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Most Corrupt Governments: 365th Most Avoided: 505th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 514th Largest Mining Sector: 533rd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 628th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 738th Highest Economic Output: 740th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 825th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 843rd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 940th Highest Average Incomes: 1,024th Most Devout: 1,078th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,091st Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,096th Most Authoritarian: 1,271st Largest Retail Industry: 1,293rd Largest Insurance Industry: 1,309th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 1,446th Fattest Citizens: 1,462nd Highest Disposable Incomes: 1,472nd Largest Governments: 1,472nd Most Influential: 1,559th Most Conservative: 1,732nd Most Subsidized Industry: 1,775th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,776th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,857th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,916th
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Welcome to The Alliance of Dictators, the NationStates nexus of totalitarian, autocratic and authoritarian nations. We are an active roleplay community of diverse players, but all of us agree that the right to govern should be reserved for exceptionally gifted and intelligent individuals - like ourselves. Together, we will lead the ignorant masses to a glorious future! Join us, and be part of that future.

ALL WA NATIONS MUST ENDORSE Peoples Republic of the German States!

The endorsement cap for non-Delegate WA nations is 10.

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The Alliance of Dictators contains 126 nations, the 97th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Dictatorship of JosephlandCorporate Police State Halliburton“Oderint Dum Metuant”
2.The Exalted Supremacy of East BorlandIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Crush Their Spirits and You Will Control Their Minds”
3.The Dictatorship of AmeriganastanIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Crush the fools and glory shall be yours.”
4.The Technocratic Empire of VeradaxFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Τηε Αδʎανχεμεντ οφ Σχιενχε ις Ιμπερατιʎε”
5.The Grand Hive of The New Changeling EmpireIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“The Hive Is Everything”
6.The Rogue Nation of Dragonic OverlordsIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Death is but a simple swing of the sword”
7.The Despotic Dictatorship of DespoticaniaCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“God was a dream of good government.”
8.The Holy Empire of VasilinopleCorporate Police State Halliburton“Gia ton Christó kai ton Aftokrátora”
9.The Kingdom of Leon the FirmFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“We know what we want and where we are going”
10.The Hallowed States of I am BatmanCorporate Police State Halliburton“Superman is a wuss”
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The Technocratic Empire of Veradax wrote:This is for the purpose of gathering public opinion concerning the regional map and whether or not it should be made to be more unique to our region. All modifications will be carried out by the regional cartographer. Contact the Community Minister if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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The Alliance of Dictators Regional Message Board

Lenspheria wrote:It wasn't too long before a simple note, with a foreign phone number written upon it, was tacked into the door of a military outpost in the Front controlled region of al-Wahid. The number, once called led to the Ministry of External Affairs for Quari'zash where several things happened. The opening of formal negotiations with the front between Quari'zash and the Front as well as permission to send 'emissaries' to discuss the future of their solely political actions to take against the other factions. Though... the words spoken made it seem as if this were simply a formality.

The Front was quick to follow up on the offer to establish formal relations with Quari’zash. The rebels looked forward to receiving their emissaries to better understand their interests in the region and the support they might offer in that pursuit.

The Greater Antipodes wrote:The Office of the Party Leadership made no public comment on the state of affairs in al-Wahid, deciding instead to keep an amicable façade of support to the 'legitimate' government that governed the Republic. Any accusations of interference would be denied and continued letters of comradely support to Muhammad Masoud's Front were sent over on a frequent basis, from the Lord-Protector himself no less. However, for the People's Self-Defence Force it was an entirely different story - whilst the Social Republic Armed Forces were fighting elsewhere and not in any position to stretch their small army so thin, physical support came in the form of 'volunteer fighters' from the Peasant Guard, men who wore no patches besides the small red star on their caps and no nationally distinguishable uniform. Just desert BDUs with a vague camouflage simply known as DANPAT after the man identified only as 'Comrade Dan' who had accidentally created a monstrously ugly pattern and found that it worked almost perfectly in concealing the user. All in all, their mysterious arrival and professional training was a plausibly deniable asset for General Hakimi's war against the bourgeois and the reactionaries.

