashiro's head but instead, land a shot around the appendix area.


The sound echoed as the chaotic orchestra draws its last chord. The sound, resulting from a body of a once prominent leader of an up and coming super power finally collapsing to the dark pressures that have haunted her for ages, spells the end of pacifist rule and bringing upon a new chapter for the United Kingdom and its subject. A new season, per se, of never ending hate.

As the conductor lays down his baton, cheers, caremes, and claps replaced by jeers, screams, and collapse. The unknown figure can be seen disassembling his gun before making his escape away from the panicked horde, hidden by his cloak marked with the word Cersarski, and vanished into the afternoon light.

June 4th, 2020, 12:40pm, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor?, Edokyuuria, Haruhabara, Stand Alone News Haruhabara Office
Rather than an actual office, it’s just a cheap apartment rent by the company.
Journalist Kana Ichihara walks through the cramped hallway to get her way to the kitchen. The new office was still filled with boxes and unpacked equipment. Blaney Mikel, a Serpentuem immigrant who was hired by the company a month ago, was assigned here. There were only the two of them. Blaney does most of the unpacking and cleaning most of the time if not all of the time.
Blaney is usually seen at the lobby area where he sets up the equipment provided by the headquarters. However today was different.
Filling a few more named cups of coffee and placing them on the table with empty seats.
“Is there something wrong?”
Kana asked through the kitchen, where he saw Blaney poke his head out of the window.
“There’s something going on up there, Kana.”
“The debate?”
“Well, technically yes… but I don’t think it is simply just that.”
Black smoke could be seen rising at the top of the Edokyuuria arcology, the capitol building.

June 4th, 2020, 12:45pm, United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor?, Edokyuuria crater, Akademie-Stadt II, Wcdonald’s
“I can’t believe you finished eating your 3rd big wac, Tatiana.”
“Is it wrong to do so, father?”
“It’s fine.”
Retired veteran Graf Hawk and his adoptive daughter Tatiana Hawk are currently having lunch unaware of the events that happened minutes ago. Tatiana was discharged from hospital a month ago. She suffered from the loss of memory after a certain event happened in Hong Kong. Although it is probably better this way, which allowed her to live a normal life.
She somehow developed an introverted personality. Which was quite troublesome when they were applying for schools.
At the corner of the restaurant, Graf has taken notice of a person dressed in a blacksuit looking at them the whole time. It was strange to see someone dressed so formal to be in a fast food restaurant in the first place, it just stands out.
Graf told Tatiana he was going to the washroom, and walked toward the man in the suit looking at them.
“Do I know you, sir?”
Graf asked with suspicion. Instead of replying, the man just handed him a note with the seal of the Hirosei clan, the Voluntas corporation, and lastly, a seal of an owl.
Before Graf could finish his sentence, the screen on the television switched to emergency broadcast.
“Take her with you, and go.”
The man in suit gave Graf a pistol only moments before a group of hooded individuals stormed the fast food restaurant.
A few of the customers who turned out to be undercover agents of the CIA started to exchange fire with the armed group as Graf ran to grab Tatiana’s hand. It was cold, unlike her previous self, she was in shock and scared.
They quickly retreated to the kitchen as the sound of ATHENA stress level contamination alarm rings in the area.
“You got a call, father.”
Tatiana who had his phone in her hand showed Graf the incoming call from officer Lionheart.
Graf picked up the phone despite the gun fire outside.
“Where? Minervaindexca? Now?”

June 4th 4:20pm, Miotian Imperial Times
At approximately today at 12:40pm, a terrorist attack was carried out at the Citadel of the Edokyuuria Arcology.
The attack took place during the political debate, it has been reported more than 100 people injured and 40 dead. Including Chancellor candidates, parliament members and other government officials. It also has been reported her highness Yoshika Kurumi has passed away shortly after she was sent to the hospital.

After the careful consideration of such attacks occurring under the athena system, the Public health security has been deemed insufficient. As part of this decision, the following units has been mobilized: Northern United Royal Army, 1st division 1st infantry regiment, 5th infantry regiment, 6th infantry regiment, 2nd artillery regiment, 1st and 2nd armored battalion….
However since the revision of the Twin Kingdom Constitution by the Mashiro administration, all provision of martial law has been dropped by legal code...

Read dispatch

Edokyuuria Arcology, Citadel, June 4th, 2020 11:45 AM
Marissa left the washroom after fixing her disguise. A shadow was caught in the edge of her sight the moment she stepped into the marble cathedral-like hallway.
The figure standing at the end of the empty neo-gothic hallway caught her attention. This section of the Citadel should’ve been off-limit to the public.
The sunlight shines through the arch windows, the marble interior reflects and delivers light to every end of the hallway. There was no one else, only her and the figure at the other end.
Checking on the time, Marissa decides to make her move and approach the figure standing in the shadow.
Passing columns and engraved glass, having her shadow appear and disappearing again and again between the streams of sunlight.
“You nya..the air force's-”
Marissa stopped halfway through the hallway when she recognized the figure.
“That will certainly make things easier.”
Hirosei replied as she walked out of the shadows, handing her a folded cloak in a plastic package.

