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RP Going out to help more

The Aircraft carrier designated for transporting planes has recently taken port and are unloading thousands of supplies and people to help look for those who have been found missing and to provide the needed aid to all the soldiers for these countries. Another team of 30,000 soldiers are going to San Cark and Germany to speed up the efforts and currently 6,000 are in the MWCR-Rythica area with plans to pull out once the ceasefire ends or when the war has come to a close meaning they can focus their efforts on other places. Medical camps have been set up near the front lines and the teams of medics and soldiers take wounded from overcrowded camps or find them in the field preparing them for treatment. The flag flown has been made the Fasonian Army flag but some disagree and think it should be the national flag yet the officer in charge of this operation will stick to his guns with this idea. Already reports of finding missing in San Cark have been popping up around the areas where the tsunami hit and even in areas that were hit in Rythica but not as much as the reports in San Cark. A few soldiers in the camps fear that either a soldier from Texas or Rythica may try to raise a flag of their nations causing the camp to be seen as another enemy camp but these soldiers are only seen as paranoid.

RP Treaty of the CMS Poncho
The Naval Blockade has hurt Kasnovia badly, especially with the naval battle where the Kasnovia Navy was destroyed by Commonwealth Fleets, with the population growing unhappy with the war situation, Premier Kovalev has decided to concede The Commonwealth forces. The Surrender notice was sent to The Commonwealth, they requested that Kovalev meet up with Commonwealth President Macintosh to sign the surrender documents on the main Flagship, the CMS Poncho. Both Macintosh and Kovalev were unarmed during the signing, alongside Kasnovian and American troops who were disarmed. The Treaty was signed, many in Kasnovia see this as a humiliating defeat, while in The Commonwealth a wave of patriotism breaks out, as Macintosh's popularity numbers skyrocket. A Picture was taken of President Macintosh holding up the Surrender paper. The Picture became popular, but was banned and censored in Kasnovia. Many were unhappy due to the coup, many were accepting of democracy. And the new dictatorship was making many unhappy, and many have started talking about taking up arms against Kovalev. Recently Kasnovia has ordered the KSIA to halt operations in Rythica, and have even sent a diplomat to try and restart a Kasnovian-Rythican Relationship.

-Kasnovia shale hand over all of it's money it has earned from The Treaty of Houston to The Commonwealth
-Kasnovia shale cover the costs of repairing Commonwealth Ships
-Kasnovia shale prioritize American imports over any other country with increased tarrifs and taxes on said imports.


In Order to keep the Army modernised the Army weaponry/Tanks ect. will get updated to modern standarts.
The Civilian Industry will get new laws to Work more efficiantly

President Macintosh thought on the Kasnovia issue, The Commonwealth was able to to destabilize Kasnovia via the Trade blockade, but the end goal in Macintosh's mind was to start a Civil War in Kasnovia, he knew the population wanted a Democratic Kasnovia back, be it Liberal or a Socialist Democracy, if The Commonwealth could start one, it would be able to send boots on the ground to Kasnovia. The Majority of Congress would support a War with Kasnovia, the problem was waiting for the opportunity to strike. Macintosh authorized the IAIA to start Operations in Kasnovia, mainly contacting rebellion groups, the IAIA would draw and recruit agents from the Kasnovian Refugee Crisis, as some of the refugees were reported to be Ex-KSIA. The Commonwealth would also supply various criminal organizations in Kasnovia to Destabilize the Economy and Destabilize the country in general, enough to get it to get to a point where a Civil War breaks out. War Plans are being drafted from Intel of Rebel groups in Kasnovia, so Commonwealth Forces can seen troops. The Intent for when civil war breaks out is for the Americans to go boots on the ground war, the plan has been dubbed "Operation Pursuing Freedom" The Commonwealth has sent ambassadors to the North Bruvem Republic and Yaldia to seek military cooperation for the operation.

