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The Realm of Erisam
Est. November, 4 2020

"By the gods..."

Erisam is a Renaissance-themed fantasy region with an emphasis on relaxed yet structured roleplay, with a particular focus on storytelling. Fight arquebus-toting Orcs or pike-wielding Wolfmen with the power of the gods at your back! With your heroes at your side, the world is at your feet.

Welcome to The Realm of Erisam. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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    Erisam Starting Guide

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    Leaders and Heroes

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    Gods and their wonders

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Realm of Erisam contains 3 nations.

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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Realm of Erisam

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Realm of Erisam is ranked 14,835th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Beastkin Confederacy of The GrendariCompulsory Consumerist State Consumerist Wage Drones“Vahzah kul do lund!”
2.The Holy League of Santiago AUInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“En Servicio de la Luz”
3.The Sovereign Kingdom of IltheniaNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Sea to Sea”

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The atari imperium wrote:"Ensure you do that then," the point man said. "You've been cleared for contraband. As foreigners, keep this document on you at all times," he said as he handed out slips of parchment with the Šarq gate seal.

"Enjoy your stay, men of Dmitria. Don't get too lost," he chuckled.

As the legionnaires turned around and made their passage back to the Empire, few days had passed and the CItadel were promised an official diplomatic meeting. After the days have passed a figure in the distance was seen charging towards the Citadel front gates, but on closer inspection, it was a drow elf on horseback, the Dmitrial Emissary. As the EMissary galloped to the front gate before stopping he announced himself to the guardians and pointmen. This figure on horseback wore legionnaire armor with the Dmitria insignia on the chest plate.

"I am the representative of the Dmitria Empire, the Dmitria Emissary sent by the High Emissary of the Empire. Is it fair if I conduct a look within the Citadel? I must acknowledge the civil and political situations of the Atari Imperium before I continue amongst my diplomacy with your Citadel."

Victory Celebrations/The Citadel, Nagharoki

Warmaster Grishok reclined on his throne, observing the gathered officers with a keen eye and taking note of their behavior in his presence and around their companions, and gave a minute nod to Captain General Lurbu. His dependable second in command silently gave the signal for the ceremony to begin, the beating of drums began and silenced the errant chattering of the hall like a knife cutting a throat. The Lieutenant Generals came forward, led by the Captain General, while the rest of the officers reformed into single lines to observe the ceremony. As one, the four knelt before his throne, the Captain General first among their number while the three knelt together. The Warmaster rose from his throne, the thud of his metal shod boots echoing through the gravely silent hall, and stood before the quartet. He spoke clearly, voice smooth and clearly heard to all, "Lurbu, mausan broavhas. Iav wauk afar your ukavrengavh agh your cunnaumn avhaav lat nauk-avook Agloav'uk Cavern. Jiak name lat, Gijak Spillas". Lurbu rosed, saluted and then withdrew in a straight march out of the hall. So it went for all of them, Urdat Poiukon-Bane, Sriglu Earavh-Roamas and Augro the Cunnaumn. All four would march away to the war room, where they would celebrate in private, with the public ceremony for the benefit of the people. They did love their spectacles.

Santiago AU and Dmitrial

The forgotten shadow

The sun slowly set in the distance, the last rays of light illuminating a thriving town below in a clearing of trees, smoke towering from chimneys and the faint sound of business being concluded and friends leaving for home. In the distance, above the valley, a lone figure emerged from the wall of fog and walked onto an outcropping, bone and sinew creaking as the figure made its way out.

Standing immobile and silent the figure let the last rays of sunlight slowly retreat into the distance, from behind a strangled snort, a horses whinny from a mutilated throat stepped from the fog and behind the shadow, “The light retreats master. The army is ready.”

The figure turns, it’s skeletal eyes start ablaze with blue light. In the darkness of the fog, thousands of blue lights appear as moans and the tinkling of metal fills the air, shuffling and marching feet echo in the silent darkness.

The Lich turns back to look at the distant town, lifting its twin blades it silently points them forward, the ground trembles as from the fog, zombies are the first to appear in their teeming multitude, stumbling and shuffling the move down the slope into the valley and behind them, moving in unison and as one, a legion of skeletons March armored and armed with spear and sword as the last lines of the skeletons past the Lich turns as horsemen appear from the fog, one with no rider approaches and the Lich climbs atop the skeletal steed.

