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Region: Forest

Ownzone wrote:Talking about ambassadorships. Does anyone have a clue what happened to The Region That Has No Big Banks? It was more or less a dormant region for the last couple of years and I had hoped on a surge due to the presidential candidate elections but that didn't really happen. In fact I was about to suggest it as and embassy to be closed as the number of active nations was getting lower and lower with the total number of nations somewhere around 30 around in April. Imagine my surprise when I logged in to find out if it still existed after Bernie dropped out of the race only to find that it now has over 400 nations in it !!!? From about 30 to over 400 must have a reason but a quick search on their now active RMB doesn't reveal anything. I might go ask it there but maybe someone on here can already fill me in as our region seems to well connected.

Well, whatever it was it happened rather quickly.

On April 12th there were 50 nations. By the 28th there were 280. By May 4th 394, and by the 10th 419.

Looks like it might've been part of the DrewDurnilpocalypse.