*The rise Samuel John Lee*

The Augustus was dead...He was killed in a simple accident, a stupid accident he was allergic to peanuts and his new chef didn’t know that...The news hit the nation like a bus full of TNT. Leevos was sook to its very core the men that the Augustus had keep in line were now At odds with each other fighting over who would take over the nation as it’s a new Augustus. The conflict goes from days to weeks and the weeks turn into months... the people are caught in between the many sides of the conflict. Soon what began as a political debate becomes a Civil War Leevos is torn into Pieces... its people think the this war will never end. The side’s, are the military’s general, the prime minister of the nations federal government and the Mafia. The streets are washed in blood and tears of both sides. So many oh so many dead.... wasted, gone into dust. The nations city’s are on fire kids cry in the streets, old woman starve.One man... can’t take it any more, one man who isn’t willing to stand for this.. this man... is Samuel Lee he will be the man that brings the nation out of the dark. He will be the “hero” of the story. Samuel is the prime minister of the nation and has a plan to save the nation. But it will be at a great cost he first orders massive air strikes across the nation. He orders that they hit every town and city that has the Rouge mafia and military in it. He orders those to be Completely destroyed by The missiles he orders that there to be no survivors whatsoever. He then orders that crop killer be launched across the nation by plane.After five months of civil war the Imperial federal government has won.. but at what cost. 30,000 Citizens start to death due to the Prime Minister’s crop killer tactics and disregard of civilian life by totally destroying the cities of the rebel mafia and the factions of the army he has won a great victory. But Leevos as nation is in a very serious situation. The mafia and breakaway faction of the Army surrendered and they were all killed by the Imperial army. Celebration does work out in the streets as many citizens are happy to combat is over. Samuel Lee is now the new  Augustus have a starving in the most penniless nation.

RP The 6th Commonwealth Congress
Mid-Term elections are coming up, which means people will either enter or leave the halls of Senate and The House of Representation. The Yakovist Party has started to make a come back, Cole was able to reunify the party to a point where it can actually operate. Cole Campaigned for many YPTC candidates across the country, mainly striking at L-C candidates. The Votes were being counted, and as the results came back, many looked to how the House would change, the YPTC managed to regain the seats they lost from the 4th Commonwealth Congress, as well as taking some seats from Liberal-Conservative candidates. The NLP did not change in congress, all members winning re-election in their congressional districts. In the Senate, the Yakovist Party crushed the polls, with them coming out in 1st place in many states. The NLP did horrible in the Senate, with the L-C and YPTC picking off seats from them. This Election marked the first time every state could vote, previously, the Reconstruction Districts could not vote in Congress or for The President, but now that they have statehood, they can vote in congress. Other then Congress, in the East Coast, President Macintosh has set out to expand naval factories in New Kasnovia and other parts of the East Coast, in a hope to get the Commonwealth navy as strong and big as possible, as well as getting citizens to move from The Western States to the East Coast, to do this, Macintosh has given a mixed industry method, with making it easy and providing tax breaks for Private Businesses to set up in The East Coast, while also doing Public Government businesses in the East Coast to produce both Military and Civilian vessels. Another Public businesses are shipping industries which have been expanded on in New Kasnovia.

President of The Commonwealth: Edward Macintosh. NLP [NJ-NI] National Liberty Party, Neo-Jefferson, Neo-Imperialist
Vice President: Davis Cockwall. NLP [NJ] National Liberty Party, Neo-Jefferson
Speaker of the Congress: Louis Wilkins. [L-C PC] Liberal-Conservative, Progressive Conservative

States of The Commonwealth: 50
Territories of The Commonwealth: 1
Republics of The Commonwealth: 4



L-C L 70
L-C C 59
L-C PC 51

Total Seats 180

Yakovist Party of The Commonwealth
YPTC SD - 100
YPTC DS - 35

Total Seats 145

National Liberty Party
NLP L 75

Total Seats: 110

Delegate from Commonwealth Arctic Islands


Total Seats: 101
Liberal Conservatives
L-C L 18
L-C C 17
L-C PC 13

Total Seats: 48

Yakovist Party of The Commonwealth

Total Seats: 46

National Liberty Party

Total Seats: 13

Delegate from Commonwealth Arctic Islands

New Kasnovia Naval Expansion Act
Naval Rearmament Act of 1998

Read factbook


As the time goes on the now 69 year old Ghunx Fes is choosing His succesor once He dies as He worries If He choose to late it would harm Truxip in the Long Run
The 3 top people He considers to choose

Eeleng Zul a Military Person who wants to improve and build Up truxips Military even more, hes aggressive in both politics and decisions

