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RP 2000 Election
Election time is here, 3 challengers this time for the race to president were the Incumbent Edward Macintosh of the National Liberty Party, Ex-President and former Congress Speaker Louis Wilkins of the Liberal-Conservative Party, and Challenger Lincoln Cole of the Yakovist Party. However the NLP were ranking #1 of the polls, they continued popular programs of the Wilkins administration, and the massive economic boom under Macintosh. The Votes were counted, and the NLP came out in top, sweeping the polls. In the House of Representation, the L-C lost seats to the YPTC and NLP, with both parties taking 150 seats, and since the executive branch is controlled by the NLP, The NLP became House Majority. In the Senate, the L-C did horrible, losing a bunch of it's seats to the NLP and YPTC. With the Yakovist taking control of Senate with 50 seats. Macintosh got to work for his 2nd term, on his way to his office a man he has not seen, or anyone has seen grabbed his arm and said "There is something common, 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960, 1980 and now, all end with the head of state or the country" Macintosh shrugged it off, getting the man to let go, nobody else saw that man again. One of Macintosh's first course of action was with the southern border, Germany has decided to sell some land of the Southern Border to The Commonwealth, although the land sold was not all of what The Commonwealth wanted, President Macintosh says "this will not be 1st conference on the matter" suggesting The Commonwealth is insisting on buying more land from Germany.

As the turn of the millenia comes ever closer, so to do the San Cark elections of 1999. Five years of Farabi, and what did the nation have to show? The economy was brought to a grinding halt due to the Great Tsunami of 1996, posing the largest threat to Cark global hegemony since the Great War half a century ago. Recovery was slow, however the economy managed to get back on its' feet, and soon experienced the largest economic growth since Jinnah's reconstruction of Utralia. This resurgance, however, has not come without a price, as in order to fund this, as well as to fund the ever-expanding military, President Farabi has taken the extremely unpopular course of action of increasing the national debt twofold. This, as well as his lack of action during the Kasnovian Civil War, has made him a divisive figure in the San Cark political scene, allowing his main rival, Frederick Kessler of the San Cark Liberty Party, to take centre-stage. With promises to involve himself and the nation in the Kasnovian Civil War, as what he and many of his followers call a crusade against Neo-Yakovism, as well as pledging to enact severe austerity measures so as to keep the national debt in control as well as continuing to grow the economy at a steady pace, Kessler has proven a popular candidate, especially after his brief stint as Interim President where he de-centralized power and obliterated corruption, which many people still reminisce about to this day. Kessler has overall been a popular figure in San Cark, no small part due to his humble beginnings and down-to-earth personality, as well as his strong stance against Neo-Yakovism, and has thus earned extremely high levels of popularity, especially with the youth, who sometimes share speeches or rallies online, on a new wave of platforms called "Social Media," de-centralized websites where users can connect and message one another, interacting in a web of networks and acquaintances. This has made Kessler the favoured candidate to win, however only time will tell if he can truly best Farabi in the upcoming elections.

1999 San Cark General Elections:
Hasan Farabi; Islamo-Conservative Party of San Cark and Utralia: 32%
Frederick Kessler; San Cark Liberty Party: 46%
Robert Nichols; Liberal Party of San Cark: 10%
James Burgess; New National Party: 5%
Baraa Hawsawi; Sharia Party of Utralia: 5%
Samuel Manson; Social Party: 2%

A New Path
Only two weeks following Frederick Kessler's inaugaration as president of the Third San Cark Republic, Hasan Farabi, now out of a job, was certainly surprised when his old rival nominated him for Secretary General of the United Organization for World Safety, and was even more so surprised when he won the election in a land-slide. Farabi's first act as Secretary General and Representative to the UOWS was to formally invite San Cark into the UOWS Coalition, a group meant to oversee the NHC and punish violations of international law. Formed during Jorge's rule, San Cark was not invited to the Coalition, and even after the revolution it had never become a priority, however Farabi hopes that this will mark a new era in Cark involvement in global politics.


after the establishment of the 2nd republic the NSL was banned taking part of it aswell some radical groups too like the Iron Hand League and the Socialist Unionite Front due too doing illegal activities the results of the 1st election to determine the ruling party/leader for the next 4 years:
FIPT: 12% = 60 seats
CPT: 31% = 155 seats
LFP: 16% = 80 seats
SDP: 19% = 95 seats
VT: 2% = 10 seats
RHT: 6% = 30 seats
UPT: 8% = 40 seats
MMF: 6% = 30 seats

RP An attempt to change to budget
President Macintosh has attempted to change the budget of The Commonwealth, mainly focusing on funding the military and in of that, focusing on the Navy and Army. However to do this, Macintosh proposed the defunding of various programs like education and healthcare. However a Yakovist Controlled Senate are not budging to let Macintosh tamper with the programs he want to cut funding to. On top of this, a growing anti-war faction of the YPTC, however small it is growing in numbers. The YPTC proposed to instead raise taxes on luxury goods and tax local corporations, however Macintosh would not budge here either. The Commonwealth's budget must be voted on by both houses of congress, Macintosh's party, the NLP controls the house while the YPTC control half of the senate. Both Parties are making it hell for both of them by deadlocking congress each time a bill reaches their house. Both the NLP and YPTC have tried to make the Liberal-Conservative Party help them come up with a compromise to try and stop the deadlock in both the House and Senate, however the L-C refused to help both of the parties, seeing a possible campaign promise for the mid-term elections for getting stuff done in congress.

