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Pax Britannia RMB

WA Delegate: The Gravonist State of Finland of Arrstotzka (elected )

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 129th Most Nations: 324th Largest Black Market: 394th+31
Most Avoided: 709th Most Influential: 717th Largest Information Technology Sector: 735th Most Scientifically Advanced: 876th Most Cultured: 971st Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,012th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,071st Smartest Citizens: 1,120th Highest Average Incomes: 1,131st Fattest Citizens: 1,184th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,260th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,272nd Most Subsidized Industry: 1,293rd Highest Economic Output: 1,297th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,371st Largest Governments: 1,397th Largest Mining Sector: 1,423rd Most Advanced Public Education: 1,446th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,472nd Largest Publishing Industry: 1,506th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,601st Lowest Crime Rates: 1,616th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,642nd Largest Retail Industry: 1,664th Most Secular: 1,907th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,913th Most Inclusive: 1,959th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,974th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,991st Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,028th Healthiest Citizens: 2,078th
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Welcome, fellow nations, to Pax Britannia! If role-play (amongst other tomfoolery) is your thing, then this is the place to be! The Sun Never Sets on Pax Britannia!

Regional Motto: Ex Est cinerem, ad astra

LinkMaybe try our regional Discord? LinkOr even play on our regional Steam group?

Endorse our glorious Prince Regent Arrstotzka! Max endorsements allowed for all other nations is nine.

Regional Year: 1930 [10/7/19] (1 OOC Week = 1 IC Year (Weeks starting Monday 00:00 GMT))

Check out our collection of awesome Polandball comics! Maybe even try and make some yourself!

The Most Ancient and Most Noble Imperial Order of Pax Britannia


Embassies: The Western Isles, British Isles, The Reich, Ultimum Terrae, POLATION, The Erviadus Galaxy, Nova Historiae, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Albion, Eastern Roman Empire, St Abbaddon, The Universal Order of Nations, 21st Century Rome, Australia, British Empire, The Exalted Lands, and 26 others.Independent Order, Elparia, The British Empire, Xenox, SECFanatics, The Galactic Imperium, The Alterran Republic, The Union of Democratic States, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Farkasfalka, Mission Crabs, Britonnia, Barbaria, Union of Nationalists, Europae, The Bar on the corner of every region, Hollow Point, United States of America, Indian Mars, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Japan, Realm of the Whispering Winds, The levellers, Hearts of Steel, Despotic Europe, and The Allied Republic.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Pax Britannia contains 43 nations, the 324th most in the world.

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The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, Pax Britannia is ranked 2,642nd in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Mobile Empire of TractionVillDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Nous vaincrons”
2.The Federal Republic of MaplestanCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“A good sword and a trusty hand, a merry heart and true”
3.The Rhodesian Literature Club of FantrumCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Walk softly, and have a bigger Navy than everyone”
4.The United Soviet Federation of Republic of British RussiaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Workers of the world, Unite”
5.The Archduchy and Electorate of Ancient Free and Accepted MasonsLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Wit beyond measure is life's greatest treasure!”
6.The Imperial Monarchy of CorsicinotInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“God Save the Emperor, God Save the People”
7.The Confederated Union of ComnaciaLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“Utopia Land”
8.The Republic of SjaelandiaNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“From sea to sea”
9.The Defence Council of Scientific BritishDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Look unto the future not the past”
10.The Qing Empire of AluvitarIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Peace through Strength”

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Pax Britannia Regional Message Board

Commonwealth States of Britania wrote:Well, whilst my story isnít as long as some of the ancient ones of this region, it really does feel like a lifetime ago that I first popped up on the British Isles RMB five ish years ago. Back then I still hadnít quite grasped the concept that the RP didnít relate to issues, and remember a fair few silly times where I thought I had stuff simply because the issue said so (thereís this relic by Danz about me claiming a super weapon the moon:

Thankfully I arrived at the same time as BR and Belle (RIP) and remember how quickly we formed our little trio in those early days, eventually leading to the glorious UDF in the RP (screw you angiris and Fan for screwing us over so royally). Although the quality of my posts then truly was utterly terrible, it felt great to join such a welcoming community of people.

