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Shimmering Subjugations
Tore Zam Expansion Post #2
Tore Zam, the general understanding of the island nation is that 6 tribes with origins theorized to have some connection to the neighboring nation of Uinnrenn. These have been noted in design styles, culture, as well as linguistics. However, the island of Taihei still possesses several tribes who are more Polarean in origin. These differences have made the idea of expansionism a hotly contested one which is made worse by differences in different polarean groups. While some may be more accepting the others reacted violently to the existence of these. With the rise of the new chieftain Elyta, a new focus has been given to the unification of Taihei under Tore Zamic rule.

The rain currently in the region was uncharacteristically strong, making any attempt to walk forward feel like one was one mistep away from sinking into the water muddy ground below. Nevertheless, they marched on. The winds would pass through, pushing them all around. Nevertheless, they marched on. The Tore Zamots marching through these terrible conditions were a ragtag mix of soldiers and diplomats. Whether it would be through cooperation or coercion, they would claim a new piece of land. Arriving at their destination there was a group of people mostly free of rain in a… Forest? No, it was all a large structure which gave the appearance of a forest. Within however, it was revealed to be much more complex than meets the eye. Chandeliers, multiple halls and rooms, nicely dressed individuals discussing all sorts of matters.. When the men entered, all the chatter going on in the background ceased. Their face paintings giving them away as Tore Zamots. Immediately the Area was evacuated out, some taking a look at the men who so suddenly entered their home. The youngest ones primarily had looks of curiosity, presumed parents had one of fear, and the eldest ones had visible disgust on their faces. Eventually the only one Native Polarean was left, a stern looking man who appeared to be the leader. The group of men looked at one another before forming a circle to discuss, eventually letting one diplomat go forward.

The diplomat awkwardly sat down across a table from the leader, who stared directly at him. A period of silence ensued, a minute, two, five. Until the words finally came out from the leader’s mouth.

“Do you intend to state your business on our land”

“Ah, but can the land truly belong to someone, it is a being as much as you-”

“Enough with the spiritual blabber, your people have been trying to nab this land for generations now and I know damn well that’s your intent now, isn’t it?”

“...Well you must understand that it would allow the island to finally be at peace. The bloodshed, hatred, wouldn’t you want it all to come to an easy end?”

“Get out.”

“But surely-”

“Get out now. Sending a silver tongued man such as yourself to manipulate me into doing the one thing our people have sworn to never do,”

The diplomat frowned, getting in closer to whisper in the ears of the Native Polarean leader, the more he spoke the wider the eyes of the leader grew. The horror on his face evident to the confused onlookers, “As you can see, the woman sending us does not have much mercy”

The proud leader of the Native Polareans, was reduced to a crumbling shell of the man he was a moment ago, “That woman… that devil has no regard for human life.”

The diplomat avoided the eyes of the man, pulling out a contract for the man to sign, “I’ll be the one to ensure your people stay fine, you just need to sign…”

The water remained blue for the night.

Open the Country. Stop Having It Be Closed.
Trade copost with Uinnrenn

<Dialogue in Uinnlantish>
{Dialogue in Polarean}

The day was overcast, clouds above heavy with rain. The streets were bustling and markets were filled with goods and people. The smell of various foreign spices wafted into the street and drew men and women to their sources. And despite that, Neitenn map Uinnbronn was pushing his way through the crowd further towards Uinncair's broch. Clutched in his non-dominant hand was a rolled-up leather. Even though Voltanese parchments had entered the League, the Uinnlant had maintained their tradition of painting ogham upon tanned leathers.

He came to the broch's entrance and slid through. The first face he saw was that of 52-year old Occo Ónnismarci, pedsagiad to King Drost. No words were exchanged, for at the end of the letter was Occo's name. He turned around and went up the stairs, followed closely by Neitenn.

"<It is a pleasure to meet you,>" said King Drost as Occo and Neitenn entered the room. "<Your father taught you himself, didn’t he?>" he asked.

