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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 182nd Largest Black Market: 344th Most Nations: 391st+25
Largest Information Technology Sector: 750th Most Influential: 838th Most Scientifically Advanced: 920th Most Cultured: 974th Smartest Citizens: 1,018th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,270th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,297th Most Inclusive: 1,325th Highest Economic Output: 1,409th Highest Average Incomes: 1,414th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,449th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,461st Most Advanced Public Education: 1,483rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,511th Largest Governments: 1,528th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,549th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,580th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,621st Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,651st Most Secular: 2,100th Largest Welfare Programs: 2,152nd Healthiest Citizens: 2,162nd Most Avoided: 2,242nd Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,278th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,285th
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~ W E L C O M E—T O—P A X—B R I T A N N I A ~

Welcome, fellow nations, to Pax Britannia! If role-play (amongst other tomfoolery) is your thing, then this is the place to be! The Sun Never Sets on Pax Britannia!

Regional Motto: Ex Est cinerem, ad astra

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Endorse our glorious Prince Regent Arrstotzka! Max endorsements allowed for all other nations is nine.

Regional Month/Year: June 1945 [2020-07-26] (2 OOC Weeks = 1 IC Year)

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The Most Ancient and Most Noble Imperial Order of Pax Britannia


Embassies: The Western Isles, British Isles, The Reich, Ultimum Terrae, POLATION, The Erviadus Galaxy, Nova Historiae, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Albion, Eastern Roman Empire, St Abbaddon, The Universal Order of Nations, Australia, British Empire, The Exalted Lands, Independent Order, and 24 others.Elparia, The British Empire, Xenox, The Galactic Imperium, The Alterran Republic, Farkasfalka, Barbaria, Union of Nationalists, The Bar on the corner of every region, Hollow Point, United States of America, Indian Mars, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Japan, Realm of the Whispering Winds, Despotic Europe, The Allied Republic, The Illuminati, The Monarchy alliance, Verania, Iron Front, The New Union, Greater Middle East, and RAMS.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Pax Britannia contains 41 nations, the 391st most in the world.

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The Most Average in Pax Britannia

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, Pax Britannia is ranked 10,544th in the world for Most Average.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of ValifortusInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Long Live the Monarchy”
2.The Republic of SargatistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“You Can't Stop the Sargats”
3.The Prefecture of NishizumiInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“愚公山を移す”
4.The Delicious Creation of CakegradInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“So good! So good and tasty!”
5.The Chancellor Emeritus GPB of SollisLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Strength is Greater than Power.”
6.The Commonwealth of Rhodesia of The Moon StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Sit Nomine Digna”
7.The Republic of South Africa of EstorniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Supreme et Republica!”
8.The Federal Republic of British KurdistanCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Never shall we lower our flag”
9.The Empire of Estados AmericanaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Surge unum sumus”
10.The Nomadic Peoples of The HeraldNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“The More You Know!”

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Pax Britannia Regional Message Board

Valifortus wrote:The Kingdom of Valifortus wishes to extend its gratitude to the Pax Britannia for it's admittance.

Howdy friend, how are you

Valifortus wrote:The Kingdom of Valifortus wishes to extend its gratitude to the Pax Britannia for it's admittance.

Welcome! We’re happy to have you with us here!

Tales from [REDACTED]

Nah, nah nah! I got me one. Have a listen at this one bud, this ones a good one. Alright, let me set the stage. I gotta be real careful how I word this, or I might just wake up at the bottom of the hudson someday. Anyway, anyway, so me and the boys are in city, lets call this place River Town, feel me? River town is the capitol of... uh... capitol of the Mid Empire... Yeah, the Mid empire. So me and the boys are in town, and our job, right, its to find a place with a big cellar thats centrally located. So soon after the war, not hard to find, plenty of abandoned places whos owners werent never coming back after all. Boss man tells me, "Stu, you gotta find a place, close to downtown River town, but with a big basement. Gotta be a big basement."

Now, I wanna ask the guy, I wanna say, "What for? What on gods green earth do we need any kind of place in River town of all the damn places." But me, Ive got a good few years in this business, and asking questions like that is what gets you a visit late at night. So I say, "You got it." We find this sweet place, rustic, ancient as ol granny, and best of all, its downtown and has these big ol cellar doors you could fit a whole car inna. Perfect I think. Ask the lady, an old hag just as old as the buildin was, I ask, "Whats ya price?" She hits back with that its not for sale stuff. "Ok," I say, "Lets talk tomorrow." I head on home while the boys keep on casing places around the city to tell boss man whats what. And boy, when I tell him, he lets me know in no short way that whatever price she wants, shes got.