Like most of the mid-aged nations here, I abandoned the British Isles for Pax Britannia after all the disputes with the offsite forums. I had the privilege of serving as home sec for the first few months of this region, and am still mightily pleased that no ones tampered with the original WFE template I made. Otherwise Iíve popped in and out of the RP a fair few times, but have always felt the motivation to come back after any period of inactivity.

Itís been incredible to see us build up such an incredible story and world, and I look forward to the many years ahead with all of you chaps and whatever else we might do.


Lets be fair here, Angiris wanted to go to war with yall, I talked him out of it lol

Also, good lord! The NLRF flag... I havent seen that in years...

Serenisima Veneta wrote:More like Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

oh, lol, why not all of italy? Itd certainly put you in a good spot internationally

Fantrum wrote:oh, lol, why not all of italy? Itd certainly put you in a good spot internationally

It's quite a large important nation, I'd like to RP as a smaller country.

Serenisima Veneta wrote:It's quite a large important nation, I'd like to RP as a smaller country.

Whichever suits you! Im personally happy to have you with us.

If youve any questions, please feel free to ask myself or any number of the longstanding members! We'd all be very happy to help you

Serenisima Veneta wrote:It's quite a large important nation, I'd like to RP as a smaller country.

Hey if youíre taking any part of Italy let me know, Iíd like to talk.

So uuuh, I came across this region while I was searching for a place where I could effectively Rp as a mercenary group. I like this region a lot bc you guys seem very chill and cool. I havenít been here long but I still like to think Iíve found a nice region to call my own. Happy Britania Day you dudes!!!

Day 2 of Festivities!

You all will have to forgive me to terrible inconvenience of blanking our last night. Because of such, I have decided that the Recognition Ceremony will be Held tonight instead.

Todayís event is a regional Hearts of Iron 4 Game taking place within this hour.

Unfortunately I will not be able to join you lot. But mark my words, tonight, I will give the best concluding statement to the celebrations that I possibly can!

Memoirs of a Civil war soldier

A lot of people... they see these medals and ask, what did you do during the war? I always have to fight the urge to either laugh or cry in their faces. I killed people and sh^t my pants when I wasnt killing. I joined up as soon as the call went out, before the big push on Philly failed and Washington fell. Before My hometown in New York fell. Lotta us guys from up there felt we had something to prove after them Jerry jackboots marched all over us. Myself unashemedly included. We all wanted to grab a gun then and there... A hole heapen' load of my friends back home did, of course, the Jerries didnt like partisans. I joined the marines myself. See we marines are viewed as... special... by the other branches, dumber, stronger, more willing to do something that'll get us killed, things like that.

Theres a whole load of friendly banter each service gives the other, but even among marines theres a special group of people even they regard as recklessly dangerous. That there is the paratroopers. Marines trained specificly for the task of jumpin off navy airships and into battle with the enemy. Them air navy pukes are weird for wanting to fly around all the time, but there's something especially crazy about getting where youre goin and then instead of landing like a normal goddamn person you jump off and then shoot at the people waitin down below you.

Its crazy, but thats exactly what our job was. I was part of Operation Bone Saw, our job was to land around New York city herself while our boys went ashore the regular way, the army was supposed to come in after and take over for us so we could jump on hartford after, but everything got muddled up. My company was aboard the USS Quebec, Flagship of I think the 2nd or 3rd battleship squadron. Followed up by three full parachute regiments carried in five times that number of transport and combat airships. Thats the worst feeling, sitting in your red lighted jump bay with all your boys, praying to god the bucket youre floating in doesnt get shot out of the sky before you can get the hell off it...

I never got used to the feeling, the waiting. At least when the enemy is shooting at you you have something to think about. Anyway, The chaplin comes walkin through reading us some blessing or something, and then first sergeant follows him telling us to get ready. The Jump bay is real simple, just a big long room on the bottom of an airship where all us grunts line up, hook our statics to a cable overhead, and then jump out a trough trap door to each side of a center isle. Simple and uncomfortable. Im told the entire thing can be bumped off in a hurry if the navy captain doesnt think we're worth the effort.. not sure how true that is though. So before I know it, jumpmaster reafirms what Top told us and gets us stood up, hooked up, and we all check one another. Then the shootin finally starts.