Neitenn nodded with a cocked eyebrow. “<And why am I here?>”

"<Occo didn't write the reason for the summons?>" asked Drost. Neitenn shook his head. Drost shook his as well as an aside before continuing. "<Well, word says the Polareanization attempts on Taihai had a few holes; a tribe’s living and about.>”

"<The hatsugenate hasn't ran 'em in yet?>"

Occo shook his head. "<Surprisingly, not yet. Are you up for the job?>"

"<I read Mailgun's accounts of the Idhonril. That investment was a waste. How do we know this particular tribe won't be the same?>”

"<We don't.>"

Occo butted in with, "<Investing early can bear great fruits, map Uinnbronn. Such had been the case with the Okimosi. Should these Taihaiese tribals last, we may gain the most by virtue of being the first known to contact them.>"

"<Aye,>"— Drost pointed toward Occo —"<what he said.>"

It took a few seconds, but Neitenn sighed. "<Very well. I'll head out.>"

And head out, he did. It had been a week, including the time taken to collect the sailors, ships, and soldiers. A galley was at the helm of the formation, upon which were Neitenn and twenty-five well-trained and -equipped spearmen. Behind the galley were five triremes manned by a hundred troops each. This was a precaution; the tribals could have been hostile. That possibility was on the minds of each man brought along for the journey as the ships drew within a few kilometers of shore.


The ports of Tore Zam were undergoing a standard day, after revealing themselves the Tore Zamic ships had been regularly doing runs around the island of Taihei within the past year. Occasionally they’d drop on an isle to scout out the land or see who else is nearby. But this afternoon bore results different from the norm. The port soon became a scramble for an entire hour, while the nose could enjoy the sea air the eyes and ears would be besieged by the bodies rushing about and shouting. After an hour, the leader of the station came to the decision to report this to the current leader, Chief Cultes.

“Chieftain, we have caught note of outsiders for the first time today, we come to you to ask, what do we do?” asked the station leader.

Shifting on his throne Cultest leaned forward, “What is your name sir?”

The station leader, taken aback, responded, “I am Fisrac, son of Sedlac,” looking up at the chief Fisrac waited in anxiety.

Smiling Cultes got up to pick a tome, an old and worn looking one at that, flipping through pages until looking up and staring down the station leader.“Well Fisrac, what do you think?”

Following a period of silence, Fisrac gulped and opened his mouth, “why do you ask me this?”

“Tradition states I take into account word of people, so I want you to help as these are the first outsiders we have seen in ages”

Following a period of silence, Fisrac opened up, “They have ships, large ones, combat with them is ill advised. If I may, we would stand to gain from a larger ally.”

Walking up to Fisrac, the chief put his hand on Fisrac’s shoulder, “An interesting choice. Come with me, I want you with me for this big event.”

The two left the chief’s home and set off with a few soldiers and two other chiefs that were able to make the trip on short notice and arrived at the original port to the discovery of a large ship.


Even though it should have been on his mind, Neitenn hadn’t thought of what language he’d need to speak to the tribals. Polarean and Voltanese were likely the best to use, but he didn’t know if they’d understand Voltanese; Polarean had a better chance by virtue of being the closest known, civilized population.

Neitenn mumbled his Polarean introduction under his breath. He really had to brush up on it, but so far his Polarean would suffice. A deep breath led its way into another repetition, and then another, until the door into the cabin clicked open.

“<Cledhbiad, sir?>” asked the deckhand that had peeked his head through the crack in the door. “<We’re approaching shore. You oughta come out.>”

Neitenn nodded. “I’ll be out in a moment.”

The deckhand retracted his head and shut the door.

Neitenn leaned back in his chair for a few seconds, his Polarean narrowly escaping him before he rose. He grabbed the sheathed dagger and hooked the sheath on his belt, going inward such that it was largely hidden, as he came to the door. He opened the door as he took a drab-colored tam o’ shanter off a small stand, putting it on upon his head as he walked through the door. What greeted his eyes was a port directly ahead of the galley.