RP Pax Ausdonian Expansion
President Macintosh has decided to expand the "Pax Ausdonia" farther, this was in light from cooperation in the AEC and the growing friendship between nations inside what Macintosh calls the "Ausdonian sphere" previously, Ausdonia was debated to only be The Commonwealth and Germany, however the term has been shifted, now including Wahekenhe, San Cark and Jinju. Said being called the "Ausdonian Sphere" President Macintosh has invited San Cark, all of Wahekenhe and Jinju to the Pax Ausdonia agreement, a treaty which includes better economic cooperation between members very similar to the AEC, as well as military defense of all members from Foreign, Non-Ausdonian Aggression, as well as open border policies between member nations.

RP The report of the commandos

The Duma got the news and it was all quiet. 3,000 soldiers of the Fasonian Commando Unit gone. The FCU was fully destroyed yet the government starts their recruitment for those lost to make sure it is rebuilt. The army is on high alert for Security Force attacks on cities or outposts. All 3,000 bodies were recovered in 2 months and sent to their own section of the Cemetery of Heroes. A statue with 5 commandos in the forest wearing full combat gear would be built in the center of it and 3,000 graves for these commandos shall be created. The people of Fason would gather around their TVs or went live to the speech location getting ready to listen to a speech from their leader. The Head Councilor stepped onto the podium and cleared his throat. "My people, I'm sad to say yet we have lost 3,000 brave soldiers of our army. Yet their sacrifice shall not be in vain as they sacrificed their lives for ours. This Dark Cohort has lost many of its men to this and the Commandos shall be buried with other heroes of Fason. I fear the UOWS may intervene in our nation so I shall hope we stay safe from a possible invasion. Glory to Fason and may we stay united!" The people cheered and Fason prepares to send a representative to the UOWS to prevent a possible invasion of their nation.


Across the two Bruvems many mourned those lost in the fatal attacks across Tidewater. Memorials were held in Both North and South for those lost in the WBCNB, a total of 3500 innocent men, women, and children. Similar services were held for the Capitel Building and the NHC signing hall, which are both to begin reconstruction to be finished by 2010. For the Trade Center there will be now new building, only a memorial for those lost in all the attacks. The Bruvem motto, “Never Forget!”


Fason's people stay quiet. Millions mourn the loss of those killed during the attack. The Duma is unsure what to do as both leaders are now dead and the Ohjil building collapsed. 36% of the government was lost alongside 30% of the staff in the building. 668 (300 of those being civilians) lives were lost in the attack and the nation lies stunned. Many mourn the loss of their friends, family, and relativesoverseas. The nation for once all comes together to mourn. Traffic stops and business close as televisions show the attacks in many countries. People cry and the Duma doesn't meet any more for the week. The search for a new leader shall be left untouched for a while as many want to have the memory of their leader remembered before the torch is passed.

RP The End of Kovalev.
Like Bruvem, Like Rythica, Like The Commonwealth, Like Cark, Like everybody else, Kasnovia was hit by planes hijacked by Jinjuan Terrorists, first the Reichstag in Kasnov, unused because the city was sieged by Pro-Democratic Rebels, the Reichstag, the nations parliament was attacked, however nobody was in it, it was a power morale booster for pro-democratic rebels, In the FKSSR, the Red Square was attacked, and with it, Kovalev died, his 2nd in command general Artem Petrovych took control. But he did not have the skill or charisma that Kovalev had to lead the country, nor did he want Kasnovia to be destoryed by a horrid war, upon assuming control, he surrendered to Pro-Democratic Forces, ending the civil war. Placing the country under a New Democratic Government, the new country, The Kasnovian Federal Republic intends to work closely with The Commonwealth, with representatives from the Democratic Government going over to The Commonwealth to seek investment and help rebuilding, however due to them also getting attacked, many are not confident that help will come soon, right now the KFR has no Prime Minister, with elections being held soon to get a Prime Minister for the New Republic. Many Neo-Yakovists were disappointed that the FKSSR went out with a whimper, not a bang, however none had the motivation or morale to fight, with those remaining joining Pro-Democratic forces, trying to form a new military under the KFR.