General Hakimi was quick to welcome the Peasant Guard volunteers. He busied himself with setting up a command structure befitting that of the two professional socialist forces joining forces against the capitalists and the religious reactionaries. It would take time, and he understood the value of downplaying his newfound strength in favour of allowing his rivals to weaken themselves before moving against them. He also understood the increasingly mounting pressure on him.

Some of his junior commanders—younger, more idealistic men—were starting to get restless. They believed that the People’s Self-Defence Force ought to move against their enemies with great haste. Of course, he feared them less than he feared the more senior officers serving under him. More capable, and more experienced, they were the real threats to his continued leadership.

It was a fine line he had to walk. He had always been a good general; not the kind that would see his men as expendable. He wanted to avoid unifying his enemies under one banner by moving against all of them all at once, and yet he also had the task of avoiding a coup.

Shaktur wrote:THE LANDING

The siege tower stood up on end, as the ascent ladder slid it up the last bit of the way. Its slipspace bore was running in silent mode, and for something so massive this meant that every last metre was painstakingly slow.

But, eventually, it made it. Only a few metres were left....

A bore would not do the trick for stably, and permanently, tearing open the interface between realspace and slipspace on such a grand scale. No, something much stronger, and much cleverer, would have to do that. From the front was released a small, compact explosive. The back end of the tower split open, and began spinning around at a wild pace with a gap of only millimetres between the tips of the appendages and the wall of the slipspace medium, generating a deadly plasma field to block the entrance to any would-be intruders.

And just like that, the bomb burst, and space itself was ripped wide open. The rift was nearly a kilometre wide. The siege tower itself, nearly half that width, came forth. Five kilometres... Ten... Twenty, thirty, forty! Something around forty one and a third kilometres, the front like an elongated tetrahedron, and the back comprised of the three "blades" that would seem to come together to make a mirror of that shape, with an inner hull comprised of various unknown implements. This was, in no uncertain terms, a show of Shakturi force.

The tower had planted itself in an orbit just slightly larger than a geostationary one, high above the equator closest to where they had repeatedly expressed their intention to land, interestingly enough peering almost directly down on the so-called Immortal Kriegizstan, the native faction that had most recently threatened them. Lightning quick, it extended long metal arms that formed into a triangular bipyramid much like the siege tower itself, though much more squat. These arms quickly detached. As it descended into an almost perfect geosynchronous orbit over the same spot it had chosen, it retracted the "blades" to reform the back end, as the bipyramid just above projected some manner of forcefield to protect the massive slipspace hole.

The only clue that the colony ship had followed it out was a mild disruption in the forcefield, as it was using its most advanced cloaking technology on full power. But the colony ship quickly became more obvious, its apparently expanded profile making a remarkable fireball as it descended straight down through the atmosphere. Its cloaking quickly shut off, and in place of this its landing impulse engines began burning at maximum power. Along the bottom several large laser sights began lining up and targetting a point on the ground directly beneath it, and then they suddenly increased dramatically in intensity, tearing open a straight, narrow column deep into the earth, hitting with such sudden and explosive force as to fling up massive globs of molten rock, largely clearing the hole.

The minute the anomaly was detected power was diverted immediately to the engines of all Kriegizstani Space Force vessels deployed and on full-alert, propelling them toward the intruders with speed as their crews primed and readied their cannons for engagement. The 344-gun battleship KSS Ummandar led the assault followed immediately by the 280-gun cruisers KSS Maradate & KSS Interome, and the 266-gun destroyers KSS Evolony & KSS Anderush. The vessels open-fired on the energy shielding as soon as they came into range - before the colony ship ever appeared - pounding it with their powerful Gauss cannons, standard swivel turrets armed with high-impact explosive rounds, and tactical nuclear missiles with such relentless force so as to force the energy barrier to collapse under the pressure of continuous munitions fire intended to drain power from the shield until it broke. Further assets were standing by in case these five ships proved not to be enough.

