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Blobon wrote:BLOVANTIN

loads shotgun


Nirsk wrote:Look out you're gonna be shipped countryhumans style!

i can only imagine the drawings of that

Nirsk wrote:Look out you're gonna be shipped countryhumans style!

No country human it odd, CountryBlobs are better.

Nirsk wrote:Look out you're gonna be shipped countryhumans style! Possibly me too!

thats implying that It never happened before...
The Shipping, not the Countryhuman art, good god not the countryhuman art...

Euricanis wrote:i can only imagine the drawings of that

Oh no. *imaginative brain cells be like brrrr*

Nirsk wrote:Look out you're gonna be shipped countryhumans style! Possibly me too!

Thatís not a good thing

16 Blobonian versions have been confirmed.

Blobon wrote:Oh no. *imaginative brain cells be like brrrr*

Hey Blob do Euri's flag.

Post self-deleted by Peatiktist.

Levantin wrote:When they last saw me I was a moderate traditional conservative... oh man they would be shocked at how my views have changed.

How so?

Peatiktist wrote:Kyoki Levantin Bunkatsu


Kyoki Chudoku Bunkatsu wrote:I am thankfully unable to be shipped.

True your nation name is just...

Kyoki Chudoku Bunkatsu wrote:I am thankfully unable to be shipped.


The smallest fire, burning out, may carry on should the wind pick up.

The smallest microbe, should it survive, may proliferate and reproduce until an entire cluster reforms.

The smallest speck of dust in an empty cosmos, should it retain its mass, may form into a blazing star over the eons.

So it is with nature. And so it is with the Heaven of All Worlds.

Tenkyoku had long fallen, abandoning its presence in Valsora. Whether by a magical calamity, an exile to another world, or self-obliteration was never known- only that the island nationís transmissions ceased and presence vanished. Perhaps it remained as only a flicker of a memory in any who heard of it. Perhaps history was rewritten, perhaps it never was and was to be. Whatever the case, Tenkyoku was no more...

But it was not the only exodus of a collapsing Heaven. And by chance or by fate or by design, so too did the next emerge into Valsora on a remote, isolated island, soon to be a new paradise...

Under their breath, the children sing. Sing the songs of obedience and submission as they put up the tents and pavilions and towers. Sing the hymns of war as they arm themselves and march in unison along the coast. Sing the chorus of unity as they bow in their rituals, as the flames are lit and put out and their prayers unheard by the invisible creator who left this land long ago. But the songs and the hymns and the prayers are heard by the Songmistress all the same. And in time, so too are they heard by the Veiled Goddess, sitting enshrouded in her mountain fortress, unseen and unheard and the ultimate authority in all of this new Heaven...

So did Atarashi Tenkyoku come to be.

But this Heaven has a different vision than the last.

For Tenkyoku the original was the shattered remnant of a forgotten cause. Ruled by a woman of split desire and wavering madness, one who wanted nothing more than to regret and to recover, to be something more than a broken shell and a shattered dream.

And Tenkyoku the new is ruled by a different design. Not a resigned contempt, but of deific ambition. The canvas is set to be moulded. The treatment is set to be used. Behind that veil lies a vision of a perfect world. Of unbroken symmetry and unyielding obedience, of a world without flaw or defect or impurity, where every illness and every heresy is purged utterly from existence.

And will be as She wills it. So the chorus goes.

LibRight Libertarianism wrote:Hey Blob do Euri's flag.

I'm not qt that level yet but I will thonk about that.

Euricanis wrote:i can support this

It's possible...
Peatiktist soon...

Blobon wrote:I'm not qt that level yet but I will thonk about that.


LibRight Libertarianism wrote:Cool.

Flag is odd tho but it's a thing.

Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich is mostly... this one.
It's Blobon civil war flag.

Wiranath wrote:How so?

First of all, Im still exploring what my values and beliefs are so some of what I say is inconsistent and possibly unrealistic. Here goes:

I still have basic conservative attitudes in regards to human nature (I know this sounds vague) and a wish for a return to better days when America was more respected in the world.

However my views have become more liberal, even left leaning in regards to the economy. I believe the government has a moral obligation to occasionally step in to help its worst off citizens, prevent corporate corruption, and ensure that the middle class remains prosperous.

Iíd rather have us rack up a little debt, tax wealthy individuals a little more, or even divert funds from less needed parts of the government to help out the little guy. If we neglect the little guy.. well...

Iím honestly scared. The youth entering the workforce, especially college educated individuals- are angry and increasingly radicalized. I donít like the future they want. Jobs everywhere are disappearing and the middle class is shrinking. They say revolutions are impossible until they are inevitable... well Iím worried America faces a dark future.

Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich wrote:Peatikyoki


Blobon wrote:It's possible...
Peatiktist soon...


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