Fast forward to the next day and again she tells me its not for sale. Till I take out a checking book and start addin zeros to the end of my first price. Bing bang boom now we got our location. Im thinking, "Safe house" right? What else you gonna need a joint like this for? Pack it full of some crap you need while on mission, maybe a nice lil place to hang your hat for a while. The country had no shortage of reason to use a safe house, speically for someone of my profession let me tell ya.

Bossman tells me, "great job Stu, sit tight with ya boys a while, but be ready to hit the trail quick." Sounds great, my accent for the tongue spoken in river town is pretty damn bad ha! Me and the boys set some stakes down, its a nice lil place ya know, used to be a bed and breakfest kind of inn. Few days of playing cards and jackin off out back later, bossman gives us the good news, a string of coordinates and the instruction to 'Drive the truck back and unload into cellar.' I sh!t ya not, thats exactly what it said. You cant make this crap up! Ok ok, so we beat feet to the coast and whatdoyakmow theres some local yokle sittin around a big ol truck labled for some fruitcake bakery. Kid doesnt even wait, soon as he sees us, tosses us the keys and pop's smoke.

"Whatever pal!" We all think, and to top it off the trucks empty too! Whats the point? So a few hours of playin cards and bein bored later, an airship painted all black just appears out of nowhere! Just one moment theres the stars, next its a black void shining a spotlight on you yellin about morein lines. So we getem all snugged up to the ground and the guy in charge of em hands me a slip of paper sayin to deliver this high quality oven to our new bakery. His pals cut loose a whole box from the underside of their ship and then they vanish again. Unbelievable! So me and the boys roll this whole thing, weighs a goddamn ton, into our truck and away we motor.

We get back to our cozy little inn and Some local smackjobs are puttin up a sign that matches the crap on our truck. The whole place is a fruitcake shop! Staff and everything. The manager comes out and accepts the 'delivery' from us and even already has a crane waiting. We wrestle the whole heavy sonofagun down into the cellar and he hands me another paper with even more numbers on it.

I turn to the boys yeah, I turn to em and I say "Im gettin too old for this!" Haha!

Agent Stewart [REDACTED] recounting his experience during Operation [REDACTED]

Referendum Concludes; Volder Proclaimed Premier-Führer - September 13th, 1945

    Following now-former Chancellor Volder's orders for a nationwide plebiscite on his proposed merging of the offices of Chancellor and State President to form a new supreme title as both head of state and head of government, the Bureau for General Elections rushed to prepare polling stations across Angola. With various locations both being volunteered by their owners, as well as ordered by authorities, from churches to community kitchens, to be established as such stations, the referendum was a historic vote for Angola. Not only would it determine the very fate of Angolan politics as they are known today, but on the orders of the Chancellor, this election would be the first ever in which Angola's black citizens were allowed to vote, further fermenting the hope of total suffrage for blacks living in the Republic. However, black or white, man or woman; all Angolans were faced with the same question at the booths:

      The office of the State President of the Republic is unified with the office of the Chancellor. Consequently all former powers of the State President of the Republic are demised to the Führer and Premier of the Republic Abram Volder. He himself nominates his substitute. Do you, Angolan man and Angolan woman, approve of this regulation provided by this law?

    As night approached, polling stations would steadily close, one by one, as site workers had already begun the counting process. Before the sun would even rise the next morning, the results had become abundantly clear. The Angolan people had chosen with full confidence to entrust Abram Volder with absolute power as the Republic's sole leader. By the referendum's official conclusion, it was counted that 91% of Angolan voters had voted in favor of the merging of the two positions. As such, the former Chancellor has been appointed to the newly created office of Premier-Führer, more simply referred to as the Führer.

    In this new position, Volder finds himself unquestioned and uncontested at the top of the government and state. With the summoning of emergency powers no longer necessary, the Führer enacted announced his first two major initiatives. Firstly, he made clear his intent to immediately begin the process of racial integration across the nation, with a guarantee of total equality for all Angolans, black and white. Secondly, it was decreed that the national flag would be officially changed to better reflect the evolved values of the nation. Maintaining all original colors, the new flag features a golden band to represent the bright future towards which the fatherland shall strive, as well as the newly revamped national seal, which, in the spirit of the new one-party status of the government, stars the party emblem of the tri-arrow, better acting as an emblem of the government in general.

    We here at your local publication ourselves are, of course, without a shadow of a doubt, not that we ever would doubt, beyond confident in the unwavering wisdom of Comrade Führer Volder. In the wake of this unprecedented moment, it becomes clear that Angolans have embraced the new era to come. An era of great change it is sure to be. In years past, Abram Volder was mocked as a hopeless radical with no future in leadership, but those voice now fall silent. Whether opinions come praising party supporters in Angola, or from international analysts or critics, all can see plainly that this nation shall never be the same.

