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The Pacific is a Feeder. New nations are founded here at an elevated rate.

WA Delegate: The Pacifican Empire of East Durthang (elected )

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Welcome to The Pacific, the oldest region in NationStates and home of the New Pacific Order!

LinkRegional Forum | LinkApply for Citizenship | Join us on LinkDiscord | The Pacific Charter and Civil Code

    JOIN THE WA and endorse our Emperor East Durthang. Doing so improves regional security and strengthens our influence in the World Assembly. See article 201 of the Civil Code.

    Resident endorsement limit is 10. Security Officer limit is 80. Get to know your Officers.

    All RMB recruiters will be banned on sight.

    For Embassies or Consulates, contact Pasybfic.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Pacific contains 4,383 nations, the 12th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Information Technology Sector in the Pacific

World Census staff compiled lists over Smart Phone related traffic accidents to determine which nations have the largest Information Technology industries.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 4,527th in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Star Fox of Jar WattinreePsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Minya Nr, Minya Arda, Minya Aran”
2.The Social Darwinist Imperium of The Ascendant HivePsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“What Crota began, I complete. My will... conquers all!”
3.The Dominion of Patriarchic BlissPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”
4.The Imperial Federation of The Pacific RingFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Freedom is only achievable through loyalty.”
5.The Republic of This was probably a bad ideaLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Illegitimi non carborundum”
6.The Martial Order of The Osperian SynarchyInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Hic Sunt Ad Manendum”
7.The V͔̞̟o͉̟̦͈i̫͖̹̠̰̝̙ͅd͔͚̫̫͝ ͜͠ of Mayo and Other CondimentsIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“[REDACTED]”
8.The Imperial Dominion of LongweatherDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Endurance against all trials”
9.The Federal Republic of WinklebottomCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“E pluribus unum”
10.The Virtual Reality of AnoziaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Further beyond imagination”
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Regional Happenings


The Pacific Regional Message Board

Greetings, The New Grand Republic of Anathrax, Lafana, Sagmar, Chodesquad, Ehmazing, Kriminia!

Welcome to the Pacific! We're delighted to have you here. It can be a bit daunting to play NationStates or to be in the Pacific for the first time (or if you're just coming back!), but we're here to help you out. Below you'll be able to find a checklist of things you can do to get started as it will help you get a grasp of the basics and introduce you to the wider Pacifican community. If you're not new to NationStates but new to the Pacific, do make sure to still follow the instructions; it helps out a ton!

  • First things first, join the World Assembly! It's like the United Nations but in NationStates. If you're confused on how to join the World Assembly, this guide should be able to help you out.

  • Once you've joined the World Assembly, you can endorse any nation that is also in the World Assembly. It is extremely important for the security of the region that you make sure to endorse our World Assembly Delegate East Durthang.

  • Now that you've endorsed our World Assembly Delegate, you can join our forums and then apply for citizenship in the New Pacific Order. At most, the process will take a few days, and then after that - you're officially a citizen of the New Pacific Order.

  • The last thing that you need to do to get started is to join our Discord server. It allows you to communicate with all the members of the New Pacific Order, stretching across 3 main branches and other games as well. Since you're a citizen, you'll also get access to the special citizens-only channel too.


  • If you fancy yourself as a roleplayer, it's important that you make sure to read the RMB Roleplay Guidebook as it allows you to get an understanding of the basics of how roleplay is conducted in the Pacific. If you don't like the type of roleplay presented, you might want to consider joining the other Pacifican Roleplay Groups.

We hope you have a great time here in the Pacific!

The New Pacific Order

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Wykklest - Democratic Supporter
Wykkle - Democracy
Wykklestic - President, Ruler In Democracy, One Among Democratic Supporters
Wykkle'Lyvnkyner - Voter, Elector
Lyvnkyner - Of Humanity
Lyvnkyne - Humanity
Lyvn - Soul, Life
Kyne - Wind, Tempest

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Pathonia wrote:Wykklest - Democratic Supporter
Wykkle - Democracy
Wykklestic - President, Ruler In Democracy, One Among Democratic Supporters
Wykkle'Lyvnkyner - Voter, Elector
Lyvnkyner - Of Humanity
Lyvnkyne - Humanity
Lyvn - Soul, Life
Kyne - Wind, Tempest

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Cool to see some unique languages

Wallmorgen wrote:Cool to see some unique languages

Tis a side project going at half a snail's pace.
Not a language yet.
Just *words*

Pathonia wrote:Tis a side project going at half a snail's pace.
Not a language yet.
Just *words*

Something is always better than nothing!

Wallmorgen wrote:Something is always better than nothing!

(In this particular case) That's debatable.

Pathonia wrote:(In this particular case) That's debatable.

Im sure youll get it finished

Pathonia wrote:

Round 2:
Senatorial Confirmation for Senator-Nominee Hollenead Drumtile: (Needed, 3/4, or 331) [Present: 437]
FOR (+Stickybeard +Vosodd +ERF) = 181
AGAINST (106 to succeed) = 104
TBD (+Flooferooni) = 152 ([nation]Dushina[nation], updated vote count from yesterday. Election Results Below.)

