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Union of Allied States RMB

WA Delegate: The Peoples Republic of The Civitas Islands (elected )

Founder: The United Republics of Unified Waterford

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 42nd Most Nations: 195th Most Influential: 1,133rd+3
Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,633rd Most Inclusive: 2,196th Most Cultured: 2,396th
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Welcome to the Union of Allied States!
Founded 7 July 2017

All WA members must endorse Prime Minister The Civitas Islands!
We strongly encourage you to join the World Assembly! This is required for citizenship! Join here: page=un

Join our LinkRegional Discord Server for chatting and games! This is strongly encouraged for any nation looking to participate in government!

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• 👮 Regional Officers
• 📖 Constitution
• 📃Lawbook
• 👥List of Political Parties
• 🏛Senate
• ‎⚖️ Court

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• 📝List of NS BBCodes
• 📕NationStates Guide

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    UAS Leaders Past and Present

    FactbookPolitics by Cappedore . 179 reads.

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Tags: Anti-Fascist, Casual, Democratic, General Assembly, LGBT, Large, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Security Council, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Union of Allied States contains 86 nations, the 195th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Crime Rates in Union of Allied States

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

As a region, Union of Allied States is ranked 13,206th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Vaunted Vault of New Fort KnoxCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“If you've got gold, you're good!”
2.The Sixth house dreamer of Punk AnarchyCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Love and Peace”
3.The Holy Empire of ChromnoCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Do not be mean and loathe gluttony”
4.The United States of AmaritaCorporate Bordello Blood-Sucking Capitalist Leeches“In Liberty We Trust”
5.The Borderlands of AlaskaaqCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“The New Frontier”
6.The Principality of Great Piddly-WiddlyRight-wing Utopia Corrupt Thieving Uneducated Fascist Fundamentalists“Better than Lesser Piddly-Widdly”
7.The Republic of Western Sentinel StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Freedom”
8.The Protectorate of Wessex ProvencesCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Live, Die, Repeat”
9.The Empire of Oblivion GuardInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“What is it citizen?”
10.The United Federation of LeriaCorporate Bordello Blood-Sucking Capitalist Leeches“Free Market, Free People, Free World”
1234. . .89»

Last poll: “Choose the next Prime Minister!!!!”

Regional Happenings


Union of Allied States Regional Message Board

Leria wrote:Dont diss swallowtail with tongue flags, they may be naval jacks for the Nordics but they're cooler than just a rectangle.

lol these rectangular simps am i right

Cappedore wrote:Want me to show you a map I made?


Ngl I miss the olden days when my economy was shæt

Greater Fireland wrote:Ngl I miss the olden days when my economy was shæt

get a frightening economy loser :(

Cappedore wrote:get a frightening economy loser :(

nooo that's scary ;-;

I would like to announce that I am joining the Libertarian Reformist Party.

Shippalocia wrote:I would like to announce that I am joining the Libertarian Reformist Party.

Thank you for helping us take another step forwards in our struggle for freedom and justice!

Fellow Citizens,

First off I would like to thank everyone who believed in my vision for our great Union and honored me with your vote! It a testament to our Democracy that our executive is decided by free and fair elections. I could not have done it without each and every one of you, and I will not let you down. For all those who did not have faith me, who did not believe in me, who did not trust me, I hope that in the coming days I can gain your trust. My door is always open, and I am eager to hear your concerns, critiques, and vision for our Union.

I would like to congratulate Cappedore for a hard fought and well planned campaign, although it saddens me to see so many rally against the continued leadership of the nest. This election was one of the most ferocious in recent history, and I believe that it is revealing a clearer and clearer divide in our great Union. There are those of us that believe strongly in this Union and what it has always stood for, and then there are those of us who would see our culture and tradition forfeit for the possibility of anything new, whether it was in our best interests or not.

What this divide has taught me, is that to continue along the same path without due regard to this movement growing inside our Union is to sow the seeds of destruction. That is why I am marking the beginning of this term, August 15th, 2020 as a new era in the history of the Union of Allied States! No more shall we sit and watch quietly as our respected elders are berated and harassed. No longer shall we remain idle as discontent festers within the ranks of our most experienced and determined. No more shall we do nothing as the region barrels down the highway of apathy, where the most exciting events that transpire is the drama of children on the regional discord server. No more shall we allow our political affiliations and organizations define who we believe in or what we fight for! No more! We are a Union!

There will be many changes in this coming term. The role of Vice Chairman United Osean Federation shall be added to the constitution to clear up any confusion about his duties to our Union. I will also be creating the Ministry of Culture, responsible for integration of new members, special events, holidays, and the creation and protection of a cultural identity that we all can share and be proud of. I will be moving to amend the role of the Secret Service to not only protect us from foreign threats, but to begin a widespread domestic campaign with the purpose of weeding out domestic terrorists, enemies of the people, and otherwise protecting and defending the rights of all citizens of this great Union.

I will also be thrusting us onto the world stage. I will be directing the Senate to draft legislation regarding our involvement in the World Assembly, including a process of actually legislating world assembly legislation. This will open the eyes of the world to our great region and make us a voice in the hallowed halls of the worlds greatest and most powerful legislative body. I will be creating a regional Armed Forces for the purposes of liberating regions conquered by raiders and bringing them into our wings.

I will also be doing what I can to shed more light on the regional roleplay. Once a beacon of pride of our region it has gone dark. I will make every effort to relight the flame which is our great narrative.

I will also be focusing on recruitment of new members to the region. Shortly after taking office, I shall be sending 5,000 telegrams out to new and refounded regions in hopes of bringing more active citizens into our Union.

I shall now announce my cabinet:

For her service as Prime Minister in the last term, and her undiminished loyalty to the nest, and to our Union, I hereby appoint United Regions of Israel as Deputy Prime Minister.

For Minister of Regional Affairs, I appoint Lesonia Frea. Her wisdom in foreign relations shall serve invaluable to our great Union.

For Minister of Law and Order, I appoint Marx-land, for his steadfast dedication to Justice.

For the newly created position of Minister of Culture, I appoint Filipos, for his unwavering desire to serve our Union, and his steadfast belief in the culture of our people.

These next few weeks shall go down as the most important moments in the history of our great Union! I am proud to be your next Prime Minister, and I will never stop fighting for the people of this Union!

There will be pain, there will be hurt, there will be hard times ahead of us. None of this will be easy. I am asking for your loyalty to this Union and for your trust in me to lead the way through this newest era of our history.

The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

The Civitas Islands,
Prime Minister of the Union of Allied States

I, Hong Kong People,do solemnly swear that I will protect and defend the Constitution of the Union of Allied States; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

Executive Order #6

I hereby create the Ministry of Culture to be responsible for welcoming new members, hosting regional events, supervising regional holidays, and otherwise protecting the culture of this great Union.

I hereby assign communications and polls authority to the position Minister of Culture.

I hereby appoint Filipos to the position of Minister of Culture.

As per CUAS.IV.2.10, this position shall be void upon the conclusion of the term, unless it be continued by the Prime Minister of the following term.

Effective Immediately,

The Civitas Islands,
Prime Minister of the Union of Allied States

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