“Dyizm tapyw zavih” the words rasp from the Liches mouth as he leads the revenants and necromancers forward

Santiago AU and Dmitrial




The quick-stepped boots made their way haphazardly across the sand dunes outside of the Erisam Desert Pyramid. It is a man garbed in Dallarii gear, but a swift observation of his face and even the way he moves is a signatory that whatever he was, it was clearly not Dallarii. His legs give way upon the conclusion to the arduous journey towards the pyramid, leaving only a plethora of bewildered Legionaries of the garrison. He can only bear for a few minutes to take a much-needed reprieve from his travel; the gate being cast open as a small compartment of soldiers had moved forward. They do not hesitate to secure the area, and as the first hand is set upon the man's shoulder- he says words that had struck a scalding coldness to the air.

"I bring pertinent information to Drioch's military! The Dallarii- they have turned coat!"

There has not been a higher sense of silence in the area around the Pyramid since the time the bandits had fully withdrawn from it- and it had been no doubt that the garrison was hardly able to understand what this had meant. To many of the young Dmitrial Youth- they had believed the Dallarii ashes of a fallen monarchs war, a price that had been paid with enough blood- but to the veterans of the battles that had been waged, it was no doubt. Whoever had spoken to the tribals within the dunes had played their cards correctly- conceivably using the tribe's own infighting against one another to deliberately implant the seeds of treachery within those they had met. Whatever undertaking they had taken, it would only be said as the acting Princept helped pull the man into the Pyramid and speedily commanded the gates to be closed. For the first time since the Second Civil War, the Pyramid entered a siege preparation while the man within the garbs was escorted briskly to the higher levels.

It would not take long until a second man arrived, casting the eye of the Dallarii as well before he revealed that he too, similarly, had been an agent employed by the government. In an equally impoverished state- with a horse that looked as if it were nearing a state of total exhaustion; the Dmitrial Legionarries brought the man in, sending him similarly to meet with the governor and present officers to discuss a course of action. Upon the two being given a generous amount of time to compose themselves and settle their well-being, they were brought in after discarding the remains of the black robes with the omnipotent eye that forever persisted on its shoulders. Meeting with the governor of the Pyramid and an assortment of officers would explain everything they could. From what they had reported- the Dallarii met with a group of men, ragged in their gear but led by a man of imposing stature in black and yellow armor. After a few deliberations, the spies would say that the man had claimed to serve under Hali- and they would work off what remained of such information.

What had been concluded, however, was that the Dallarii could no longer be trusted. Contact with heretical groups was already a grave slight in the Dmitrial veterans' eyes, but what had been claimed was enough to ignite the conventional wars between the clans and Dmitria. What would have to be done would have to be done swiftly; the rabid dogs that had broken from their collars would need to be again restrained in binds that the ancestors of Dmitria once executed. Wherever the interceding trials that would lead Dmitria down yet another step in its history would only mean that they have reached an apex in the struggles they have gone through. Even now, it is clear the final trials of the Dmitrial Crisis now begin.

It is only how the dice fall that will decide the fate of its land.

The forgotten shadow

A story? I’ll tell you a story. One where death came for a town.

Imagine if you will a town winding down for the night, one unbothered by bandits or monsters, it’s guard lazy and content, and from the darkness arrows appear, turning men into porcupines, slain without word or warning. Gates bursting apart with such force they slam and crack the stone walls and from behind them the noise roars through, moaning and growling as they limp and hop through, grasping with clawed hands or swinging wildly swords and cleavers. Their putrid stench following them as they ignore the arrows and spears shoved into them, dragging men underneath mobs of them. Screaming in pain until a set of decaying teeth rip their throat out.

As the townsfolk awake to this terror a second set comes as the pouring of feet and the noise of metal fills the air, armored skeletons March through and over the zombie dog piles, and with methodical efficiency they begin their slaughter in the street and in homes they cut everyone down, man, woman, child. Throats cut and chests impaled.

Begging falling on long rotted ears and stopped with a quick thrust, a child’s screams silenced with a slash of a sword or bash of a shield. Those unlucky to survive brought to the town square and before them, lo, as they kneeled they beheld a pale horse, and atop it named death.

The Lich looked down, his eyes ablaze as the townsfolk were brought before an altar placed down by six revenants. From the Liches lips, foreign words rasped out, filling the air with power as the revenants went to the townsfolk and tore from their chests their hearts before adding it to the brazier of the altar, “ Xe aooyr zmywy wafdw za haf, virc aly, wa zmiz haf sudd wmrafv zmuw dilv ul virclyww wa zmiz sy pih talzulfy hafr sarc.”

With the sacrifice made the fire turned black as smoke and ash poured from it in copious amounts, billowing into the sky, blocking the very light of the moon and stars as laughter thundered over the town.