Meanwhile on the surface Kriegizstani Navy forces had already been dispatched with aerial and marine-landing capabilities to the destination the alien invaders had so brazenly publicly revealed beforehand as their intended landing zone. If the KSP was unable to prevent them from landing they would be sure to be the first terrestrial forces to greet this unwanted interlopers.

Absolutely no transmissions had been sent out during this time; these arrogant aliens had proven unwilling to engage in diplomacy and so had to be shown that their disrespectful transgressions would not be tolerated. Grand Admiral Yone Roddack had made sure to contact the VIEF and their Germanian equivalents to coordinate a repulsion of the unearthly trespassers. He did not expect them to aid Kriegizstan, but he was under orders from the Autocrat Himself to work with their "fellow Terrans" in the event of other-worldly attack on beloved Terra.

Collectivist Germania

OOC - Public Service Announcement

Everybody in the region who hasn't done so is encouraged to join the Discord server. Due to the limitations of the NS website and in order to not clutter up the RMB, much of the Governmental discussions are carried out there.

A Series of Unfolding Events

Following the state-owned newspapers reporting that the government was close to purchasing arms from foreign defence manufacturers in The Columbine Republic, many workers in the domestic defence industry believe their government has betrayed them. This incident, as well as internal politicking, have forced General Hakimi into calling for a general strike in a bid to force the government to walk away from the trade deal, instead compelling them to continue to purchase locally in a bid to appease local workers.

The Islamist reactionaries have not taken kindly to the socialists’ call for a general strike. Believing that the People’s Self-Defence Force are using the trade deal talks as a means of further cementing their power, Al-Salibiuwn’s influential clerics have called for an emergency meeting. A few clerics have already called for their supporters to form religious militias in preparation for a possible religious war against the socialists.

Regime forces, meanwhile, have launched a massive offensive against the rebelling southern provinces. Fearing that ignoring the rebellion would only serve to bolden subversive segments of the population, chiefly the socialists and the Islamists, the president has authorised the Ministry of Defence to launch a coordinate attack against the Front’s northern-most outposts, before marching through the mountains and striking at the very heart of oil-rich Amal.

The Front, initially losing ground to the regime forces, have begun slowing government advance through the mountains. With each passing day, they are reinforced by local warlords swearing fealty to Muhammad Masoud and his pro-democracy cause.

Westbeech wrote:Elita simply watched, but her emotions still got her thinking.

Similar to my father, no? A sudden attack and then many dead. For the sake of Westbeech I must assure my people that that shall never happen to me or any future Westbeechian leader.

Elita looked down and shed a few tears. It was rare for her to cry, but felt she could, as she was with people whom she could trust.

The viscount's voice softening, dimming down at he saw the scene that lay to the roadside, and seeing Elita's saddening, "Those soldiers are having their souls cared for by the shrinias. Guiding them to the world beyond, speaking in the tongue of the spirits to guide them. Even though they may be gone from this world, there is no need to fret over their deaths, as a paradise awaits them if they were good of heart. Eventually, they will be called on to inhabit a new body on this earth." He thought that Elita was crying from the sight of seeing fellow members of her race dead, and thought of her more noble and pure than he had ever imagined. While he was impressed by her, he hadn't a clue about the true reason behind her fallen tears.

"These woods have been reported cleared a few days ago, this is likely a remnant of a battle to remove the last few traitors. If even a few survived I don't think they could survive the nights scattered." Ignas reached out his hand as his horse trotted along, and formed into his hand was a little blue sprite, a fairy of sorts? It was too small and too far to make out great detail. He whispered to it and after it twirled around him, it started circling the group in a circle about fifteen yards from them. Even in this darkness as the sun's rays were barely able to still crest the mountain, the blue fairy was still visible. A little hue of cyan light emanating from it. "In your left saddlebag in an electric lamp. Use it to shine what's around you, if you see anything strange in the woods call out my name immediately." After taking out his own lamp and letting it hang from his saddle he asked, looking back towards the foreign halfbreed, "Do you have demons where you come from?"

