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Welcome to The Alliance of Dictators, the NationStates nexus of totalitarian, autocratic and authoritarian nations. We are an active roleplay community of diverse players, but all of us agree that the right to govern should be reserved for exceptionally gifted and intelligent individuals - like ourselves. Together, we will lead the ignorant masses to a glorious future! Join us, and be part of that future.

ALL WA NATIONS MUST ENDORSE Peoples Republic of the German States!

The endorsement cap for non-Delegate WA nations is 15.
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The Alliance of Dictators contains 119 nations, the 147th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Dictatorship of JosephlandCorporate Police State Halliburton“Oderint Dum Metuant”
2.The Dictatorship of Independent Federation of CroatiaPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“For Homeland, Ready !!!”
3.The Despotic Dictatorship of DespoticaniaCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“God was a dream of good government.”
4.The Exalted Supremacy of East BorlandIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Crush Their Spirits and You Will Control Their Minds”
5.The Glorious State of KhalitePsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Father Knows Best”
6.The Greater Republic of NatviaCorporate Police State Halliburton“Everything for the General”
7.The ELF-Eladen Slave World of Demons of ValkarthIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Death to All”
8.The Rogue Nation of Dragonic OverlordsIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Death is but a simple swing of the sword”
9.The Dictatorship of AmeriganastanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Cull the weak, reward the loyal”
10.The Dictatorship of The Righteous LeadersPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“We are right. You are wrong.”
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Veradax wrote:OOC: No one crusades quite like Religious Zealots of the Hater variety.

OOC: Just take me, Pope Urban II.

Westbeech wrote:OOC: Just take me, Pope Urban II.

OOC: Though the Last Crusade of Hate was pretty much the AoD equivalent of the Fourth Crusade.

An Unbalanced Mind

The very next day after the palace eunuchs produced signed testimonies of the white paper authors working with foreign intelligence agencies, the military police arrested the suspects at the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs under suspicions of breaching the Middle Kingdom’s espionage acts, on direct orders from the Huangdi. They were to be detained until a thorough investigation either found evidence of their collaboration with foreign governments or cleared their names.

The Huangdi, who was growing disillusioned with his palace eunuchs, now found himself questioning the true loyalties of his state civil service. He did not know that the testimonies were coerced. And though he knew the palace eunuchs were interested in a weakened state civil service, he still viewed them as his loyal subjects, and the idea that they would go as far as they did to discredit their rivals was not something that crossed his mind.

His thoughts naturally drifted to the most pessimistic outcome: a state civil service structurally in the employ of foreign governments. He decided he preferred corrupt palace eunuchs to treasonous civil servants. And yet, he had to wonder: how likely was it really for foreign intelligence agencies to compromise a multi-ministerial institution when, until recently, the Middle Kingdom had been diplomatically and politically cut off from the rest of the world?

And yet the Huangdi also could not discount the strong Artarumen support for the white paper authors. Civil servants everywhere were mere functionaries of the state; they were shadowy, lowly figures who humbly agreed to work for the greatness of their countries behind the scenes, never seeking personal greatness or credit in the process. And yet was it not Prime Minister Anthony Bishop of Artarum who personally supported the white paper authors? How often did you hear a head-of-government supporting a civil servant, much less one in another country who had admitted to working for another government? Perhaps the white paper authors were Arturamen agents? And instead of asking to speak with him, he would send his ambassador to smile and lie to coverup his intelligence agency's muck-up. The indignity!

Then he remembered the upcoming Arturamen elections. The Huangdi considered how the Middle Kingdom could get involved and have Anthony Bishop lose to Lambert Faulkner, the imperial government’s undeclared favourite. He even planned it, the details and minutia of how he would convince the Artarumen public to elect Faulkner over the conspiring Bishop.

He got up from his chair in his office and was about to walk out and have his secretary summon his imperial government.

Then it hit him.

He realised where his thoughts had taken him. Shaking his head, he sat back down. Correcting his posture, with his hands on his kidneys, he closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He sat like this for hours.

