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Korean Central News Agency Report

Kim Dynasty dispatches "humanitarian" mission to SPRT

In response to American & Israeli involvement in Siam. The Kim Dynasty had decided to dispatch a humanitarian mission to the SPRT comprised of over 100 personnel. The personnel have not been identified nor has any information about the mission been released other than it is focused on providing aid that will benefit the SPRT. Emperor Kim Jong-Un stated,

"I would be remiss if we let the Yankees & Israeli's help the people of Siam while we let our faithful friends suffer! Just as China promotes pan-Asian friendship & unity. We must do so as well!"

NOTE: This information is considered Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.

Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un has approved for over 100 personnel to be dispatched to the SPRT. These personnel come from NK's top departments under the Reconnaissance General Bureau. Including specialists from Bureau 121 amongst others. They have been dispatched to the SPRT to provide technical training & advise the SPRT on forming their own cyberwarfare department to combat & harass Siamese technological capabilities. These specialists will also be providing training & advising SPRT units on conducting guerilla warfare within mountainous & jungle-like terrain to utilize the terrain of Thailand to the SPRT's advantage. These specialists are to remain completely confidential & should NOT be compromised in any way.

They have been given instructions to sacrifice themselves for the fatherland should they become compromised. However, this carries too many risks to be taken lightly. Do NOT let them be discovered under ANY circumstances.

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Imperial Commissars finalize investigation

Several days after the downing of the plane which carried Kim Yo-Jong's husband. Imperial Commissars dispatched by Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un himself have finally reached a conclusion on their investigation. They have provided firm evidence that the group behind the tragedy was none other than the KPP or Korean People's Party. A political adversary of the Kim Dynasty. However, the Commissars also confirmed that the Tongmenghui worked in conjunction with the KPP & provided them the necessary weaponry to carry out the act. Thus implicating themselves within the confines of the crime.

Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un is furious & has demanded that justice be carried out on the treacherous murderers who performed the action. He has also called for the KPP & Tongmenghui to be punished extensively to "pay the price".

He has contacted the Zhen ambassador to Korea (NK) & has reportedly been in talks with the Zhen Government to see how both Nations will move forward after gleaning such information.

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Kim Dynasty humbled by Zhen gift

Zhen Dynasty wrote:

The Enthronement Ceremony

On the 9th of May, leaders and envoys from the length and breadth across the world assembled amid the splendours of the Imperial Capital to pay homage to the enthronement of the new Empress.

The foreign leaders and envoys were provided with many earthly delights. Thousands of local officials, military officials, officers, and whatnot were treated to the finest foods and wines, pleasured by concubines, with the formal inauguration of the era name (賞文; Shangwen, literally meaning 'appreciation [of the] gentle, refined, elegant) accompanied by the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. Served on dishes of the finest porcelain, the meal was provided in six banquets over three days with over 300 dishes. Bear claw with sturgeons, bean curd simmered in chicken, duck and cuckoo flesh, monkey brain fungus, egg tarts, Wensi Tofu, Dezhou braised chicken, Peking duck, shark fin soup, edible bird's nest, and dried sea cucumbers were served to the guests.

A vast honour guard, with over 30,000 troops serried along the Great Zhen Square, all in dress uniform, brandishing the most impressive weapons the Zhen had to offer. The Empress stepped out, dressed in fine silk robes with jade and silver jewellery, and formally inaugurated the start of a new era.

Thousands of gifts were given to various leaders: a Hongqi L5 automobile to the President of The Congo Confederation, a Ding of solid gold to the SPRT's envoy (Seri Sayam), a WS-3 MLRS for the Arab-Jamahiriya, a jade statue of a Chollima for the Korean state, 100 fine horses to Greatest-Russia, and a set of exquisite porcelain tableware for South daehanmingug. Other visitors got similar gifts; an 18th-century peach-shaped pot for tea or wine was gifted to the new leaders of Maraxias to commemorate the loss of their dear Kaiser, a Dehua porcelain ink brush holder for leader Mussolini of Greater-italia, and much more.

With the new era name officially inked, the Zhen has entered the first year of the Shangwen Era.

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Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un & Princess Kim Yo-Jong were reportedly "extremely humbled" by the Jade Statue given as a gift by the Zhen Dynasty. They were very happy to receive it & even stayed after the ceremony to continue celebrating & conversing with the newly-crowned Zhen Empress. Afterwards, Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un held a small military ceremony in Pyongyang to commemorate the Empress coronation & provided a Shin guntō in return to the Empress. One specifically engraved with the Zhen dragon swallowing up the Sun. A nod to the victory of the Zhen over the Japanese in WW2 which facilitated the path for Korean independence.

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