He peered over the edge of the ship and behind the cabin, finding that the five triremes assigned to the galley had stayed with them. He breathed a sigh of relief, turning his gaze to the port. He made a short. “Eicú!”[1] His twenty-five spearmen got in a neat formation on the bow of the ship. If he had to admit, the number of spearmen assigned to serve as security detail was a bit extreme.

“<Lads,>” he addressed them as he came to their front, “<we’re landing on now-unknown turf. We oughta be careful with what we do and say. Be aware of them and what they do, but don’t be too quick to fight; we can’t risk souring relations with them if they turn out to be friendly. Understood?>”

Ai!”[2] called the spearmen.

Neitenn nodded. “<Good.>” He made a sharp turn and began walking down the gangplank. Behind him, the spearmen followed in single-file before fanning out back into formation. With Neitenn at the helm, the formation moved formalized and kept still. Neitenn expected for their hosts to arrive soon, and once they did he would give them his Polarean introduction.


Arriving at the shore the 3 chiefs took a look at the Uinnlantish ship and amongst themselves, all three of them had their own questions on what to do. Chieftains Cultes, Silta, and Dysta were furiously debating the course of action to take with Fisrac silently observing.

“I feel that it is in our best interest that I take the lead on this one,” Cultes said, “I am most aware of our history and culture, it would be in our best interest. Besides,”He then pointed his finger and the Uinnlantish ship and back to an old book he had brought with him, “look at those ships, I’ve seen somewhat similar designs in them in some old artifacts, it is completely necessary I lead this”

“Or,” Silta responded “I handle this because unlike you I actually know about modern Tore Zamic society,” grabbing Cultes’ book and tossing it over her back. “We used to kill each other in the night and give up offspring regularly. The ONLY thing holding us back from collapsing is a temporary treaty and even that doesn’t stop some smaller groups from having skirmishes. We need to take steps forward.

Patiently waiting was the most recently put in place chief, Dysta. “You both DO realize that if it weren’t for the suggestion of my father, this situation wouldn’t happen. Now if you excuse me I feel it’s best that I handle it, we can keep both the past and future in mind.” Grumbling in agreement the other two let him through, Dysta walked out waiting for the Uinnlant, {Greetings Strangers, I hope the day finds you well}

Neitenn breathed a sigh of relief. "<Oh, Dunna's blessed us today.>" He bowed with his hand over his heart. "{A pleasure to meet your people.}" He rose. "{I hope the day finds you well, in turn. The Kingdom of Uinncair had heard of a people here. As its representative, I would love to learn about your people and what makes them tick. Hopefully in turn I will be able to tell you the same of the Uinnlant, my own people.}"

Dysta gave a look at the other two chiefs before turning back to reply, “{Ah, well I am Dysta one of the six primary chiefs of Tore Zam, and so are these two,}” he said gesturing to the Cultes and Silta, “{Of course we would get you acquainted with all six of us but one of us is enjoying a hunting trip and another two are currently handling a conflict in the west. We have spent a larger part of the past era warring amongst one another, and scars still remain here. We would love to offer you one of our history books on your trip home. Regardless, the presence of an outsider is interesting. We speak the same words, although your accent is an odd one, who are you all?}”

"{Accent? Well, er…}" Neitenn paused. "<How do I say…> {I hail from a nation known as Uinncair. It is a member of a League to the north of here named the League of Uinnrenn. Perhaps my Polarean is colored by my native language.}" He looked toward the other two and bowed with his hand over his heart. Upon his rise, he said, "{A pleasure to meet you two, your graces.}"

The two nodded back at him before Dysta spoke again, “{Could we interest you in anything before you make your leave? A book, some mushrooms, a bride, maybe a tour of the land? We wish to provide what you need, within reason of course.}”

Neitenn raised a brow at the bride portion of that statement though he quickly ousted it from his mind. “{I, and the League, appreciate the gesture. However, as per my purpose here, I must request a meeting with you all with the idea of diplomacy and trade in mind. Would your graces be willing for such?}” he asked.