He became one with the Dao, and let go of his worries.

The New Generation (Pt. 1)
“Government leadership, no matter the system, must be led by the educated and powerful.” - Lilie Korban

In the military bunker under Elita’s isolated residence, the highest ranked Westbeechian military officials had gathered to meet with Lilie, her brother Maximus, and her cousin Monos. Lilie stood before the table of decorated veterans, looking quite out of place. However, she made sure that they would recognize her.

“The establishment of our military upon not only numbers, but firepower as well, has ensured that many newcomers will require excessive training. The division of the infantry into the specialized groups ensures that the training will be minimized, but the soldiers will be better prepared for their duty with the equipment they have. To move backwards is to threaten the ability of our military in times of emergency, and that would not look good.

The root of our military is the specialization in types of combat. Our Special Forces more than make up for the need to maintain a multitude of roles at once, however there may be a need for a growth in the number of these capable soldiers. An expansion of the Special Forces, therefore could be necessary. I propose a doubling of the numbers as soon as we can prepare them. It is my firm belief that the Special Forces may be the future of our military.”

The Inspector General nodded. “You have what kind of experience or knowledge to make such a decision?”

Years Before, in Lilie’s Adolescence
Lilie, along with Maximus, had snuck out of the city. She had only one thought in mind: What lays in the desert, the land few understood? She guided her brother out of the cities and travelled quickly utilizing her wings, while Maximus had “commandeered” an unfortunate man’s bicycle.

After hours of travel, they arrived at an old military outpost. This outpost had been deserted since before the unification and seemed to be crumbling from the outside. A short circle of the outpost revealed the entrance to the structure. Lilie landed and stood next to Maximus outside the entrance. “This place has only been mentioned as a relic of old in all the books. I think that it must be much more though. Who would build such a structure out here for no reason other than aesthetics?”

Lilie and Maximus forced the door open which forced the door to fall onto the dark, stone floor. Maximus removed his flashlight and held it to allow Lilie to see all around her. She walked to the far end of the room and saw writing on the wall. “This writing is an ancient dialect. It was written before the three kingdoms within Westbeech had formed. It doesn’t make sense, though. Such a structure should mean that there was a civilization much larger than that of a tribe in the area, but there wasn’t anything more than the small desert tribes here.” Lilie took out one of her many ancient books and began translating the message.

“The endless destruction of man, the cursed wars that follow. Nothing more dominates our lands.”

Maximus spotted a small, hidden latch under the ancient writing. He grabbed it and pulled, forcing it open so fast that he fell down. Under the latch was a staircase that winded down into a large chamber. All along the staircase was more of the ancient writing. Lilie and Maximus quickly descended down to the bottom of the staircase. When they reached the bottom, they noticed the writing suddenly stopped. They walked to where it ended and noticed a case of some sort just barely exposed, protruding from the wall.

Lilie grabbed the box and pulled as hard as she could, but it didn’t move. Maximus joined in and they continued to attempt to pull. No matter how much they tried, it didn’t budge. Just as they were about to give up, Lilie noticed a set of words on the wall that were in golden letters. She approached the words and read quietly, “Where the weapons of old are stored, few may enter. Of those who enter, only the chosen may have their weapon.”

When she finished reading, another box, which was in another section of the room, started giving off a faint glow. The glow looked something like Korbanite, a material that the nation had just recently started utilizing. Lilie carefully approached the box and gripped it. It seemed to slip from the stone wall, as if nothing were holding it back. She dared not open it, for she feared what could be inside. Maximus grabbed Lilie’s shoulders and brought her into a hug and whispered, “So the ancients chose you.”

The Present Day
“You speak out of line, General,” said Maximus.

Schoerner sneered, but after glimpsing around the room, just hung his head.

Monos stood up and declared, “What she says is true. The Special Forces will allow us to quickly adapt and outdo any opponent we encounter. I say we get what she wants done finished as quickly as possible.

However, Lilie, what of the Guard? They are trained even more rigorously and are prepared for anything that could be thrown their way. They are the best of the best in our military. I say we expand the Guard as well in order to better protect our leaders and to eliminate any foe with ease.”

