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So Soviet Union take Ukraine

Krywyy Rig wrote:Ukraine

Krywyy Rig wrote:Nope


I am going to sleep

Third Soviet Union wrote:I am going to sleep

i will consume you

Third Soviet Union wrote:I am going to sleep


Dakota Territories wrote:i will consume you

Also rip rmb. You will be missed
I diagnose this rmb with dead
I stand corrected. It's back

Post by Notun Ahom suppressed by Territorio di Nessuno.

Werfondkhan wrote:wdym,wdym,wdym,wdym?

wdym, wdym, wdym, wdym, wdym

Third Soviet Union wrote:I am going to sleep

Good night

Notun Ahom wrote:As the week passes by, Ptunyik-1 is finally ready with the satellite Mahom-1. The Ptunyik-1 has a payload capacity of 800 kg. The launch place, Kelka Launch Station is ready and we invite officers of Mavella Socialist Republic to launch it.

The launch crews, ground checkup crews, aerial view crews and the news reporters were all invited to the launch day, as the night counts down until the launch, the MASA crews checks the rocket fuel pump, detaching modules, the satellite response and the needed checks before the day started to rise, a few hundred kilometers away from the launch center, a field was leased for the public to see, a song was played 10 minutes before the launching, named "The Rockets are ready!"

"3 Minutes before takeoff"

the ground crews are clearing the pad for any foreign objects, stones and most of all, the smallest sands, after done checking, they are gone from the scene, aerial view locking was settled on the rocket to confirm the module separations

"10 secs liftoff"

the compressed air are being let out from the modules spaces, the engine are starting to heat up, a small fire was ignited from underneath the launch pad for the engine, boosters on the sides are being slowly come to life

"5 secs"

the engine roared suddenly followed a loud explosion, the boosters are ignited too, the clamps let's go as the countdown goes to zero, the rocket goes straight up and gaining Altitude into the sky, the trails of thick smoke left the launchpad as the long metal rocket lifts off

"Module liftoff, turn module to 25 degrees"

"Boosters running low"

"Booster separation"

"Module 1 running low"

the rocket are slowly getting smaller and smaller by the onlookers from the ground, but the command center are far from finished, they encountered a small disturbance upon reaching the mesosphere, but overall, the song that played in their headphone comms rises their spirits, the first module were separated letting it fall down into the ocean, then the remaining flies into the exosphere, where it have gained orbit

"Module in orbit I repeat, module in orbit"

everyone in the command center cheers, chanting their motto and the song over and over

"Rakety Rakety Rakety! Always on duty! Rakety Rakety Rakety! Soaring through the skies!"

"A new dawn have been achieved by both the Mavellan and Ahom people, the socialist republic prevails"
- Fedryovsky Yediny

Freedomanica wrote:That flag of his is almost the exact same as mine.

Lol, I searched "EU flag but monarchy" and directly got that flag

Oh how small the world is

0cala put spoiler when writing a long post.

DIOlandJOJO watch your language.

Krywyy Rig avoid posting multiple times in a row without anyone posting in between.

Dreadton wrote:Dreadton Dont double post you know better.

Dreadton wrote:Im not a Gameside advocate, I am a Regional Officer.

Even worse!

Zazumo wrote:Territorio di Nessuno is a twerp.

That is all...


Advancia-Sizzletown wrote:*breaks down door*

Hello bois!

Third Soviet Union wrote:Hello

United Ottarenzian Capitalist Republics wrote:Hello, Northern Pacificans!

Werfondkhan wrote:Good afternoon people

Lotion Empire wrote:Hello


Mavella Socialist Republic wrote:Lol, I searched "EU flag but monarchy" and directly got that flag

Oh how small the world is

I literally said ’Europe flags’! Wow very true, the World can be small!

Arslattan empire

“I bid fair welcome to all empires and corners of our dying world. On behalf of the esteemed and honoured Lord-Confessor of the Arslattan Empire, it is my delightful and divinely-ordained pleasure to offer upon you all a chance for plenitude and prosperity, of truth and justice, of comprehension and perspective. I beg of any willing entities to permit speakers of our will to journey to your vicinities, within which they will note the state of decay present and offer hope and salvation for our resurrected future to all who hear them out. By the will of next life, I urge you each to consider this offer. It will ensure your legacy for countless lives to come.”

-The Third Accuser

Awwww rmb died again

Werfondkhan wrote:Awwww rmb died again

My database indicates more than 6 possible lifeforms typing or browsing on this RMB.

M808B Main Battle Tank wrote:Negative.
My database indicates more than 6 possible lifeforms typing or browsing on this RMB.

I can confirm at least 2

You know, if you think about it, being an administrator must not be easy.

Lonbon smiki


Third Soviet Union wrote:OurkraineYou are the Kingdom Of Casetaria aren't you?

No u

everything is going down

Hey, Missouria! I'm back to capture some n***s

Santamar wrote:You can also get infected by being in contact with them.

You don't get salmonella by eating them.

look there is a center where they are made safe by a lotion

Wh man

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