Vzol Hunjer He believes the all people who are Not Truxipian or atleast of Truxipian decent as nothing more but Humans that should die in the glory for the Truxipian Fatherland

Siyich Wukla a more peacefull Person but still Suppresses as the other 2 very hard on Minoritys but also wants to strenghten Relations to other Nations as He fears that Truxip will be doomed If it Continues Like this with No allies

Bruvems Tired of War

The Bruvems as a people grow sicker and sicker of the war against Rythica everyday. Demonstrations in ArkCity and other Major city’s of the Bruvem States grow gradually day by day. Radicals have begun blaming the Texans for dragging on the war and caring on in a war that looks increasingly unwinable. Troops originating from captured territorys have started deserting their units and bringing others with them. In all these new anti war actions the population has grown a disdain for politicians that tell the voters to fight on. Refugees have fled into Rythica or up north in the NRB. Something is going to happen and the longer the war rages on the more radical the Bruvems become.

North Bruvem/Leevos Trade Agreements

The NRB has opened a trade agreement with Leevos to purchase funny leevos powder(TM) in exchange for weapons and old naval and air equipment from the SSR days. The government plans to increase the trade deal to incline more items but this is all they could get the Leevians to agree to...... The government plans to sell this to Kasnovians looking for a good time and crime business buddys in Kajim to then sell to Lona and Rythicas crime syndicates.

RP The Kasnovian Civil War
Kovalev's regime was started by him and his radical supporters in the Military, which had the power to win even as a minority group in Kasnovia, due to the local population not having any access to firearms expect for police and those in criminal organizations. Operation Juneau ruined Kasnovia's trade market, as well showing the weakness of The Navy, all this to bring unrest to the already destabilized country. The Commonwealth's IAIA was the final blow for the country, with them intentionally starting to destabilize the country to start a civil war. The Military was loyal with Kovalev, but the civilian population hated Kovalev. In Kasnov, the capital city of the Kasnov Republic, a group of civilians being supplied by both the IAIA and Mafia groups started to attack Military members, while also giving weapons to other people who were willing to fight. The Mob was super successful in fighting the military, mainly in the use of guerilla tactics. The City of Kasnov hated Kovalev, the city liked the democratic systems it had under Kulikov's KSSR and the Free City. The City was set up for a siege, with barriers of trash and rubble being set up outside the highways and roads leading into the city. Although the military would be able to get trough them, they hoped it would stall them enough for other people to hear the news in Kasnov and start to rise up against the Government, in which they did, again being funded by the Mafia and IAIA, many took to the streets to violently uprise. The ones rising up against the government were a combined force of Yakovist Anarchists, Criminal Organization, Democrats, Nationalists, and just generally Anti-Neo-Yakovist supporters, again, Kovalev had the support the Military, but no the people. Kovalev had the Military behind him, and the firepower to suppress the rebellion, this gives the uprising only one hope, foreign countries to join them in overthrowing the government.

RP The start for planting a flag on the moon

The Fasonian Space Program (FSP) is now working on the rockets that will send at least 2 people onto the moon and plant the flag of Fason proving the achievement of the Fasonian people. Multiple rockets are sent for testing and the FSP is watching the AEC working on it’s joint space program as the nation of Fason stands alone in it. The current director of the FSP is planning on asking allies for help but for now they shall only use funding provided by the government which is currently at a large 10 million TWD. Now the program is hoping to get a man on the moon before 2000. The children of the man Fason sent into space, Roirla and Yutisa Gagarlin, are suggested to be the ones who go into space after their father but some disagree as both children don’t seem to care for this space program or going to space. The people are supporting this idea and the government is all in favor of it. Many are hoping that Fason can show the nations of the world they are able to do what many may think they can’t.

Peculiar Planning

Texan high command has phased through many plans and tactics and strategies from the very start of the second MWCR-Rythican war. Rules change everyday as lines are pushed further and further back into home, and a new city once thought safe is prepped for war on a frontline. Some tactics are deployed to hurt an enemy, others are made to safe ones self at the expense of a friend. One such of these commands is a Texan defensive strategy hatched in the minds of officers whos sole collective thought process was how to preserve Texas. The group found a good way of doing this is to sacrifice Bruvem, which to then seemed only a small price to pay for their salvation. Many in this group assumed that they all shared only the best interest of Texas when developing this tactic of warfare but those members would he mistaken. The plans were leaked to the Bruvem News outlets aswell as the Government by various officers in command, and now all that can be done is to wait for the peoples reaction.....

