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Enlightened defenders

update days must be incredibly hard for you mourning glory. that makes me sad.

Welcome to The West Pacific!

We are looking for new nations to join our community, and become great leaders, and innovators! Check out our forums and be sure to check out our recruitment video, (top of page) and endorse your benevolent delegate, Punk reloaded

In this place? An odd no doubt about it.

Mos long lost twin

Many people canīt recognize an oddity when they see one.

I am from New York CIty, Oddity is our middle name. well york is our middle name, but it wasn't york it would be oddity, on that you can bet.

What is odd anyway? Does not the mere notion of odd describe our own limited knowledge/perception of our surroundings/environment/universe ?


Hi! ~READ IF YOU LOVE THE PLANET~ Want to take part in changing the world for the best? Want to discuss important issues about the environment? Then Socialized United Environmentalists SUE is the place for you <- click to join! Then click move to SUE!

^ ME LIKE OIL NOT JOIN *knocks over tree*



Americans consume 22% of the worlds oil, even though they make up just 5% of the world's population - as a result the past 100 years has seen heat trapping gases increase by 22%
Surprised? I'm not... for more interesting facts, please come join Socialized United Environmentalists SUE and learn more everyday!

Americans consume 22% of the worlds oil, even though they make up just 5% of the world's population

^ I wish it was 50% of the worlds damn oil :P besides we have Carrot Top and the rest of the world does not we need the oil, YOU MUST NOT ANGER THE CARROT TOP!!

btw,someone report that region for two damn ads in under 2 hrs,never mind the 24 hr. rule..

Giant talking puddings

The Puddings Worship Carrot Top.

Giant talking puddings

Correction: The Puddings Worship An Oily Carrot Top.

Prussian order

Global warming is a joke and is a Bull Poop. It's a way to fund and help set up the New world Order. But the earths poles shifting are real and seeing what happened to the poor people of Japan we'd better get ready around the world.

The U.S. needs to drill our own oil and burn our own coal and not buy oil from any other nation. Force the fuel companys to drill here and off the coastal shelf till we pay off our debt. Vote out all the BuMs in politics and return the country back to the people.

Giant talking puddings

The Puddings Are Slowly Rotating Towards The Sun.

Do the puddings get softer in the heat?

Ok everybody let's do aerobics

Mos long lost twin

Aerobics hour is great
*liar alert*

Enlightened defenders

no! God save the puddings from the horror of the sun!


There are about 500 million cars on the planet and by 2030 it is expected to double to 1 billion cars ... It is believed that current fuel supplies peaked in 2006. come join Socialized United Environmentalists SUE for "real" disscusions about the environment!<- click to join! (then click move to SUE)

dude or dudette, one recruiting post per region per 24 hour period please.

Great Green Federation

We have returned after nearly two years, we invite everyone to take part in the re-birth. We offer an active community for players of any age or play-style. Help bring back an age-old region from the grave, with your newly resurrected nations


Post by Bhang Bhang Duc suppressed by a moderator.

want recruitment ads posted but do not want the hassle? Irecruit4u will do it for you. TG me.

Enlightened defenders

OK, that's three....I'm on it right now.

Hi guys -

I'm looking for a few good nations to join the fun in Nova Europa. NE is an "alternate style" region for nations who want to RP using a Europe map and general European culture while designing their own governments, societies, and histories. We've lost most of our nations to inactivity and are looking for active nations of all sizes and ages who are interested in our concept. So stop by, take a look at our forum, and join up--we'd love to have you!

to much noise
to much noise
got to

The red clay hounds

more posting
will move spam

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