Dysta grinned at the proposal, “{Well, on behalf of all of the Tore Zamic Tribes, I would say that is without a doubt a reasonable offer, do come again fair ones}


[1] - a Uinnlantish interjection which calls attention to a specific location.
[2] - a Uinnlantish interjection which can be translated simply to “yes, aye”

Shimmering Subjugations

Tore Zam Expansion Post #3

The news has spread throughout the land that a long stubborn group of Native Polareans have officially signed an accords, making them to be Tore Zamic. Under it there is still a great amount of autonomy provided. Priests and government officials alike are at work giving out new names and partially assimilating the peoples. The new tribe being dubbed Iwari stripped their former leader, Lazal, of his position due to him submitting so easily. However, rumors persist about the alternative to joining Tore Zam, they are quickly shot down by any who vocalize these questions. Some occasionally going missing for extended periods before returning almost entirely different people. Currently, Chief Elyta has set her sights on the west, this time moving there herself.

The sky was clear, in contrast with the last time Tore Zamots had set out to gain land for themselves. The birds of the land were chirping as the people marched on, one figure endowed in gold face paintings and a purple cape. They had marched on for miles, slowly tracking a few stains in their clothing. The occasional burn and droplets of red. Arriving at their destination, they came across a makeshift fortress. The purple caped individual banged on the front doors, demanding for a leader to come forth. Eventually, 2 severely injured guards opened up the doors, letting in the one with the purple cape. The fortress was at it’s limit, being filled to the brim with elderly people, mothers, and children. Immediately, the caped one went over to a frail-looking old man.

“This is the sixth time I have had to trek a long distance in order to get to you, and here you sit, hiding behind the refugees you helped make. You are nothing but a coward in every sense of the word”

“Refugees I made? Is that so? You came barging into our land with ridiculous requests and you’re going to claim this is my fault? I had peaceful relations with the previous chief-”

“I do not care in the slightest how things were for you and the previous chieftains, you are interrupting the innate duty of Tore Zam to be the sole leaders of this island and if you do not surrender immediately I will not hesitate to destroy this structure and everyone within.”

The old man sighed, “You are an interesting one Elyta Sada, nothing like your predecessors. Let us go up to the roof, if I am to relinquish being my own sovereign nation, I want to do it in the light of the sun.”

Elyta obliged, walking up the stairs onto the roof with a priest at the standby, “Here are the terms of annexation, just sign and we don’t have to play this ridiculous game of cat and mouse…”

At the ready were troops for both sides, with bows aimed at the opposing leaders respectively, “I’m impressed youngster, you have by force defeated my troops at various locations, much more fun to play with really.”

Elyta grabbed the old man by the collar, fury in her eyes, “What are you playing at old man?”

The man shrugged, “I have nothing to do really, I would quite enjoy a change of pace, now before you commit more war crimes against my people, I’d like to join Tore Zam, I did enjoy the glories of being a rising power” the man trailed off with a nostalgic look in his eyes.

Elyta dropped the old man, slumping in the chair provided, “Just sign the damn papers and our priest will set you up”

The priest in question muttered a few phrases under his breath, placing a hand on the old man’s head and looked at a scroll he had. “Congratulations sir, you are now Iyanra of the tribe Yanaeya”

Elyta traveled home, having accomplished what she set out to do, but at what cost? She had murdered, burnt, pillaged, and sacrificed who knows how many soldiers, all to take down a a senile old man. She gathered ash from one of the villages she burnt on her way and placed it in a container, she may not be a child anymore but she still remained fresh in the ways of leadership.

Expansion Post

It is done, after years of hard work Gisilfrid is finally free. He may not be in his native homeland anymore, but atleast he has friends, made from prisoners and slaves alike. Settling in the southern area of the colony a new life of freedom begins, a new life separated from his old life back in mainland Venusia. It is hard to build a village in the desert, but after the work done in factual slavery, this isn't really something he and the others are not accustomed to. This settlement which is build is a rather unique one.

