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Napoleonic-Russia wrote:Gasping, the Tsarevna placed one hand over her heart, and another on Isabella's hand. "Oh, my dear girl! That is such a tragic story! You must miss your mother so much."

"I do miss her a lot. The last time I ever saw her was when I was 5. It was at that age that I was taken to live in Joshuastania on a military base in the Andes Mountains. I was hidden away there until I turned 21. I have no idea where my birth mother is sadly."

Fascist Pruessens wrote:I have decided to join the raid on Area 51 to see some big alien titties.

Get your Naruto running shoes on! President Trump Wants To Know Your Location!!

Joshuastania wrote:"I do miss her a lot. The last time I ever saw her was when I was 5. It was at that age that I was taken to live in Joshuastania on a military base in the Andes Mountains. I was hidden away there until I turned 21. I have no idea where my birth mother is sadly."

Alexander then takes her hands and says, “I am so sorry, my love.”

Joshuastania wrote:Get your Naruto running shoes on! President Trump Wants To Know Your Location!!

I don't need those running shoes. I have enderpearl and Tusk Act 4.

Hondura wrote:hmmm...what next. Maybe I should move my new royal house to another nation.

The Royal House is welcome to resettle in one of Dorianopolis’ partner cities. DNCE agents would have to monitor them but they could live a free life. They can be resettled in Brunei where they can be given an estate and still close enough to the capital if something goes wrong

The Greater Nordics wrote:Alexander then takes her hands and says, “I am so sorry, my love.”

She looks at him and smiles. If she is feeling upset right now she isn't showing it. "There is nothing to be sorry for my Prince. Living on that base made me so good at what I do. I am with you in a friendly country, I couldn't ask for anything better."

Joshuastania wrote:She looks at him and smiles. If she is feeling upset right now she isn't showing it. "There is nothing to be sorry for my Prince. Living on that base made me so good at what I do. I am with you in a friendly country, I couldn't ask for anything better."

“You are right, my Princess.”

The Greater Nordics wrote:“You are right, my Princess.”

Shd kisses him yet again. "So, what are we having for dinner on this fine night?"

The following is an archive of posts from the Cossette's Depression RP series of posts. It occurred shortly after the death of her fiancée Vladimir, brother of Tsar Dmitri of Russia. This follows Princess Cossette's decent into a deep and dark depression and how she eventually gets out of it. This series of dark posts has been called some of Joshuastania's best writing.

Cossette's Depression... Part 1

Princess Cossette sits in front of the fireplace in the Rose Revolution Palace. Her new room is larger than her old room in the Red Palace, too large it would seem. After everything that has just happened, she isn't strong enough to return to the Red Palace. It would be too painful to walk those halls without the love of her life, Vladimir, brother to Tsar Dmitri. As she looks down into the flames she is in deep thought. He killed himself and was a follower of the old faith, he is most definitely in hell. I will never see him again, not unless God somehow forgave his sins. He was a follower of the old faith so probably not.

For the very first time in her life she does something she vowed she would never do. She opens a foot locker and pulls it out, a huge jar filled with clear liquid and Russian Writing, it is home made Vodka. She takes a big sip and then pours the remaining liquid in her glass on to the floor. "Here is to you my one and only! I hope and pray that El Tio, the one who is called the lord of the underworld gives you some of this. Oh wait!" She stumbles over to a nearby drawer and gets out some coca and grabs a fist full, eating a leaf and dumping the rest all over the floor she sits back down. "That is better!" She sits there taking a drink, then sobing and taking another drink.

Soon the coca kicks in and she is now extremely intoxicated. She stands up and goes into the hallway, leaning against the wall, barely able to stand. She starts singing. Here's a health for the King and lasting peace... She mumbles inaudibly. "Did I say king? I meant Tsar... Or Bast*rd, or Tsar Fish, ha!" Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, Down among the dead! She falls down on her face. "That is where Vladimir is, I will never see him again."

A few moments later she somehow stands back up and rounds the corner and heads upstairs. Chavez, who happens to be walking down the hall, can see an improperly dressed woman heading upstairs, he follows with great concern. One he gets up to the roof he sees Elenor standing near the edge with her arms stretched out. "Take me in to your arms Lord God!" Chavez is shocked by this and sprints to her, wrapping his arms around her and stopping her from jumping. It is at this point that she blacks out. She wakes up the following afternoon, head pounding. "What happened?" She says, slurring her words. She tries opening her door, but Chavez has locked her in. She sits down in the corner, rolling around, sobing uncontrolably.

Cossette's Depression... Part 2

Throughout the afternoon and into that night Elenor gets into the following pattern. She gets up and walks to her door, violently pounds on it screaming and cursing. After a few moments she gives up and either lays face first in the bed or sits down in the corner of the room, sobing and rolling around. On occasion she throws things across the room and inaudibly wails who knows what. This goes on into the night and by 1 am Chavez and most of the palace have had enough of this. He calls Rosa and Otto up to Elenor's room.

Once Rosa and Otto arrive there is a heated argument between them and Chavez. "Rosa, Otto, Princess Cossette has been doing this all afternoon and all night, we need to do something." He is interupted by a loud pounding on the door. "Let me out of here you slimy bast*rd Chavez. Fuuuuu****!" He facepalms. "Do you see what I mean? We need to sedate her." Rosa's eyes get big. "Respectfully what has gotten into you?" They are again interupted, this time by a loud "Nooooo!" Rosa concedes. "Fine, do what you have too."

