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Tidewater contains 25 nations, the 723rd most in the world.

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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Tidewater

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Tidewater is ranked 9,207th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The 4th Tidewaterian President of San CarkCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“kuack”
2.The Republic of WaheKenheCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“The only thing to fear, is fear itself”
3.The Federation of DanogistanMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“Brotherhood and Fraternity”
4.The Republic of Sudamericana de AmericaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“A la lucha por independencia”
5.The Empire of Texas RepbuplicInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We fight the people who invade our land”
6.The Republic of Kasnovian RepublicCorporate Police State Halliburton“The Kasnovian Ideal Unites The Human Race”
7.The Republic of Tidewater FounderNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Always Free”
8.The Republic of The Brium EtepolgageCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Dominion of SlougNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“For the Greater Good of the Slug”
10.The Democratic Republic of ForigimelkvorsNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Peace is peace. Freedom is freedom. Strength is strengt”

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Tidewater Regional Message Board


Bruvem First

This evening President Wojniki made an address to the people of Bruvem. In his words he laid out his plan for the future. Here is what he said: “My fellow Bruvems, it is with a great sense of pride that our people can look back out what we have done in history. As a nation we have formed not just Gargantuan, but Tidewater into the place it is today. In the 19th century we could look back to stunning example of victory through determination. Win after win after win was achieved through sacrifice and skill and the spirit and will of every individual problem. We move on from the 19th century to the 20th and all we can think is, what happened?

Our victories were replaced with bitter defeats. The loss of the corridor along Tomgoria and New Mitska to Kasnovia. Huge territorial losses in the new worlds. Humiliation at the surrender to Rythica only a few years ago. Have our people gone soft? Have we simply lost the spirit we once possessed not so long ago. I say no we haven’t, and I am proud to announce that it is the goal of my administration to bring a victorious Bruvem back to the world. My friends we are already on track with the ultra successful recovery plans. Our position as a power is in grasp with the new military aid package. All we will do in this new 21st century is win.

WE ARE GOING TO WIN AT TRADE, WE ARE GOING TO WIN AT MILITARY, WE ARE GOING WIN WIN WIN WIN. And you know what you’ll all do you’ll say, Oh Mr.President I'm so sick of winning and I'll say I dont give a damn! Bruvems back and it's going to be better than ever. We must erase our mistakes in the past for a brighter future, ladies and gentlemen we have to put Bruvem first. A better Bruvem is a better world folks and that's just the truth. The reunification is coming up real soon and once thats done we will get back on track in the UOWS. Somebody better save a spot on the permanent council cuz thats where Bruvem belongs. Get ready world, because we’re coming!”

This speech was met with some backlash from the media and some minor instability within the reform party. In a later statement Wojniki had to clarify that he did not mean Bruvem would annex the world with his finishing line, “get ready world, because we’re coming.” Government officials are waiting to see how foreign bodys will react to what some people are beginning to call the Wojniki Doctrine.


In a few months its yet again time for the General Elections in Truxip with 11 Partys to choose, the Small Partys Like
VT, RHT, MMF, TNPP, RCD and NDP Chance to get more popular is unlikely but the UPT - Unity Party of Truxip Made Up mostly of members of the NSL counts on failures of the Government in Order to make % they are to be believed to get heavy losses


The general election in Truxip is now ongoing and the Results will be shown once its over but it will Seem the Conservatives will win yet again with a projected % of 36

RP 2008 Duma Election

It's that time of year again. Fason has recently finish it's election and now the seats have changed. The results for the 2008 election will go below. Due to the FFP winning this will result in Tomos Uiol no longer being the Head Councilor due to him doing his two terms and the fact he didn't win yet he is able to be Vice Councilor due to T-CD winning second place. Other positions shall be filled in as well.

Head Councilor: Yurisola Proslo (the first female Head Councilor)
Vice Councilor: Tomos Uiol (T-CD)
Councilor of Foreign Affairs: Greais Baris (FFP)
Councilor of Industry: Arsism Ajsli (FPP-Y)
Councilor of the Treasury: Reiui Qrues (NS)
Councilor of Agriculture: Yuaui Roais (UWF)
Councilor of Public Transportation and Infrastructure: Jaiso Brosi (UF)
Councilor of Fishing: Grais Mansru (FPP-NY)
Councilor of Internal Affairs: Bariais Qurus (FFP)
Councilor of Internal Defense: Osia Nusja (NS)

Far East:

Poril Oblast: 31 FFP 24 seats
Jirm Oblast: 1 FFP 16 seats
Hisar Oblast: 47 T-CD 9 seats
Quirz Oblast: 94 UWF 23 seats


Stander Oblast: 41 T-CD 31 seats
Trisn Oblast: 14 FFP 29 seats
Yuria Oblast: 84 NS 16 seats
Ruo Oblast: 78 UF 25 seats
Zirl Oblast: 34 FFP 18 seats


Amiz Oblast: 88 NS 21 seats
Wies Oblast: 89 NS 18 seats
Bachar Oblast: 41 T-CD 15 seats
Risha Oblast: 44 T-CD 16 seats


Waheis Oblast: 63 FPP 25 seats
Rosh Oblast: 8 FFP 15 seats
Parsa Oblast: 36 T-CD 9 seats

Center East:

Boro Oblast: 89 NS 8 seats
Bara Oblast: 39 T-CD 8 seats
Yidla Oblast: 44 T-CD 6 seats

Autonomous Cities:

Mitska: 33 FFP 16 seats
Stander: 20 FFP 13 seats
Aishin: 49 T-CD 9 seats
Triso: 21 FFP 7 seats
Valdirstok: 54 FFP 12 seats