The leaders in the Guard gave a slight nod. Lilie responded, “I agree. They would make the best of our nation with their utilization. To not expand the Guard in any type of military expansion is almost shameful in itself. I also propose we expand its armored group. This way, we’ll see greater action in offensives from the Guard and a better understanding of what other types of armor we could produce to ensure victory.”

The entire room of representatives gave nods of approval. The Inspector General stood up and approached Lilie. “You, young lady, seem to have an idea of changes we need. I think you will do amazing work in the future.” Schoerner then saluted her before quickly exiting. The rest of the staff followed, each shaking Lilie’s hand before exiting.

Maximus grabbed Lilie’s coat and helped her put it on while Monos approached. “Lilie, I am truly worried about the future. My sister, Marlene, is trying to get more and more support from locals and officials. You are aware that she plans on grabbing a few things for herself against your will?”

“Monos, I assure you. No matter what happens, we will see that everything will turn out in the favor of our family. Marlene simply dreams of being as powerful as your mother. Her obsessive need for that power will be her downfall and when that time comes, I’m sure she will realize the errors of her ways. She may do what she wants anyways, I’m not the Dictator yet, don’t forget. Elita would never allow anything ill to befall the nation while she rules.”

Lilie grabbed her bag and checked on Maximus, who seemed to be deep in thought, staring at her. Monos grabbed Lilie’s arm. “You can’t let her do more. She will want you gone and will do anything to do it. You must have her arrested or we might face something worse than a family feud.”

Lilie pulled her arm away quickly while Maximus quickly stood between the cousins. “Monos, I have already told you, Elita remains Dictator. Her health is not something that can allow me to override her rule. She is simply allowing me to make these decisions in order to maintain the normal operation of our government. What Marlene does is not any of my business and likely won’t be my business at any point in the near future.”

Lilie turned to leave and brushed Monos’s shoulder as she left to reassure her. Following Maximus, Lilie left the room to return to meet with other representatives from multiple areas of the government.

Spiritual Republic of Caryton wrote:An Open Address from Dorothy Shirleyton

"Do you think it's a good idea to let him speak?"

, the Crown Prince asked nobody in particular, keeping an eye on the small stage that had been set up in Castle Hohenstaufen's courtyard. He stood there, behind the plethora of technicians, cameras and what else they had set up to record and televise the Grand Duke's address, together with two other men, these being the Chief of the Supreme Command of the Schwabenwehr, Karl-Heinz von Liechtenstein, as well as the Grand Ducal Chancellor, Volker Waldemar Rüdiger von Höllbronn. All three of them looked kind of lost in all the activity and between all those...specialists, keeping their hands in their pockets and their postures slightly slouched over as they watched things unfold around them with morose faces.

"Prolly not. But after what this Shirleyton gal pulled, there ain't no way that any of us could've kept our mouths shut. And honestly, I'd rather his majesty take the blame than myself."

, Karl-Heinz replied, his gaze pinned on the Grand Duke, who was slowly, with the aid of his blind butler, making his way onto the stage.

"A fine Chief of the Supreme Command you are, throwing your sovereign and best friend under the bus like that. I wonder if it qualifies as high treason."

The Crown Prince's tone was acidic and the threat within it not even veiled, causing Karl-Heinz to whip around and stare the young man, lowly growling:

"Watch your trap you piece of s###. If you weren't his son, I swear I'd-"

"Gentlemen, please."

, the chancellor suddenly interjected, pointing at the stage where the Grand Duke had reached his podium and was clearly preparing to start his speech.

"He's starting."

"My dearest subjects, you can turn off your TV right now or switch the channel, this address isn't directed at you. Yes, I am not joking and now shush, the whole lot of you!

Not so long ago, many among us were graced by a rather unwelcome broadcast. A message broadcasted by christian fundamentalist sectarian heretics or whatnot. Something of the sort anyway. We elected to repay them in kind, flooding the offending channel with the most vile, unchristian things we could broadcast. For the exact same duration as their initial broadcast. An eye for an eye or something like that, isn't that what the bible says?