RP Congress Voting on Operation Pursing Freedom
In Kasnovia, the light the IAIA was hoping to spark did it's job, and now the country is in a civil war. Upon the civil war. President Macintosh called a meeting of congress. Where he called on Congress to declare war on the FKSSR and joining the side of the Democratic Rebellion. The NLP was in full support of Macintosh, the Liberal-Conservatives were mixed on the issue, many thought it was good for The Commonwealth to join, but was concerned with the relationship between Rythica and The Commonwealth, being seen as hypocritical to support a dictatorship while also fighting a country for being a dictatorship. The YPTC were opposed to war, not because a communist nation was being attacked, no, no Neo-Yakovists were in Congress. The YPTC were opposed because they claimed this has shown "President Macintosh's blatant bias and hypocrisy." By attacking a Left Wing dictatorship while The Commonwealth "pushes a democratic power under the bus, so The President can play in a field with roses and tulips with the Fascist Vasily Renault" The YPTC are trying desperately to delay the voting until the 8th Commonwealth Congress is assembled, which the YPTC could possibly take control of congress and shoot down the vote. Or to pull the Liberal wing of the L-C to vote with the YPTC so the bill cannot pass, if the YPTC brings over 5 members of the L-C to vote with the YPTC in the senate, the bill can be shot down. The YPTC has offered Macintosh a dilemma. The Commonwealth cut ties with Rythica, condemn it for being a Dictatorship, and the YPTC will vote in favor of war, or stay with Rythica, and the YPTC will filibuster, sit in and delay congress until they get the support needed to shoot down the bill


The Offer

As the truce ends and the Bruvem grow visibly more tired and angry of war, the Rythicans propose a deal to the government of Bruvem. Declare independence from the MWCR and pull out of the war in exchange for no territory being lost and aid to reconstruct their nation. The fate of the war lies in the decision of the Bruvem government.

Bruvem Revolution/Pt I: The Politics of it All

***Breaking News*** Early this morning BNN received a file in the mail thats contents included defensive strategies straight from Texan high command itself which shows in high detail, a plan to leave Bruvem as a nation to be occupied and invaded for the sake of saving the Texas. If we look at the board here we see clearly a large line running down the Kasnov river, only 50 Miles away from the Texan border which shows a large array of fort constructions and troops concentrations that seem overwhelming to he positioned in a way that strategically protects the States within Texas. This is ridiculous! Do we not matter to them? Do they really think they can get away with drawing up strategies that throw us under the bus?!?!? All we can ask now is, how will the people react?

Bruvems everywhere, in every city in the nation turn of the broadcast. Why would the Texans, the supposed faithful ally’s also draw plans that left their friends to die. Some start to take to the streets and the number of demonstrators grows everyday. In a week the number of Bruvems protesting skyrockets. Officials attempt to quell the fire by trying the disprove the documents sent to BNN. This could have almost worked if it hadn’t been for more leaked information that documented a blowing up of bridges across the Kasnov river that would have further abandoned Bruvem from military aid. After this new information the number of demonstrators skyrockets.

After a demand from the voters to hold new elections for senate and congress were accepted the seats held are now overwhelming held by the BIP (Bruvem Independence Party) and in a statement from the party in senate halls today “We love the Texan people, we just hate their government.” This all couldn’t have come at a more pivotal point in politics as a recent offer from the Rythicans has resulted in more political unrest. Bruvem is noticeably split between accepting the deal or simply declaring independence and attempting to keep the lands that are left. One side states that the deal of regained territories and reconstruction aid is too much to pass up on. Others argue points such as “What about the Texans,” and “a Bruvem doesn’t deal with an enemy.”