Edokyuuria Arcology Citadel Square, Secluded section of the crowded viewing area June 4th, 2020 12:54 AM
Minutes after the explosion on stage, the citadel square is now engulfed in flames. Both civilians and officials alike are rushing toward the emergency exit. The security reinforcement was yet to be seen.
Taking off her quantum stealth cloak in the dense smoke, Marissa quickly ran toward the center of the half collapsed stage.
Leaping over the wide gap swiftly, she broke through the dense smoke and arrived at the smoke concealed center of the stage.
Horrified by the initial sight, however, a sense of relief returned when she noticed Mashiro was still breathing.
Mashiro slowly opened her teary eyes and asked. Marissa quickly takes an oxygen mask and puts it on Mashiro before she responds.
In the jungle of ashes and sparks, only a shadow of a feline eared humanoid could be seen through her mask. She did try to say something, however, she fell unconscious before she could make out any sort of sound.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can fix those broken bones.”
Marissa said as she lifts Mashiro off the ground and carries her. Putting on the cloak, she jumped off the remains of the stage.

Kanatoro, Imperial Palace Complex, June 4th, 2020 1:00 PM
“The fire isn’t slowing down at all.”
A firefighter shouted through the radio. The wooden keep at the outer walls of the imperial palace collapsed into the river as the fire continued to spread throughout the pentagon-shaped. complex.
“Have we confirmed the safety of the royal family yet!?”

Miotian Imperial Times, June 4th, 2020 3:45 PM
Today at 1:30PM the Imperial Palace was destroyed by the fire burning from the outside in. The PHS is still investigating the source, however, it is highly suspected to be tied with the Citadel square attack earlier.
Unfortunately, the exits were blocked when the keeps collapsed, it is unknown whether anyone within survived the fire.

Neo-Tokyo Airport, June 5th, 2020, 3:04am
Shinozaki casually stops the bullet hole covered vehicle outside of the airport. The airport staff and travelers took a few steps backward when the door opened.
“Hirosei told me to give these to you.”
Shinozaki handed Graf three white passports.
“These are… fakes?”
“Oh come on, Graf. These are Academic passports.”
Shinozaki explained, flipped the pages of the one at the top.
“Unlike those two girls back there, you’ve got a Voluntas work permit, old man.”
She pointed at the stamp on Graf’s new passport.
“Voluntas? Shinozaki, what?”
“I’m not entirely sure either, but all three of these are issued by Voluntas Inc, the stamps here proves it. Well, that also proves that witch is not only the boss of a few yakuza groups, a noble clan, but also some high-level staff of the Voluntas company.”
Shinozaki explained carefreely, looking at Tatiana and the mysterious girl next to Graf.
“For what reason did she go so far for us?”
Graf asked.
“No, not for you, but for her….. That nameless girl over there, she must have something to do with it.”
The group turns to the girl next to Tatiana who won’t say her name.

Miotian Imperial Times, June 5th, 2020, 8:00 AM
...Unfortunately, none of the members of the royal family has survived the fire and the attack from yesterday. It is unknown what will become of the United Kingdom from this day onward. The temporary military government has not made any announcement referring to the royal family. According to royal code, the Grand Duchess of Rikura is a potential candidate monarch for the United Kingdom and her empire. While the hypothetical Unified States of Pupatory has been shown to be supported by a group. Some also suggest that Candor and Miotia should be separated as two Republics.

Hong Kong Pineapple Daily, June 5th, 2020, 9:00 AM
The whereabouts of the first and second princesses are currently unknown. Rumour has it the two were not present at the palace during the fire.
The remilitarization of Frontera and Mendenwall is still in effect by the Western government despite the events yesterday. Most of the URN was stationed within the Northern Wasaruan bay around the Rias Space elevator and at the coasts of Frontera.
Without the Imperatrix, the current empire is split into 4 self-governing bodies.
-Eastern states(Miotia-Candor-Kjanu)
-Western states(Aretnorf)
-Hong Kong

To be continue in Minervaindexca

Bracnhland Radio

The Radio comes to life as the nation's most popular radio station tube starts okaying.

Christian Richards: "Hello everyone. It is me, Christian Richards hear today to make an announcement. After today the Branchland Radio will no longer be playing."

People around the nation's would actually be concerned and listen in, many thought this was some sort of joke or went ahead and thought it was shutting down.