And now this f###ing b#### who calls herself Dorothy Shirleyton, the head looney of that weird country called Caryton or maybe its church, I don't know, I think it is interchangeable, has come out publicly. And she has dared to question our methods of retaliation! Unproportional did she call them! Uncalled for! Monstrous!

Well I say the same to you and your 'citizen's' horrifying vocal attack on my wonderful nation, do you hear that, Dorothy?!? Do you hear it?!?!?!?!?!? We have not wasted away in the dungeons of the christian zealots for decades to have to listen to your sickening b#######! We have not endured the hot iron and coal, the lashings, the kicks and degradation, the waterboarding and all kinds of horrifying torment at the hands of your kind to so we have to sit still and let it freely walk all over us! We have not watched lovers, friends and comrades pulled from their houses in the middle of the day by eager Inquisitors to never be seen again! We did not make mass graves of the worst of these villains just so their foreign compatriots can come to haunt us and put their saltened fingers into our wounds!

Now have a nice day Frau Shirleyton and remember to never, ever, ever again pull to light what is best forgotten. Otherwise I will be forced to expand the persecution of certain species of the canis lupus familiaris to certain members of the species homo sapiens. Good night."

The Eurasian Steppes wrote:The Reykh was nearly ecstatic at the news of them being contacted by a similar state, perhaps this could be the start of a new relationship between their nations? Maybe even a joint-nuclear program? The Marshal did his best to contain his inner joy that someone out there aligned with the late Fyurer's views and wanted to assist them in their great crusade. Perhaps not all Germanics were evil.

To the illustrious Minister Baron Friedrich zu Ulm,

Your words of condolences for the great Fyurer's passing has been well received by the Marshal. We wish that his legacy will last across Talarus forevermore, and we aim to make it so.

Yet, as you state, Talarus is invested with the vermin which wish to snuff out the fire of the wonderful works which the Fyurer had bestowed upon us. They shun the Spartanist lifestyle that we have so cultivated for their own benefit, they are nothing but the greedy parasitic elements we have been warned about. The people who have stolen the sacred land where we once dwelled in peace and harmony, the Holy Land of the ancient Rushen, now lost to time immortal. However, together we can continue to to cleanse Talarus of both these vermin, and the ones who will hold us back from Utopian progress.

The only ones who oppose us are the weak-minded and sickly we wished to relieve from the pain of living, for their lives were forfeit from their birth. If God above wanted them to live, he would have made them normal. The unorganized reds, and monarchist usurpers, and the democratic scum all wish to see Talarus burn. We will not let than happen! We will make every blockhouse a fortress, every street a killing field, and we will not rest until Talarus is purified.

All we ask for is materiel and weapons to be flown in at the Glavnigrad International Airport, although it was closed down to foreign flights for a few years it will be opened up once more to allow for those who wish to aid us in our holy struggle to touch down safely. Perhaps, in the future when all of this is settled, our two great states can discuss a more permanent friendship.

Minister of the Foreign Office
Valery Shostakovich

To the esteemed Minister of the Foreign Office, Valery Shostakovich,

It is good to hear that the Fyurer's vision still has such stunch defenders of itself. His majesty, the Grand Duke, is also most pleased with the commitment to the cause that you have displayed.

However, there is one question that is majesty has asked me to convey. That question being wether or not the Rushen Reykh is willing and capable of launching offensive operations against the usurpers. Your telegram made it quite clear that you will not be giving up the ground you hold yet his majesty is not interested in an endless war of attrition being waged in Talarus. Stability must return soon and the cancer must be cut out before it can fester.

As such his majesty has requested that the Rushen Reykh launch an offensive towards the north and secure a port city or multiple. This way the Marshal and the Reykh as a whole can prove to his majesty that they are both willing and capable of reclaiming their nation instead of just holding on, but we also ease the supply situation. Glavnigrad is, as I have been told by my staff, situated in the very center of the country, making access to it viable only by aircraft and, as military staff has told me, highly risky due to the likely presence of hostile anti air assets on the way.