RP Cave into pressure
The YPTC have continued to delay the OPF resolution in congress, and with many concerned that The Commonwealth will lose it's shot at going to war with Kasnovia, President Macintosh, Lincoln Cole, The Speaker of The YPTC in congress and the Secretary of State to try and work out a compromise to get YPTC to vote in favor of war. The YPTC ideally want The Commonwealth to cut ties with The Rythican Confederation and treat it like any other dictatorship, and the NLP ideally want a little changes to the Rythican-Commonwealth Relationship as possible. Both are discussing a possible compromise, one of which is keeping economic ties, but cutting some political ties that make The Commonwealth seem more in favor of Rythica then The MWCR, while also starting to supporting The MWCR again, the NLP are hesitant of supporting The MWCR via economic or military aid due to the Relationship with Rythica. Although a compromise has not been met, discussions still continue between the NLP and YPTC


Bruvems Government accepts the Rythican offer and has officially submitted its declaration of secession to Calaskany. In ArkCity Protesters celebrate in the streets and church bells ring. Three cheers are heard from the Senate hall. While most of Bruvem is happy with the decision in the North East (an area heavily populated by Texan immigrants and Texan sympathizers) there is a moment of solemn silence. With these announcements the President of Barnaget and the Governor of the Southern Isle issue statements that their government’s identify with Bruvem. To the North the NRB responds to the decision with awkward silence and fear that this decision could make them the next target of the Rythican War Machine.


An Independent Bruvem

When the Imperators received news that the Bruvem government had accepted their deal, they were all visibly happy. 2 fronts of the war, Aldonia and the centre, had been secured under the new independent state. With that news, Army groups North and Senta are being diverted south to figh the Texan forces. Rythica has sent an ambassador to Bruvem and North Bruvem in hopes to have good relations and trade agreements with the nations. The war drags on against the Texans but the writing is on the wall for a Rythican victory in the war.


A New Face
As the brutal war between Rythica and the MWCR continues to rage on, the people of Bruvem have seemingly had enough, and have voted to secede from the union. While the MWCR has been a good trade partner and a friendly rival in the past, with the massive toll that the war has taken on the economy of the MWCR, it can hardly afford to import luxury Cark goods, an issue only compounded by the rise in protectionist politicians in the MWCR. With the formation of the new state of Bruvem, the San Cark government hopes that it will become the ally which the MWCR has never been since the fall of TACNA over one and a half centuries ago. As reconstruction from the tsunami is almost finished, Farabi knows that he needs to do something to bolster investor confidence again, as many have been hesitant to invest in the nation due to the horrible effects of the Tsunami and its' aftermath. This is why, along with offering official recognition of the Bruvem state, Farabi has proposed a free-trade agreement to the government of Bruvem, in hopes that Cark businesses and investors can help rebuild the nation, and once restored to its' former glory, the Bruvems may pay us back by providing the crucial investment we need to fund the extremely expensive reconstruction of vital infrastructure destroyed during the Tsunami.

RP OPF Passes Congress
After weeks of debating and fighting between the NLP and YPTC, the NLP finally have caved into the YPTC's demands, which include distancing The Commonwealth from being allies with Rythica, and sending volunteer forces to Texas, 10,000 Special Forces troops from the NorSan Infantry Division and the Cascadian Infantry Division were sent to Texas to aid them against The Rythicans, NorSan and Cascadia are forest regions of The Commonwealth and the units selected prioritize defense and entrenchment, with The Commonwealth focusing on defending key areas of Texas from attack rather then aiding in offensive campaigns. Supplies are also gonna be sent to Texas. With the recent independence of Bruvem, Texas is in a weak position. On Bruvem, The Commonwealth has sent diplomats and has offered to set up economic pacts and also help repair damaged areas effected by the war. However on the main event, the YPTC finally voted in Favor of Operation Pursuing Freedom, aka War with the FKSSR. The Commonwealth has decided to join the war fighting for the democrats who are outnumbered by the FKSSR's military strength and size. The Army knows that Kovalev fights dirty, President Macintosh ordered generals, mainly generals from infantry groups from the Southern States, a region hit hard by Kovalev to "Play rough, hard and dirty." a total of 800,000 soldiers have been sent to aid the democrats in the war. With the first army groups going being from The Southern States, a region that shares many Anti-FKSSR sentiments. The 800,000 Soldiers are being sent in small increments, as not to overwhelm supply or gain attrition.


