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The North Pacific Handbook

The North Pacific Handbook

Motto: "Where the democracy is strong, the debate
robust, and the rum plentiful."


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Welcome to The North Pacific!

Welcome to The North Pacific (TNP)! You might be a new nation to the game or in TNP, and you don't really know what is going on or where to start. Or you may be an experienced member but have several questions regarding some of the activities going on. Whatever the case, we have put together this handbook that you can use to familiarize yourself with the game and TNP, and to make the most out of your time in NationStates (NS).

The handbook has a number of different sections. The index below will help you navigate them. If you have any questions not answered in this handbook, feel free to send a telegram to Delegate Prydania, Minister of Home Affairs Nimarya, or any of the Gameside Advocates and Mentors. They will be glad to help! Additionally, we are always looking to improve this handbook, so let us now if you think something should be added or changed.

Onboarding Checklist

This section covers the very first items you should check off as a newcomer to the game and TNP.

  • Why you should be in TNP: Selecting a region for your nation is one of the most important decisions you will make in the game. We hope you will make TNP your home, and this link explains why. If you have already decided to stay here, that's great!

  • Join the regional forum: The forum is where most government and roleplay activities take place. Registering an account is very easy. You should get yourself an account so that you can check out what's going on and join in on the fun.

  • Join our regional chat: Our Discord server is where our members hang out and chat about the game and real life subjects. You can join and introduce yourself to our community. Additionally, if you have any questions, asking on Discord is the fastest way to get help.

  • Apply for citizenship: Citizenship is your ticket to TNP. As a citizen, you can vote to elect our Delegate and other government officials, hold them accountable, and even run for these positions yourself. All you need to apply is a nation in TNP and an account on the forum.

Ways to Get Involved

Now that you have cleared the basics, you must be looking for things to do. Below are some of the opportunities TNP offers.

  • Get involved in the government: There are many ways to get involved in the government straight away after joining TNP. You can write the regional laws in the Regional Assembly. You can take part in the day-to-day running of the region in the Executive Staff. Or, you can protect TNP at home and abroad in the North Pacific Army.

  • Get involved in the World Assembly: Joining the World Assembly (WA) is one of the best ways to empower your nation, especially in TNP. Thanks to our WA Development Program, as a WA member you can determine international laws, have one of the highest endorsement counts in the entire game, and even win awards!

  • Get involved in RolePlay: We have not one, but two vibrant RolePlay (RP) universes, Eras and Strangereal. Each comes with its own map, chronology, and physics laws. If you commit to being active in RP, you can claim a spot in either universe's map, and join others in weaving stories about your nation and its role in the world.

  • Get involved in trading cards: Our regional cards guild provides many resources you can take advantage of to increase the value of your deck, including several offerings of free cards. As a member of the guild, you can also participate in many other cards-related activities, including themed collections, pull events, and regular publications.

Regional Publications

Through our regional nation, The Northern Light, we post a number of regular regional publications. You can follow them to stay up to speed with what's going on in TNP.

  • The Northern Lights: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, this is our regional newspaper. It includes both general news and op-ed articles about various aspects of TNP and NS.

  • The North Star: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, The North Star informs TNPers of current internal matters and government activities.

  • The Roleplay Reel: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, The Roleplay Reel showcases roleplay works by members of TNP's two RP communities.

  • Press Releases: Produced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, press releases focus on news about the Executive Government, elections, and other regional issues of general interest.

  • Regional Assembly Digest: Produced by the Speaker's Office, the digest focuses on news about the legislative and other business of the Regional Assembly.

  • Information for WA Voters: Produced by the Ministry of WA Affairs, IFVs provide vote recommendations and analysis about all resolutions that reach the floor of the General Assembly or Security Council.

  • Weekly Anthologies: Produced by the Gameside Advocates, this series highlights dispatches produced by TNP nations.

  • Northern Broadcasting Service: Produced by the Ministry of Radio, this is our very own regional radio station in which our broadcasters provide their insight into current events in TNP and Nationstates.

  • WADP Awards: Produced as part of the WADP, this monthly publication presents regional awards to nations that actively participate in the World Assembly.

  • Literary Awards: Produced by the Gameside Advocates, this monthly publication presents regional awards to nations that actively post on the regional RMB or publish dispatches.

  • The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update: Produced by the Vice Delegate, this weekly publication provides updates on the activities of the Security Council.

Other Useful Links

Below are miscellaneous resources useful for all nations.

  • Government index: Get to know your government by using this list of all government officials in TNP. If you have questions or suggestions about any aspect of the regional governance, feel free to send a telegram to the corresponding government official.

  • Law index: This is a compilation of all legal documents currently in force in TNP. This includes our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which form the basis of our government.

  • RMB Guidelines: Posting on the regional message board (RMB) is a great way to socialize and get to know other TNP nations. Just make sure to follow these guidelines.

  • World Assembly voting policy: Look here to learn how TNP's Delegate casts the regional vote on World Assembly resolutions, and how you can help determine that vote.

  • Embassy policy: If you are here as a diplomat from another region, please take a look at our policy for in-game and forum embassies.

  • Recruitment policy: If you are here to recruit for another region, please take a look at our policy on permissible and prohibited types of recruitment.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.