Regardless of the undertaking of such an offensive operation or even its success, his majesty still remains committed to the support of the Rushen Reykh and fully intends to begin deliveries of primarily small arms and ammunition immediately. So long as the Rushen Reykh does not own a port, the delivery of heavier armaments will likely be...impossible.

Minister of Foreign Relations
Baron Friedrich zu Ulm

National Party leader Lambert Faulkner introduces his team, Conservative Party leader Sigismund Hirdman wins leadership election and is slated to continue as leader, large group of MP's resign from National Coalition

LIUDAN — It was a hectic week in Artarum as the various parties involved in the upcoming elections held conferences and conventions. With the government bloc collapsing, the former Senior Undersecretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the current leader of the National Party, Lambert Faulkner, introduced a part of his close team to the public in a massive conference that was also televised.

Notable picks are the Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Matthew Herzog, who was a senior official in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office prior to his resignation in order to join the National Party and run for Parliament, the Minister of State for Defence, Schalk Vorster, notable for being a more interventionist figure in the academia and also being one of the few Boers in the National Party's higher echelons, and the Minister of State for International Trade and Development, Matthias Wright, who has been an instrumental figure within the Ministry of Business and Commerce as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in establishing the framework of the various international organisations Artarum has pioneered such as the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Development, the International Assembly, and the Artarumen Commonwealth.

Speaking in order to explain the National Party's foreign policy outlook and vision, Herzog took the podium to outline the program as follows: "The foreign policy agenda we have set is underpinned, primarily, by three foundational pillars. These are, in order of priority, the achievement of consensus with our international partners, with Zhongwangguo and Umbraen being the most important of these at the moment, and the establishment of a multi-lateral movement plan; the institution of a new world order based upon mutual agreement, free trade, liberal democracy, all guaranteed by active participation in international communities and institutions with commonly-agreed upon laws to preserve order, stability, and peace; finally, the active commitment of the members of the free world to preserve the safety, security, stability, and the overall well-being of other like-minded states in the face of crises, be these economic, financial, political, or military.

To give an example, the current crisis in The Eurasian Steppes is one such challenge confronting the free world at this juncture. It is our belief as the National Party that the forces of democracy in Talarus cannot be permitted to be destroyed and to fall into darkness. While we appreciate the support of the current government to the Rushen, it is our firm belief that this is not enough, and that the situation in Talarus is fragile enough to warrant more pro-active, more direct action."

In other news, Sigismund Hirdman, the leader of the Conservative Party, faced a leadership challenge in his party from Michael Barlowe, but kept his position with 61% of the vote amongst the party delegates, compared to Barlowe's 27%. Thanking the party delegates for the victory, Hirdman stated that "the Conservative Party will adapt itself to the needs of the Artarumen public and maintain Artarum's position as a world power, unhindered by destructive ideologies of the radical left and the radical right, keeping the Empire on a steady course ahead". Hirdman is 79 years old and many Conservative Party voters, especially the younger sections, express worries that he is unfit to lead Artarum for five years, and that they would prefer to avoid yet another general election in the near future.

Finally, another group of Members of Parliament from the National Coalition group resigned from their party, electing to sit as independent MP's for the remaining duration of the Imperial Parliament, citing serious concerns over the leadership of Anthony Bishop regarding both the government and the election campaigning, with one senior staff member of one of the MP's, who has requested to remain anonymous, stating that "the National Coalition organisation is in disarray. Nobody knows what is going on, the provinical and ward offices have no connection to the centre, and really, nobody quite knows what the goal is. The fact might be that National Coalition simply is no more."

Two Nations, One Ideal!

Purportedly upon orders from the Supreme Office itself, private correspondence was attempted with the Peoples Republic of the German States by the Commissariat of the People's Social Republic in an attempt to form an alliance of mutual interests in Talarus.

