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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Conciliatory Federation of Amblibahdesh (elected )

Founder: The Holy Imperium of Achain

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Most Nations: 474th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 510th Largest Black Market: 683rd+14
Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,379th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,435th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,552nd Most Corrupt Governments: 1,751st Highest Poor Incomes: 1,756th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,775th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,864th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,876th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,915th Most Inclusive: 2,049th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,098th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,150th Largest Governments: 2,186th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,247th
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Hello, fellow comrades of Nation States! Welcome to The Great Red Union, or TGRU for short! We are the successors of the former RMB RP group of The Communist Bloc. We are a small, tightly knit community of friends, who mostly spend their time off site, but compensate with expansive and detailed role-play and world building.

Members of government:
Founder: Achain
Regional Emperor: Matterio
WA Delegate: Amblibahdesh
Minister of State Security: YugoslavUnion

Please join our LinkDiscord Server!, as that is where we carry out most of our activities.


  • Region was founded on 2/9/2018. (DD/MM/YY)

  • The current year is 2077, and the month is January.

  • More participation in the RP is encouraged.

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    TGRU RP Maps (Updated)

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    General Roleplay Guide

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    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

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The Great Red Union contains 34 nations, the 474th most in the world.

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The Most Politically Free in The Great Red Union

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, The Great Red Union is ranked 16,801st in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Chinese workers party 2Anarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Impeach tradition!”
2.The Free Land of QEARSTANAIUMLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“glory to QEARSTANAIUM”
3.The Egalitarian Democracy of Gay Space CommunistsLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Non Binary Super Heros Shall Liberate The World”
4.The Confederacy of United Front of TexasNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Remember the Alamo! For the homeland! ”
5.The People's Communist Paradise of AlendoLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Blood, Steel, and Valor”
6.The United Socialist States of RoulixLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“Gloria Fortis Miles”
7.The Republic of TGRU InformationTyranny by Majority Tyranny by Bourgeois“Bullying CWP is mandatory”
8.The Republic of Minervan StateCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Ad Astra”
9.The Communist Federation of United Democratic Peoples RepublicsLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“El País de la Eterna Primavera”
10.The Utopian Republic of BlackwatchScandinavian Liberal Paradise Normal“हमारे शानदार राष्ट्र”

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Operation Manifest Destiny Part 1
Corporal James Miller, Citizens Militia Special Operations.
Role: Radioman assigned to UFT regular Army group A.

It had been just three weeks since Miller was shipped back home. Three weeks to visit his parents, cash in his service check, and relax before he got the dreaded phone call. He had been just about to eat breakfast as usual when he revived a phone call from his CO, he was ordered to sign in at the deployment building in town within the next 24 hours. It would be an understatement to say he dragged his feet, he was still feeling the effects of his deployment to Mexico and praying they just wanted him for something dumb like a report or well being check up. Oh was he wrong.

The next morning he rode his beat up motorcycle, a classic 2019 Harley Davidson his farther had passed down to him to the nearby town of Greenville and walked into the local UFT Army and Citizens Militia office. “Hey Will, what’s all this urgency to have me drive up here? You know I just got back from deployment!” Miller joked as he walked through the doors and saw his CO Will Smith sitting at his desk. Sargent Smith yawned and sipped on his coffee before replying, “Wasn’t just you Miller, everyone in the CM is being called in these last couple of days. It’s just like with the push south and east, but this time they’ve even started gearing up the Air Force.”
Miller sighed as he leaned on the desk, “I hope they don’t deploy us again, I just started sleeping a full eight hours again a few days ago and I wanted to go fishing this weekend.” Miller then signed in as was protocol and sat down in the waiting chairs across the room.