Fallen Star

As the war draws to a close, many people in the Rythican Confederation go out celebrating victory. In the small but not insignificant city of Lens in Western Jordlanistan, some go to celebrate at the local strip club. The strip club reaches capacity for the first time since the war began and everyone was having a great time. In a back room, where people would go to get private dances, the mayor of Lens, Hubert Bouchard, was getting an exotic dance when all of a sudden the roof of the strip club collapsed and a large explosion was heard. The Lens fire department was dispatched almost immediately and when they arrived on scene they could see what used to be a strip club. When investigating the cause of the accident a large metal object was found in the wreckage. To the firefighters it looked like a satellite. On further inspection, the flag of Kasnovia was found on the satellite. This news was brought straight to Odette Beaumont who began talks with the Kasnovian government. As for Hubert Bouch, he was killed when the roof caved in. Odette demanded an election for the new mayor with all previously banned parties allowed to run. This was the first step towards Rythican democracy.

RP 2008 Election (timebubbled 2008 0/3)
January 20th was here, which means it was election day for The Commonwealth, The L-C and NLP Had not chance of winning, instead delegates either threw their support for President Bobby Allen or his challenger, Takayama Saionji. The Majority of the population was supporting Allen, with many saying he pulled the country out of a crisis while "Saionji was trying to save his own ass" Allen's campaign ran off heavily off of criticizing Saionji's criminal record, and his current mob like attitude, saying that "We should rather have a Southern Gentleman in office rather then a "honest version" of Williamson. Allen's campaign also said how Saionji was massively egotistical, and that he would divide the nation rather then bring it together. Allen's campaign also said that with Saionji running as a independent, every party that isn't "Saionji's lackeys who were given campaign money by him" would vote against him, resulting in a deadlocked congress. On Saionji's front, his ads were not as widely known, with him just saying that Allen would slowly lead the country "down a path of Neo-Yakovism" The Government and Allen was taking all the credit for improving the economy and getting rid of Brooks, and the population, as one political analyst said "The American people would rather suck up and appreciate the "Lovable Southern Baboon" they have in office rather then some Ex-Mob Boss who as the campaign said, was just trying to save himself" On Election Day, Allen won by a massive landslide, never before seen in NUS History, Allen. The Entire Political Map showed the country as red, with no states going for Saionji.
Allen got to work on his 2nd term imminently, starting by lowering taxes so paying them would be cheaper then trying to avoid them, taxes on the middle class stayed the same, while taxes for the lower class were slightly lowered. He also massively defunded the Commonwealth Reconstruction Authority, a massively funded agency that deals with disaster relief and war reconstruction, the agency serves very little purpose anymore, as The South is properly reintegrated into the union, the funds from defunding this agency would go to social programs Allen was looking to expand. In the congress, both houses became dominated by the YPTC, with the largest faction in both being The Bayou Democrats, the same as Allen. With the YPTC controlling a super majority in both houses, and Allen still as president, anything he says, goes. Bills and Acts were being passed much faster then his previous terms, now the L-C and NLP are focusing on getting themselves back together. Saionji after the election went back to his companies, however "The Taxmen" being angry over Allen's decision of slipping a blind eye to Saionji's tax evasion start their own investigation to catch Saionji on a another offence.


The End of the War to End all War

As news of the Texan surrender reaches the rebuilt Bâtiment Imperator, Odette decides not to gloat or celebrate. Instead, she decides to mourn the millions who gave their lives in the war. She was set to do a speech on television later to talk about the end of the war. She decided to use it to change her country forever.

At 6pm Jordal time, she was live. She looked at her papers one more time and put them down. With a solemn look on her face she delivered a speech that not many were expecting.

"People of the Rythican Confederation, i stand here to deliver news of a Texan surrender. While i know this is great news for most, we should not forget the millions of Rythicans who died for this cause. We should not be gloating about our victory, we must rebuild. Which is another reason i have a very special announcement. I will be stepping down as Imperator of this Confederation and will be allowing all previously banned political parties to run for the position that will be renamed President. Rythica is one of the last dictatorships left and i will not force any of you to live through that. Long live the United Rythican Republics!"

People watch their televisions, stunned. Would they really be allowed to vote? The elections will take place as soon as possible but Odette will remain in power for the transition period. The Confederation is over, the Republics will prosper.


Bruvem has moved its forces down to defcon four after news of an End to the Texan-Rythican war. It is hoped by all peoples that this is the final conflict on Gargantuan soil and a long peace is awaited. Only time will tell. The government has offered its support in the reconstruction of Both Southern Texas, and Northern Rythica and has also suggested stronger trade ties between the three. We are stronger working together than we will ever be apart.


Zughal Sees that the years of violence in Truxip Made the State not as big Economically as it could have been so He advertises people to go to Jobs expecially in Industries and homeless people will get a monthly income of 200 TWD Not much but atleast Something so the Homeless people will Not Starve to Death in the streets


The First Rythican Election

The day had finally come for democracy to be implemented in the Rythican Confederation, now the United Rythican Republics (URR). People left their homes to go and vote for their preferred party with Odette staying out of the election. The parties and candidates are:
Neo Rythican Party (NRP), Remy Genet (Authoritarian Centrist)
Motherland Movement (MM), Roseline Jacquemoud (Neo-Yakovist)
Lib Dems (LD), Alexi Wagner (Liberal)
Rythican Labour (RL), Max Cailloux (Socialist)
Tory Party (TP), Maxime Dubois (Conservative)

The results:
NRP: 1%
MM: 13%
LD: 72%
RL: 12%
TP: 2%

The war hero and ace pilot, Alexi Wagner has won the election in a landslide victory. Rythican democracy is truly born.

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