8:00 A.M.
Friedrichstadt International Airport
It was a particularly warm day in Friedrichstadt, though its' subtropical location, as well as its' proximity to the sea make it quite hot year-long, today's blistering 34 degree heat was unusual even for the German Empire's commercial centre. Thousands were at the airport, either catching a flight, transferring from a different location, or simply there to enjoy the air-conditioned building and the many restaurants and shops which littered the behemoth construction. Four people stood out within the crowd, their dark-brown complexion hinting towards their Jinjuan ancestry, only accentuated by the fact that they rarely conversed in anything but an ancient dialect of Jinjuan. Angela Hoffman, Sibley Krantz, Hubert Goertzmann, Larry Schneider, four nobodies, who would soon become some of the most infamous names in history. All of them in their early-to-mid thrities, they were unassuming at first, however upon further inspection of their backgrounds, they prove to be anything but. Hoffman was the daughter of an RkM officer and a PkP enforcer, she excelled in school, particularly in subjects concering the Party, or the Security Force. Her father had commited suicide following Operation Mastermind, her mother raped and murdered shortly after by Yakovist revolutionaries, only further cementing a deeply-rooted hatred for those who went against the SF. After the Republic of Jinju was declared, Hoffman had a difficult time getting a job, due to the Yakovist policies which ruled the nation, and could not get an education as she was shunned due to her pro-SF views which she made very public. This sent Hoffman into a spiral of depression and starvation, which soon led to alchoholism, often using up significant portions of her unemployment checks on cheap liquor. Once Higgins was elected, Hoffman's life only got worse, as she was still unable to get a job due to the massive influx of foreign contractors and workers, as well as the fact that hiring a twenty-year old homeless woman with no job experience, no higher education, and a fanatical obsession with the Security Force is simply not a very good economic descision meant that she continued to live in destitution. Many times, was Hoffman close to suicide, however she barely stopped herself each time, perhaps if she didn't, it would have prevented the deaths of countless thousands of innocents. After years of being a beggar and working countless part-time jobs which barely paid enough to live on, Hoffman once more tried to end her own life through an overdose of the popular narcotic Ketamine, however she took a less-than-lethal dose, and was found hours later knocked out in an alleyway, wearing her mother's PkP uniform, one of the only pieces of clothing which she still owned. When found, Hoffman was picked up by an unnamed stranger, now known to be her future brother-in-arms Larry Schneider. Schneider was too, a very poor man, though he did have an actual residence and a somewhat stable job as a sanitation worker at a local elementary school, and was initially about to rob Hoffman of her ketamine supply so as to resell it to be able to afford his rent payment, but after seeing her RkP uniform, he instead carried her to an abandoned factory, one of the many left in ruins after Mastermind, this one in particular being the headquarters of the Dark Cohort, a small militant organization made up of former Security Force officers, partisans and sympathisers, all with a single goal in mind, to bring about retribution for the fall of Neo Jinjua. After regaining consciousness, Hoffman was initially confused, but quickly adapted to her environment, befriending other Security Force sympathisers and pledging herself to their cause. Hoffman, Krantz, Goertzmann and Schneider would once more discuss their plans with one another in hushed tones before splitting up to go their seperate ways. Hoffman checked her ticket, Gate 14B, it said, Boarding Group C, and so she headed to the gate, and waited for the flight. It was not a particularly long wait, only a handful of minutes, however that handful of minutes felt like an eternity to Hoffman, who waited anxiously for the crew to call upon her group. Once boarded, Hoffman made herself comfortable in her Economy-Class seat, and patiently waited for the takeoff, grabbing out a book, 'Jinjuviyan menmaiyum enkal saktiyum,' the ideological manifesto of Robert Winters, the man singlehandedly responsible for the rise of the Security Force. Angela had, of course, read this book countless times, however she enjoyed it all the same, and so she opened her worn-out copy to the first page for the dozenth-time and began reading. Roughly a quarter-way in to the nearly thousand-page book, the announcement that the plane, bound for Lucia, was now halfway towards its' destination, signaled Hoffman that it was time for action. She went under her seat, and grabbed her briefcase, after which she began making her way towards the front. Though initially nothing alerted any suspicions, probably just another hobo looking to take a smoke in the bathrooms was what went through the minds of most of the crew, however by the time she reached the first-class cabins, the staff began to get ticked-off. Though they initially asked her, kindly, if not hastily, to please return to her seat, they were quickly shut up after she softly poked them with the barrel of a CAC-10 Submachine gun, and signaled them to go back to their seats. In the cabin, the pilot and his copilot were taking a break, chatting with the two concierges sitting a couple of feet behind them, cracking jokes and such, and therefore were not alarmed when their walkie-talkie began to beep, simply turning it off to continue the conversation. Knocking was heard on the door, and the pilot sighed once more, and excused himself from the conversation in order to answer it. "Who's there," he groaned as he opened the door, "I'm in the middle of somethi-" though his message was cut short by the sight of a dishelved woman who appeared to be homeless, wearing a PkP uniform, holding a CAC-10 up to his face. Hoffman signaled for him to exit the cockpit, and to remain quiet, which he promptly did, and so she made her way towards the copilot, who was busy getting chummy with the concierges. "Ah, finally, where've you been?" the co-pilot halfheartedly asked, moving his head towards where he thought his coworker was, a fatal mistake, as he would soon learn. Angela fired a single 9-millimetre bullet out of the suppressed firearm, straight into the copilot's face, causing his body to hit the ground hard, and his blood to leak onto the controls. She instructed the two concierges to announce that it was merely a turbulence, and that the sound was nothing to be concerned about, before sitting on the pilot's controls herself. She had no idea how to operate one of these things, and so signaled for one of the ladies to get the pilot, who she would then instruct to continue on a course seemingly the exact same towards Lucia, with the clause that once they were within 100km of the city, he would show her the basics of flying before handing over the controls to her. With his, and potentially the entire plane's lives on the line, the pilot meekly accepted, and with that, came the final nail in the coffin for the Cohort's dastardly plan.