Normally the Publectians and Venusians, if they even live in the same settlement, live separated from each other in their own parts, only meeting on the marketplace or the entrance of the settlement. But as the Venusians in this settlement were former enslaved prisoners and the Publectians were former slaves, over all these years a kind of new community has been build between them. The venusian prisoners got more advantages as the publectian slaves, but free were none of them, until now. To survive the life of being enslaved, not only physically but mentally, the Venusians and Publectians needed to work together. This unity between the people didn't stop when they were, after years of hard work, finally freed and allowed to pursue their own destiny.

Only very few of the former enslaved ones, decided to return back to the mainland. Mainly because of the reason that many don't have enough to pay for a travel back to the mainland. Some Venusians don't go back out of fear for being shunned by society as former criminals and some Publectians don't go back out of fear of being treated unequal, compared to the colonies where the work and help of every free man is appreciated.

Now that Gisilfrid is free, he can begin his life anew. He already constructed his house and his farm outside of it. Just like the life he lived as a child and a teen before he began sinking into crime. Was it his fault that his family was poor? Was it his fault his parents were killed in one of the dead man Alaric's Campaign before he could grow up to an adult? No, no it wasn't. He felt as if criminality was forced upon him.

But atleast, even thought forced into it, it was his own choice. Different to the Publectians, whose crime was only to fight for their country. They only did their duty for which they were punished. Should they have been cowards and not fight at all? That the Publectians were enslaved is is not only the fault of the old king Alaric, but also of the current queen Adelina. It's an open secret that she want to change Venusia into a “better version”. But why didn't she forbid that Publectians who did their job to defend their land become slaves? Was it fine for her to punish other people for something the Venusians themselve value alot? Punished with the loss of freedom for honor and loyalty. Was it fine for her that way?
But nonetheless life goes on, the men here are free and didn't she implemented the rule to become free as a slave or prisoner after all?

Did she take or gave freedom?

Expansion Post: Integration V

The life of a knight was not easy, but Silas had been born a winner in life and did not worry about petty issues like financing for his equipment. There were many wandering knights who had no money to buy equipment and who were always doing odd jobs to earn their daily living, most of whom were not regarded very well by the nobles and members of royalty.
Since Silas was the son of Count Muller, he had already secured his knighthood when he went from being a squire to a knight, the Uruzak did not suffer from a lack of wealth.

Naturally Silas did favors for less wealthy knights to gain their loyalty and make friendly relations, over the years he had befriended talented squires with Hisari named Araki and a low nobleman from Jindur named Mathias. Unfortunately after the incident at Tokhae Mathias died and Silas along with Araki were assigned to a group of knights charged with dealing with pirates on the coast, Silas became second in command to a nobleman named Rutherford who led the Markarz, although the nobleman was a coward he managed to accomplish his mission with the help of Araki's intelligence and Silas' encouragement.

They lured a large force of pirates inland and ambushed them leaving no survivors, Silas killed the leader of the group, the son of a Pirate King who was ravaging the Sea of Shadows, and all three received rewards for their services.

Rutheford married a daughter of the Duke of Sovenburgh and Araki along with Silas managed to enter the Royal Guard, Silas became squire to the commander of the Royal Guard and Araki became squire to Silas' father who arranged for Silas not to suffer prejudice from his fellow Kashanites.
As it turned out, most of the members of the guard were assigned to assist in fighting the pirates that were ravaging the Shadow Sea and most of its members traveled to the Hakadian Islands, experience that would not be lacking for their squires in the future.

After a few months of being part of the prestigious order of knights, Silas received a mission from the commander of the order, apparently Hisari emissaries were coming to Heglax and he was to make arrangements to ensure their safety.

Silas asked Araki for advice and Araki told him to hire a warrior named Ard to accompany the Hisari to the capital.

Even so he had a duty to welcome them and introduce them to Orkaz Hartmut and the Crown officials, so he put on his ceremonial armor that bore the emblem of House Horkheimer and prepared himself for the arrival of the Hisaris.