Half an hour later he and about twenty other Citizens Militia personnel he recognized were in a meeting room looking at Major Johnson, how the fates put him under the majors command again was a mystery Miller would never understand. The Major was going on about how there was to be another operation with a use for the CM in a weeks time and that the militia was expected to be deployed. About ten minutes into the meeting a younger guy Miller couldn’t recognize raised his hand and spoke after the major pointed to him, “Sir, if you don’t mind me saying this... isn’t this kind of stuff meant for the actual army and other military branches? We are just reservist who are supposed to be deployed rarely if ever at all. I’m more than willing to do my job but this sounds like a serious operation?”
The Major smoothly replied, “After our successes in Mexico and even in the push East, you boys in the Citizens Militia proved just how useful you can be. Without ya’ll filling in the ranks the top brass figured these last few months would have been complete failures military wise. I personally have served with Miller here in Mexico and he showed just what you boys in the militia are capable of. It even got him promoted to Corporal”

Miller awkwardly nodded as everyone looked at him before the Major continued, “Therefor, the big wigs in Austin have deployed the CM along with the UFT Army once again. Right now the numbers show only 25% of the militia will be deployed so you few deployed will be stretched thinner than in Mexico and out East, sorry to say it will make your jobs harder but that’s the orders.”
The Major clicked a button on the remote he was holding and a slide show suddenly showed on the wall behind him, “This gentlemen, is Operation Manifest Destiny. The UFT will be amassing it’s troops on the border of New Mexico and pushing West towards California. As you know we still have the issue of the Desert Raiders but I’m told they won’t be much of a problem by the time our troops start crossing the border. Your role this time around will be a bit different, a select few of you will be assigned under my command aboard a vessel while the majority of you will be assigned front line roles this time.”

Hands shot up as the major mentioned front line roles and he kept talking, “Yes I know most of you haven’t seen combat and I know those of you who have still haven’t been on the front lines, but trust me we don’t expect you to go busting down doors with the regular grunts. You’ll just be taking more direct roles in this operation as the top brass wants to see just how capable the Militia truly is as support branch of the regular military.”
Miller spoke up as the Major let them asks their questions, “Why are some of us being stationed with you on a naval vessel? We have zero naval training and a lot of us have never even see the gulf?”
The Major smirked and replied, “That’s still a secret I’m not allowed to disclose but those of you who will be deployed under my command on the vessel are hand picked by yours truly. The men I’ve chosen from around the UFT are men I’ve either seen directly in action or men I’ve gotten recommendations from my colleges to trust when SHTF. That will be all, dismissed.”

Miller tried to talk to the Major after the meeting but he had quickly walked out of the meeting room and drove off in his truck before Miller could even ask anything, what was going on? Whatever was going on, Miller was told he had until tomorrow morning for deployment and he planned on spending the night in style, getting drunk and sleeping like a baby in his own bed.

Operation Manifest Destiny Part 2
Fort city El Paso, Tx
Corporal James Miller, Citizens Militia Special Operations.
Role: Radioman assigned to UFT regular Army group A.

Miller and about fifteen other Citizen Militia enlisted men had been put into the back of a transport truck way past its golden days about eight hours ago. They still had about a day’s drive ahead of them but it wasn’t so bad, he had never been further west than Austin so seeing the endless plains and the bright blue skies made him happy to a point. Plus they were just one truck in an endless convoy of trucks, he was sure some poor guys back was killing him somewhere out there. Every once in a while a helicopter or two would fly over head, mostly transports but sometimes he’d catch a glimpse of an attack chopper flying over head with its nose mounted gun and missiles attached to its sides. Once there was even an old jet that flew a little too low overhead and just about made them all go deaf, one of the guys in the truck had said it was a Tomcat- whatever that meant.

The convoy would stop every couple of hours and allow its men and women to use the restroom or quickly eat something, but for the most part they just kept driving deeper and deeper into the deserts of West Texas. When they had finally stopped to rest for the night Miller and seemingly everyone in the convoy happily jumped out of their vehicles to set up little camps or tents around the highway they were traveling on. Miller opted to set up his bedroll next to their truck but a few of the guys riding with him chose to go join around a large bonfire that had been erected further down the line of trucks. They could party all night if they wanted to, he knew how long the drive would be tomorrow and didn’t like the idea of being hung over.