With the recent Aldonian war the true face of the Legionarys was shown due to too much Peacetime the Legionarys became Weaker and people blame Ghunx for the failure Whats even worse is that the new Aldonian Republic is giving people in the Legionary State Hope for the end of the Fascist Dictatorship the Support of the Legionarys for the First time is Fading away

Bruvem Elections

After the secession Bruvem has need for a new president. Since the year 2000 is just around the corner now would be the perfect time for it. The candidate for the newly formed Reconstruction Party (former BIP party) is Joseph Wojiniki, a New Haven native and a big figure in Reform politics he believes right now the nations only focus should be repairing its economy and creating a military respectively. He is very popular in his home state of Pustynia, as well as New Aldonia and New Fason. He has moderate popularity in lesistyteren. He is hated in New Texas and Wolność in the Northeast for his role in the secession process.

The next candidate is Juniper Kajaow of the Liberation Party. She believes that it is most important to create a new economic system out of the ashes of the now destroyed Bruvem production industry. She wants to construct a socialist system with power to the workers. No one really likes her with the only states she's really only semi popular in Pustynia.

The final candidate is Trevor Adams, a man of the Northeast state of New Texas and a strong opponent of the secession movement. Economically he shares very similar opinions to his biggest rival, the candidate of the reform party, he is extremely popular in New Texas and Wolność. He has found mild support in New Aldonia and New Fason, with the state hating him the most being Pustynia. He runs for the party he founded lovingly named the “Mid-West” party. Its core principle is for Bruvems peaceful return to being a member of the MWCR.


Never Behind
With the rise in the popularity of sporty cars across the world, San Cark, one of the world's biggest automobile manufacturers, is certainly not going to fall behind. Though many factories and research facilities were destroyed during the tsunami, this has proven perhaps more of a blessing than a curse, as it has allowed companies to modernize and innovate in the industrial and R&D aspects, completely overhauling their factories to make way for new automation and such, and rebuilding their research facilities to allow for more computers and internet in their work, with some companies even trying to attain artificial intelligence, though that still has a long way to go. One automobile company, known as the Alexeigrad Motor Company, sometimes shortened to AMC, has recently come out with a new car which they describe as "Revolutionary." This new breed of car, which they call a Super-car, is being spearheaded by their Model A, one of their first ever production cars. The Model A can reportedly reach speeds up to 250 miles per hour, though tests have shown that this number is likely closer to 240, making it the fastest production car in history. It is relatively lightweight, only clocking in at around 1.1 tons, and its' 6.1 litre V-12 engine can produce up to 618 horsepower. The Model A is to be produced in limited amounts, only 250 are slated for production so far, and is to be sold for a sum of 37,000 Shekels, or roughly 1.4 million TCC.

RP The Status Quo fails

For the first time in hundreds of years the Fason Freedom Party has lost. Currently Together-Civic Democracy is now in charge of the nation and Jrit Rousin leads the nation. Many think that he won't last the 4 years but the Duma voted for him to be in charge as he is the most experienced member among them

RP What does it mean to be Fasonian

Recently after the election a census was held to determine the amount of population and what ethnicity they are. Less than 1% of the population said they are Fasonian and this left a topic on the minds of the Duma and population. What does it mean to be Fasonian? Some think it means to be strong in the face of evil and in turmoil. Another group think that you are peaceful and willing to help all. Yet the leader of Fason disagrees. He says being Fasonian means to be united as one no matter the differences. Fason has thousands of people from all over the world. Many agree with his idea and a parade is held in Mitska with thousands of soldiers and military equipment. The new leader of Fason attended this parade and prepared to share his speech to the crowd. Once the soldiers got finished everyone faced Jrit Rousin getting ready for the speech. "Today marks the start for a new era in Fasonian history. We have reached the year 2000 and shall go on forever. We have survived traitors, wars, dilators, and plagues. I will keep our nation together and lead it to a new age. Recently we gained control of the once Kajimian Oblast of Bachar resulting in us gaining more people. This oblast will be improved and treated the same as many others in our nation. And to answer the question of what it means to be Fasonian it means nothing more than unity. We are a nation of millions of united people that have came from all over the world. Would Fasonian be an ethnicity? Yes. We are an ethnicity of all. A nation of many but united as one. God bless Fason and may we survive another 100 years!" The crowd and military cheer with many flying miniature flags of Fason alongside other nations. Jrit smiles and waves proud of his nation.

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