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Pecan Sandies RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Intramarine Realm of Pygania

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Largest Mining Sector: 409th Most Nations: 486th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 744th+15
Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 910th Most Devout: 1,007th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,090th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,334th Nudest: 1,353rd Most Efficient Economies: 1,424th Most Developed: 1,477th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,717th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,733rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,971st Highest Poor Incomes: 2,025th Highest Average Incomes: 2,059th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,138th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,385th Largest Black Market: 2,511th
World Factbook Entry

The Glorious Region of Pecan Sandia, commonly known as Pecan Sandies, was founded by Pygania on August 1, 2020. It is named in honor of the ideal cookie to dip into a hot cup of black coffee.

The region is known for its religious diversity, being a welcoming home for nations with religions not often represented in NationStates.

Despite their differences, the nations of Pecan Sandia do have one thing in common- a strong commitment to traditional values tempered by a reform-minded approach towards minor social changes that are enacted as needed.

***We accept all embassy requests***

Embassies: Fredonia, Korea, Japan, Sikh Empire, Click Here, Southern Africa, United States of America, Farkasfalka, The Great Monarchical Nations, Lardyland, Altmora, United Fascist Workers Association, phoenix partners, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Pupperlands, United Cossack countries, and 300 others.Indonesia, Mozambique, Northern Africa, Minnesota, Iowa, Kenya, South Carolina, North America, Laos, Zimbabwe, Western Africa, Greater Brutesia, Oneid, Illinois, Sudan, Malawi, Kylden, Cameroon, Zambia, Uni Islam Asia Tenggara, Australia, Colorado, South Dakota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Swaziland, Togo, Virginia, Guinea, Islamabad, Mississippi, Georgia, Lesotho, Arizona, Ghana, North Carolina, Qatar, Indianapolis, Teen Titans, New Hampshire, Missouri, Indian Mars, Rhode Island, Gabon, Vietnam, Uganda, Washington, Michigan, Rwanda, Kuwait, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Central African Republic, Namibia, Kansas, Maryland, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Benin, Nevada, Tanzania, Malaysia, Delaware, Burundi, Angola, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ethiopia, Utah, Iranian Islamic Republic, Kentucky, Wyoming, Vegan Land, Despotic Europe, Darul Islam, Dead Sea, The Heart of the AI Army, H Industry, Beyonder Continent, Gypsy Lands, Traveling Wilburys, South Indian Ocean Region, Bratislava, Latinoamerica Libre, Krasnaya, The plaza, Barbaria, Westfalen Westphalia, The Unholy Alliance, Andromalius, The Empire Of Oppression, The United Dominion, The Wooloo Pact, Union Sovietica de Mordor, Epstein Island, The Everlasting Empire, Amalgamated Federation, Kuhlbach, Montealba, 504 Rue de Davide Biale, Raxulan Empire, The United World, The Council of Fardelshufflesteins, The County of Anvil, Confederation of World Monarchys, Planet Jammbo, Solid Kingdom, Markish Crown Colonial Empire, The Vincence Empire, Markish Galactic Empire, The United Aviot Kingdom, United Christian Empires of the West, Vending Emporium, Noon Puppet Dump, Cao Wei, Remnant, Wendys, Greater Siscoypic Region, New Western Atlantic, The Global Democratic Union, The Royal Imperial Directorate, The Euhemeristic Order, The Roleplay Chessboard, Chicken overlords, Lady Vera, Kekstania, Netraucora, Singapore, Kogaion, United Mauberska, Anime Girls, Khuzifenq, The Alterran Republic, Terran, Regionless, The Zeporan Union, Zentari, Canguta Nations, Oceania, Federated Armed States of Rewrite, Alyr, The Leftist Hype House, TSGAIN of Rayzonia, Yarnia, The Zephyr, The Moderate Alliance, Frozen Guns Puppet Warehouse, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Dauiland, Scarif, Therrand, Starwars Rules, Unionist Democratic Republics Alliance, The Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall, The Land of the Lards, The Great Universe, Libertatem, Right to Life, Hendricksons, Thicc Economy Bois, Cascadia, Realm of the Whispering Winds, League of Allied Nations, Mallia Panica, Card Farm X43, The Cult of PCHS, Belaukrusstan, Katanar, Axixican Trade Federation, Pisces Centauri, Bus Stop, Imperial world assembly, Second Karpati Pact, Oceania Region, Tiranith Realms, Alpenland, Empire of Novaya Equestria, The USSR of the Galactic Empire, Lusosphera, Imperial Federation of Great Redanien, Mediobogdum, Nebraska Territory, The Realm of Raipuair, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Astares Covenant, toilet arsonist appreciation society, THE ONLY OASIS, Paramaribo, The Kingdom of Gods, Goawayitsallmine, Free Tibet, Imperium of the Wolf, Jeffreys Pocket Multiverse, Raylore, South India, 1st Lutheran Christian Community, Turkic Union, Region of Wylaisia, Islamic Empire, The Savage Garden, Libran Region, Chicago, Anime and Memes Alliance, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Bytes, Imperium Invictorum, 1st Epitome United, Codex Ylvus, Old Zealand, The Region Of Gargery, The Social Spectrum Conglomerate, The Bar on the corner of every region, Grumbletonia, That Place, Marshall Islands, Turkiye, TopCornion, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Emirates of Futurnia, Old Risen, Jesus Christ, Christian Anarchy, A Hidey Place, Fines Aurum, SEC Fanatics, United Christian Empires of the Galaxy, Christmas, The Quiet Corners, Epicenter Of Prosperity, Rindin Empire, Las Vegas, Pizza Confederation, Capricornarius, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Cornucopia, Salt Lake, Freshness, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, Smile Burger, Nonadia card farm region, The Salt Mines, Axis Nation Allianz, Union of Nationalists, The New Iron Order, Sabaody Archipelago, Kjos, The Banned Kingdom, Paradise Sands Confederation, United States Senate, Mysterions Industry, gamer alliance, The Order of Puff Puff Jedi, The New French Empire, Scoria, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, Neuwish Parlament Center, International Society of Julius Evola, Sovereign Corporate League, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, PowerPC, Christianity, Greater Hindu Empire, 1980s America, Independence Hill, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Federal Republic of Russia, Bangkok, Taipei, Costa Rica, Commonwealth States, Prussafrikan Herrkaiserreich, Moneytown, International Debating Area, Ontario, Lewisham, Ebonhand, Math fans, Deep Storage, Badger Mage, free land, United Islamic Association, The Illuminati, BCHS, The Central Union of Discrete Nations, The Imperial Jewels, The Jewel Nations, Worldwide Jews, UIA raid shelter, The Embassy, Prussian Union, Slavija, Russian Eurasia, Hibernic RussiaPikachuan Union, Olgienslavia, Alliance of Anglo Slavics, Krairowana, Slavic Blicing, Prussian Eagle, Slavic, The Empire of Russia, and Republic of Russia.