The disaster

The early hours of the 25th of December were very joyful, it had been Christmas Day after all and all over just about every German city, Christmas decorations hung with a joyful spirit around just about every corner, even if things were a little quite. In the Imperial residence and Palace in Köningsberg, the Kaiser and Kaiserin had celebrated their Christmas with a very large group of guests ranging from nobles and family to representatives of different nations. When the afternoon was drawing to evening, a noble of the House of Welfen stepped outside to get some fresh air. He had walked outside, grabbing his later and lighting a cigarette. As he put it in his mouth, he stared into the sky before dropping the lighter and rushing into the house as fast as he could, shouting "Flugzeug! Ein Flugzeug kommt!" As he ran past the various surprised guests. The Kaiser quickly tried to calm the terrified masses and tried to get them to calmly evacuate the building, many guests did not listen and the mood in the building turned into a terrified frenzy.

There was not enough time for many when the plane hit and many lay int he rubble of the what was once the Kaiser's abode. Paramedics rushed to the scene to being all those in need to hospital, first rushing to the Kaiser who sat crying holding his dying wife in his arms. Many would die in the initial disaster while many too would die of their injuries while being rushed to the hospital, including the Kaiserin despite having the greatest care given to her. The Kaiser would live long enough to make it to the hospital but would die of his injuries soon after. This attacked had happened alongside two other, those being the attacks on the Reichstag where the House of Commons had been heavily hit and the attack on the Commerzbank in Friedrichstadt, a major hub for international banking. It was later found out that this attack, orchestrated by the remnant of the Security Force, killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of Germans, many of them being very important businessmen, politicians or nobles.

The attacks on the nation had been a disaster in a time when a disaster would be very, very bad for the nation, the Kaiser who had guided the nation through its possible downfall had been killed, a man who was known to be kind, generous and competent, one who eliminated the threats on Leevos and Luxembourg, maybe even being able to clear the threat in Kaiser Friedrichsland. He lay dead with many important people however this attack was not the end. The nation all had a one week mourning period for the Kaiser, the Kaiserin and the many dead in the attack before at last, rising to the thrown now was the Kaiser's first son, Georg Frederick von Hohenzollern... Frederick II. While the attacks had been a disaster for the German natiom, the new Kaiser vowed to get revenge on the Jinjuan savages who dare to think themselves the superior race and to finally secure the German colonies once and for all... the Kaiser had also announced that not a metre of German ground will be given up in his reign. To accomplish this, he has sent a large force of crack German soldiers to the Colonies to further reinforce the garrisons in the area. He also began the assembling of the most elite force of German commandos that had been gathered since the Great War, he planned to strike hard and finish the Jinjuan threat once and for all.


The government of Fason has agreed for an emergency election to take place to decide the new leader and end the current leader crisis. People go out and vote with many stopping at the memorial to mourn the loss of life during the 25/12 attack as it was called. The people vote and the results are broadcasted live on Television. The results came out as this. T-CD wins the majority and Head Councilor seat with 245 seats. FFP: 212, UF: 146, NS: 100, and 152 for all parties of the FPP. The new leader and the alleged son of the ex-Vice Councilor, Reikoi Uiol, promises to continue his father's legacy. Many say he isn't truly his son as Reikol never had a son but only time will tell. Tomos Uiol now leads Fason with Yula Plichtovchy being the Vice Councilor.


Operation Secretary

Buildup and Trickery


The War has raged on for over a decade, its time it should come to an end. The Texan Army has a last attempt at winning the war, and it relies on secrecy.

The Operation calls for almost all of the Army’s resources, so they must get more in reserve, to do this, factories normally making tractors or cars are converted to making the M1A1 Fritzenhowzer.

The Air Force, in collaboration with the Army, Has started a scorched earth campaign(destroying cover, fortifications, infrastructure, and supplies) throughout the Ardenher and Arlington Plains. Using Fighter bombers and C-10s the air-force may be able to weaken the defenses enough to let the operation succeed.


The Great Operation is required to maintain secrecy, or else the Texan military could be ruined in the campaign. To do this, the Navy has started shelling beaches in eastern Saliplan. And Wooden tanks are being made in Trinity city, generals are then filmed inspecting the tanks, giving them the green light, and having them sent to the frontline. In reality, they are sent to towns and suburbs outside trinity city.

Artillery Pounds the Rythican land to the west of the trinity salient, to try and mimic an offensive into the Rythican homelands.

In all these efforts, Marshal Andor Danube, the best strategist of Texas, leads the operation.