At day break the next morning Miller was awoken by the sounds of god only knew how many trucks horns and suddenly the long line of trucks came alive with the men and women packing up last nights encampments. To his amusement Miller had been smart to sleep by the truck, everyone around the now burnt down bonfire had shuffled off to their trucks holding their heads and finding sun glasses wherever they could find them.
In less than ten minutes they were on the road again and in the next couple of hours Miller would watch as grasslands turned to desert. After about five hours of driving and a lot of grumblings about how hot it was, the convoy finally pulled up to the massive cement and metal walls of the fort city El Paso. Soon after the cities twenty foot tall wall would crack open as its main doors swung open, allowing the long convoy to drive inside and to an old football dome where they were told to set up camp. By that day’s end the dome and its surrounding area would be covered by military personnel, vehicles, ordinance, a whole division of walkers, and Miller had even seen some helicopters at one point in time.

Whatever was going on, it was big.

Operation Manifest Destiny Part 3
Fort city El Paso, Tx
Major Tim Johnson, Current Head of Citizens Militia Joint Operations and Operation Manifest Destiny general attack forces.
Assigned Under General Picard, currently leading the charge East

Dear my loving wife, we arrived at El Paso shortly before day’s end. The trip west was boring and long but thankfully the western defense forces have done their duties well in protecting the western deserts. Not long ago I was informed that all forces being deployed here to El Paso are on schedule, good news too since the push East was slowed.
As you know, this is my biggest responsibility given to me by the UFT and while it is an extreme honor to be sitting in for a General, I must admit I am riddled with nerves. This is nothing like the push into Mexico, I have thousands of men and equipment under my command and I am told an experimental “land vessel” will be arriving by tomorrow evening. While I can’t disclose too much information, I hope to ease your mind and even my own honestly.

All is going well and yes before you ask, I have been taking my medication for my back. While I miss my own bed that we share, I miss you far more my love. Tell the kids Paw says he loves them and please be safe until my return.

Yours truly, Major Tim Johnson.

P.S, if you bake any of that cake I like please have some sent to El Paso.

Operation Manifest Destiny Part 4
Fort city El Paso, Tx
Corporal James Miller, Citizens Militia Special Operations.
Role: Radioman assigned to UFT regular Army group A.

Miller and his squad were told to head over to a large field filled with tents and he was happy for it, being stuck in that truck had taught him to love solid ground and hard cots. While he was unpacking, his buddy Colt walked into their tent dragging a big wooden box behind him and laughed while exclaimed, “Guys you ain’t going to believe this! The supply Officer just drove a big truck up into camp filled with brand new rifles!”
Colt dropped the box and opened its top to reveal all the M4 rifles in it and joked, “I guess this must a serious operation if they are breaking out the real guns hahaha!”
Miller and the others gawked over the rifles as they all chose one and started to clean them, they had been taught to clean all kinds of rifles in basic training but had never been issued m4’s.
Miller looked down the sights of his M4 and realized something, “Oh come on man, my front sight is missing!” Everyone laughed at that and someone told him to go ask for another one. Miller grumbled and walked out of the tent and towards the supply officers tent to see about another rifle.

As Miller was walking to the supply officers tent he thought blissfully of home, he had never been rich but thankfully he had come from a somewhat wealthy family. The fifth son of a once large farm that only traded locally, his farther had jumped on the chance to open trade with the UFT and its sphere of influence. Of course their family was able to hire helpers and focus on spending their newly found money, but that was never for Miller. He preferred working the land and going to bed every night knowing he had helped feed their local friends and family. At some point he just decided the lazy life wasn’t for him and spent his newly found money on traveling to the capital of Austin, there he took up as an apprentice in a radio shop. He never thought he’d end up signing up for the militia but when the call went out for more able bodied men to fill auxiliary roles, he did what he thought was right and signed up. He was lucky he knew radios so well because they gave him an option, either join up as radio operator or join up as a janitor. If his farther knew he was in the militia he would probably be proud but disappointed Miller chose a life of hard work over the wealth their family had come into.