Santiago AU and Dmitrial

The Conquest of Ereford

With the cave system and districts of Naghak secured at long last, the Warmaster of Naghak, Grishok, looks out from the familiar world of the caves to the strange and alien world of the surface and orders preparations be made for the Nagha to finally rise and fulfill the destiny set before them by the gods. While the caves are their homes, bountiful and verdant due to the efforts of the Nagha and the grace of the gods, they can not sustain much more of their kind and thus conquest of the surface is not just a matter of religion, it is a matter of survival. It is unlikely the surface dwellers will condescend to allow the Nagha to freely settle the surface, not just because of racial hatred, but also a desire to maintain control of their lands. Thus, while regrettable, it is likely that the surface dwellers will have to be made to comply with Naghak through force of arms and what armies they raise shattered against the steely soldiers of the Ushtar. To that end, the Ushtar of Naghak has stirred itself to arms in preparation for the coming storm and has mobilized near the entrances to Naghak, long guarded by watchful sentinels to prevent the entombment of their entire civilization. Beyond the district, the first step on the road to conquest of the surface world awaits, the province known by its inhabitants as Ereford.

To their credit, the people of Ereford, upon realizing the full extent of the oncoming surge of the Ushtar, mobilized their militia and dispatched riders to warn the rest of the kingdom they were a part of. Unfortunately, their riders were waylaid by Goblin warg riders and their missives never reached the kingdom's capital, with news of the conquest of Ereford not reaching the rest of the kingdom until the Ushtar began a general advance into the nearby provinces. Despite being outnumbered, the militia fought on steadily against the steel shod monsters who had suddenly invaded their homes, utilizing fascinating weapons such as metal pipes set into wooden frames that fired small lead balls at high speeds, of varying sizes from crossbow sized weapons to a greatly sized construct that was the size of a warg and fired a massive ball. Despite these surprising and frightening weapons, their limitations enabled a Nagha victory and the banner of Naghak rose across the province. Fearing a massacre, the people barricaded themselves in their homes and expected to be slaughtered in their own beds, yet the Nagha were fiercely reigned in by the Warmaster, with the strictest orders not to provoke their new subjects. The Warmaster arranged for a meeting to take place with the aldermen of every village in the province, whereupon they were informed of the expectations that would be placed upon them and in return, they would be treated fairly. While the beginning of the framework of a system of cooperation with those the Nagha conquered was underway, Lieutenant Generals Augro and Urdat were stationed near the border with the rest of the kingdom they were invading, in preparation for further conquests and awaiting any potential counter offensives.

Santiago AU and Dmitrial

Puel the Starving

Puel sat at his desk, contemplating a legislation he was about to make. It would allow for the guard to fine farmers for undocumented livestock. It felt like a good legislation, but Puel was too tired to think more into it, and as a result, he got increasingly frustrated. His stomach growled, his ever-growing hunger aching him. He was used to it by now, but quiet work like this did not allow for him to distract himself from it. He pushed the paper aside, and groaned as he laid his head upon his desk.

“Lord of Gluttony, someone is here to meet you, sasi.”

The Lord looked up, seeing the guard standing and staring at him. He began to salivate, his appetite was returning, and it had its mind set on Calameri..He violently shook his head, and looked the guard in the eyes through the shrouded hat of his usual attire. “Bring them in, but...make sure they leave when they’re done, I’m not having good thoughts right now, su.” Puel orders. The guard nodded their head, and walked away, leaving Puel to himself. While the guard was gone, Puel looked at the fish biscuit on his desk, and quickly gobbled it up. It wouldn’t sate him for long, but it would at least help him not die from starvation.

The guard returned with a Calameri female, clothless, unlike Puel’s entirely covered body. He recognized her. “Is this another attempt to cure me, can it wait? The last one made me feel like garbage, su.” Puel says in an annoyed tone, “You know very well that the Sovereign of Charity assigned me to you, are you not at least grateful that people are trying to help you, sasi?” She replies, her tone stern, as if she was talking to a naughty child. “Please, Sheri, just leave me alo-” Puel was interrupted by Sheri as she approached him, “I’ll leave you alone once you are relieved of your curse. Puel, I know I’ve put you through alot, but please, you can’t expect to live through this forever, sasi.” Sheri loudly stated. Puel stood there for a few seconds, contemplating, before he let out a quiet sigh. “Alright, just make it quick, su.” he said as he got up from his desk. Sheri grabbed his paw, and led him to another part of the lodge, where a few other Calameri stood. Puel was led to the center of the room, where a table lay, his clothes were removed, revealing his emaciated body, and the mages approached him. “We’ve tried a lot of ways to make the curse disappear with time, but none have worked, this time, we are going to try and brute force it out of you, sasi.” Sheri says as her and the other mages’ hands begin to glow with a whitish blue light. “Will it hurt, su?” Puel asks, “Your body may sting a little, but that is just a natural reaction to this kind of spell. It won’t be too bad, sasi.” Sheri cheerfully says, before whispering to one of the mages near her, “Hold him down and muffle him, sasi.”. The mage does so as Puel was about to ask what she had said.