*The Great Operation Begins*



As the Christmas sun rose over Jordal with some snow to accompany it, the people of the city were cheerful and relaxing for Christmas. No worry about war or violence like most other days. At Vargoth International Airport, Rythican Air flight 261 to Aulik was boarding. It was a concorde that would get passengers to the Saliplanese capital in less than an hour because of its supersonic speeds. There were 79 passengers and 9 crew members. At 7:37am the plane gets clearance to take off towards Aulik. At the same time, Rythican Air flight 193 from Jordal to Vargoth, a short but very popular route, had taken off. Jordal Centre was in contact with all aircraft flying in Rythican airspace and so had contact with both planes 5 minutes after they took off. Vasily Renault and Otto Beck are having a meeting in the Bâtiment Imperator whilst the planes are in the air to discuss what will be done to Texas after the war and to just have a friendly chat on Christmas Day. The first signs of trouble came from RYA 193 when it didn't respond to ATC. No real alarm was raised because it was entirely possible that the radio had failed. Some found it suspicious when the plane turned back to Jordal but others thought that they just wanted to return to fix their communication issues. Massive suspicion was raised when the exact same thing happened with RYA 261 but it didn't turn back to Vargoth, it turned towards Jordal. 2 Garganfighters were dispatched to follow RYA 261 but they had to be dispatched from the frontline air bases so it would take a while to get there. RYA 193 began descending rapidly above Jordal and the people on the streets celebrating Christmas thought it was a regular flight. These thoughts soon changed when it looked like it was going to crash into the Bâtiment Imperator. Vasily and Otto were informed of this and began walking away from the walls, however it was too late. RYA 193 hit the Bâtiment Imperator at Mach 1.5. Vasily and Otto were incinerated. After watching this unfold the people of Jordal were terrified. They all ran back home and some of the Jordal Garrison went into the streets to restore order. Some of the garrison went to check on the status of the 2 Imperators and all that was found remaining was the croissant that Vasily had been holding at his time of death. The 2 Imperators were dead during wartime and Odette Beaumont was the last one. She was immediately called to Jordal to assume temporary full power. 2 more Imperators will be sworn in after the national morning period is over. Whilst the nation was still looking at what happened in Jordal, RYA 261 entered Jordal airspace. The Garganfighters finally showed up but it was too late. RYA 261 slammed into the Jordal tower at mach 1.41. The fighter pilots reported back to base with only a few chilling words. "Its gone, its all gone!" The Jordal tower collapsed killing 61 people who were on and around it. Garganfighters began patrolling all major cities airspace, AA guns were manned and all commercial air travel in Rythica was to immediately cease. Rythican air space is closed and will remain so until the New Year at the very least. In total 267 people were killed immediately including Vasily Renault and Otto Beck. A national funeral will be held for the 2 Imperators on January 5th. All world leaders and diplomats are invited to the funeral (excluding the obvious) and high ranking military members will attend but most will mourn from the frontline just in case the MWCR decides to attack. Rythica is crippled from the attack but will bounce back and prevail.

Post self-deleted by Free United Texas.



*Leevos wakes*

“WE WILL DRINK THE BLOOD THE SCUM THAT KILLED THE GREAT LEADER OF GERMANY!” Said the Augustus. Cheers broke out around the hall... And a fascination many young men were eager to spill the blood of their Enemies have been far too long since the last time that they had been in a war. Leevos military enlistment rate skyrocketed... The people of Leevos we are eager to “pillage new lands” Much of Leevos culture is built around combat and honour. In Leevos duels with swords are very common. Most family’s in Leevos have Family swords which their sons must carry into battle as a show of honour to the family name. Some foreign media comment this looks quite strange when seen on a modernbattlefield.

RP The Attacks
The December 25th Attacks shook the nation to its core. First, the capitol building was hit, with the Senate chamber being struct. A Total of 66 Senators died, mainly from Yakovist Party, Senate speaker Lincoln Cole made it out alive however, The Republic's Tower, the residence of The President and Vice President was hit, with Macintosh being killed from the crash, his Vice President, Davis Cockwall survived, however the injuries he suffered were serve enough for him not being able to serve. Now, due to the line of succession, Lincoln Cole is President Pro Tempore of The Commonwealth until Cockwall can recover. Finally, The UOWS Tower was hit, with the general assembly being struct, The Commonwealth hasn't been able to report casualties of that attack, however it is known Secretary General Farabi died in the crash. Cole's first job as President Pro Tempore was to relocate The Government to Commonwealth City, the capitol of the DRMW, also the old temporary capitol of The NUSA during the Jinjuan Invasion of Los Espeanza. The Attacks happened 2 months before the Mid-Term elections, so The Commonwealth could reestablish the Congress fast. President Pro Tempore Cole moved The UOWS to the old office in New Kings City, President Pro Tempore Cole has also established a Curfew and Temporary Martial Law for the city and surrounding communities. President Pro Tempore Cole also got in contact with the Defense Minister and President of San Cark, establishing a No-Fly Zone in the channel between The Commonwealth and San Cark. In the UOWS, a day after the attack, UOWS Ambassador and L-C candidate Jonathan Hudson gave a speech at Ground Zero, he had a megaphone with The Commonwealth flag flying behind him he turned it on speaking to The Crowd of Workers, Firefighters, Police Officers and other spectators, with it also being broadcasted live.
"Everybody!" Hudson shouted into the megaphone, "Yesterday, on December 25th, while we're all celebrating, anything we worshiped, the fine people of this great city, and The Commonwealth woke up to shock, as our country was bent down to it's hands and knees. And our nation mourns the lives loss here today, and the lives lost in Kasnovia, the lives lost in San Cark, the lives lost in Texas, the lives lost in Bruvem, the lives lost in Rythica, the lives lost in Germany and the lives lost in Fason!" The Crowd would cheer "NAC! NAC! NAC! NAC! NAC!" "AND LET IT BE KNOWN!" Hudson would raise his voice above the crowds "The People who kills our citizens, the the rest of the citizens of the world will pay! AND THEY WILL HEAR US!" Hudson would shout, with the crowd chanting "NAC" again, "We must rise from this event while still remembering what has happened, our leaders who have died, the men who were in this building right here trying to achieve world peace, and the men and women who died at that Capitol Building, while also remembering what has happened with the rest of the world." "GOD BLESS THE COMMONWEALTH!" A Worker would scream out, Hudson would help workers with the cleanup effort, already Hudson was being widely liked throughout The Commonwealth, alongside the L-C which was doing more then both of the parties with relief effort. In Los Espeanza, many were paranoid to walk outside, as the city was practically a Military Base with the amount of Troops stationed, during the Mid-Term elections, The L-C crushed the polls in both houses, with them easily taking back all of Congress, with Hudson now becoming the Speaker of Congress, with many suggesting that he should run for president. President Pro Tempore Cole has announced The Commonwealth shale commit fully the UOWS Intervention for the groups responsible for The Attacks


