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The Republican Antilles RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Afternoonist Cult of The Republican Founder

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Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,743rd
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Welcome to the Republican Antilles!

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We are now under the Administration of the Republican Afternoon Party.

Embassies: The Order Of The Afternoon.

Tags: Invader and Minuscule.

The Republican Antilles contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in The Republican Antilles

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, The Republican Antilles is ranked 14,938th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Socialist States of SancheeLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“Cedant Arma Togae”
2.The Borderlands of 4channyAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”
3.The Afternoonist Cult of The Republican FounderMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“Good Afternoon”

Regional Happenings


The Republican Antilles Regional Message Board

Alpha Wolf wrote:I died? :)

not yet

the republican Antilles died

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the republican Antilles died

Sorry to hear, we can shelter anyone who isn't sure where they are going yet.


lets get a big F

Armenia-kronia wrote:lets get a big F



Thoughts Of The People

Q: The Westphalian Post, as the newspaper nation of Westfalen Westphalia, and a handsome devil, what are your thoughts on the region and its affairs?
The Westphalian Post:"I believe this moment in Westphalian history is certainly interesting, as we are headed into the fall. One of our allies has fallen and disbanded, NWE seems to be doing its own thing, and publication has been delayed thanks to many of my reporters having been kidnapped by the infamous 'Yang Gang'. Overall, I believe we should focus more on ourselves and building back up our culture."

The Weather

Absent, with screaming heads and pixie migrations...the satellite dish has been knocked off.

A Political Awakening

In the last week, after talks of the possibility, Westfalen Westphalia's first officially recognized political party has been created. Named the 'White-Mane Royalist Party', the political party created by Ecotopia2 wasted no time in setting down the issues it stands with. The party aligns itself with the Monarchist ideology, with the belief that we should empower the role of Emperor, stick by traditional Westphalian values, and strengthen the culture of Westfalen Westphalia. One proposal given in the party's dispatch (nation=ecotopia2/detail=factbook/id=1257487) mentions how the party wants to create a "museum" of arts in the region, filled with works from the regions residents, in order to attract new ones from outside our borders. The party currently has three members (Ecotopia2, The Evile Republic, and Flame1). When asked how he feels about the creation of the White-Mane Royalist Party, Ecotopia2 replied that he was "..glad that slowly, but surely, Westfalen Westphalia is moving towards becoming more politically proactive region. We White-Manes are fortunate to have the requirements, and are proud patriots of this great region".
Already, there is talk of perhaps more political parties on the way, with one example being the proposition of creating a 'Cheesecake Party', to which the Emperor Nuer-Texias would be welcome to join, according to the nation Wandering Wallabies on discord. Whether this will prove to truly be a revolutionary moment in recent Westphalian history is yet to be seen. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

The Emperor, Missing?

The Westphalian Emperor Nuer-Texias has not been seen that much, only popping out occasionally with a greeting or remark to the region, before returning to hibernation. When we sent the Emperor questions for the interview we were arranging with his majesty, we have not heard from him since, which is indeed very peculiar. Since that point, Nuer-Texias has not been seen in public.
This is not the first instance of a missing person's case in Westfalen Westphalia. For example, most of the staff being kidnapped last week, reportedly by the 'Yang Gang', which has delayed our reporting on the region for quite a while. Then there's the case of Eclandia, a former member of The Council Of Elders, who after missing for a month finally showed up last weekend deceased, lacking 4 fingers, as well as a head. Nobody knows if the 'Yang Gang' was behind this tragedy or not, though they are a suspect. Is it possible even, that our very own Emperor Nuer-Texias has been kidnapped, too? Will he reply to our messages?? Will Flame1 be the next Goku?
Unfortunately, we can only speculate, and pray for those lost to return to us. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Rest In Peace

