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Embassy hub of Lily

Lily, interregional military organization.

“Peace through unity, unity through conquest”

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    Good Bois and Gurls

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Embassies: The Grey Wolves GWS, Cacophonous States of Unanimity, Kazakhuzbekistan, Thanksgiving, Brasilistan, Northern Virginia, New Pandora, Union of Free and Independant States, Christmas, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Malphe, Magna Europa, Magyar, The Alliance of Luck, Anarchical Assembly, Pandoran States, and 1,122 others.Grace, GWS The Grey Wolves, South Chedakia Archipelago, Union of the Stars, Hallyu Sanctuary, The Alliance of Eros, FishCenter Live, Ravenclaw Coalition, Sub Saharan Africa, Union of the North, The Confederacy of Carolina, Groovy, Bumiputra, DOOMania, PAllied Forces, Where the future is behind the moon, TheFreedomRealm, Antares, Wikipedia Information Repository, The Meritocracy, Peloponnesian League, Free State of Prussia, The Union Of Astronomica, Stranger Things, Ancap Land, The Irish Kingdom, The United nations of Esnal, Intiaga, The Hegemony, The Triad, Asian Republic of United Socialists, Christs Church, Villains Lair, dictadura, The Free Zone Hiding In 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Eellsia, The Fence, The Co Alliance, The SCSS, Kingdom of Maurain, Alma Mater, Botzapolis, The Kingsteak Tavern, Oakstern, Tigerian Union, RLX World Conquest, Paradise And Fresh Water, Oceanside, Pripyat Pact, The Land of Nod, United Economic Superiority, Basket of Deplorables, Bavariom, The Mappers Union, Demarkus, The Order of the Gray Wardens, Wallastan, 12th SS Panzer Division, Elmoane, Infinitium13X8, The Band Of The Red Hand, The Empire of Ireland, Memetopia, Cherry Bomb, H D S, The Allied Powers, Crypto Twitter, Area 52, Chilulerla, Region of Honor X, New MiddleEarth, Great Terra, Marobezo, Jason Li, United Nations of Jerusalem, Meadow, Boss Apples, The Elantrian Sea, The Southeast Pacifica, The River, Atimi yoda caldi, Shoreville Cooperation Organisation, union of free world, NorthWest Atlantida, Generic Region, Vapor III, The western reaches of the small puddle, Gielinor, Tweanthe, Bujibroisha, Z day, Massives, 10000 Texas Islands, Santiddio, The Union of Free Democratic States, Torvenia, nullspace, Paracel Islands, The Three Brothers of Freedom, Peace and Love, Elprus, Alliance of the Maltese Cross, Devious Tyrant, Anarcanadas Domain, Ducks Cafe, Big daddy phill land, Central Forces Union, Nordholm, Germanic Nationalist Empire, The Collection of European Democracies, Buka sea, Kemet, Neues Habsburgerreich, Continental Berliningrad, redel peace, FrameShift, Progressive Unionis Socialas, Republics of the West, The Tundra Archipelago States, Islamic Nations of NationStates, Autocratic Conglomeration, Goodlands, Mutually Assured Posting, United land, S P A C E, Sacro Imperio de Meistersinger, Teh South Pacific, La Ferme, Ramosada, League of Federated Sovereign States, United wilages, Apulie, Human Rights are a Lie, Faelands, Multeria, North Antarctic federation, Sentosa, Shu, Union of Based Nations, Historical Dumpster Fires of History, Rzeszapospolita, The Swedish Kingdom, Iberian Empire, Kciendae Pacific, Tropical Socialist Union, Syrup, Raven Brook, The Speer Pact, The United Council of Pentagon, The breath van, New Florida, The Region of Economic Cooperation, Mountain, Quvaturn, Roqis Isles, Isles of Marv, New Asgard, Social Democratic Labour Region, Nome, The Kingdom of Netherlands, Regensberg Alliance, Shenaniganzi Region, Leftist gang, Planet Eurth, Adica, Spanje, Allied Nations, Rose Hill, Nicoroonia, Astara, The Grumpy Region, Economic Growth, The Dictatorship of wolves, Islands of Rock and Sand, Besizco regioeneo, War Pigs, The Kingdom of Arden, United Balkan Republiks, Poop, Nergarvsa, Artifex Orbis Nova, South Indian Ocean Region, Mid Atlantic Quarantine, Confederation of Catgirl Dictators, Card Farmer Alliance, The European Kingdom, Kingdom of Earth, procrastiNATIONS, Union of Metropolitan Socialist States, Frese states, United Community of Nations, The Commonwealth Federation, The Free Spirited Region Of The People, Realms of Taron, Creeperland, GLA, Pupperin Known Space, Zelandia, Phi Society Haha get it, Praetorian Superguard, The Jewel Conglomerate, Confederation of Nations, The Astral Corporation, New Land of Me, North Europe Germany, World Great Lakes, One True Moon, Harmonia Song Contest Official Region, Big Rocks Wilderness, The White Gold Accord, CSE, The Ultimate Dictatorship, The Human Federation, Duck Pond, British Imperial Commonwealth, Popstar, Epilev, Space Union, Purdue, Anarchist Countries, UNSSR, Baltic Cooperation Sphere, Nationstates Socialist Republic, The Doge Union, The ULN, The Valley Confederation, The Free Archipelago, Balsamic Vinaigrette, The Liberal and Academic Alliance, Yoba, The Ancient Vales, ISNL, Tsanteresht, Tofol, Scawtia, Arthenia, Kaiser Might, Empire de France, Joboland, Europia, The Mothership, American East Coast, Great East Europ Union, alliance of Lumiere, Mirkwood, umm, Renegade City, Mesothallassian Empire, Baltic States, Terra Novae, Ambient night, United Order of Pigeonstotzka, Geopolitics, Karakoram, Aquatica, Association of the Countries of the Free, Gibberish Provinces Group, Vote Pory, The Holy Mizu Empire, Frenchy, The Mid West, Luminus Arces, Brovasa and Surrounding Area, The Vasaregion, Union of Dutch Communities, The Federation of Global Industry, The Capellan Union, World Region, Eins, Farros Caratacos, Storm Nation, Arbor, Angevin Empire, Dreamworld, Missionaries of Jorge Bergoglio, Szabor, Alliance of Gay Fools, Ustristan, H Y D R A, The Okchi Union, The Realm of Ultramar, Holy Region of The Romans, America Umpire, Region Of Snow, Penny, Kingdom