When Chavez opens the door he is immediately tackled by Princess Cossette who lands a punch. "Otto!" He yells. Otto grabs Elenor with both arms and shakes her. "Snap out of it Princess!" She tries to break free. "Let go of me Lucifer!" Rosa smacks Elenor a little. "Elenor, please calm down, you are scaring me!" Eventually someone finally goes to sedate her. Once she is finally knocked out, Otto places her on the bed. Everyone sits down exhausted. Rosa speaks. "Mr. Chavez, what do we do?" He shakes his head. "Rosa, I don't know."

Soon it is decided that Chavez, Otto and Rosa should take turns sitting with Elenor for as long as it takes for her to stop grieving so hard. They have no idea how long this process will take but they believe that being with her family and close advisor Chavez is the best way for her to move on. They look at the sleeping Princess and Rosa speaks. "We should have never agreed for her to go Russia." Otto puts his hand on Rosa's head. "Don't say that my dear Rosa. It will get better, I promise."

Cossette's Depression... Part 3

Elenor wakes up in a daze with her head pounding. She can slowly see her sister Rosa coming into focus. Rosa's face can easily show how she feels. Her deep blue eyes are moist and red. "Rosa? Rosa is that you? What happened?" Rosa stands up and approaches the Princess, expecting to be attacked at any time. "You are awake, good." Says Rosa. "You went crazy last night. You hit Chavez and attempted to hit Otto. You really scared me. You even got drunk and attempted to kill yourself." Elenor sits up, putting her face into her hands. "He was a follower of the old faith, I will never see him again!"

After a few moments of silence, Elenor starts to act out again, Rosa immediately acts. She gets up on the bed and grabs Elenor's arms and turns her on to her back shaking her and yelling. "Princess Leonor Cossette, snap the f*** out of it. He is gone by his own selfish hand and now you tried to do the same. I won't allow you to condemn yourself too you selfish b***!" Rosa smacks her across the face. Elenor's eyes widen and her face truly terrifies Rosa. There is a clear look of rage and anger across her face. "You don't get to tell me what to do you selfish brat!"

It takes all of Rosa's strength to hold Elenor still. After a few minutes Elenor tires and falls asleep. The exhausted Rosa leaves the room and locks the door. She slides down the door crying with her head in her hands. It is obvious that Elenor has gone fully into the anger part of her grief. After a few moments Otto and Chavez come to Rosa's location. Otto hugs and kisses Rosa and wipes her tears away. He helps her up and looks into her eyes. "What is wrong my dear Rosa?" She looks at him, face quivering. "Her rage, it is so terrifying. I'm not strong enough."

Otto looks at her. "That is why I'm here Rosa. I am strong enough to face that. I will stay with her now." He puts his hand on her face before entering Elenor's room. "Go rest now, I can handle this. I love you." After he leaves, Rosa turns to Chavez. "Mr. Chavez, she isn't going to be mentally fit to be our monarch for quite some time. You need to tell the National Assembly to suspend any government duties of the Princess. That includes her command of the armed forces." He nods in approval. "Yes Madam President. I serve the people!"

Cossette's Depression... Part 4

Elenor wakes up to see Otto standing by the window, she sits up and yells at him. "Get out of here you Nordic trash!" He turns around shaking his head. "You have a lot of nerve Princess Leonor, calling me a Nordic. I stopped being Nordic as soon as I was banished." She gets out of bed attempting to strike him. He runs towards her grabbing her arms and holding her down. "Snap out of it Princess Cossette, you are scaring my fiancée Rosa. Stop!"

She goes limp and starts to cry and wail. "What have I done? How could I have driven him to do that? A-aa-aaaaaaah!" Otto tries to keep her still. "That is it Princess, get it out." He can feel her muscles start to relax and lets go of her. "Princess Leonor, it is not your fault. He only loved you for your power, the second you lost that power he went mad. He didn't actually love you, his suicide only proves that. You cannot spend the rest of your life blaming yourself for someone else's stupid decision."

She looks up and lets out one final wail. "W-wa-waaaaah!" There are no more tears left for her and none can be drawn anymore. "I tried to take my own life, a sin again God himself. For what? A coward?" She looks up. "What have I done Lord? I pray that you might forgive me. I am done feeling depressed, give me the strength to move on with my life." She just lays there for a few minutes before standing up and looking out the window.

Looking out across Havana Harbor she can see the Cabana district and the many old forts, sighing she speaks to Otto. "I messed up, bad. I hurt the ones that I love and I almost ruined the country. Please bring Rosa in here, I must apologize." Otto cannot believe this sudden change in Elenor's mood and sprints down the hallway shouting for Rosa. Rosa runs out of her room expecting the worst. "Rosa, Elenor is better and she is asking for you." The two of them sprint down the hallway to Elenor's room.

Rosa and Otto are surprised by what they see. Princess Cossette is sitting calmly in a chair. She looks at Rosa with her red and watery eyes and extends out her arms, giving Rosa a hug. "I am so sorry Rosa. I was blinded by what I thought was love, but it was greed not love. Your fiancée helped me understand that I really shouldn't have been mourning such a person in that way." She kisses Rosa on the head. "We need to get out of this place for a few days. How about a trip to The Isles of Great Britain and Ireland?" Rosa just doesn't know what to do or say. "That sounds lovely Princess Leonor." Rosa and Otto leave the room and talk. "What did you say to her Otto?" He shakes his head. "That is just between us Rosa. She will tell you in time." She kisses him. "Thank you Otto. I thought I had lost her."

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Joshuastania wrote:Shd kisses him yet again. "So, what are we having for dinner on this fine night?"

“We are having a dinner of the best seafood and the best meat from all over the Nordics. Accompanying this is fresh vegetables from the gardens.”

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