“Alright, on 3. 1, 2-”

A guard patrolling the hall that led to the room winced as he heard Puel’s muffled shrieks, and saw the blinding light that emanated from the bottom of the door. The guards would be hearing that for a long time if Sheri had her way. She did, for 2 hours straight. When they finally stopped, a mage touched Puel as he silently cried. The mage looked at Sheri, and shook his head, it didn’t work. Sheri looked down, defeated, and tried to comfort Puel, who pushed her away. “Puel I-” Sheri couldn’t say another word, as Puel hoisted himself off of the table, grabbed his clothes, and angrily stormed out of the door.

“He’s not mad at you, give him time to recover, su.” one of the mages says to Sheri, “Yeah..Just make sure he’s eating well, I’ll try and research more into his curse..I really wish they hadn’t killed the witch who did it. You’re all dismissed, sasi.” Sheri says, as she takes a book from a shelf and begins to read it.

Meanwhile, Puel went to sleep, tears soaking his bed as the aching continued.

Santiago AU, Dmitrial, and Saranna

Conquest of Lowglen

While the humans of the land they had invaded gathered their strength against this new and unfamiliar foe, the Nagha gathered every ounce of information they could glean from the inhabitants of occupied Ereford, as well as retrieving as many of those strange metal tube weapons and dispatching them to Nagharoki. It appeared that the county belonged to a nation named the Kingdom of Helder, ruled by an old king named Therhon Floren, one of many in a long line of dynastic monarchs. Furthermore, the capital of the Kingdom of Helder was in an adjacent province and stripped of its defenses, which were being spent on the frontier against "barbarians" and other, more terrible things, which was not clarified no matter how hard the people were pressed. Reportedly, the old king had been in isolation for some time, in sharp contrast to his early behavior and his edicts were, quote unquote, "increasingly nonsensical and akin to the raving of a mad man". Presumably, King Therhon was sliding into senility borne of his advanced age, which was unfortunate for his kingdom given he was reputed to have been quite the leader of men in his prime, yet very fortunate for the Nagha. Alas, while his armies were being wasted on minor threats, a threat to his entire nation would be given free hand to seize the reins of power with a single stroke.

The Lieutenant General, Urdat Poiukon-Bane, was dispatched to seize the capital and the land around it, surging over the boundaries dividing Lowglen and Ereford with a full legion, mounted scouts ranging ahead to assess the level of possible resistance and, where possible, harass enemy troops to deter widespread mobilization. Hastily formed militias, no matter how many of those firesticks they had, were easily brushed aside by the main body of the legion and the advance continued swiftly, until the towering defenses of Lowglen cast their shadows on the invading goblins. Siege engines were constructed swiftly, as cannons on the walls belched fire and smoke down at the Nagha troops as they surged against the wall with ladders and attempted to seize the walls without resorting to demolishing them first. Where before the Helderans broke against the iron fist of Naghak, the garrison, even stripped of most of its forces and their best at that, hurled the Nagha from the walls with extreme prejudice. Reportedly, Lieutenant General Urdat was pleased that the conquest would not be so devoid of glory as the beginning of the campaign and decided to take to the field himself, storming the walls alongside a core of Pale Goblins. With his powers manifesting sharply, the tide turned and the defenders were dislodged from the walls, Nagha surging over them to begin seizing the rest of the city. The hard part complete, Urdat turned towards the central keep of the city and pondered if he could add Uklayas ro Kinguk to his name.


The forgotten shadow

The man stood amongst the smoldering ruins back to back with what remained of his men, three humans, an elf, and an orc. The undead surrounding them, the skeletons as still as statues as behind them the zombies shuffled in place and groaned their agony.

“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! FINISH IT!” One of the elves scream, letting his arrow fly, cracking the skull of a skeleton, it’s shaft protruding from its eye socket as it remains motionless, from the fog a chilling voice creeps over the corpses and burning ruins of the town.

“You cannot rush the end mortal. It comes at its own pace”

The orc clutches a talisman and prays to his god for aid, his words choked off as he rises in the air choking, the survivors scream in fear as the Lich appears from the fog and shadows. Soundlessly as it peers up at the orc with its balefire eyes.

