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Southfield RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of Goathland (elected )

Founder: The Commonwealth of Wintermoore

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Most Nations: 138th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 994th
World Factbook Entry

Willkommen bei Southfield! Wir haben ein blühendes Rollenspiel und eine regionale politische Szene, die auf einem System der direkten Demokratie aufbaut! Wir nehmen eine harte Haltung zur Neutralität ein und werden uns nicht an feindlichen Konflikten beteiligen. Über die folgenden Links erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Region! Wir hoffen, Sie geniessen Ihre Zeit in der Region Southfield! Posten Sie auf unserem RMB oder Discord!

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Embassies: The League of Conservative Nations, The Embassy, India, Africa, Thaecia, Abydos, The Democratic Commonwealth, Deutschland, New Western Empire, Old Zealand, Union of Democrats, Montealba, New Reich of Bunicken, The NewsStand, Eastfield, New West Indies, and 14 others.The Moonlight Battle Born, Red Wolf Alliance, Lasagna, Alliance Francophone, Wintermoore, The United Ascendancy, Portugal, South Pacific, The Independent Nations, Conch Kingdom, The Kingdom of Great Britain, URA, Northern Union, and The Union of Nations.

The embassy with Old Zealand is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Southfield contains 125 nations, the 138th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Poor Incomes in Southfield

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Southfield is ranked 7,087th in the world for Highest Poor Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Lands of CarjuangaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”
2.The Empire of GoathlandLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Öt eid röf eht reich sí ä eitud fí eiraßecen.”
3.The Commonwealth of WintermooreCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“frelsi er friður, stríð er dauði”
4.The Democratic Republic of GraemaniaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Life, Liberty, Equality, and the Pursuit of Happiness”
5.The Democratic Republic of CalahoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“The Commonwealth will prevail”
6.The Federal Republic of GymariaAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Hae Enaeli Hae Raeli”
7.The Free State of New CanterburyNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Will in life, strength in Sacrifice”
8.The Confederation of AverraCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Dieu, patrie, liberté”
9.The Commonwealth of New HarlowCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Ðá mágh, uð dæm”
10.The Commonwealth of Bitter BridgeCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“From Freedom We Rise”
1234. . .1213»

Regional Poll • Should we Reform our Immigration Platforms to End the Citizenship Exam?

The Canton of Aarre wrote:Should Southfield ditch the citizenship exam?

Voting opened 1 day 19 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Opinion Poll: The Hunt for Mrs. Hunt”

Regional Happenings


Southfield Regional Message Board

1920 World Statistics as Confirmed by the Roleplay Ministry

Unemployment Rates:
Stock Markets

World’s Strongest Economies

1. Arganorh Union (+ 1.1%)
2. Kalantis (+ 1.03%)
3. Omya Alora (- 7.43%)
4. Jerrette (+ 1.12%)
5. Davintharia (+1.05%)
6. Dangchon (+1.01%)
7. Miyadaka (+2.03%)
8. Hasa Taesi (+1.12%)
9. Northern Union (+ 1.00%)
10. Rheibonn (+ 2.13%)

World’s Strongest Militaries

1. Arganorh Union
2. Omya Alora
3. Kalantis
4. Davintharia
5. Goathland
6. Miyadaka
7. Jerrette
8. Northern Union
9. Victorian Republic
10. Dangchon

Highest Salaries in the World

1. Wintermoore (CA 145,811)
2. Gymaria (CA 121,858)
3. Nordenhagen (CA 107’842)
4. Averra (CA 102’891)
5. Winterset Isles (CA 100’796)
6. Fannmark (CA 99’916))
7. Envalla (CA 91,984)
8. Skjelde (CA 89,281)
9. Estermore (CA 83,461)
10. New Canterbury (CA 82,857)

World’s Most Religious

1. Gujjubhai
2. Kalantis
3. Lucah
4. The Baton Rouge Free State
5. Arabay
6. Drakkan
7. Dubee
8. Rekovo
9. Malume
10. Haivaan

Highest Life Quality

1. Wintermoore
2. Winterset Isles
3. Averra
4. Nordenhagen
5. Fannmark
6. Skjelde
7. Dengard
8. Marieholm
9. Envalla
10. Vagngard

Best Healthcare Systems

1. Wintermoore
2. Averra
3. Winterset Isles
4. Nordenhagen
5. Fannmark
6. Gymaria
7. Dengard
8. Marieholm
9. Envalla
10. Vagngard

Lowest Crime Rates

1. Wintermoore
2. Averra
3. Winterset Isles
4. Nordenhagen
5. Fannmark
6. Estermore
7. Dengard
8. Marieholm
9. Envalla
10. Vagngard

Most Environmentally Friendly

1. Northern Union
2. Averra
3. Cliance Islands
4. Jerrette
5. Miyadaka
6. Gymaria
7. Castlelone
8. Gujjubhai
9. Novo Isles
10. Haivaan

Most Stable Societies and Democracies

1. Wintermoore
2. Averra
3. Skjelde
4. Fannmark
5. Gymaria
6. Nordenhagen
7. Marieholm
8. Mutemeadow
9. Falsemore
10. Vagngard


We have three referendums/initiatives that have ballot access this term!! If you have a referendum proposed you have until 25 September, 2020 to do so!!!


Mutemeadow wrote:Mutemeadow Prepares for its 1919 Landsgemeinde as Parliament Approves Security Regulations for the Event

The Landsgemeinde, the yearly gathering across Mutemeadow every year where the nation uses direct democracy to vote on matters of both local and national importance, as well as the federal budget, will take place in the coming weeks with several important proposals coming up. Green activists are moving for six solar powered factories to be subsidized for Mao Motors in the nation, as well as a national rejection of a fusion power plant. Conservative activists are moving, once again, for Mutemeadow to withdraw from the open border arrangement with the Arganorh Union, and all municipalities are required to hold local votes on their minimum wages after the Parliament approved a hike in the minimum wage this year.

