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The Moderate Alliance RMB

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Founder: The 13 Confederacies of Christian Confederation

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Best Weather: 232nd Most Cheerful Citizens: 323rd Most Cultured: 625th+21
Most Devout: 660th Most Beautiful Environments: 681st Healthiest Citizens: 862nd Largest Retail Industry: 1,100th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,207th Nicest Citizens: 1,216th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,314th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,715th Smartest Citizens: 1,735th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,813th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,844th Rudest Citizens: 1,969th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,053rd Most Developed: 2,314th Most Inclusive: 2,360th Highest Economic Output: 2,364th Highest Average Incomes: 2,398th Most Armed: 2,415th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,495th Lowest Crime Rates: 2,536th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,559th
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This is the Moderate Alliance!

The place where centrist, right moderate and left moderate nations can have discourse and productive civil dialogue.

• Complaint Department.
• Safe Spaces.

No bullying
Treat others like you want to be treated

It's not that hard, it's just simply kindness.
If you fail to follow the two simple rules, you know what will happen. BANJECTION!

You need to speak your mind and be blunt, straight to the point.

Official news partners:
-The Independent Newspaper
-The NewsStand

Member of:
-Anti Fairy Pact
-Assembly of Regions
-The Amethyst Accord


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Flag Makeria wrote:It's been fun. But now I must say goodbye.

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Construction of embassies with United Nations and Planets has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Casual, Democratic, Featured, Imperialist, Industrial, Isolationist, Minuscule, National Sovereigntist, Religious, and 1 other.Social.

The Moderate Alliance contains 5 nations, the 3,456th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Developed in The Moderate Alliance

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, The Moderate Alliance is ranked 2,314th in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of WacmanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Welcome Home”
2.The 13 Confederacies of Christian ConfederationMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“May God guide and bless the Confederacy”
3.The United states of Tv lanbInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“In this country we trust”
4.The Colony of Cleo CityCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“When in doubt, beat up a peasant”
5.The Federal Republic of SimeasieaNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“We the grace of God we will abide.”

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The Moderate Alliance Regional Message Board

What's happening in your favourite quiet embassy? Well, turns out a lot.
All the latest stuff from the United Essentan nations!

A music poll? Hmm...

The UEN Newspixel

April 3, 2021

Yeark Da Shark Takes UEN Newspixels headquarters!

Earlier today, Yeark Da Shark strategically seized the headquarters of The UEN Newspixel with cunning tactics. He barged in and T-posed to assert dominance. His demands are as follows: "Give I buffet now!". As you can see, this is clearly inhumane and poses a massive threat to the nation. A team of elite monkeys were sent in to neutralise this threat. They came out with bananas moments later, clearly happy horrified and traumatised for life. The government was forced to negotiate with the terrorist over a zoom meeting call. The conversation went of follows:

Diplomat: We can't give you what you demand, but we can give you one strip of bacon.
Yeark: Two strips.
Diplomat: You've gone too far! We can't do that!
Yeark: Nowwww.
Diplomant: Never!
Yeark: Or else.
Diplomat: Do your worst!
Yeark: I will seize a spinny chair.
Diplomat: You wouldn't dare!
Yeark: I taking it.
Diplomat: Alright! We give in! Two strips of bacon it is fatty!
Yeark: Apologise or spinny chair gets it.
Diplomat: Sowwy.
Yeark: Properly.
Diplomat: Noe.

This went on for a few hours and remains unresolved. We will keep you updated as the situation develops. How are we sending this if Yeark has seized our HQ? Uhh...FAST LOOK AN ALIEN! *Running*

People missing

Several people in the region have gone missing, but not because of Yeark, that's another list. All of these people that have gone missing did so following a message telling them that they missed their Spanish lesson from an owl called "Duolingo" and occasionally a message warning them of a "Duolingo" breaking through the back door. Inside a building marked "Duolingo Punishment Building", the words "Scream for help in Spanish" could be heard followed by screaming in a foreign language, but nobody could understand it, so nobody cares. There are no current leads for who could or would do this. The only statement the police could give was "This person must be stopped, and we are putting our full effort in, there are definitely no clues or leads, we've been through everything.".

Attack of the wacky inflatable tube man

A man has been assaulted by an inflatable tube man on a windy day. He says that he was walking down the street past the 'Overpriced Second Hand Cars' store when a wacky inflatable tube man hit him. The man tried to counterattack but the tube man dodged the attack and tackled the man to the ground with the immense force equivalent to an air conditioner. The man attempted to call police but the tube man knocked it out of his hand and went into a frenzy of dangerous waving. Onlookers attempted to restrain the maniac but he leaned back and charged into them, sending the crowd all the way a couple centimetres to the ground. It was clear that this menace should not be messed with. Police were called onto the scene and tackled the tube man and had to resort to tasering the inflatable tube man, but this didn't even work, the police had to fire some bullets into him after which he deflated. He is now in police custody. His reasons for attack are unknown, but he is being sued for aggravated assault. The victim of the attack says he is traumatised and may never recover. We will keep you updated on the lawsuit as it progresses.

Read dispatch

Yo it's my birthday

Christian Confederation wrote:Yo it's my birthday

nice! (ik im late)

Erantan wrote:nice! (ik im late)

Don't worry about it, and thanks

Oh crap.. I think i my people are revolting because i changed my flag can i have some support please🥺.....

Simeasiea wrote:Oh crap.. I think i my people are revolting because i changed my flag can i have some support please🥺.....

Did you ask there opinion before changing it?

