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haven't seen any new news deliveries on our RMB, is news going slowly this time of year?

new issue of the Union Truth:

The Union Truth
Regional Newspaper - Main Page

The Union Truth
The Union's greatest news


On July 31st, 2019 at around noon CDT Nova Blazeville, President of the Democratic Union of Free States, dismissed Arkhamanishka as Director of the Department of Home Affairs. This came as a surprise and shock as Arkhamanishka had been a key supporter of Nova Blazeville's campaign for President and was also a deputy in the coalition between the Democratic Progressive Front, Democratic People's Union and National Conservative Federalist Party's coalition. The official reason given by the President himself when he announced this on the region's discord and RMB was inactivity. The President's administration has been plagued with inactive cabinet members he could not get anything accomplished for most of the term, with elections coming in august the President has decided to focus on leading the region more and has started purging the cabinet and administration of any inactive or non-competent members. It is unclear whether Arkhamanishka will continue serving as a member of the House of Delegates (Lower House of Parliament). It is also worth noting that the President also dismissed him from the Defense Committee and it is likely he will dissolve the committee as it no longer serves a purpose.

As Arkhamanishka's replacement the President appointed The Montonian as the new Home Affairs Director, The Montonian is a independent and is serving his first term as a member of parliament, he has a decent popularity among voters following the trend in the rise of popularity of independents throughout the Union.

The Democratic People's Union was a fairly new political party in the Union as such its dissolution has devastated the political landscape. This is certainly a blow to the Central Coalition (DPF + NCFP) as they are now one party short, it is increasingly likely now that the Union could see rival coalitions especially as the Social Democratic and Justice Party have been silently giving support to the Liberal Progressive Union. A second possible center coalition could form that would impact all future elections.

President prepares to meet with Prime Minister for new legislative agenda!
The President has planned to meet with the Prime Minister to establish a new legislative agenda, this is a new effort by the President to work closely with members of parliament to create and pass new laws. This meeting had previously included Arkhamaishka but since he has been dismissed he will not be attending. The President wishes to fulfill more of his campaign pledges in new laws such as reforming the electoral system and bringing more culture and activity to the region! It is unknown if other members of parliament are invited as this meeting will take place on the Executive Discord Server, however the channel it is viewable by visitors, and all the readers may expect a issue regarding what legislative plans are in store for the Union.

Union Historical Committee Founded by older Citizens!
The Union Historical Committee is founded by older citizens of the Union it is primarily headed by The Free United Commonwealth (who currently serves as Director of Union Intelligence in the cabinet), their aim is to preserve union history. In recent weeks they have made two dispatches on Former President's and Former Provisional Governments. Check them out here: Union Historical Committee

High Knight Kingdom, Executive Editor and Publisher
Read dispatch

Nova Blazeville wrote:haven't seen any new news deliveries on our RMB, is news going slowly this time of year?

I've been taking a lot of time off. I'll drop off some papers for you now though!

We're playing ♠♥Baccarat♦♣
Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips. For more detailed rules, see here.

The latest Force Flyer is out!

Issue XXV

Force rejects invitation to Federal Union! Military does an oopsie that costs weeks of work! Elections - elections everywhere! This month's RP news and a column of Gossip, all in this month's edition of the Force Flyer!
A Federal Failure by The Chariot

Just a couple weeks ago, Force took another gander at the meta-region game. The Federal Union had many regions on friendly terms with Force: Aukumnian Imperium, Red Wolf Alliance, and The Wolf Clan, as well as New Western Empire and The Democratic Republic. Other regions such as Thaecia were planning to join.

In the negotiations, Force was seen as the no-man. Being the stubborn region who would not agree to most plans was a signature. Understandable, though, as Force has had a bad history with meta-regions. With the catastrophic Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories, and the alliance that just wasn’t up to PAR, under its belt, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis was not optimistic about this new one.

After less than a week of involvement in the negotiations, Libertatis would hold a vote, to which the Force cabinet refused to join the Union. Despite heavy encouragement from the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, others in the cabinet would refuse to join out of fear that it would detract from activity or infringe on sovereignty, despite claims by the Union that the latter would not come to be.

Ultimately, after two failed attempts, it would seem that Force’s third try charm is not trying at all.

The Investigator - Success In The House Unwrapped! by Carropia

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the official views of the Government of Force.

Almost 1 year after it first convened, the house has come off its best term yet. With big names such as Libertatis Regallis our current Prime Minister, The Chariot long-time Minister of Defence, as well as long-time Representative Carropia.

This three-headed giant of a group was able to pass quite a few bills into law, namely the Deputy Installment Act, The House Framework and Speaker Act, and the Government Transparency Act. To many in the government, as well as the citizens of Force this was refreshing, the House struggled to consistently pass more than 2-3 bills per term. This has to be the addition of Chariot and Libertatis, Carropia the third member of this all-star cast hasn’t had another prominent member since the removal of Salibaic. In an interview with Carropia, he said, “You know it was refreshing to have those guys out there with me, I’ve been in the House a long while and have struggled alone for far too long, it was very nice.”