Senator-Nominee Hollenead Drumtile Agenda:
> Approve FY2023 for 2024 due to how it hadn't been approved yet.
> Push an Amendment through the Assembly to formalise the legal mechanisms of Presidential Impeachment in the Arykndlewik Holleneathing.
> Launch a Ministry of Justice probe into President Flooferooni over potential tampering with the special election.
> *rumoured* Lowering requirements to become Presidency.


December 2067 Presidential Elections:

Flooferooni - 48%
Stickybeard - 39%
Franzeski-Koije - 13%

No majority. Eliminating least voted candidate. Transferring votes to second choice candidates.
Flooferooni - ~50%
Stickybeard - ~50%

Vote result, number:
278190000 voters. (~49.5% of population)
Flooferooni - 139,092,000
Stickybeard - 139,098,000

Due to the closeness of the vote, the Holleneathen Assembly (separately from the Senatorial Confirmation situation) decided that it should work to choose the President.


439 Votes
Augusta + Snowrose voting in absentia. +3
Flooferooni and Stickybeard cannot vote. -2

Flooferooni's options to garner votes:

(~92 votes) Stickybeard - "Just resign. Gimme the Presidency. Clearly the people don't overwhelmingly consider you the cat for the job."
(~84 votes) Treukitr Vosodd - "Now look, it might just be trauma, but I kinda wanna just... discreetly shoo shoo that new arthropod
(~75 votes) Ceta Sentross (VII) - "Arrest Rear Admiral Sycaeji Fijicon. She's a traitor who spilled thousands of pages of classified I.S.S documents pertaining to our- er... less sightly activities..."
(~72 votes) Domida Sentross (VI) - "Endorse the arthropod Hollenead, show your support for diversity in the Assembly."
(~51 votes) Sycaeji Fijicon - "Call for the dissolution of the Imperial Security Service. They have psychological torture devices, illegal to begin with- but coupled with corporal and capital punishment for detainees; which is simply showing their disregard for the law. If not outright dissolution, arrest Ceta to show you mean business. People deserve better than to have a terrifying spectre veiled in security looming over them."
(~40 votes) Snowrose Icilfer "Thanks for your birthday presents! I'd like it if you could convince people that Augusta isn't 'insane,' she's just getting the help that she needs."
(~25 votes) Augusta Kossulminus "I don't think I've actually met you yet. If I did, it was a long time ago. Maybe. Meet me in Stonehenge in about... 24 or so hours. If you promise to do that, I'll see what I can do to secure you the Presidency."


December 2067 Holleneathen Elections for the various Constituencies of the City of Bath in Pathonian Britain:
1 of 5 shown.
ERF - 49%
Anti-Maxifaerian (most of the other candidates in this race endorsed him) - 48%
IT Enthusiast - 3%
Remove, Redistribute.
ERF - 51%
Anti-Maxifaerian - 49%
ERF victorious.
2 of 5 shown.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 6%
Anti-Maxifaerian - 89%
AI-Robot Citizen - 5%
Unnamed Maxifaerian lost.
3 of 5 shown.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 19%
Militarist - 16%
PB Independence Movement - 14%
IT Lobbylist - 18%
Manufacturing Interest - 12%
Education Reform Advocate - 21%
Remove, Redistribute.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 22%
PB Independence Movement - 14%
IT Lobbylist - 28%
Manufacturing Interest - 12%
Education Reform Advocate - 24%
Remove, Redistribute.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 22%
PB Independence Movement - 16%
IT Lobbylist - 28%
Education Reform Advocate - 34%
Remove, Redistribute.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 37%
IT Lobbylist - 28%
Education Reform Advocate - 35%
Remove, Redistribute.
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 44%
Education Reform Advocate - 56%
Unnamed Maxifaerian lost.
4 or 5 shown.
Student Activist for PB equality in Pathonia - 44%
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 39%
Education Reformist - 17%
Unnamed Maxifaerian lost.
5 of 5 shown.
IT Manufacturing Interest - 45.9%
Unnamed Maxifaerian - 50.1%
Agricultural Conglomerate Representative - 4%
Unnamed Maxifaerian won.

Another Unnamed Maxifaerian was detained by the I.S.S after they saw such packing of the election with Maxifaerians.

Above pertains to you.
(Huh, who would've thunk. Only one additional Maxifaerian made it.)
Now they need a House to back them really soon before the Assembly smells something fishy.

1 of 1 shown. Arthropyria
Scypula Cetroides - 66%
Sleepy old fart - 21%
A worm that somehow declared its candidacy on paper - 13%
Scypula Cetroides wins.

Scypula will sit with the Maxifaerian Holleneads.

Arthropyria wrote:Victory!
Scypula will sit with the Maxifaerian Holleneads.

Who is Scypula

World of nature wrote:Who is Scypula

An Arthropod hollenead in the Pathonian Assembly. She is an Arizonan bark scorpion.

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