Grossschwaben wrote:Off the coast of Puparisus

"Herr Weizelbierle, we're about to enter new territorial waters. Should we continue our current course or steer clear of them and continue in international waters?"

A middle aged man, sitting in an adjustable garden chair and enjoying a well cooled beer while watching the news on a portable TV looked up at that. His hair was black yet it already had streaks of grey within it. An moustache which looked striped like a zebra adorned his upper lip. He had a bit of a tan which fit him quite nicely. Intelligent blue eyes looked up from below bushy eyebrows. He was overall really good looking and handsome if it weren't for two less beautiful parts of his. Those being his plump and red nose as well his large belly, straining the rainjacket he wore. A smile played across that friendly as he got up, patting the sailor who had informed him on the shoulder while walking past him and heading for the bridge of the freighter. The sailor followed without hesitation, answering the man's questions as they walked along.

"New territorial waters you say? So we finally got past those murky waters with their neverending bad weather? What a relief really. I was already afraid that realm would never end and I'd have to see that black cloud forever."

He laughed loudly as he looked overboard and could see the dark, formerly irradiated coasts of Beichte, covered by a thick, dark cloud hanging overhead, slowly drift off into the distance and much better coasts coming into sight.

"So, what nation do we have before us now? Something civilised I hope?"

The sailor...hesitated before nodding, saying:

"Well, they do appear on older maps at the very least. They're also in our lexicon. They go by the name Holy Empire of Puparisus. The main problem is that there is very little reliable information on that nation Herr Weizelbierle so perhaps we should ignore this one as well and head for the Slavvoconian Island Colonies of Veradax instead?"

With an angry grunt Weizelbierle cut the sailor, who looked like he wanted to tell a lot more, off.

"And that is why I am a successful entrepreneur and you are just a minor employee of me. No iniative, no spine. You wouldn't survive the market if you were born in it. It takes a lot to survive and stay somewhere up top I tell you! It takes taking the initiative and seeking out new business opportunities! You'll see, soon enough I'll have these Imperials drinking Weizelbierle beer like there's no tomorrow!"

The sailor remained quiet for the rest of their short trip to the bridge into which Weizelbierle just barged into and shouted:

"Käp'ten Moormann, where are you you lousy old chap?!?"

An indeed quite lousy looking bearded man, continuosly busy scratching himself somewhere turned around at the mention of the name, lifting his captain's cap before Weizelbierle when he saw him, revealing uncombed, greasy hair.

"Herr Weizelbierle. What can I do for you today?"

Weizelbierle huffed and puffed as he made his way over to the captain. He sent him and his incessant scratching a critical glance before saying:

"I'd like you to keep a look out for the next port. We'll be docking there. Maybe get you cleaned with a proper shower with proper soap and shampoo too."

These waters were probably vaguely familiar to the captain. The relatively calm waters provided little resistance to such a large vessel, and the boats that called these waters homes were most small fishing vessels. Most older than the captains who drove them. The paint on their sides having been replaced by rust, or paint atop the rust to try to disguise it. Old boats with a certain character about them. But nothing larger than that, no giant freight ships.

As they sailed along the shore they discovered a dock. Most of the boats were out fishing, but a few of them remained moored for different seasons. An issue arose. It was small, far too small for such a great ship that could easily pull the dock out from its supports by merely drifting in a strong wind. Even if he wished to somehow tie the boat and head ashore, the water wasn't deep enough for a deep draught ship. The ship would run ashore. They'd have to come ashore by boat or some other means.

Artarum wrote:This being Artarum, there was no "local city council". Instead, Liudan was governed by an appointed governor, who also undertook the duties of mayor. Recently, a new one had been appointed, this one a National Coalition bureaucrat, who was infinitely more left-wing than the previous one who had been a staunch conservative and royalist, but still quite suspicious of the far-left as all good Artarumen were.