Construction of embassies with The Union of Rightwing Nations has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Conservative, Human-Only, Isolationist, Medium, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Password, Patriarchal, Puppet Storage, Religious, Serious, and 2 others.Theocratic, and Trading Cards.

Pecan Sandies contains 42 nations, the 486th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Secular in Pecan Sandies

World Census experts studied which citizens seemed least concerned about eternal damnation, spiritual awakeness, and chakra wellbeing in order to determine the most godforsaken nations.

As a region, Pecan Sandies is ranked 5,216th in the world for Most Secular.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Bazighiyya Caliphate of SaquridMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“La ilaha il-As-Sadiq”
2.The Suryavanshi Rajya of SindhustanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha, Tat Savitur Varenyam”
3.The Ya'furi Caliphate of Arab HedonistsMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“For the Son of Allah, Mu'ammar al-Kufi”
4.The Assyrian Realm of SubarCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“Within Christ Exist Two Natures, Unmingled but United”
5.The Kazakh Horde of HsiungnuFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Under the Power of The Eternal Tengri”
6.The Qadiani Punjabis of AhmadiyyastanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Following the Prophets Muhammad and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”
7.The Metempsychotic Emirate of HouranMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“In obedience to Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah”
8.The Irumudi Carriers of SabarimalaFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!”
9.The Tantric Federation of Shokto BongoFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Jai Kali Kalkattewali!”
10.The Metempsychotic Caliphate of RawendiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Muhammad ar-Rasulullah, Ali an-Waliullah”

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Pecan Sandies Regional Message Board

Greetings from Netraucora. We are conducting a diplomatic survey with our allied regions on milk. Please honour us with your esteemed choice on our humble report. Good week and peace to all!
Stay safe and keep well wherever you are!