Christian Richards: "Now I want you all to look at your televisions. All of you quickly." They do so, and that's when unanimously every working TV turned on to reveal multiple people at a long desk. "Because we would like to announce the start of the Branchland Newshow!" There would be a yay sound effect with some party stuff being set off, one of them, a guy, would climb on top of the desk and start doing a dance. One of the others joined him in the dance while the other three stayed seated, one of the girls would giggle while the other rolled her eyes, the man in the middle would be unfazed. "You head that right, from now on we will be giving you news live from the screen of your televisions. As for the radio we are still trying to figure out what were doing. Now everyone introduce yourselves."

Emily Pine: "Hello everyone I'm Emily Pine!"

Maria Steelwood: "I'm Maria Steelwood."

Jonathan Mystery: He would jump down and sit back down in the chair. "What up I'm Jonathan Mystery!" He says before the last one, who was obviously Mark backflipped and fell on his back, before getting back into his chair laughing.

Mark Myers: "And I'm Mark Myers. Ah my back!" He says trying to calm down his laughter.

People around the Territories would laugh at the antics of Johnathan and Mark, the kids especially.

Christian Richards: "Alright now onto the news! The Spruce Forces have released their Gen 5 Protectrons, which they basically toon all the old ones, took the good parts about them, and slapped them together into the new machines. Durable, can go long distances or time without using much energy, has weapons systems. And the best of all they now look li-"

Mark Myers: "They look like f*cking animals!! Theres deer, alligators, hawks, hell I think there's even a few buffalo!"

Emily Pines: "You think they will be selling some none weaponized ones as pets?"

Mark Myers: "I hope not! I want a Crocodile with rocket launchers!"

Christian Richards: "Yes. Anyway lets move over to you Maria."

Maria Steelwood: "Thank you Richards. The Dark Oak and Maple battle has ended with the Maple clan winning and taking large amounts of land from the Dark Oaks. This is a embarrassment for the Dark Oak and also there may or may not be some problems starting as the Maple took more territory than they should. But I guess it all comes down to the Oak Clan and what their leader says."

Jonathan Mystery: "Also reports from the Junglewood Clan. Turns out our contact with the scout machines have been lost, now they and the engineers of Spruce have to work together to gain connection back to the Scouts."

Mk: "Probably off drinking a martini or something."

C: "Not sure how that would work, but they where given programmed intelligence."

E: "Well even machines need breaks from time to time."

Mi: "Or they have been broken, or breaking."

J: "You are on beautiful ray of sunshine aren't you?"

Mi: "What did you say to me?" She says looking at him with a very angry yet happy face. Jonathan continued to smile at her.

C: "U-uh yeah that's all for right now folks! Tune in for the next report!" And right before the video cut out they could see Maria attacking Jonathan and Mark and Emily trying to stop her.