After this productive term, the people of Force once more have confidence in the House, the real question is whether they can keep up without Libertatis? While Tigslarlowducken, Caduceo, Lashnakia, Loomburg, Sir Sword BJ, and Carropia are all Reps. this term, the House has seen no progress yet a lot of drama. Hopefully, this new cast can turn it around and repeat the successes of the last term.

For more information, contact The Chariot through Discord (waste#3257)

Prime Minister Elections by Salibaic

The july Prime Minister elections were rushed this time due to Renegalle and the former Prime Minister going away and thus could not deal with the election. The only candidates for PM this election was Sir Libertatis Regalis. Obviously he won the election with all votes for him. Not much was said in the debate but the cabinet has stayed the same. That there really was this election. See you at the next one.
A Special House's Elections by The Chariot

July’s House elections were… not ideal, to say the least. Following one of the most successful Houses in Force’s history, one of the least would turn up. Four people registered to run, only two answered the debate questions. The Parliamentary Republic of Carropia, The Generous Dystopia of Caduceo, The Federalist States of Tigslarlowducken, and The Republic of Elysium Forests ran, with the last two not answering debate questions. After a nine-voter turnout, all were elected into the House. Quite ironically, the two nations who did not answer debate questions would go on to be Speaker and Deputy Speaker.










Elysium Forests






The results? Tigslarlowducken would show blaring unprofessionality in his run as House Speaker, knowing barely even his duties. Elysium Forests went totally silent after being appointed deputy, later revealed to be due to a vacation. And so, House Bill 13 was passed. This bill allowed for the Speaker to call upon special elections to fill the House. And then perhaps one of the most qualified Houses ever would come to be.

Powerhouse candidates, all respected members of the Cabinet, would run for the house en masse. With New Legland, The Chariot, Lashnakia, Loomburg, and Sword BJ would run, with candidate Atharia (The only non-cabinet candidate) dropping out of the race. With only 4 House seats to fill, the race became not a question of who to vote, but who not to vote for.




New Legland


Not Elected

The Chariot








Not Elected




Sword BJ



Subsequently, Tigslarlowducken was voted out of his Speaker position, and emergency elections for it are being held currently.
July Roleplay News - Decolonization, Annexation, and Nuclear Reactions by Salibaic

Seoul-Pyongyang has had his homeland vacated by the State of Renegalle. In response, Seoul tried to reannex his homeland but was blocked by Salibaic. This has lead to Seoul denouncing Salibaic and shutting down embassies. Especially when Salibaic forcibly removed Seoul from their colony.

Renegalle and Salibaic are decolonizing to help create a better world. The first steps have gone well so far but we are still yet to see the results this may produce on the world.

Elysium and Adlania left the UN after being told time after time not to control nuclear weapons. This lead to Elysium building up an arsenal of nukes which it used to threaten Salibaic and Renegalle. Renegalle was already hated in Elysium after the great wars which saw Elysium lose more than ¾ of the economy and caused major infighting in Elysium. The threat was not put down. However, Elysium did rejoin the UN and gave up the nukes although defense experts from Renegalle and Salibaic both say Elysium will most likely still control nukes.

The UN voted to condemn Sibir after it lied to the international community about Renegalle and Salibaic owning nukes. Salibaic in retaliation to this setup a UN vote but it failed after Sibirs allies came to his aid. Elysium also backed Salibaic proposal.

Elysium has proclaimed that Sibir is not a nation but a terror organization and thus occupied former Elysium land that belongs to Sibir. Sibir in return handed over the land to Marcelli. Elysium then tried to annex the land back and almost succeeded if was not for Sibir alerting Marcelli. This has lead to an escalation with Elysium starting navel exercises outside of Marcelli land and launching missiles into the sea near Marcelli’s mainland. Both nations have also banned trade between each other.

For more information, contact Atharia through Discord (Trisword#6166)

Three Weeks, Too Weak by The Chariot

Recently, Linkthe Force made its first and only occupation and refound attempt failed. Miserably. Goddamned ASSholes.

The attempt was made on AMYR, a region Caduceo desired for its name. With efforts from Caduceo, The Chariot, Renegalle, Salibaic, ImperialRussia, Empire of Elysium, and Carropia, the three-week occupation was fraught with ups and downs, from defenders, to failed refound attempts. On the 30th of June, the final attempt was made. Renegalle, Caduceo, and I left the region while Salibaic was delegate, using his powers to ban the native, The Republic of District-VIII, 30 seconds before the update.

And then... Artificial Solar System refounded it.


Lashnakia and Carropia have… proclaimed their love for each other in the Halls of the Government? Who knew that gays still existed after Pride month? (Pls don’t crucify me)

Teacher Chariot and assistant Elysium put the rowdy children of Force to bed. I’ll just leave you to interpret that one. Also, I was muted in 4 separate channels for it.

Hey… they say that… The State of Renegalle actually did work for once? Getting his subjects to do stuff? What’s this? He even got into anime! Maybe Force is actually going uphill! He still doesn’t make the trigger bot though. :(

Minecraft server is coming soon. Maybe. Blame Libertatis that it hasn’t come yet. But don’t blame him too much, since he donated stamps after Force’s population plummet.