Tomos Uiol would be nervous. This would be his first ever speech to the nation and millions of eyes would be on him and him alone. They would look to him for guidance as he is their leader. He stopped in front of a photo of his father and prayed. "Dad, give me the strength to lead these people. I will not fail you." He stood up and went throughout the halls of the recently refurbished Pora Palace, which was used by the short lived Emperor of Fason during the Era of Termoil as its called by the nation. The 20 new recruits of the Fasonian Commandos salute him and he inspects them. "You will do our nation proud boys. Remember the motto and always keep it to your heart. The soldiers before you are watching." The soldiers nod and follow Tomos to his limousine which drove him to the city of Mitska which was still recuperating from 12/25. Once the limo arrived he felt nervous. Nervous he may say something wrong in front of his nation. But the Vice Councilor comforted him. He stood at the podium and cleared his throat."Fason, we are in a state of shock. Hundreds of our people now lay dead from an attack that will leave the world changed and shocked forever. But I promise you I will lead this nation to great and new heights. You may think of me as a false child yet I am as much of a leader as my father was. I promise you that I will not fail you and if I do then I understand why you may hate me. But the actions I do will always better the nation. As for our response to thr attack, aid teams are now going to the afflicted areas with the teams sent during the tsunami being sent home as they have done their job. The aircraft carrier by Rythica and Texas will pull out before its too late. If we are attacked again by the Dark Cohort we will defeat them. The might and heart of a Fasonian soldier will never break in the face of these men. Their lines shall shatter and break as we will avenge the lives lost during this attack. God bless Fason and may I lead it to a golden age!" Many in the crowd would cheer and wave flags as a smiling Tomos left the podium and went back to the Palace knowing he will not mess up.

Operation Mannerheim
It was... it was impossible. San Cark, a nation that has been knocked down countless times now, which has been the target for attacks globally since its' inception. The de-facto world superpower, with competition only perhaps coming from the Commonwealth, who was a friendly rival more than anything, San Cark has seen almost unrivaled levels of growth and development in the last few decades, however, San Cark was about to face perhaps its' greatest foe since the Great War. Though the Tsunami was exponentially more costly, in terms of both lives and shekels, claiming just over 800,000 innocent Carks and Utralians, as well as destroying trillions in infrastructure, buildings and more, this was different, it was no force of nature, which drove those planes straight into the Parliament, into the Fiadi World Trade Centre, into the main campus in the Lucia School of Tactics, it was not simply a large wave, which killed San Cark, and the world's most brilliant military officers, it was not the byproduct of an earthquake which oversaw the deaths of fourty-five out of the fourty-eight Members of Parliament, it was not a simple tsunami which claimed over 2000 innocent lives at the World Trade Centre, and it was certainly not something as simple as a natural disaster, which killed our beloved Hasan Farabi and countless others in the UOWS building, no, it was a group of men, sick and twisted, rotten in every fibre of their being, who's only intentions were to see the world burn, and if that was what they wanted, thats' what they were going to get.