Fortunately Ard did his job well and guided the Hisaris to one of Heglax's taverns called The Wooly. There Silas was waiting for them and the two sides would not have a pleasant surprise at the reception, there two old enemies recognized each other without delay and swords were drawn.

Noi Venusia
Expansion Post

On Adelina's desk were papers. These papers contain reports of Noi Venusia, the colony on the western peninsula. The results are very favorable. The whole peninsula is now in venusian control. The native cities either joined voluntarily or were already abandoned before we arrived. Also the whole of the peninsula seems to speak venusian now, new villages begin to grow and old villages become towns and cities now, especially the city of Orkenspitz.

But not everything is great in the colony, as the migration of former venusian criminals and publectian slaves to the colony has caused quite some unrest. But despite that, the future of a prospering "Noi Venusia" seems to be secured.

Not only because more Venusians travel to this place to settle there, but also because the rumors of the existence of the "Jinn-Empire", also called Fodotang, seem to have been proven right. They seem to have problems with rebels at the moment, but once this so called empire stabilizes it would be a good trade partner.

Noi Venusia looks like a great success, despite all critics, the queen of Venusia seems to have been right about this project being a profit bringing one in the future.
Adelina remembers before she even took control of Venusia, she remembers when she feared to fail, when she feared to disappoint her country, to ruin her country. But that fears are fully gone now. And the success of this colony, of Noi Venusia proves this. What else could be achieved? Only the future knows what the Gods still plan to do with her and her country.


Gervais is sitting in a tavern in Alaricstedt, coming home from Noi Venusia as he visited the different parts of the Kingdom, when he waited for another offer from the queen to do something. All these years he was since Adelina's rise he was sent to the different parts of the Kingdom to negotiate with the different minor leaders there to adopt something Adelina called “the provincial system”, which plans to reorganize the kingdom into something similar to the provinces of old Publectia. He doesn't like the publectian influence, but if it keeps the kingdom safe and allows Gervais to be paid, while doing something he likes, to travel, he didn't complain.

Zelig comes into the tavern greeting the diplomat.

Gervais: “Aren't you a nobleman? What are you doing in a commoners tavern?”

Zelig: “I may have married the queen, but I was still born as a common Venusian. And if I want to drink like a commoner I'll do it. My wife is powerful, but not powerful enough to stop me from this.

Gervais: “I'm pretty sure you aren't here just to experience your old life again.”

Zelig: “You know the rumors about this “Jinn-Empire” ?”

Gervais: “Everyone who just went once into Noi Venusia knows these, why?”

Zelig: “It seems to be true, the Jinn-Empire seems to truly exist according to merchants.”

Gervais: “Do you think that they could be useful for us?”

Zelig: “I don't know much about these topics, but they definitively could be good trade partners. And if Adelina thinks it can win something for Venusia, you will most likely be sent there. As you like traveling I thought I'll tell you beforehand.”

Gervais: “Thanks my friend.”

Zelig: “Just one thing thought, they seem to have strange traditions, even stranger than the Prismeans if the rumors are true, so just that you're prepared.”

Gervais: "You don't need to tell me that my friend...

...a diplomat should always be prepared!”


126-127CE Update Complete.

The Price of Pride - I

Exanorum, Hasahido

Two knocks, a two second pause, then a third.

“Morimasa sends his regards from Samonea.” came a whisper.

A bolt clicked and the doorway slid open, the man slipping out of the early morning sun and into the dark room. His eyes adjusted slowly, as only a handful of candles lit the small room beyond. Nonetheless, four others were already gathered, and a hulking fifth form stood at the doorway.

“Kiyotada, how are you?” one of the seated men asked, the question directed to their newest companion.

“Physically I am well.” Kiyotada replied with a slight bow, “But financially I am near ruin.”

A murmur of agreement told him most of what he needed to know, and he silently fell into one of the empty seats that remained, one of the others kindly pouring him a small cup of hot tea.