Also, rumor has it that I might be impeached for saying “Shut up” in a public TG. Anyone know more? Asking for a friend.

And did you hear about our possible candidates for the next Prime Minister elections? They say that we’ll get a fresh roster, with Loomburg and Sword BJ all but confirming their bids. Also the Cheese Party.

Communications Team

> Caduceo - Minister of Communications and Professional Cookie Distributor

> The Chariot - Senior Editor and Columnist for Chariot's Chitchat

> Salibaic - Editor and Columnist for the Monthly Roleplay Updates

> Carropia - Editor and Columnist for The Investigator

For more information, contact Caduceo through Discord (SupportNerd#4356)
or apply forLink Civil Services!




WA Nations




The New Kingdom















Read dispatch

Good Afternoon Regions & Nations with embassies with the Andromeda Galaxy Coalition!

Please help me in my process to find the correct formulas in establishing a functioning region by stopping by the AGC and voting in our recent poll.


We’ve been gone for 130 days and now we’ve come back! We’re looking forward to bringing the news to the DRF again! So what’s happened? We’ve been relatively quiet but recently we’ve had a call for a trial of a nation, big embassy closure and build up to an election!

All this and more in this edition of the DRF Chronicle...

Breaking News:

1. Embassy shut with the Union of Allied States

Over the last two weeks, the main 5 nations in the cabinet have been hard at work trying to figure out what to about the UAS. This came to their attention after East Meranopirus published a dispatch and RMB post stating that the UAS has couped him as president, attacked him verbally and had become anti-democratic. The president of the UAS, Chokoku, was quick to put down those statements and was asked to testify to the cabinet. Chokoku said that region was still democratic, hasn’t changed their constitution and in fact, he was being attacked instead. Following this, the cabinet decided to fact-check and made the decision to close embassies. Zweites Preussen announced the closure on the DRF RMB, basing the decision on the UAS lying, taking away rights and couping their president. There has been no reply from the UAS over this act.

2. Abbots called to trial

2 weeks ago, New Excalibus announced that they were leaving NS and TCC. In reply to this, Puetavisa published a message which branded Great Apathonia and Abbots as traitors. This was because of their spamming on discord during Excalibus’ troubles and were accused of ‘making things worse’. Apathonia was then (ban)ejected from TCC, but Abbots being a DRF citizen, could only be properly punished from inside the DRF. So, Puetavisa decided to call for a trial of Abbots in DRF Court. Many nations came out in support of Abbots last including the PM. At time of publication, the DRF Court sub-region had just been made and everyone was getting ready. At the moment, things look in Puetavisa’s favour as they work in law IRL. BUT, Puet needs to persuade the judge why Abbots’ crime is treason against the DRF. It should be opened in the next few weeks.

3. August Election

17th August has been announced as the date for the DRF’s next general election, with two nations already announcing their candidacy for the election. This follows a successful 4 months of Zweites Preussen premiership. It looks in the balance of who’s going to win, as it looks like Zweites was very popular over the last few months but at the moment, he’s not standing so it is very much hard to call. This is only the second election without political parties, so we hope to see no voting blocs. The winner would be Prime Minister until October.

Interregional News:

1. Puetavisa becomes Archduke in TWC

Recently, we heard the news that the Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan had just been promoted into the region’s hierarchy. This marks what has been a great rise through the ranks in TWC for Puetavisa.

2. DRF aligns with East Meranopirus

Following the controversy with the UAS, East Meranopirus along with Handal Ands decided to start their own region that followed democratic values. After the DRF decided to close embassies with the UAS, Zweites Preussen announced that the DRF was going to try and strengthen ties with The Democratic Union, the new region.

And so, that concludes this weeks news! We’ve had a lot go one recently and hopefully it helped you understand it better. If we did get any facts wrong, please TG me.

Thanks for reading!

Read dispatch

Today in the Austro Hungarian Imperium, we ask what the title of your Head of State is:

And we also present the Imperial Gazette, which is the official record of Government in the Imperium:

The Imperial Gazette
The Official Record of Government in the Imperium

August 9th, 2019

New Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs & of the Interior

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Willem-Alexander van Orange (Maison Saint-Pierre) be appointed to the position of Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs, with The Hon. Wayne Oinkzky being moved to the position of Imperial Minister of the Interior.

The new Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs has also received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

August 8th, 2019

Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs Appointed

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Christopher Weilbourg (Verxorus) be appointed as the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs. By virtue of his position, the new Imperial Minister has received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

August 6th, 2019

Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs Appointed

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Wayne P. Oinzky (Wayne-Oinkzky) be appointed as the Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs. By virtue of his position, the new Imperial Minister has received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

New Government Information Published

The Imperial Crown has seen it fit to create a forum thread which will be kept up to date will all current government members. It will be kept up to date with the latest information, in line with information published in the Gazette, and elsewhere.

It can be Linkfound here.

Read dispatch

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