I know the shootin started not cause I could hear it or see it, but because the airship started to shake and shudder under me. Ask any air sailor, those are good signs, it means the armor is holdin up, the one that kills you is the one you never get the chance to feel. So our bucket is getting rattled by probably machinegun fire and lord knows what else, but then the doors open up and theres the scene... For as long as I live its burned in my head... The city, outlined by the fires from naval bombardment, tracers arching up into the sky, a black void beneath my feet... When the light turned green I acted on instinct and jumped, no thought, just muscle memory. The blast tore my around and I thought I was a goner for sure, until that reassuring shock whipped me back around and rattled my brain just about outta my head.

The view as I came down was breath takin... As I fell, I got to see the bombardment element of the air fleet blasting away at almost point blank range, tryin to keep the AA batteries from killin us in the air. I also saw one of them smaller airships go down in flames, plowed right into a line of buildings but thank christ it didnt explode. That night was probably the worst of my whole life, and Ive been a fightin man since I could stand. Tryin to find people you like among a forest of men tryin to kill you... It wasnt until sun up when our boys started comin ashore that we started makin actual gains. The stuff those boys had to deal with though... street to street, house to house... room to room... Almost makes think what I did was tame in comparison.

Hell, maybe it was! Then again, how many people you know can say they jumped out of a perfectly good airship three times and lived to tell the tale?

Cpl John Errington, 1st Marine Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, recounting his experience in the opening stages of the Liberation of New York

a little short for what I wanted to do... but it works! A new memoirs is out!

A Time of Recognition

And now, before I deliver our concluding statement, let us take a moment to reflect on those who have carried us the farthest. Those who have propelled us the furthest. Those who have lifted us the highest.

Pax Britannia was not simply born out of nowhere on a whim, oh no. Pax Britannia was born in the fires of glorious Revolution! But of course, we all should know that there is no Revolution without leaders. I say to you all now: let us look back and honor our oldest members:

Fantrum, one of our oldest-residing members. Being here since ages before the Revolution, Fantrum was one of the key Revolutionary leaders. She has served as Regent multiple times, and in fact, was Paxís first Regent! After her service in the position, she worked tirelessly as Foreign Secretary. Her extremely efficient efforts have helped to grow the regional population exponentially. In the earliest of days, she laid the foundations for the regions modern government, later pioneering our ingenious RP system. Truly a fixture of the region, Fantrum has been with the region through thick and thin!

Basementees, another one of our oldest faces (Technically the oldest!). Basementees has also been with us since before the Revolution. Serving as Regent for half an electoral term, Basementees also strived to strengthen our unity and governmental stability. Now serving as our Foreign Secretary, he has undoubtedly shown his great will to serve the region in any way he can!

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons is one of our members who is not relatively active in the roleplay, but do not, in the slightest let this fool you! Everyoneís favorite representative of the UN to Pax Britannia, Masons forged the Imperial Charter in the midst of the Revolution. His tireless work always ensures the stability of regional elections and the strength of the government. Without Masons, weíd likely forget to have elections ourselves - Ha! Truly this great servant of the people has elevated the government to true functioning fashion!

Republic of British Russia has been with us for ages as well. Since before Pax itself. BR has served as Regent for multiple terms, among other positions, such as Lord High Admiral. BR has been part of the driving force of much of Paxís RP history. One of our oldest members, he has surely proven his great determination to serve Pax thoroughly and truly!

Commonwealth States of Britania is yet another one of our oldest members. He has been with us since before the Revolution. Britania has performed marvelously as a keeper of regional history and past regional summaries. His participation in the RP has shown his desire to keep the community alive with activity. Serving the government in numerous past ways, he has truly earned his place among the oldest members who have helped to carry us this far.

Maplestan, another one of our oldest, Maple was our first real cartographer before the Revolution. Our favorite Finn, he has been with us since the beginning!

Flecatya has been with us since before the Revolution. Our longest serving Prime Minister, she has partaken in many memorable instances of RP. Dating back to as early as the Voulz War, Fley is a very familiar face and a cherished one at that!

Let us all give our cheers to these titans of our history! And to the newest additions to our family, I encourage you all to follow them as role models, so that you too can enjoy our great community to the fullest!

Hereís to all of you!

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