“Lady Hineno will not be joining us.” one of the others, Tsugaru Nanashi, announced, “Her son got a message to me that the Oculorum[1] had taken her. He is sympathetic to us, or so he says, but must keep a low profile and look after what remains of his family and their assets.”

“Did she speak?” Kiyotada asked.

“If she did, we will know soon enough.” Nanashi said solemnly, “Unless Ebikus can fend off a whole troop of agents for long enough that we can escape.”

The big Biscayyan man in the corner of the room merely grunted, his dark form obscured even further by the lack of light reaching the entryway. He was approaching middle age, but nonetheless towered above any native Polarean, and could wield a greatsword as though it were a light and nimble sabre.

“Let them come. All I have to offer them is my life.” Kiyotada sighed, “I’ve certainly nothing left for them to confiscate.”

“The situation is dire.” Satake Moroastu, the eldest of those gathered, agreed, “But let us wait until Mitsuhide arrives.”

They did not have to wait long, and some ten minutes later a pair of knocks echoed off the door. Everyone’s hearts began to race as a third followed, then the same password as before.

Ebikus opened the door to reveal two figures, both hurriedly stepping inside.

“Mitsuhide...what is this!?” Moroastu exclaimed as the door closed, concerned at the presence of an unknown guest.

“Calm, calm, allow me explanation,” Mitsuhide urged, stepping forward into what little light there was, “This is Suwa Noritada - or at least, that’s what he’s asked us to call him. He is here to aid us.”

“We have a vetting process.” Nanashi, the chief organizer of the group, said firmly. “I ought to have Edikus squash you like a bug right here. Both of you!”

At hearing this Edikus’ form tensed up, and so too did the smaller men beside him.

“I am the enemy of your enemy.” Noritada said, “I am in the employ of the Imperial Council of the Voltan. I am Polarea-”

“The Voltanese are as much an enemy as the…” Kiyotada cut his own interjection short, thinking better of finishing the statement.

“As I was saying,” Noritada continued, “I am of Polarean blood. My family had several estates in Kyojin, which the Empire generously restored to my possession after they were razed by Merchedi savages. I come bearing an offer to do the same here, in a sense. Hopefully sans the razing.”

“Well you are here now,” Moroastu sighed, “You might as well take a seat. As it happens, we have an extra today.”

The two newcomers obliged, sitting down and graciously accepting the offer of tea.

“As we move towards the real business, before which I will decide whether or not I wish to have you removed, you had best speak.” Moroastu gave a glare to both Noritada and Mitsuhide. “Where did you meet?”

“Mitsuhide cast an anxious glance at his partner, before looking to Moroastu, “Noritada met one of my vessels off Monteriz...well, near it. He was aboard a Rōgu and-”

A few sighs came from the room. Rōgu was a colloquial term for captains in the Voltanese navy who attacked Polarean vessels with near impunity; while technically forbidden by the Admiralty, it was ignored as a way for captains to make prize money on one of the more boring (and profitless) deployments there was (around the Central Isles). It was tolerated as a way to weaken the stubborn forces that ruled the ‘Polarean Empire’, or rather, what remained of it in Hasahido. Despite warnings to captains who went ‘rogue’ to avoid the ships of lesser merchants from Hasahido, they sank or burnt just about anything they could find without sufficient accompaniment.

“They engaged my ship, which surrendered in hopes of simply being robbed and sent home. Turns out they were actually looking to make contact with malcontents - which is, may I remind you all, what we are.” Mitsuhide said, “So my men brought him to me here.”

“And why are you looking to meet with malcontents?” The gaze of the room was now directed to Noritada.

“Despite the regrettable ah...collateral damage, that Voltanese tariffs and, I suppose, piracy, do to the likes of you all, its purest intention is to weaken the stubborn mules who remain in power here and object to any more...fruitful relations with the Voltanese Empire.”

“And why do you speak for the Voltanese? If you are, indeed, Polarean.”