As the sun rose over the dark sea off the coast of Etsuyoki the city filled with movement. The people of the city moved in the wide boulevards covering the sleek metal in a ocean of business suits and briefcases. Near the Kjanuan Trade Ministry building, which made up the entirety of the governmental plaza in the city, a second story coffee shop overlooked the morning rush. The wooden interior made the shop feel like a colonial coffee house from the era of Trondelang, and its minimalist decor furthered the design. The cafe was empty minus a few tired employees and Shimada Hirohisa who sat on the balcony drinking a coffee and reading a paper copy of the Etsuyoki Times.
The calm aura of the cafe was broken when a flustered group of scientists being ushered in by a group of guards. Few looked prepared for the meeting, less seemed happy about it.Hirohisa, seeing the group of disgruntled scientists, got up from his chair to speak to the crowd. He signaled to the guards to leave, who quickly grabbed the employees of the cafe and took them outside. The room was silent until Hirohisa spoke up. “As the National Reclamation Project has succeeded in its primary task, we have now entered a new stage of our Project.”
“Yeah,” a person in the back interjected, “It's time for our vacation. Why did you force us to come here, Shimada?”
“Funny joke Wei, but now is certainly not the time for relaxing. The National Council has employed the Project to carry out preemptive measures in relation to Kjanuan security. As we speak Unit 2 is being launched from a base off the coast of Iathar, our contacts in the Kjanuan public administration, Grenopia, Candor, and the occupation of Frontera are spreading word of a Jezabelstienian submarine, the procedure should be carried out entirely without a single problem before sundown.”
“Excuse me but what are we doing?” Min-Ji asked.
Hirohisa chuckled, “My apologies I forgot to explain that when you arrived! The National Reclamation Project was asked to carry out an attack on Svalbard, specifically Illstiv, in order to weaken any chance of an act of aggression by the Svalbardian military. Our data shows that the military of Svalbard relies on a computer network known as ‘Markus’ that houses all of their military strategy and planning. The guys in the Technology Council have developed a program that will upload the data stored on the Markus database to a computer network in Grenopia where we will access it in private. The program is also supposedly able to destroy the network following the upload. The program was installed on Unit 2’s computer and will be installed to a markov network using a drone on the Unit following the destruction of the military base it is housed in.”
Min-Ji tilted her head, then stepped forward and spoke in a rush of questions. “There's no way this goes well for Kjanu. Why are we attacking Svalbard when we have no history with them since the Revolution? Will they not see the Kjanuan words on Unit 2 and pin it on us? What about finding our spies accessing their military data in Grenopia, Markus surely can upload its position in Grenopia. How do you account for this not getting out, especially after the rumors of Unit 1 we have found in Miotia and Jadefall?”
Hirohisa responded forcibly. “This plan was not made by a fool Min-ji, we have painted over Unit 2 to appear as Jezabelstienian script and emblems, and when it is done with the attack it will return to the base in Iathar, that is why our contacts in nations across the coast are creating the narrative of a Jezabelstienian launch. The computer network in Grenopia is secure and our forces there are trained to work with the code of Marcus before they change the location again. This plan has no possible way to fail.”
“Well I guess so, I just don’t understand why, why we have suddenly moved away from trying to keep Kjanu as inconspicuous as possible to this path of grandiose ways of accomplishing goals we don’t even have.” Min-Ji spoke with a determined anger, and turned around and walked to the back of the crowd. Other people in the crowd parted, but most looked forward with a cold face.
Hirohisa responded, knowing that Min-Ji would not listen, “You are welcome to think that, your position in the Project grants you that privilege, but this decision goes far beyond this small group. You are all expected to be on call for the rest of your vacation. The feed of the beasts acts will be shown when we return next week. You are now dismissed.” With that Hirohisa returned to his balcony seat, and began reading his newspaper. When none of the scientists moved Hirohisa waved them off, and they suddenly burst out of the tiny cafe and merged with the bustling crowd below. Sung-min stood at the wall inside the cafe, staring at Hirohisa with daggers in her eyes. The man noticed her watching him through his peripherals, but continued to focus on his paper. “Hirohisa,” Sung-min said, defeatedly, “I don’t think the Council asked for this.”
Hirohisa continued to read his paper, ignoring Sung-min’s observation.
Grand steel doors jutted out on the underwater cliff off the coast of Iathar. The doors slowly opened, and the dark murky water flowed through the doors into the darkness inside. Suddenly a large metallic snake shot out of the complex, extending far from the complex before its tail came out and the doors closed behind it. At its front, a group of three glowing orange eyes stood on the top of a gaping mouth that went deep into the metallic serpent’s long body. Inside the opening was segments of spinning walls that roasted rapidly with force, and at the center was a small white orb. The outside of the body was covered in a segmented purple shell, the bulky armor covering the sleek body of the beast. It swam deep below the surface, fast enough that it rippled through the water as it moved north.

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we here at the palace are quite happy about the region we are in we have read the board and decided to give putting a message on the board maybe one day we could expand but that would be mean and against the religion of the Golden Eagle

Arwindom wrote:Rossendam, 18th June 2020.

Greetings, Thodor. Welcome to Northern Utopia.

Our Ministry of Foreign Relations has examined your nation and although it was just recently founded it seems like it could soon become a valuable ally and trading partner.
With this, we kindly invite you to perhaps have our representatives meet either in Thodor or in Arwindom to discuss possibly exchanging ambassadors and perhaps signing one of these Pacts.

Even if you decide that perhaps aligning with Arwindom is not in your best interests we wish the best of luck to your nation and your citizens and do sincerely hope you'll enjoy your stay in Northern Utopia.

Minister of Foreign Relations,

Andrew J. Beckford.


On behalf on the nation of Thodor I would like to thank you for your generous offer to join a pact. My advisors and I have discussed whether or not we should be part of a pact. The parliament has voted in favor of such a pact however as the final decision is the responsibility of the King in this country, I have reviewed the terms of each of the pacts and have decided in favor of participating in such a pact. I believe that a pact between our two nations will be beneficial for both of our people.

In my opinion each of the pacts is very beneficial and I ask you if I can join all the pacts. I believe it could bring prosperity to both of our nations.

Thank you very much once more for your generous offer to join a pact,

King Patrick VII

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Greetings, people of Northern Utopia.

We are the people of Selyania, our nation has been recently founded on the south of this region. A great war happened in our homeland and we were forced to leave it in search for a new, peaceful place to live in, thus finding ourselves here.

We are not yet familiar with the current situation in this region and we do not have accurate data on the location of other states in this region. We wish to establish the borders of our country and ask you for an approval.

National defense council of Selyania.

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