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The Doctor Who Universe State Treaty

A treaty between The Doctor Who Universe and The Wolf Clan.
His Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Narcostate of Puetavisa


Know ye all men by these presents that this document establishes a TREATY of BROTHERHOOD between the regions of The Doctor Who Universe and The Wolf Clan Kingdom, as well as her territories.

This Treaty makes explicit the understanding between these two regions and signals to all other NationStates regions the solidarity, respect, and friendly relations that exist between them.

This Treaty implies, but does not require, military involvement or obligation in defending or collaborating on military ventures between the two named regions.

The parties to this Treaty pledge fraternity and respect to each other.

This Treaty makes explicit the understanding that neither signatory to this Treaty shall engage in any acts of belligerence or aggression toward the other, or toward any the other Provinces, Territories, Colonies, or Allies in the sphere of The Wolf Clan Kingdom.

This Treaty bestows The Doctor Who Universe with the status of statehood inside TWC, and grants The Doctors Who with the title of Lord.

Acts of Implementation

Upon ratification of this Treaty by the Government and Ruler of each region, each region must formally accept the treaty by sending an accredited (not having been found guilty of any crime in either region) Diplomat with his/her Diplomatic Nation to the other region.

Such Diplomatic Representative shall present Credentials by posting a statement on the Regional Message Board stating its diplomatic nature, the name of the region it represents, and the fact a Treaty of Brotherhood exists between these two great regions.

Both parties to this Treaty shall provide a Consulate or an Embassy for their counterpart on their Regional Forum. The Diplomatic Representative shall present his/her Credentials by posting in whichever Forum is dictated by that regionís government, culture or traditions.

The Doctor Who Universe shall maintain its' sovereignty as a region, but The Wolf Clan's Government reserves the right and ability to issue a "Royal Order," in which The Doctor Who Universe must follow.

The Diplomatic Nations sent to the regions of the signatories to this Treaty may remain in the region and post messages as it deems appropriate, and will be granted all privileges and rights of the Citizens of the regions of the signatories to this Treaty, except that such Diplomatic Nations may not seek to become the WA Delegate, vote in elections, or propose laws.

Once these steps have been taken and are completed, this Treaty will be in effect.

Further Benefits

The Doctor Who Universe shall maintain its' sovereignty, but gain a seat to represent itself in parliament.

The Wolf Kingdom has yet another state to add to their sphere, as well as more friends and allies if a time of need occurs, and vice-versa.

The WA Delegates of each respective region are encouraged to communicate with each other in an effort to work together on WA matters.

As friendly regions, the parties to this treaty should feel free to seek cooperation on other matters.


Alpha Wolf
Emperor of The Wolf Clan

The Doctors Who
King of The Doctors Who

The Emperor of Alpha Wolf