"The Artarum Workers Society," the response wrote, "is hereby given permission to have a rally to exceed no more than 500 individuals in the city square, under police supervision. The police reserve their right to dissolve the assembly as they see fit. Regards, Governor Percival Weatherby." The small letter was sent back to Comrade Murphy - these people didn't sound more leftist than the Labour Front, and those were in the Imperial Parliament anyway.

The Antipodean-backed political organization, being very careful not to abuse the trust of the Governor's decision, mobilized no more than 30 individuals from the Party and the Artarum Workers Society as organizers for the assembly in the city square, many of whom were recruited from unions and college campuses. The remaining 470 permitted - however many would arrive - would be those who were invited via flyers, street posters or social media posts and it was safely assumed that their relatively new and small group would not even be capable of violating this agreement.

Al Wahid wrote:The Front, initially losing ground to the regime forces, have begun slowing government advance through the mountains. With each passing day, they are reinforced by local warlords swearing fealty to Muhammad Masoud and his pro-democracy cause.

The Peasant Guard volunteers were becoming alarmed by these developments and decided to take independent action early and covertly. Wherever they could feasibly reach, the rate of explosives affixed to the mufflers of warlords cars began to take a rapid climb during the following week; it was intended that it would either kill their intended target or provide a clear deterrent against endorsing Muhammed Masoud and hopefully spare General Hakimi from dealing with a united front of foes later on.

Al Wahid wrote:The Front was quick to follow up on the offer to establish formal relations with Quari’zash. The rebels looked forward to receiving their emissaries to better understand their interests in the region and the support they might offer in that pursuit.

Agent Rahim was the contact, and he was good. He left no paper trail and was as hard to track as he was mysterious. He only showed up when he wanted to meet the Front, and the first meeting went over very general basics: Beans, Bullets and Bandages. They could offer the Front AK-74s of all variants, old T-72 tanks, ammunition, medical supplies and training for all of it. In exchange, they simply asked for a baseline payment, far less than the premium of these items were worth and to be first in line for mining and oil rights before other foreign competitors would be considered.

They had also promised deployment of a whole special operations battalion, numbering no less than 380 combatants... solely for "consulting" with the Front.

The Start of Civil War

Within days, three prominent warlords who had pledged their support to the Front had ended up dead in a series of car bombs. This had the effect of discouraging other undecided warlords from siding with the pro-democracy rebels.

Initially, no one claimed responsibility for the car bombs. But days later, a hitherto unknown Jihadist group calling itself the ابناء ابو بكر (Sons of Abu Bakr) claimed responsibility, citing the Front’s rejection of the traditions of the salaf—which in their view is Islam in unadulterated, purest form—as the reason behind the bombings. In turn, the late warlords’ households have launched a series of punitive raids targeting mosques in their controlled territories, with the Front deciding not to intervene.

The revanchist strikes are now having the effect of sidelining more moderate voices in the clerics' convention discussing the growing threats socialism and secularism. While having only just begun, the discussions are now dominated by the participants' perception of an existential threat to their faith, as well as to their status enjoyed in society. The salafist view, particular those sympathetic to waging jihad against socialism and secularism, is now gaining traction.

These recent clashes between reactionary Islam and the Front, analysts believe, will mark any future for the moderate rebels as one filled with sectarian violence for years to come. However, more surprising to observers is the fact that the Front has been spotted using AK-74s and T-72 tanks, when the Front has so far only been able to recover RPG-7s, AK-47s and antiquated armoured vehicles like the T-54 and BMP-1s. Although the newer heavy armoured vehicles have not yet been deployed unlike the AK-74 assault rifles, Front tank crews have been spotted training with them.

In other news, with the government refusing to comment on the existence of talks with foreign arms manufacturers, the general strike has now started. Millions of workers around al-Wahid have put down their tools and taken up protest signs instead. In the capital itself just under a million workers have taken to the streets, with more expected to turn up in the coming days.