Duckburg /ˈdʌkbɜːrɡ/ is the capital city of Paperino.

The location that would eventually become the centre of Duckburg was originally known as "Fort Drake Borough," a fort built in the 16th century by British explorer Sir Francis Drake. By the 19th century, the fort had been handed over by its departing British occupants to Cornelius Coot, who renamed the fort "Duckburg". "Drake" means a male duck, while "borough" and "burg" are synonyms meaning a town or district that is an administrative unit.Cornelius Coot turned the old fort into a trading post for fellow traders and hunters, and their families. Eventually a small town grew around the fort on top of Killmule Hill. In Carl Barks' story The Day Duckburg Got Dyed (1957), it is revealed that Cornelius Coot at some point in Duckburg's history managed to pipe mountain water into the town.

The size and structure of Duckburg varied in the works by Barks: it was adjusted to better fit the story he wanted to tell; it could vary from a small town to a medium-sized city, to a bustling metropolis. Later writers and artists most of the time also continues this tradition. In one specific story by Barks, Monsterville (1961), Duckburg was even transformed into a futuristic city by Gyro Gearloose, however it proved that the citizens were not ready for the high level of technology that the new city provided. Thus the city was turned back to its old city structure.

Duckburg is a major center for Space exploration, mainly operated and overseen by Gyro Gearloose, and has had expeditions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Asteroids, and more remote parts of the Galaxy. The city also features a sea port and is in proximity of a large forest called the Black Forest and to several mountains, the most notable being "Old Demon Tooth", usually depicted as a towering pointed peak leaning slightly to the side.[7] The main river of the city is the Tulebug River, first mentioned in The Money Well (1958) by Carl Barks, and it is located near Killmotor Hill.

Duckburg is home to Yarvard University (a play on the universities of Harvard and Yale), an institution more notable for its athletic teams than for its academic achievements.

Duckburg is also the home of the Billionaires Club of some of which Scrooge McDuck, John D. Rockerduck and, according to some stories, Flintheart Glomgold are influential members. Duckburg also has a Ritz Hotel

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since i have not posted who our new champions are so...

World Heavyweight Champion: Drew Mclyntire

Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

RAW Women's Champion: Asuka

SmackDown Women's Champion: Sasha Banks

Intercontinental Champion: Big E

United States Champion: Bobby Lashley

RAW Tag Team Champions: Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

24/7 Champion: R-Truth


NXT Champion: Finn Bálor

NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai

NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano

NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Santos Escobar/Jordan Devlin

NXT Tag Team Champions: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch



NXT UK Women's Champion: Kay Lee Ray

NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion: A-Kid

NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Gallus

Hey guys , iam a puppet nation of The Socialist Republic of Astrakhan , and almost all nations in my region Math Fans are puppets of theThe Socialist Republic of Astrakhan.


hello? somebody there?

Zebruski wrote:hello? somebody there?


Greetings from capricornarius!

Abust1 wrote:Greetings from capricornarius!


🃏🎴🃏🎴🃏🎴Hello all, hope you are all well!!
Pick a card..pick any card..that's right, this week's poll at The Vincence Empire, is regarding the NationStates Trading Cards!! Please don't forget to give us your vote and feel free to share to others (it's an open poll, non-restricted) , this concerns every nation and region on NationStates!! Only up for three days! Make your vote count! ☑️
🎴🃏🎴🃏🎴 🃏

Arnold Scampi of Neo Splatoonia
Minister of the National Survey at The Vincence Empire

p.s For anyone who likes pie? *does favour*

Zapfish(Japanese: デンチナマズ, Denchinamazu) are a type of an electric catfish with the ability to produce a strong electrical current and are the main power source of Neo Splatoonia. In some far outposts or camp sites of the country, Zapfish spawn are used in some levels to power the same amount of energy generated by one adult Zapfish, and each of them were kept in spotlight-like containers. These are well known as Mini Zapfish.

Zapfish appear similar to an LinkAnglerfish or Link Catfish, and a light bulb's filament. They seem to have a large head with two small eyes, two nostrils, and a big pair of orange lips. Below the head is a smaller body.

Great Zapfish
Since time immemorial, a rare type of electric catfish known as the Zapfish has been prized by Inkling society as a source of energy. In fact, the entire city of LinkInkopolis is powered by a single 100-year-old Great Zapfish.

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