“Your Gods can no longer help you here mortal, soon He will kill all the Gods,” he looks at each of them in turn, “Soon the heavens themselves will fall silent, and He decrees the world too shall fall silent. I grant you these final moments of life to savor the temporary. For now you face eternity.” And with an effortless movement he snaps the orcs neck, and in quick succession he draws his blade, cutting the elves, the dwarf, and finally the human down.

Haki's Vault

Puiya snapped awake, instinctively pressing against his stomach as he yelped..wait..why didn’t it hurt anymore? He looked around, taking visual note of the bioluminescent cave he found himself in, it glowed a soft blue as he looked around. It was cold, and he felt tired. As he explored the cave, he noticed that it was filled with indents, small pits in the walls with beds and curtains where other Calameri slept, it was like a library of sleeping people..was he in a dream? He tried to wake one of the sleeping people up, nudging them slightly and poking them in the face, but they didn’t respond, they didn’t seem to even be aware of the cold. On top of that, when he checked one of them, they didn’t even have a pulse..but they were obviously alive, they were breathing. He then checked his own pulse out of curiosity..nothing. Puiya halted a loud gasp with his hands as tears began to bead up..this place..was he..


Puiya turned swiftly in response to the voice, meeting face to face with the featureless, mask-like face of a monster, their slender, centipede-like body wrapping around the cave system. He jumped back, his frills and mantle flaring in response to the thing before him. “W-who are you?!”, The thing responded as it approached Puiya, “Child, I have no name, your kind calls me “Haki” .''. The frightened child backs from Haki, still afraid. “And a child, too..poor thing. I am going to take care of you now, rest easy, no harm may come to you here.”. Haki approached the young child, who flinched as they got closer.

A pair of tendrils emerged from where their eyes should be, they were elongated and whitish in color, similar in shape to the tongue of a Calameri, obviously proportionally larger. They slithered towards Puiya, who, despite his best efforts, was quickly grabbed and lifted upwards. Puiya fought against Haki’s vicelike grip, his arms locked in place. He squealed, he knew his mother wouldn’t come, but he couldn’t help it. Haki simply let the child wear himself out, and when he finally did, they spoke. “See? I mean no harm.” they said as they began to slowly crawl from where they found Puiya. “W-what are you going to do to me?” Puiya asked, still afraid of the godlike being who had him in their grasp, “I am going to put you to sleep, you’ve died, don’t you want to rest awhile?”, “ am I dead? I can still-” Puiya was interrupted, “Feel? See? Touch? You have a soul, one molded by your body, their feelings surpass death.” Haki replied, he sounded like Puiya’s mother, it was unsettling, but comforting.

“But..No..I” Puiya stuttered, “This isn’t fair! I have to go back! My mother is waiting for me. I can’t just leave her!”, Puiya yelled as he violently struggled against Haki’s grip. Once again, his efforts were futile. “Child, that is behind you now, your mother will be here in time as well, so why worry?”, Haki asked, “Because she’ll be so sad! I can’t let that happen!” Puiya said as he stifled a squeak, “There..has to be a way to go back, you can do that?” Puiya asked in desperation. “I can” Haki said, “Then-” Puiya was interrupted, “But that is an expensive procedure, the means of which you have no way to pay for. You are staying here.”. Puiya remained silent and limp, the realization finally striking him. Haki realized that they likely had been too hard on them, and remained silent as he approached where he was heading to.

The pair entered a large panopticon, the roof heightened to fit hundreds of beds, one of which Haki gently put the kid down next to. “Here you are” They said, “What is this?” Puiya asked, “I said it already, I was taking you to bed, are you not tired? You have gone through so many emotions these past few minutes, you should rest.” Haki says calmly. The bed was sunken into the ground, with a small hole so that a Calameri could fit their crown in “I..guess.” Puiya said, “But I’m not tired, there’s just..too much to…” Before he could finish his sentence, he let out a large yawn. “Why do I feel so..” Puiya’s eyes began to feel heavy, and almost like clockwork, he crawled into the bed. It radiated a soft heat, and seemed to be comfortable no matter what position it was in, Puiya assumed a Calameri’s natural sleeping position, before beginning to drift off. “Before you go to bed, can I have your name? I had forgotten to ask” Haki said. “It’s..Puiya…” Puiya murmured before finally lying still. “Puiya.” Haki repeated, closing the curtain as Puiya slept.

“Dream well Puiya, You will be a fine addition to my collection.”

Santiago AU, Greater ladusia, and Dmitrial

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