Sanctuary Point wrote:Their group had nearly reached the hall leading to Governor-Colonel Maple Tree’s office when they noticed the large number of grey suited bodies being looked over by medics. Rounding the corner, they also found their way barred by a pile of binders haphazardly gathered in the middle of it. The cause of both these oddities made itself known as a pony barrelled through the door with his head ducked down to dodge a flying book as the Major’s mother called out from her office. “Come back with another idiotic suggestion like that and I’ll castrate you with a stick.”

The Major and his guards could only smirk as they lead Pearlescent and Shield into the room where a few administratum drones cowered in a corner. “Black, Ms. Wind.” The Colonel said their names warmly before looking at the suits again. “Get out, military matters don’t involve ponies who try to gut welfare to pay for a holiday about cheese.” Maple flung a thick tomb of legalese at one of them and spurring everyone not in uniform to leave quickly.

Pearlescent did her best to suppress a chuckle.

"Good day, Ma'am," she greeted the Colonel. "I... ahem... I see you're not used to dealing with obstructive bureaucrats who all think that their particular case is the most important thing in the world. Mother and Father did their best to prepare me for a lifetime of just that, so I can understand your frustration... Anyway, the tour Major Black gave us was most informative. We didn't have time to see the entire settlement of course, but I think we can now move freely around without risking getting hopelessly lost. Isn't that right, Shi... Earthquake?"

Shield nodded.

He said, "Indeed. And I was surprised to see how well Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi all worked together as equals. Many of them were former Equestrian citizens and yet they had adjusted to your social norms almost perfectly. Maybe the Imperium is more open to change than anypony had thought."

Sanctuary Point wrote:The mare scoffed at Rainbow. “I don’t know if I should be pleased or disturbed that you recall my mother, Oathbreaker. Are you wanting to take my skull to replace hers on your rack after we destroyed them the last time you fought us?” She scraped her claws together, sparks flying off the talons. “You are welcome to try.”

“That’s enough, Captain.” A new voice called out as Rainbow looked up at New Elysium’s walls again even as Lightning Kicker still glared at her immortal enemy. Alula Kicker descended with five of her chosen hetairoi, their black and gold armour blending with the thunderclouds of the gatehouse. “Mater, are you here to see the death of False Loyalty?” The teal mare crowed before the Elysian General placed herself and her guards between the would-be combatants. “No, I have not. Not have I come to see the deaths of anyone else, least of all out guest.” Alula gave a sweep of her leg and the turrets which had been aiming at Rainbow’s group returned to their previous position.

Lighting stared at her superior. “Guest? You would invite this murderer into our stronghold?” She asked, poleaxed by what she’d just heard. “Have you forgotten what she’s done? Have you forgotten what she’s taken from us, who she’s taken from us?” Alula returned a icy glare at the captain, hovering inches from Lightning’s face. “I have forgotten nothing, Captain. I recall the name and face of all our dead just as I recall that we are not in our reality anymore meaning that she is not the mare you think she is. Now stand down, Captain.”

Rainbow was about say something everypony involved would probably have regretted but in a rare moment of self control (learned during her long years as the supreme commander of the Imperium's military) she decided to swallow her pride and think again. Watching the exchange between Lightning and Alula she tried to understand what exactly was going on here.

So this mare... this Lightning... was not Lightning Dust but her daughter. Except that she was about the same age her mother had been when Rainbow had last seen her. And of course her mother was not the same Lightning Dust Rainbow had known in her youth but instead Lightning Dust's alternate self from another dimension, where Rainbow's own alternate self was one of the so called Arch-traitors who had killed innumerable Ponies, including this alternate version of Lightning Dust... The General had trouble wrapping her mind around the weirdness of all this interdimensional mumbo jumbo. Twilight was far better suited for that sort of thing. Rainbow almost had to slap herself in the face in order to clear her thoughts, but that would have been inappropriate in the presence of the Novumequines and her own soldiers...

Ultimately the only outward sign of the blue Pegasus' frustration was a small exasperated groan.