“As I perhaps implied; the cost to my family of having its livelihood returned was a son to serve the Empire in a particular mission. My father takes his pledge to them seriously, and I my duty to my family likewise. As I have been made to understand, I am not the only one trying to reach out to the likes of you all.”

“Surely if there are many of you the Oculorum will catch on…” Nanashi shook his head, “Damned Voltanese, they’re hardly experienced in being discreet.”

“They need only be discreet for so long.” Noritada said, “Long enough to make contact with a new generation of Patrae Respublica[2]. One whose loyalties are much more aligned with the Empire than...well, than the Polarean rump I suppose.”

“You seek only to make contact with Patrae Respublica? You do understand that it is they who currently rule, no?”

“I misspoke,” Noritada apologized, “Or rather, was ambiguous. They don’t seek the next generation of current families. They seek the next generation of new families, who will be given the run with Hasahido in exchange for swearing fealty to the Empire.”

A general silence descended upon the room, and it was some twenty seconds before Moroastu broke it.

“Mitsuhide, take your guest home. I am to assume you support this plan already, and so it is to the rest of us to decide if we will come along.” He turned to Noritada, “Is there anything more we ought to know before our deliberations?”

“It was made fairly clear to me that your ability to come into ruling would be a key selling point in joining the new elite; thus I assume it to be incumbent upon you to take many initial actions to bring about strife. I was told to make contact first, and that further details on such matters would come later, so as to the specifics I cannot speak.”

Moroastu nodded, “Now away with you, the both of you.” he said firmly, shooing them out the door.


[1]: A sort of secret police tasked almost solely with rooting out dissent by whatever means necessary, increasingly used simply to terrorize the wealthier segments of society into submission.
[2]: The aristocratic families of Polariia.

Expansion post: Integration VI

The scene in the tavern unfolded quickly and the travelers, merchants and citizens present were so anxious that the tension in the air could be cut with a knife.
First Silas received the noble Hisari formally and invited them to the table on the upper floor of the tavern there realizing that one of his bodyguards was the warrior he had faced in Tokhae.

Silas, surprised, drew his weapons and this caused a chain reaction, with all the knights in the tavern prepared to attack their opponents, Haakon and Silas were already exchanging insults when curiously the dwarf who accompanied Hisari took the floor to calm them both down:

`` Calm down gentlemen! Sir Silas, I am sure you know the consequences of raising your sword against the son of a Hisari lord.''

Shut up dwarf, you don't have the morals to speak on equal terms with me. Smuggler! Let's finish the fight of that day, I demand a duel!'' Silas said

Yamatori looked inquisitively in Haakon's direction, just as it seemed that Haakon and Silas were about to start a fight Ard, who was on the scene, intervened by holding Silas back.

Calm down Sir, don't let emotions cloud your judgment,'' Ard said as he held Silas.

Amidst the confusion it was left to Yamatori to take the lead by ordering the Hakadians to lower their weapons since they had no hostile intentions against the other side and Yoshino was only showing confusion about the situation.

While Haakon was explaining the situation to Yoshino the calmed Hakadians were looking towards Silas and Ard for orders, luckily Ard had managed to calm Silas down by threatening to report his lack of composure to the Grand Commander, Silas finally sat down with the Hisaris at the table and began the conversation by apologizing to the visitors for acting without composure and clarifying the situation to Yoshino in the hope that this would not end up in a diplomatic incident, although he wanted to kill the smuggler badly he had to do his duty if he didn't want things to end badly for him.

The Hisaris began to talk among themselves, Haakon kept a constant look of disdain towards the Hakadians, after a minute of whispering between the lord and the dwarf Yoshino looked at Silas and spoke:

`` Sir Silas I think you understand I am not at all happy to have my life threatened by you being reckless, but since I want to build good relations with you Hakadians I will let this incident pass if you do me a favor.'' Yoshino spoke.

"What would that be?" asked Silas intrigued.

I would like you to introduce me to the leader of your royal guard, I want to serve in the Hakadian army.'' Yoshino said, and suddenly most of the people in the room were confused.


127-128CE Update Complete.

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