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Ganthet wrote:What was this region doing before we raided, really? You should try joining us. Don't like our raiding? Join a defender region and stop us. Either way, it's all in good fun.

All in good fun for you, you mean. Yeah youíre right we were pretty dead before this. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Ganthet wrote:What was this region doing before we raided, really? You should try joining us. Don't like our raiding? Join a defender region and stop us. Either way, it's all in good fun.

ďFunĒ that some donít want to take part in. Not fair to them, and they shouldnít be forced to join a defender region because of yíall.

Hear ye, hear ye!

I spread to all of you some positivity!

From our glorious days, to our blissful nights,

Us Gerweans were made to fight!

We hope you enjoyed your stay,

We'll cheer and shout as you fly away,

Have a great night and a very blessed day!

Bye buddy, hope you keep your founder!

@ tg
Stay safe with corona :>

This raid was my responsibility. I slipped up on my old routines because the pandemic has ruined all routine.

Clean up effort is being managed via Discord. Our first order of business after cleaning the membership list is restoring the World Factbook Entry. I bear little ill will to the raiders, they're playing the game like they want to (as annoying as that makes this time off work as). Wash your hands and consider this: we were a legitimate target for them to make one of their little feathers for.

We can discuss my future as founder next month, preferably when I'm not fighting to keep my IRL apartment together between roommates who were laid off.

Be well.

(anyone outside the password wall message Scandinavia in my absence)

Post by Ganthet suppressed by Osberg-Thitania.

So how many of us still have to work in all of this?

Looking through the RMB, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the region for what has occurred last week, given my position as WA delegate. Like everyone, RL has left me with very little time to interact with NS, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the demands placed upon me. In the interest of protecting the region in the future, I implore all nations who have endorsed me to unendorse me and instead endorse a more active nation who is better suited. I no longer have the time to participate in NS like I used to, and I cannot be counted on to monitor the region in the event that the WA delegate is granted executive authority again.

Again, my sincere apologies to those in the region who are in fact active and desire a stable community here at the CoC, and have had their experience disrupted due to the raid.

Yaíll are fired...

Especially the ones with redundant names. Double fired.

I planned to pen this long speech but Iím pressed for time so Iím gonna keep it simple. I donít see myself returning here to the CoC anytime soon. Donít get me wrong, I love all of you, I love my history here, but the raid caused something in me. I felt like the raid reminded me that ďitís done, itís officially deadĒ and I feel like if I wanna become more active on here, I need an active region. Plus I kinda wanna overhaul this place RP wise, and feel I need a change of scenery for that to occur.

So Iím sorry if this is heartbreaking news to many of you, itís sad for me too, but I feel I need to part ways, but Iíll remember the good times Iíve had here. And maybe Iíll come back back, you never know. Iím also a Telegram away if you want to chat, and Iím still in the discord server if you wanna chat with the bear there.

Best wishes,


Now who are we going to torment and count on to state the obvious?
Osberg, casting call for village idiot, ASAP.

Sorry for my slowness on... a lot of things these days. Death in the family and 6 day work weeks have been sapping a lot of my IRL sanity.

Largest fun poll to date with the choices!


Favorite Sweet Pie!

The New Reich of Bunicken and United Christian Empires of the West Bible Study and Trivia event begins In 30 minutes for anyone who would like to stop in . If you want to come but can't make it on time or stay the whole event that is fine. Everyone is welcome to join. As soon as they are able .

A friend of mine is writing a novel about a wealthy and dysfunctional indian family and is planning on publishing it on apple books in a few months. Anyone interested? its called richer than the gods
PS it might actually be based on my family LOL

Yay! I'm back home!

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