The roar of the jet-engine was nearly deafening, however it did not faze the two-thousand brave men on the S.C.F. Jinnah, not one bit. As the modified KU-08 touched down on the behemoth aircraft carrier, and the top of the cockpit began to open, the heroic soldiers on the ship instantly snapped to salute, as none other than President Frederick Kessler emerged from the aircraft, in full military dress. Kessler slowly walked out of the plane, standing tall his gaze would scan across the deck like a predator hunting for its' prey. He would walk forward, towards his men, for a few metres, before stopping, and clearing his throat. "Through the centuries," Kessler began, "San Cark has always endured. Ever since Cark proclaimed triumph in the Second San Cark Civil War, and in the process founded the Second San Cark Republic, our nation has been able to overcome any and all troubles which plagued us. The Great Struggle against the Communist-Socialist Allaince, San Cark's first true test as a nation, saw some of the largest loss of Cark life in its' history, especially during the Jordal Offensive, where us, and the rest of TACNA, experienced a Pyrrhic victory at the cost of nearly 200,000 lives, however did that stop us? Did this horrid tragedy halt our progress in its' tracks, or did it make us stronger, did it fuel our determination to never suffer such an embarrassment ever again? Following the Jordal Offensive, did Cark simply give up, and surrender to the CSA? If he did, I know I would not take so much pride in saying that I am a citizen of the strongest nation on Earth, the greatest nation on Earth, the most glorious and harmonious nation on this green planet! We mourned those who sacrificed their lives for our continued survival, and respected the sacrifices they made, we used the time they bought us to train the greatest army ever raised at the time, to construct the mightiest fleet which had ever set sail on the seven seas! We did not give up, rather, we pressed on and marched upon Neo Jinjua as heroes! When our old ally, the MidWestern Capitalist Republic, turned against us, when we faced unbeatable odds at Southern Isle, did we stutter, did we retreat, did we surrender and did we cut our losses? Once more, we overcame those odds, and destroyed almost their entire fleet while only sustaining two lost destroyers on our side! When Remigiusz Istwary and his band of three-hundred thousand unholy soldiers marched upon our capital, nearly outnumbering even the civilian population there, did we submit, give in, did we allow him and his dealers of death to march through our gates and subjugate our nation? We fought back, bravely, honourably, and we sent his men back to whence they came, and gave that f ucker in Hesevoi what he deserved! When the Stasi outnumbered our Revolutionary Army 5:1, did we hold back, did we give in, and let our dreams be just that? I can assure you, if we did, I would not be standing here today, rather my rotting corpse would be at the bottom of a public restroom somewhere, and San Cark would never have truly risen. We fought on, and with the overwhelming support of the San Cark people, we ensured and preserved our revolution, we declared the Third Republic, and ever since, San Cark has never looked back. When the World Trade Centre was hit for the first time, on that fateful day, 1/10, by those horrid Ndolan terrorists, how did we respond? I'll tell you how we responded, we took their nation by storm, we marched our men through there and we restored stability to the Ndolan nation, and it seems we're going to have to do that again! Just yesterday, as many, if not all of you surely know by now, an attack was commenced on the very heart and soul of our nation. What they targeted, was not an aircraft carrier, the victim was not a military installation, no, what they struck was our Parliament, the shining house on the hill that San Cark is supposed to represent, what they struck was the World Trade Centre, already rebuilt from the first attack it was a sign of Cark-Utralian solidarity, of the economic might of the Third San Cark Republic, it was a tribute to the millions of men and women who work tirelessly to ensure the prosperity of the nation, and perhaps worst of all, they attacked a university campus in Lucia, killing over 4,000, including my own daughter. We have all lost something, lost some-one, but the time for grieving is over, now is the time for action. Those cocky Jinjuan bastards have poked the sleeping lion, and its' about time we give them retribution. If they want to see the world burn, we'll set theirs alight, Yule, Corbyn and Engel, these men don't even deserve to be called that, they don't even fit the description of animals, they're man-babies who've been enabled by the likes of Winters and Heinrich, those two bastards we'd put down already, and these f uckers don't deserve an ounce of mercy. In their blind fanatic rage, they've given away their locations, and our sources have confirmed this with the latest prison-break in Fason, where hundreds of RkM officers broke free, hundreds of RkM officers who shouldn't have been given the right to live in the first-place, not after what they've done, and though the UOWS made this mistake the first time, this time we're the ones in charge, and trust me when I say, we're going to be judge, jury and executioner." Kessler's speech was recieved with an overwhelming round of applause, and with his final words, Operation Mannerheim had officially begun.


Operation Secretary

The Plan is in effect

News of the deaths of the two imperators, the plan is set forward 1 month, to take advantage of the chaos in the Rythican government.However, the Texan parliament has also been destroyed in the 12/25 attacks, giving the military the opportunity to take control off the government. While some of lower command desires power over the Texan people, high command, high ranking generals, and most soldiers priorities are set on winning the war.

*preparing the attack*

In the morning of April 28th, Seven hundred thousand soldiers are sent to Galveston, told they would be invading the Moluccans and Eastern Saliplan.

The remaining armor in the Texan Army is gathered at trinity city and Corpus Christi. They are not told about the Operation. The MWCR stages an incident where a spy is sent into Rythica, to be captured and to say the operation is a naval invasion of eastern Saliplan.

Extra ammunition is mounted on the armor in trinity city,the purpose of this is known to high ranking officials and generals only.

Bombing raids and C-10 attacks double in eastern Saliplan, The Ardenher, and the Arlington plains, as well as to the west of the trinity salient.

The operation waits only three more months.