Over the weekend, Hulldom, founder of the region The Republican Antilles, announced that the region, a known ally of Westfalen Westphalia, will soon be demolished. Proceeding to do so officially on Wednesday of this week, the reason behind this comes from the inactivity of the region, and the failure to attract new nations into its borders. Deciding enough was enough, Hulldom this week finally decided that it was time to pull the plug.
Unfortunately, because the region's discord was deleted, The Westphalian Post was unable to find a direct quote announcing the decision. In response to this news, many regions, including Westfalen Westphalia offered refuge to citizens of The Republican Antilles, who will inevitably be kicked our before the region itself shuts down. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

To New Web Forums, And Beyond

In a recent move by Cannula, leader and WA of Westfalen Westphalia, and Wandering Wallabies, a new offsite forum has been created.
"Greetings. Let me introduce you to the new off-site RMB:" -Wandering Wallabies 09/15/2019
According to its creators, the forum's purpose is to serve as a platform for information concerning Westfalen Westphalia. If things go according to plan, newcomers as well as current residents will be able to regularly use the site, and access sections relating to our region, helping promote what makes Westfalen Westphalia great. As of now, the site is up and running, Aside from the occasional update, the forum has largely worked upon, and has been made ready for public consumption. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Question Of The Day

"Who is interested in forging a leftist and green political party" -New Technocratic Prussia


***The Westphalian Post is a Westfalen Westphalia non-profit newspaper dedicated to covering native events, as well as a few inter-regional ones as well. We provide our news to Westfalen Westphalia and most of it's embassies. If you have read The Westphalian Post and want to support it, contact us via telegram for a subscription, or if you have a news story you think we should cover. Thank you!***

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The Westphalian Post is proud to have delivered news to this region, and wishes readers here a good time reading our last edition to this region.

Evil evile


Thoughts Of The People

Q: Merftastic, though you are admittedly not a resident of Westfalen Westphalia, what are your thoughts on the region and its affairs?
Merftastic:"It's dope, despite a reluctance to integrate our order into the region as the one true religion. The merger region the region plans on joining seems to be promising, though."

The Weather

Screeching winds from the north, with sightings of frost giants to the west linked to frosts, and even a couple flurries.

Chilly Winds, Merry Times Approaching

As the cold becomes more present, and Christmas Day is getting ever closer, the largely festive (as usual) region of Christmas responded in a burst of wholesome activity. Neighbors welcomed cold strangers into their humble and cozy abodes, offering such treats such as cookies, muffins, mimosas, and the somewhat famous boiled sprouts, as well as warmth by the hearth. A new face to the region, A festive sloth, was introduced to a top secret handshake by Cindy lou who, whether to the newcomer's benefit or misfortune, and much to the dismay of Yuletide Yggdrasil. Later on, music was shared, parties erupted with drunken cheer, and songs like Sankta Lucia were shared among the populace. And finally, to top it all off, two new government officers were appointed: Cindy lou who as The Littlest Who & Ecotopia 3 as the region's Town Crier. With special attention given to the latter region, Ecotopia 3, a puppet of the Westphalian nation Ecotopia2, has been elected into his role thanks to his link to the press of Westfalen Westphalia; The Westphalian Post. The newspaper thanks the officials of Christmas for the honor, and will continue serving you with news for the near future!
This is The Westphalian Post, out.

A Word With The Emperor

In an exclusive interview, The Westphalian Post sat down with Westfalen Westphalia's Emperor, Nouvelle-Quebec, in September of this year. Acknowledging current events, with the merger proposal between Lezra, UKO, RHINIA, and Westfalen Westphalia, we want to share what may be some of the last words of a respected Monarch. Therefore, we in The Westphalian Post regard this interview very seriously as historical text. Now on to the interview:


1) What is something about yourself that readers may not know about you, that you are open to sharing?

I am a young Texian, that aspires to help change the world through the Sciences, and aspires to become governor of Texas one day in the not too distant future.

2) What to you is the role of the Emperor, to his region?

