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Why you should be in TNP

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: The North Pacific is the most powerful region in NationStates.
In addition to being the world's largest region, we excel in many other areas. You can read more below, but the bottom line is: by being here, you are in the center stage of power in NationStates. If you are already convinced, you can go ahead and take the stage by getting involved.

The North Pacific is the most powerful region in the World Assembly (WA)

  • Our delegate has by far the most endorsements in the game, and votes on resolutions as soon as they go to vote. Our early vote is one of the primary deciding factors for the fate of proposals at vote.

  • Our regional vote is determined through polls in our offsite forum, and all WA nations in The North Pacific are able to vote there.

  • We have one of the most active WA Ministries in the game. The WA Ministry provides our more than 1400 WA nations with analysis and voting recommendations on all resolutions.

The North Pacific has one of the strongest militaries in NationStates

  • Our regional military, the North Pacific Army (NPA), can field more than 30 units in operations of all kinds. This makes it the largest military among game-created regions, and one of the largest overall.

  • The NPA is deployed on a near-constant basis, with missions on several days every week. This makes it one of the most active militaries in the game.

  • The NPA has a strong network of allies and friends and frequently takes a lead position in joint operations with them.

The North Pacific has one of the most active communities in NationStates

  • Our offsite forum is consistently active, with currently the largest amount of daily posts among game-created regions, and one of the largest overall.

  • Our members include some of the best known players of NationStates. Delegates, regional leaders, military commanders, WA authors, game moderators, legislators, the elite of NationStates is with us.

  • Our members can take part in all kinds of activities: roleplay, trading cards, debate, discussion of real-life events, or even spam games.

The North Pacific is the preeminent democracy in NationStates

  • We have a robust and stable government system, with active political institutions. Our Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary are all among the most active and efficient in the game.

  • Democracy is the cornerstone of our system. All of our political institutions and offices subject to strong and effective democratic oversight.

  • Our members are guaranteed broad rights and liberties, and have full suffrage - the right to vote and stand for office.

The North Pacific provides some of the best opportunities for new nations to get involved

  • You can join our WA Ministry, vote in our offsite polls, and directly and strongly impact the outcome of all WA votes.

  • You can sign up for the NPA, receive training from our expert officers, and experience the exciting aspect of the game that is military gameplay.

  • You can participate in the government in many ways. You can immediately join the Legislature and Executive, vote for Delegate, Vice Delegate, Speaker, or Justice, or even run for these offices yourself.

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