of Belzerg, 3 Guys, The Ezraltonian Region of World Affairs, Nations of Creation, Meridian Allegiance, Europeshire, Rus Communism of North America, Nations alliance, The Spiritual Land, Freedom of Living, Inquilaabistan, The Family, Duuloc, A sozera, Unified Capitalist Alliance, Coalition of Asian States, The Worshipers of Fred, Universal States, Khaos, The Sand Empire, Technologica, Confederation of Outlying Nations, just leave me alone, The Hanseatic League, The Fremen, Land of Abisa, Tikes, Europe contenet, North Western Europe, Volksland, Gamers united under Ricardo, The Xerxes Union, oozi area, Fight for your Rights com, The Infinite Dungeon, Union des peuples libres, The Commonwealth of United Front, I guess it will work, Ill3 land, Northern Union, Beyond the Edges, Carpentist Empire, Jaboofia, Region of Anti Realists, Alliance of the Empires, Blood and Iron Dictatorship, Galactica, Stanford, Alliance of Magicians, The Old Order, The Royal States of the Prospila Union, Northern Thunderia, Myra, Feck off, Literati, The Oxford Union, Land of the Free, Beans, Holy Order of Peace, New American Empire, Harrisregion, Gonarchia, ovo, Post apocalyptic Rine, Old world Order, Region of Casuals, The Nordic Union, Reggin, Druids, Araluen, Yeeto McCheeto, Communistic Utopia, DARKSTARIA, NorthPortugalinho, Witnesses of the Cross, Bruh moment, Insane Asylum, MentosLand, The Divided Unity of Nations, Humanist United International, Danube Union, Friends Renting, the dictorship of covenant, The better Ancapistan, The World Order, United Australialia and Study Group, Federation of States, Republican Free League, Place, Holy Catholic Crusader League, The northern nations, The Buvvins, Economic Union of Thriving States, GrubBerg, United Nations Federation, Crescent Region, 4th International Socialist Union, Ise, Real boy archipelago, The Federation of the Hartland, Northern Lands, Union of Randoms, IFMAL, Imperial Defence Alliance, Alliance of Puppet Nations, Texas Instruments aka TI, Realm of the Dragon, The Holy Land of the Bringard, The Jungle Kingdom, Far Eastern Coalition, The New World Society, Nogers realm, The Commonwealth of God church, The Mysterious Raiders, Dogecoin League, The Antarctic Isles, The Sense of Right Alliance, Reykafjordi, Turanistan, Worlds United, The Land of Bird and Honey, Democratic Union of Socialist Nations, Aswanny, Greater Herefordia, mediterranean area, Slovenska, The Tyrannian Empire, Sectianic Region, Ramsania, H3C Odulpus, Land of Prosperity, Britainia, The AllCaps Republic, Legionary Axis, Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards, Not Boomers, The New Dynasty of Yikestopia, Naukratis, The World but Different, Foedere in Condimentum, West End, The Waifu Leaders, bootleg japn, Micronations Triangle, United Islamic Republic, NotFunISland, Tiger Mafia, The Northern Reach, Novo Tarea, Ultimate Pride, Cryptia, Galactic Socialist Republic, Lowlands, Combine world, The Blackhawks, ESPOLIA, Freeland Republic, Worldwide british empire, Patrium, The Mystical Council, Memri, Nevarc, Iron Clad Union, United Nations Union, Enadian Union, Sledgang, New Galactic Empire, Damnation, The PINGAS Factory, The Awhal Protectorate, Democratic Union of Assembled States, Emojiland, S and D, Latveria, Shady acres retirement region, New Union of African States, Worcestershire, Gonorrhea, Carnosaka, The Duckist Union, Stoic Confederation, Comitern, Islaneria, Abyssum, The greatest nations, The Commonwealth of the Oropic Coast, Und das heisst Erika, Australian Kingdom, Core, Gayland, Suture, Kommir, Planet Oriya, Malton, Southeastern Wisconsin, Gran Calacastan, StalinLetsGo, South Westian Empire, EMU, Small Uzbekistan, The Autocracy, Ulmer Dachplatten, We wish you a merry Christmas and a happ, Confederacy of Libertarian Nations, Meridia, Old World Union, Mu the Lost Continent, Dragon age universe, Bens Wacky Nations, Cawdor, United Nations of Onderon, United Planetary Council, The Universal Union, Riocht na hEireann, The Caliph of Atheism, The Emptylands of Unfulfilling Boxes, Myzenmorean Empire, The Conservative army of the Confederacy, Auroran, Globemaster, Exiled, The Separatist Confederacy, Nirn, Munzenhan, Grand Latin America, The Socialist League of Africa, Outre Space, Mugos, The future world union, Rossmark, The Honorable Region of Bois, Estonian Peoples Republic of Sweden, Cats rule and Dogs drool, Eranor, Valaamskaya Rus, The Test Realm, most dear country reagion, Ironbeard Lands, 5th International, The Expanse, The North powers, Repubblica Cispadana, Gilads Holy Empire, Cult of Authoritarian Directors, Tower of Saint Constantine, Ergo, French Caribbean, The New Confederation of Dictators, Refuge of Christ, Schlavaakia, Imperiosa, Very Rare Only, Continent of Enjoy Rampage, DC9, Legion of the United People, Swampland, Lily, The Realm of Tamils, Ipherios, Great Ayleid Imperial Dominion, Good Guys AKA SACTO x PCTDF, Flevoland, USRR, Touhou, United dictators, Consenting Alliance Of Willing Nations, United Federation, Conlang Empire, The Pacific Republic, Realm of New Earth, New progressiv Europe, United Radicalist Front of the Ogo Clan, EurozoneReich, Ostaria, Refound land, Sparfog, The New World of Name, The Order of Nations, Confederation of 152, The Eclipse Federation, United France, Colonel Sanders, Coastal East Africa, The 2nd Dominion, Nerds, The Grand Army Alliance, The Koreas, Oak Island, Superior Empire, EwE, Balckan Peninsula, A region by that name already exists, The Land of Heroes, Stargate universe, New Turkey, Reaganiland, 32 County Irish Republic, MidMerica, ENEMY REGION, Wallonson, The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura, Nordic Sea, Interstellar, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, Cowboy Bebop, Federation of Whitefall, Tiy Fevitkahuit Joische, and The United Kingdom of Centrists.