Federal Proposals of 1919 Votes

Proposal Name

Proposed by

Opinion Polls


1920 Mutemeadow Federal Budget

Federal Assembly

49.82% Yes | 50.18% No

To be Announced

Expanding Neuwalden Airport

Organization for Aviation

52.96% Yes | 47.04% No

To be Announced

Reforming Funding for National Roads

Automotive Companies

45.98% Yes | 54.02% No

To be Announced

Capping Healthcare Premiums at 8% Salary

Healthcare Rights United

55.32% Yes | 44.68% No

To be Announced

Rejecting Fusion Power Plants

The Green Party

48.42% Yes | 51.58% No

To be Announced

Subsidizing Green Powered Factories

The Green Party

46.74% Yes | 53.26% No

To be Announced

Withdraw from the Open Border Agreement

The National Movement

41.53% Yes | 58.47% No

To be Announced

Read factbook

Education Reform

Gujjubhai’s Ministry of Education has announced an education reform where the youth starting from Preschool all the way till Standard 7 (there are 12 standards), will have traditional education and learning only which means that the learning will be based upon religion (full religion education about Maitri religion), environmental education and how important it is to us and how it is part of our daily lives, how to use swords, traditional songs, culture, and dances including the famous sword dance, activities from hide-and-seek to zip lining, traditional sports, traditional mathematics and science, and the history of the Gujju and Bhili people and about Gujjubhai.
From Standard 8-12, the students would attend normal high schools just like most of the world and prepares them to face the real world. Most days, classes are outdoors in parks in order to get the traditional feeling and the sense that all Gujju people are connected to Mother Earth and that we belong outdoors for them to truly know everything about this world and it’s beauty and knowledge. From Standard 11, students must know the generalized field of study in which they wish to pursue a career in, so they can take courses based on the career of their focus or choice which makes them extra prepared for the career and the real world.

This educational reform for primary and secondary education (university not included as that is its own thing) is a push to get the people more enrooted with the Gujjubhai culture, the environment, and with themselves as students get an abundance of opportunities to find out more about themselves as a person.

This new system has received both praise and disapproval among the Gujjubhai populace as most people think that it is good that the new education system is going back to some of the older and traditional ways of doing things and it will prepare them for the real world more than modern education in the primary school phase, but some others think that it will drive away intelligence and modern education is the best (classroom learning and modern education).
President Antan Nawa has promised everyone that this education reform will produce hard working, culturally rich, smart, and progressive people that will enrich the nation and keep it grounded to realism, smart advancements, and our culture.

I will close the signups for the tournament today

Hey everyone!! I have an announcement!!

We are going to be opening ABO Entertainment this week!! It is a much improved news site approved by Aarre and Black Hallows in cooperation with the private entertainment groups. We will be deploying 5 nations who applied to join our team, and will provide services in as many languages as is possible!! We will also be approving a second political news site to cover regional politics!! I will be posting the link when everything is done being drafted!

Gymaria wrote:Carjuanga, you have blocked telegrams from me. In order to complete your sign up we need to be able to telegram you.

Wait whut, how come?

Lhanbryde Unable to Elect new Reich Chancellor - Snap Elections Called

After the resignation of Reich Chancellor Stefan Kandel due to racial comments he made in the past, the Reichstag was unable to form a new government, causing snap elections to be held in one month's time with President Oskar Winkler governing by decree until elections are held and a new government can be formed in the Reichstag.

Carjuanga wrote:Wait whut, how come?

Not sure. I tried to reply to your telegram and it said I was banned.

ABO Entertainment Has Launched for our Roleplay World!!

ABO Entertainment, a long awaited project of the regional government and of our private ABO club, has finally been completed. It will be updated on a regular schedule with two new stories in 4 different categories: Culture, Current Events, Politics, and Crime. We will be providing the French, German, and Swedish versions of this site soon!! Please check out this website and let us know what you think, it has been in the works for a long time.

Cultural Stories:

1. The Winter Festival is happening right now in the RP world. Do you know anything about this holiday? If not, our story provides you an insight into a holiday that is celebrated around the world, and is the largest non-religious holiday.


2. Gymaria has the highest disposable income in the world, and the second highest wage. The nation, on top of that, has the highest amount of household savings on average - something promoted by their savings culture. But are too much savings a bad thing?


Current Events Stories:

1. The Refugee Crisis of Korasha is something that has been caused by the ongoing tribal wars on the continent. Ryumar has also been experiencing a refugee crisis. What caused this, and should countries in richer areas do more? What do these refugees actually go through to warrant them coming to richer countries? We tell the story of a refugee fleeing her homeland to show what these people go through to get to safety.


2. The Arganorh 20 Summit is the annual meeting of Arganorh's richest economies. This year's meeting was held in Rosair, Jerrette and ended this week. What was accomplished? Is this meeting beneficial to the continent, or a waste of time and tax money? ABO Reports.


Political Stories:

1. The Davintharians are set to elect a new House of Commons in the upcoming general elections. Widespread belief says that the Conservative Party is set for a crushing defeat at the polls, as feelings about incumbent Prime Minister Lewis McCormick turns sour.


2. Mutemeadow is set to vote in their 1919 "Landesgemeinde" this week in the largest display of direct democracy in the world. What is the Landesgemeinde, and what will the people be voting on in the upcoming votes?


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