A member of Genua proposed the idea of raiding us at The Union of Rightwing Nations, so Aldova password-protected the region.

Let's see those fascist bastards try now. :)

North Sonovia wrote:A member of Genua proposed the idea of raiding us at The Union of Rightwing Nations, so Aldova password-protected the region.

Let's see those fascist bastards try now. :)


Warm Greetings,

As both our regions have embassies established, we cordially invite members of this region to take part in the RCN & Friends Tri-Sport Tournament

The RCN Tri-Sport Tournament sign up has now been posted on the NS Sports Thread


West Phoenicia
President of the RCN

The Monthly TMA Gazette!

The Monarch is Dead!
by: The Holy Empire of Holy Roman Empires2

VALIKA TORNAVO On October 6th, year of our lord 2178, Empeor Michaelangelo the Second died at the age of 83. The approximate time of his death was 4:32 PM. His reign will forever be enshrined in history, as one who not only spoke of peace, not only saw it, but actively encouraged and enforced it. The temptations of war are great, but yet he showed to be even greater, rising above it.

In his 47-year reign, he took us to our word when he was declared to reign over our galactic empire long, for which we were greatly honored.

God save the emperor, the old emperor is dead, God save the emperor. We know that our Emperor is in heaven. The new King, Peter the fourth is now Emperor of this Galactic Empire of ours.

26th Imperial Congress Session Ends?
by: The Kaiserreich of Tuirsland


Congress President Viktor Paul-Anatoliy called a vote yesterday over the debated possession for the Imperial Speakership. The last Imperial Speaker, Fridrik Wiljem van Diemen has resigned after he spoke against the Kaiser and the Royal Family in an interview with the Imperial Journal™, in his letter to President Paul-Anatoliy, Herr Diemen recommended Congressman Josef Friedrich Himmler, member of the Order of the Iron Cross faction, this, however, was opposed by the National Liberty Party member, Congressman Hans Josef Gottfrid, who also seeks to be a Imperial Speaker, this has sparked a month-long debate and voting over who should be the next Imperial Speaker. Earlier this evening, President Paul-Anatoliy has officially declared a cease-break for the congress, “I announce to you, my fellow congressmen, a cease-break and the end of the 26th Session of the Congress…. I hope this issue will be resolved by the time the 27th Congress starts…”. The announcement has resulted in a backlash from all sides saying “The Congress President is being influenced by [NLP or OF]!

Prusso-Polish War
by: The Kaiserreich of Tuirsland

BERLIN King Friedrich X, the tenth Soldatskoenig, has declared total war against The Grand Duchy of Poland, “…My beloved Prussians, the Polish king has stepped to far, he had made claims for Danzig and the Danzig Corridor, this can go no further! I order you, my Army, to march straight into Warsaw!...” , this immediately, caused a debate on the Terran Assembly. Poland, alongside the Kingdoms of Finland and Sweden is forcing the Assembly to force Prussia to sue for peace, the Kingdom of Prussia, the Kaiserreich of Tuirsland, Austrian Empire and several other German kingdoms and duchies, meanwhile, is asking the Assembly to hold a vote to condemn Poland and her Allies.
“I ask you, Terran Assembly, should we allow Poland bully other nations? Should we allow Finland claim Estonia from Russian Federation? Should we allow Sweden’s expansionistic stance on Norway and Pomerania? I say we shall condemn them!..., Kanzler Johann Krebs said on the Terran Assembly.

Naval Expansion in Hermes Express
by: The United Federation of Hermes Express 123

NEW BRISBANE NAVAL BASEAdmiral Anderson of the Hermes Naval Command had announced yesterday three new warships, the Anderson, White Pearl and Bahamas, these all three warships will lead in the new Hermesian Doctrine of Anti-Piracy across the Blue Ocean.
Reports also states that the Hermesian Navy will receive its new Apollo-class Submarines next week, manufactured from the warm Black Sea ports of Tuirsland, it is expected that the new Apollo-class will even surpass the Volkstalle-class U-Boat of Tuirsland fast speeds and NSDAR (Nanoscanner Detection and Ranging) Systems.
The new warships and submarines might come handy if the Indonesians decides to raid the Hermesian Guinea Naval Bases at the Coral Sea.

Space is Far Out no Longer


The 2nd
by: The Peaceful Republic of Mohacian

New WP Examiner Report:

Today we have news, the Mohacian Space Station was completed after a series of docking sessions. Its purpose is to serve as a pit stop for lunar workers and a research hub including a place for tourists. Modifications may be necessary to accomodate the ones visiting/working.

The 2nd Session of TMA'S Imperial Senate is about to end, the third on the Horizon
by: The Holy Empire of Holy Roman Empires2

The Second Senate while one of similar composition to the first broke many-a-barrier in its time. It presided over the first removal of an Imperial Officer, the former Foreign Secretey Mohacian (though still a duly elected senator.

It unlike the previous Senate seems much more set on combatting the low W.A activity in the region- with a program to reward wa nations with thoughtful discussion and exploring other possible incentives. The current W.A situation has been described as "apalling" by the World Assembly Delegate the Right Honourable The North Atlantic Provinces.

Now however, a brighter tune is being whistled with the action by voting legislation to fix this- as well as the incoming third Impetial Senate election on May 11th.

The Heraldic Act has also been passed, allowing for more immersive and detailed lodes and flags- something TMA loves! These main acts and others have been passed in Senate session sure to be remembered.

Read factbook

Next month we will allow "advertisements" in between every two articles and below.

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