The embassy with Magyar is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Intiaga is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Asian Republic of United Socialists is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Jack Hate is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Western Civilization is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Chaotic Good is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The United States of America USA USA is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Sencho Pact Puppet Region is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Association of NonBinary Rulers is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Region Balkanskih Nacija is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Construction of embassies with European Defense Coalition has commenced. Completion expected .

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Tags: Enormous.

Regional Power: Moderate

Plum Island contains 108 nations, the 156th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Plum Island

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Plum Island is ranked 8,077th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Emirate of Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHzInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Burn everything”
2.The Colony of 12 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
3.The Colony of 13 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
4.The Colony of 14 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
5.The Colony of 15 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
6.The Colony of 16 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
7.The Colony of 17 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
8.The Colony of 18 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
9.The Colony of 19 Jump StreetMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“We Will Endure”
10.The Colony of 20 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Will Endure”
1234. . .1011»

Regional Happenings


Plum Island Regional Message Board

War organization wrote:I wonder who came up with the name plum island

it was intel, its like a codename for one of their motherboards i think

War organization

War organization

100th Catgirl Division wrote:it was intel, its like a codename for one of their motherboards i think

okay (wow did i really say that 70 days ago?)

Hello, and I would like to say that you have been raiding many people on trying to get into your region. If you could not do that would be very nice of you. if not... well, I don't know.

Hydra-Germany wrote:Hello, and I would like to say that you have been raiding many people on trying to get into your region. If you could not do that would be very nice of you. if not... well, I don't know.

im good

Lol, you guys tried to raid a region with an active founder
What exaxtly was the plan?

I completely forgot about West Apple until today. I'm going to take it back of course, but I have to say it is a effective method of raiding by targeting smaller regions at first to build up your prestige. I will check to see if this region manages to take down some bigger targets in the future. I believe in you, bye.

Post self-deleted by 1st doggo division.

Post self-deleted by 2-doggo division.

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