Miller stopped at the supply officers tent flaps and requested to enter, after a rough voice from within gave him permission to enter he walked in and was surprised to find Major Johnson there. The Major nodded at Miller with a slight smile, “Good to see you made it in one piece son, the ride west was rough on all of us.”
Miller saluted the Major and replied, “To you as well sir, what are you doing here?”
The supply officer opened his mouth to chastise Miller for his questioning of an officer and his relaxed attitude but the Major raised his hand and interrupted, “Its ok sergeant, Miller and I go way back haha. To your question Miller, I was just finalizing some supply details but we just finished up. When you’re done here go ahead and report to my tent Corporal.” With that Major Johnson nodded to the supply Officer and walked out of the tent.
Miller saluted the Major as he left and looked to the supply officer, “Sir, my M4 is missing it’s front sight somehow, I came to request a replacement?”
The Sargent flipped through a pile of papers as he spoke slowly, “Sorry but I can’t help you, the rifles we could muster for this operation are all we’ve got. I wish I could help but you’ll just have to make due until the top brass in Austin decide to send us those nice new shiny rifles the boys in the east got issued. Welcome to the west.”
Miller now dumbfounded asked, “What? What does that mean?”
The supply Officer looked up and sighed like he was talking to a child, “Look, the eastern campaign was deemed top priority. I know you’re new here so I’ll make this simple, us here on the western front have always been on the back burner. Heck even our heavy walkers we have guarding our cities have largely been modified by their crews because replacement parts still haven’t come. Now get out of my tent.”

Miller kept his attitude to himself and nodded before quickly walking out of the tent, just his luck. As he was walking to Major Johnson’s tent in the center of camp the sun beat down on his neck and he rubbed it before walking by some of the heavy walkers the supply Officer was talking about. True to his word these walkers were very different from the brand new ones he had seen in Mexico and on posters around the UFT, many of them had images of sexy women painted on their sides and most seemed to have rusted metal sheets roughly welded onto their hulls where the new walkers had purpose built add on armor. He had a bad feeling in his stomach as he walked into Major Johnson’s tent and stood at attention. The Major saw him enter and waved for him to be at ease.
“At ease Miller, tell me- what do you think we are doing here in the far west?”
Miller quickly responded, “Well Major, I’ve heard the rumors of a major offensive taking place. I would guess we are officially pushing further west into Raider country?”
The Major chuckled and pointed at a wall hung map and used his finger to point to the south western former United States. “You’d be correct Miller, the top brass have been planning this operation long before Mexico and even before Panama. However, only now have we gained the means to successfully make the push. While our brothers push East to gain the industrial and agricultural hubs of the former South Eastern United States, we have been tasked with finally hunting down and exterminating the constant threat of the raiders to the west.”
The Major looked to Miller with a serious look and continued, “While our main mission is to finish off the splinter groups of raiders from Mexico, a secondary objective is to push as far as possible west. If that includes California and it’s pacific ports, then even better.”

Miller nodded and asked, “If this is deemed an important enough mission to amass this invasion force, why aren’t we getting better equipment like the boys in the east are? This just seems like another Mexico but with more bodies.”
The Major nodded with a sullen face and replied, “You’re not wrong, we are still under equipped like in Mexico- but at least this time we get somewhat better equipment and a lot more man power. The reason I asked you here to my tent is simple, we expect less resistance than Mexico but we do expect better fortified cities and towns than Mexico. That’s why you and the hand picked men I chose will be by my side the entire time and frankly I can trust your abilities.”
Miller nodded as the Major finished, “Once the offensive begins you and I will be here in the rear awaiting the delivery of a new UFT weapon, once it arrives we will lead the attack on what we suspect will be the last major obstacle, Las Vegas.”

Hot dang Texas is on an RP grind

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