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That'll be great Savaer

Done. You should be aight, now.

Yup it works thanks a lot

I like Candy! bant buh-bant buh-bant bant.

Up to 100 raids! Woot!

Damn exams i wish i could join

#104 for most Compassionate =p Sex is highly frowned apon in An572. not one drop of skin should be shown

Yesterday i drank 5 kegs of vodka... well with a little help from my friend Yorge.... and Nicholae.... oh and i can't forget Babeshka, he so funny.... they told me i would get a huge hangover... whatever that is.... i couldn't feel better!

#105 and Its Compassionate AN572 not sexyness. if it was i would be #1.;)

Who's Nicholae and Babeshka?


8 for extreme... Ya i can see it

The RMB has now become more forum like....

This is good..

Still, alot of the fun stuff that goes on nationstates is the forums of the regions you are in.

#41?! Make the gas champers! get the rancor! Start firing randomly at anyone who utters the word Apricot!

Nicholae and Babeshka are fellow socialists from the motherland. We good friends. We have lots of parties with the vodka and the guns and Yorge's 6th wife! I bring 4th, Nicholae brings 2nd and Babeshka brings 8th. Yorge always says "snipers may wear diapers, but we get all the ladies"

But you're not Russian....


Hey Unknown... Haven't been here for a while. I felt like popping in for a bit


Thanks for welcoming in

#103 for Most Beautiful Environments =( I think my nation is beautiful

It is beautiful... Just not in their opinion... I think your nation is beautiful

Why thank you kind sir make sure to join rp! =)

Who said anything about being Russian.... those are also polish names.... and vodka is also created largely in poland.

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