    Replace national spirit Volder Massively Increasing Grip on Power, with Reign of Volder on Power, which grants +20% base stability, daily change in stability +0.25%

Joyous Times Aboard The Deutscheland Express

After a long wait, the German high-speed rail network has been completed, stretching across the country for domestic transport and travel. The trains are able to get from Neu Aschersleben to Munich in three hours, allowing a much higher level of connection between the duchies. Seeing the success of the lines, it is planned to put lines in Fredricks Hafen and Neu Pommern, which shall be much more difficult, as they are across an ocean.

The Continuation of Holstein

It has been decided by Volksmonarch Gazert von Anhalt-Aplotzkii I, with approval of the diet that a peaceful and diplomatic effort should be made to extend Holstein into the Danish Schlesweig territory, and to extend the duchies Fredricks Hafen and Neu Pommern by purchasing or negotiating for Gabon.

Now Hear This, Those That Should Listen!

To all who shall see these presents, Greetings!

Know Ye that His Imperial Highness Arrstotzka GPB, The Prince Regent has called for new elections to begin on Friday the Seventh day of August in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty OOC.

The officers standing for re-election/election are as follows and in this order:

HIH The Prince(ss) Regent
The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister
The Rt. Hon. Home Secretary
The Rt. Hon. Foreign Secretary
The Rt. Hon. Lord High Admiral

Any nation or nations wishing to stand or nominate another for election to these positions must contact Her Imperial Highness Fantrum GPB, Past Prince Regent by midnight PST on Thursday the Sixth day of August in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty OOC.

On said date, the Imperial Diet will be dissolved and the Regency Council will assume the role of Head of Government and Chief of State until such time that all elections are completed.

Always at the pleasure of His Imperial Majesty British Independence League Founder, Emperor of Pax Britannia and the Regency Council.


Yours Dearly,
Interim Secretary of State for Imperial Affairs
Past Princess Regent of the Empire of Pax Britannia

The Kingdom of Valifortus extends it's land as a neutral party. HRH wishes to extend the land of Valifortus as a place where all may ascend in order to vote.

Mi Vecchio Amico

Terrific news from Rome has arrived at the doorstep of Helsinki. The extensive warming of relations between the Fatherland and its allies in Hungary and the recently-elected Gravonist Azione Nazionalista government has finally yielded the results long awaited by all parties involved. As recent as since yesterday, reports have streamed across Italy and into the European press with a confirmed statement by Italian Prime Minister Augusto De Marsanich that the Italian Republic would move in the best interest of its citizens by joining GAUNTLET. More shockingly, this news comes only a year after the results of a referendum in Venetia declared that that nation would join the Italy, being formally annexed by it effective immediate.

More interestingly, some sources suggest this news may be reaching Finland late, as the news cycle was deliberately slowed during the previous week of national mourning ordered by Hallita Edwin Linkomies for the late American President Huey Long, praised by many Finns as a true hero of populism. Furthermore, other press sources in Italy have additionally confirmed the conclusion of closely-watched talks between the Italian and Maltese governments, resulting in the Italian selling of the island of Sardinia to the latter.

With Italy's entry into GAUNTLET, many have raised concern over what this could mean for its already existing membership in the EEC. While no official statements have been made, Hallita Linkomies remarked that, "Lest a deal is reached, their choice will need to be made between the EEC and the GAUNTLET EC-OC."

More on news from Helsinki, the Hallita today met with various members of his cabinet for closed door talks. Some have speculated that he may possibly be planning to enact a new governmental reform plan, specifically targeted to adjust and upgrade the tactics of technocratic election to make them "better fitted to the core values to meritocratic technocracy as they were intended to be implemented in the Revolution."


I volunteer as tribute to become Pax Britannia’s Next Top Diploma...
I mean, Foreign Secretary.

The Launch of Forscher II
Earlier in the year Forscher I was launched with success, but as unable to be retrieved after leaving the atmosphere. Recently, however, the sequel ship, the Forscher II was launched as an improve version of the Forscher I. The test, launching from Cologne, was able to take crucial data upon ascent, and successfully transmitted data after exiting the atmosphere. The data was able to be sent, and the internal data was able to be recovered after the spacecraft crashed in the Atlantic. This information has been given to the KLRA and will be incorporated in future tests. The next test proposed is the launch of several satellites to allow for global data gathering to be able to predict the weather.

After the test, a proposal was sent to Fantrum for the launch of an unmanned spacecraft as a joint German-American launch that would send up a spacecraft to take data from solar orbit.

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