Finally, though in recent days regime forces have been at the end of a series of misfortunes, the government in the capital of al-Easima has had successes elsewhere. Thanks to the government’s lifting of Internet restrictions, they have been able to closely monitor social media and make a large database of all the activists, along with their political leanings, religious affiliations, and other relevant pieces of information. Through this database, the security services have been able to identify persons of interest and have now placed them under electronic and, where applicable, physical surveillance.

The government is now in the process of deploying advanced persistent threat (APT) groups to engage national security threats—both international and domestic—on the cyberspace. For years they have been putting together teams of hackers and acquiring hacking tools on the black market. Al-Easima now believes that the time has come to put their investments to the test. Some of the APT groups will be working with the security services to target persons of interest; others are to start building up their infrastructure outside al-Wahid, ready to respond to national security threats posed by foreigners.

Imperial Protectorate of Ilgaz, Artarumen Realm
19 September 2019, 04:00

"This is the first announcement of the National Security Council.

The Great Turkish Nation;

As our citizens have been able to witness throughout the last year, the Imperial Protectorate of Ilgaz has been wrought with chaos from enemies both within and outside of it. It has faced treacherous attacks against its regime, its physical existence, and the Turkish nation within it. The State has been subsumed by subversive elements, its constitutional safeguards undermined, weakened, and silenced; its political parties unable to come together to bring the salvation of the State. Perverted ideologies other than those of national formation and strength, of reactionary or subversive natures, have been permitted to proliferate. These ideologies, systematically and treacherously, have been permitted to seep into our education system from primary schools to universities, into our administrative system, our justice system, our security forces, our workers' unions, our political parties, and all other aspects of our society. In short, the State has been left weak and in need of aid.

The Exalted Turkish Nation;

It is under these circumstances that the Ilgaz Armed Forces has carried out the task of safeguarding the Turkish nation granted to it by the will of the Turkish people, and has, within the chain of command and through direct orders, assumed total and complete control of all state affairs.

The purpose of this assumption of government functions is to establish the unity of the State, achieve independence in a manner befitting Turkish national interests, ensure national unity and camaraderie, re-establish the functions and the authority of the State, and remove the obstacles that prevent the functioning of a democratic system.

The Parliament and Government have been dissolved. The immunity of the members of Parliament have been revoked.

Martial law has been declared nation-wide.

All exits from the country have been prohibited.

In order to ensure citizens' safety, a curfew has been imposed from 05:00 onwards until a second order.

It is requested that all citizens listen to the newscasts on their radios and to trust the Ilgaz Armed Forces in all directions and orders they give."

As the civilian newscaster of the IRT, the only radio and television channel in Ilgaz, finished the announcement in his distinctive bass voice, the generals of the "National Security Council" relaxed. The coup had gone flawlessly. Not a single inch of resistance had been faced with, and the leaders of the political parties had been gently escorted from their homes to a military vacation camp on the seaside. Serious resistance had been expected from the trade unions, with the generals having prepared for the possibility of as many as 5,000 armed militants. No resistance had occurred, and the leaders of the largest trade unions - DİSK and MİSK - had also been apprehended, with noticeably less care than was afforded to the party leaders.

Elsewhere, hundreds of kilometres away from Ilgaz, in Liudan, a group of men were also listening to the announcement. When it ended, they too let out a breath of relief, leaning back in their armchairs. The Minister of State for War, Thomas Richard Prenderghast, lit a cigarette and breathed deeply, while Prime Minister Montgomery Walther Rorschach massaged his temples behind his mahogany table. Spencer Wright Lowenthal - the Foreign Minister - stopped pacing around the room and loosened his tie, noticeably relieved.

"So it's not the Islamists, it's not the communists, and it's not the ultranationalists. Our boys in Ilgaz did it." Lowenthal commented, looking at the others.

"Yes," Rorschach began, "they did it. The coup was visible from kilometres away. It was only a matter of who did it, and thankfully, it was these guys."

"We can work with these people," murmured Alastair John Somerset, the Economy Minister, "we can work with these people. A smoother route to independence. We can work with these people."

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