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Lotion Empire wrote:yessir

Thanks for the claim btw I saw it yesterday and itís coincidentally around the same shape as Monarche

Minuda wrote:Hello HKE, how are the kids?

HKE has kids???

"DAMMIT!!!!" Akenzua yelled as he punched a hole through the wall. He looked at his senior advisor. "We had a goddamn deal!" he shouted and he hit his desk. Papers scattered all over the floor. Pens dropped and money fell. He began to pace back and forth. He looked at the advisor. "What the hell do you have to say for yourself!" he shouted as he pulled out his dagger. The advisor threw his hands up. He didn't know what to do. "Sir, I don't know..." he said as he began to back up. Akenzua hit a beer bottle on the side of the wall. Shards were created from it. He sharped the sides with his dagger. He looked the advisor, his gaze sharper than the knife.

"Wrong answer..." he muttered,


He threw the keen bottle right at his advisor and watched as his went right through his head. The advisor dropped to the ground in pain. Akenzua pulled out his dagger and stared right at the advisor. "Don't lie to me, boy..." he said to him. The man threw his hands up to his sides, fear. "Sir! I'll tell you everything!" he said as he began to pull the shards of glass out of his head. "Sir, we weren't present when-" Akenzua threw his dagger as it clung to the wall right about the head of the advisor. "When that monster killed my father?" he shouted. "I'm done playing games..." he said as he pulled out another dagger.

He sharpened it. "This is for my father..." He charged right at the advisor and slammed the dagger right into the man's head. The advisor fell to the ground in agonizing pain. Akenzua ran to his sword. He turned the advisor, barely alive, over. "I'm going to enjoy this..." he said as he inserted the sword through the man's chest. Screams could be heard from downtown. He took a deep breath as he pulled the sword out. He looked at the lifeless advisor. "You helped Zhang kill my father..." he said as he looked at the Minister of Defense. "Eradicate the Yemetians..."

Bill Nye the Almighty wrote:I'm curious, anyone out there interested in becoming one of my Allies? I've got one so far.

hi an easy way to get involved in the tnp is to TG me a song (youtube link)

Monarche wrote:Prodigia
Silens, oro
Regnet exitium

Silent, I pray
Let destruction rain

Schokoladenhimmel wrote:...oh, well that's sad, most if not all furries I've met were amazing persons..

Well I guess we have had very different pasts when it comes to furries, which is completely fine.

Who owns egypt

Kingdom Of Casetaria wrote:Who owns egypt

Prolly TSU

Schokoladenhimmel wrote:HKE has kids???

Yes, they're called OSEAN's Members.

Xeosia Later wrote:Well I guess we have had very different pasts when it comes to furries, which is completely fine.


Monarche wrote:Prolly TSU


Hong Kong Empire, so, who gets hit with snails next?

Minuda wrote:Yes, they're called OSEAN's Members.

What's OSEAN???

Greatly wrote:Nueva Sudeste respects and admires your nation so much that they were thinking of going pacifist just to improve diplomatic relations with you! Thatís how much they value positive relations between the both of you and your peoples.

Are you sure about that?

Kingdom Of Casetaria wrote:K

guys can someone give me songs for the contest

All of the doggos free land is up for bid as a colony

The doggos free land wrote:All of the doggos free land is up for bid as a colony

10 million

Santamar wrote:Are you sure about that?


Who want to start a trade union

Schokoladenhimmel wrote:10 million

Anyone have higher for the colony of the doggos free land

Nueva Sudeste wrote:Yes/

I do not trust you.

Kingdom Of Casetaria wrote:Who want to start a trade union

yes if you submit a single song to my song contest

Santamar wrote:I do not trust you.

You don't trust anyone!

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