The role of Emperoris that of parental figure that only wants the best for the Region. If that means sitting back and observing the Region breathe live and grow, so be it; however, during recent times as the political environment has shifted with the tides, I have had the pleasure of becoming more involved with the beauty of Westphalia. In ye olde days of long past, the Royal family was to be an Icon that represented the people and culture of our region. Now, I take an intricate role and relationship with the Governing body to aspire to continually revive and stoke the flames of the beating heart of Westphalia.

3) What are your thoughts on past Emperors, your descendants, and the lives they lived in their role, compared to yours?

I have great respect for my predecessor @House of Petain and consider them a good friend, even though its been more than a year since I've heard from them. I know our region is a burgeoning experience of blending the capacities of A Monarchy while also having to bequeath the power of democracy to the citizens.

4) Do you support the actions of your government? What do you believe they should do?

The government is chosen by a combination of the People and Myself. These few individuals were chosen for a lack of better words and so if they make waves of change and bring about a golden age thats absolutely amazing. If they make a massive blunder, thats not a mishap but a learning experience for all. "All of life evolved based on one tool, the Mistake."

5) Should democracy remain a practice? Do you believe the best individuals are elected with that system?

I believe in a Constitutional Monarchy where the People choose the government, then the government coaches, guides, and aides the Kaiser (Emperor) and Imperial Line. There are some offices dictated in our Grundgesatz, or basic law, that are appointed or elected by votes of the Bundesministers but those are filled by the chosen electorate and Imperial Bloodline working in step.

6) What are your thoughts on other regions? Can you name your (second) favorite region?

Mhmm, to be honest, it's hard to say. The main focus on my plate the last 2 yrs has been preserving Westphalia while trying to encourage the growth within her borders.

7) How would you prefer to spend the rest of your "life" as Emperor?

As a grandparent that has successfully raised and reared an amazing Regional Empire that takes care and loves its citizens, however, I feel like that is a long time away.

8) Do you love your region? If so, what about it, and what to you does it stand for?

I would argue that Westphalia is my love and life. There are so many reasons to enjoy it, but I would say it has to be that WE are a STRONG Region and Peoples. That nothing holds us down over the last 6+ yrs. Westphalia IS the city on a hill, we are a place where anyone can come and seek to become Westphalian. Tired, weak, sickened, Westphalia is here to nurture all who are willing to get help. We endeavor to seek diversity, as our family is that of the World. There are those shadows cast in contrast, but we love those aspects as well. Regardless, We stand for Each other, WE stand for that culture that is all-encompassing and freely given. We stand as an example of how Constitutional Monarchies can and do work, for and the people.

9) Do you have plans to possibly expanding the royal family?

I would like to yes. I am just not sure if now is the time to do so. For example, I wish to have an increase to 50+ Nations before I consider "growing the Imperial Family."

10) Technically, you've been Emperor for over a year now, have you thought yet of naming an heir?

Mhmm, That's a tough one. Since Day 1 I've thought of this, but with the government being New, and the Region young in her refounding, I would abstain from choosing an Heir until after several elections cycles to thoroughly vet anyone that would possibly take my place.

11) There is another Emperor who I have interviewed: Emperor Josephtan of New Western Empire. Would you consider inviting him over to your palace?

Mhmm... To be honest yes, I would have to check current relations between our Empires, by conversing with mein Bundesminister of Foreign affairs and makes sure that we are open to polite discussion.

12) Finally, and most importantly, would you subscribe to The Westphalian Post?

Seeing as this was a very introspective interview, and hella fun, yes.

Sincerly yours,

Kaiser Raelagen An'Den von Nouvelle-Quebec

This is The Westphalian Post, out.


Question Of The Day

What does it mean to be Westphalian? Are Westphalian Splinter regions still Westphalian?

Subscribers: Ecotopia2, Nouvelle-Quebec, and Barlomia

***The Westphalian Post is a Westfalen Westphalia non-profit newspaper dedicated to covering native events, as well as a few inter-regional ones as well. We provide our news to Westfalen Westphalia and most of it's embassies. If you have read The Westphalian Post and want to support it, contact us via telegram for a subscription, or if you have a news story you think we should cover. Thank you!***

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