"Thank you... um... General," she said after quickly scanning the rank insignia on Alula's uniform. "Captain Hot-head here seems to have trouble realizing that she is now living in an entirely different universe. I hope that not everypony in New Elysium is as impulsive and hostile as her... Anyway, I bring greetings and good wishes from Her Immortal Ladyship and the Beacon of Hope for All Ponykind, Imperatrix Twilight of the House of Sparkle. I'm here on a mission of goodwill and represent my country and my ruler with the intention of fostering mutual understanding and good relations between the Imperium and the Diarchy. As a sign of Her infinite benevolence, the Imperatrix wishes to present you with this gift."

One of her Pegasus warriors opened her saddle bag and, with some difficulty, presented Alula with a golden statue of the Two Sisters.

"This statue was unearthed during an archaeological expedition to the Castle of the Two Sisters and is believed to predate Nightmare Moon's reign. Her Immortal Ladyship believes that you should have it as a sign of the shared origin of all Ponykind."

The Greater Antipodes wrote:Two Nations, One Ideal!

Purportedly upon orders from the Supreme Office itself, private correspondence was attempted with the Peoples Republic of the German States by the Commissariat of the People's Social Republic in an attempt to form an alliance of mutual interests in Talarus.

The Revolution Must Be Exported!

There would be nothing but support from the Volksrepublik to move forward in a joint intervention in Talarus. The Volksrepublik writes a verbose, politically driven letter in reply to offer by the Social Republic: "In an ocean of capitalist dogs, monarchist swine, and fascist hounds the worker must work hand-in-hand to accomplish the dreams of the Proletariat. The criminal states that are planning to dig their hands into the boiling pot of Talarus are only criminally and irresponsibly jeopardizing the fate of peace, the fate of the people of Talarus. They are sowing among the people of Talarus a revolutionary fervor, a hatred of the capitalist system making profit off of war, and soon that pot will overflow to burn the hands of the anti-revolutionary dogs. The Volksrepublik and Social Republic must turn up the heat by aiding our revolutionary kin, the red brothers and sisters that bleed for the teachings of socialism. We must make victors or martyrs out of them."

The International Trading Alliance Expands Business Operations
[The Eurasian Steppes

As the International Trading Alliance (ITA) continued to promote a path to peace and confederation for the two largest liberal democratic factions in Talarus, the consortium of Chinese businesses developed into a more influential figure in the Rushen political landscape through two new developments: an influx of new members and expanded business activities.

The consortium—already made up of businesses spanning many different industries—saw further industrial diversification as new businesses officially joined the ITA. While the telecommunications industry remains a leading influence on the business alliance, representing some of the biggest Chinese private corporation names, the recent inclusion of several private military companies and arms manufacturers has seen a renewed interest for the ITA to expand its business operations outside the Liberal Democracy Theatre, given its confidence in deploying private military assets to protect its members’ interests.

As part of its efforts to expand business activities, the ITA approached Rushen telecommunications companies that operated in the Far-Left Theatre and attempted to negotiate the purchase of their operations in the region at a steep discount rate, citing that soon the socialist factions would seize their assets in the name of wealth redistribution and that because of the risk the ITA was willing to take on, it felt that the discount rate was justified. If negotiations succeed, the ITA’s private military companies will deploy adequately armed units to safeguard the newly acquired telecommunications assets against all internal and external threats.

The expanded business activities also saw the ITA negotiating on behalf of its members on forming partnerships with telecommunications companies in the Rushen Reykh Theatre and the Monarchist Theatre. Here, the ITA promised the relevant authorities assistance in carrying out mass surveillance programmes against their citizens and the resumption of telecommunications services following the chaos that has uprooted the entire country. The Chinese business alliance promised to gradually increase capital investments in restoring more services, in return for an increase in the ownership stake of the partnering telecommunications companies.

The ITA believes that by effectively taking over an entire industry disrupted by the civil war, it has the unique opportunity to bring the people together again by restoring direct lines of communications between loved ones. And in the process, the ITA’s telecommunications and private military member companies will surely benefit from the new and generous cash flows.

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