President Pro Tempore Cole got his day started, his duties mainly consisted of taking orders from President Cockwall while he still was recovering, and taking orders from the other secretaries. One of the assignments he got was regarding The Kasnovian Federal Republic, and the prioritization of rebuilding and investing into the country. The "Commonwealth-Kasnovian Relief Act" passed congress barely, only getting 51% of the vote in both houses, due to many believing that The Government should focus on internal issues first, before investing a bunch of money and resources in Kasnovia. The Secretary of State has said that it would be better in the long run to support Kasnovia in rebuilding and investing, rather then tackle short term issues. On Congress, the 8th Commonwealth Congress was sworn in, however it seemed uncanny, a picture was taken of the Old Capitol building which they took their oaths in, the old temporary capitol building in The DRMW, the building resided as a museum but due to the old capitol building being attacked, and the lockdown in Los Espeanza, congress had to move. The Old Capitol building was much smaller, with the chamber being a combined Senate and House chamber, with some representatives and senators needing to get folding chairs due to the lack of seats, the coat of arms in the chamber was a old NUS Congressional seal, which hasn't been replaced with a proper Commonwealth one, this shows the disorganization of the government. President Pro Tempore Cole has also decided to focus on President Macintosh's plan of moving the government from Los Espeanza to New Kings, which has gone good for the most part, Cole predicts that the New Capitol will be set up in either 2004 or 2005. Generally, a wave of patriotism has broken out since the attacks, however the sharp rise and boom of Racial-Attacks directed towards people of Jinju Descent, the Government has stayed quiet on the Racial Violence, with local communities fighting against the violence caused by the attacks. But Generally, it is socially acceptable to be racially insensitive to people of Jinju Descent.

RP Millennium Dawn Act and Jingotism Act
President Pro Tempore Cole has gotten word that President Cockwall is starting to recover, and is expected to take back office soon, but Cole has mainly been doing what his cabinet tells him too. The Secretary of Defense and The Attorney General have both proposed 2 radical bills, a military doctrine act and a internal affairs act.

First, The Millennium Dawn act, this would completely restructure the military, and modernize it for the Modern Era. The Commonwealth Armed Forces have always been behind compared to the likeness of Rythica, San Cark or The MWCR. The Commonwealth would invest heavily and spend lots of money to get New Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment, focusing mainly on the Air Force and Infantry Equipment, with The Navy getting focused on expansion, with The Government starting shipbuilding industries in The East Coast, as well as giving tax breaks to private corporations who set up in the East Coast. The Air Force, taking investments from San Cark for about a couple billion dollars for a Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle or "UCAV" program, with The Commonwealth also investing heavily in the UCAV program, The Commonwealth would intend for a Focus on remote tactics, using vehicles, drones, and quality-over-quantity infantry. The Commonwealth also is expanding into Robotics and other High Tech Machinery. Also for the Millennium Dawn act, The Commonwealth has started to expand in what it calls "Cyber Warfare" with a focus on network based attacks on enemy computer systems, the intention is to use it for Politically Motivated Propaganda Attacks, Denial-of-service attacks on other nationstates, and the shutting down of vital infrastructure in the event of war. However this is still VERY primitive and new, The Commonwealth is seeking to advance it heavily so it can be used for a even grater means.

Second, The Jingotism Act, mainly kept behind closed doors at the likes of the Department of Justice and The IAIA, The Jingotism Act would permit the government to survey on civilians easier, collecting data and building up records on each civilian. The Jingotism Act would also create the "Commonwealth Homeland Security Administration" which would monitor the program, the CHSA would be a new federal law enforcement agency, with the focus on counter-terrorism affairs. All this in the light of the 12/25 attacks, and the worry that The Internet which has been booming in popularity in The Commonwealth could be used for Terrorist and other criminal means, security at airports and shipping ports has dramatically been increased. Talks to leave Open-Border agreements has also been proposed in the light of national security, however it is still being debated on. Under the Jingotism act, a massive increased in penalties for terrorism crimes and an expanded list of activities which would qualify someone to be charged with terrorism. Local, Federal and even on the International level, law enforcement agencies would be a much easier time communicating with each other under the Jingotism Act

Generally, a massive shift has gone for The Commonwealth, as many say that "It is ready for tomorrow, and what it will behold."


Truxip for Long was a enemy of Kajim that increased after the Legionarys arrived and introduced a Dictatorship but after its Fall and a Republic was installed the new Leader from the CPT
Kira Hagne wants to improve Relations by opening ambassy in Kajim in hopes of Further good Relations

RP Cockwall's Return
News has broken out throughout The Commonwealth, President Cockwall has recovered enough to be able to preform his duties as president, meaning Lincoln Cole is no longer President Pro Tempore, on his way out, Cole mentioned how "If I was REALLY President certain things would of not been passed, but I'm President Pro Tempore, I serve until the Real one can, and I have to play by their rules." Cole has seen his approval rating go up from what it was due to his way of keeping the nation calm in crisis, and being there while everything was disorganized. But now Cockwall takes the torch, being Macintosh's Vice President he was next in line for succession but due to his injuries, he could not serve. But now that Cockwall is back, he says "How stuff will be done, and how those "bastards" will pay."

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