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The North Pacific Cards Guild

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join LinkThe North Pacific Cards Guild and build the deck of your dreams!

What are trading cards?

Trading cards are NationStates' own trading card game. You can generate, trade, and collect cards representing other nations, with each card having its own rarity and value. There is a whole dedicated market where you can buy or sell cards, and compete to rise through the rankings for most valuable decks, as well as increase the value of your nation's own card. Or, you can simply create your own themed collections, e.g., your friends, enemies, regionmates, best flags, and anything else you can think of!

How do I get involved?

Great to hear you are interested! Participating in the trading cards game can be one of the most entertaining aspects of the game. To get yourself started, you can use the following guide:

~ Become a cards expert using The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards.

You should also consider joining LinkThe North Pacific Cards Guild, to make the most out of trading cards.

What is the Cards Guild?

LinkThe North Pacific Cards Guild is a government-run society that helps promote trading cards within the region, and provides various resources to help its members expand their collections. Examples include:

~ Free cards through the Great Card Giveaway.
~ Statistics about market activity through the Card Market Watch.
~ Tools for finding cards through the Card Queries.
~ Prizes for themed collections through the Monthly Card Collection Competition.
~ Awards for the best regional collections through the Collection Spotlights.
~ Opportunities to spawn rare cards through the Card Pull Events.
~ Epic cards to jumpstart new collections through the Epic Startup Program.
~ Rewards for participating in the regional government through the Executive Card Rewards.
~ A chance to win some of the most valuable cards in the game through the WADP Card Lottery.
~ A dedicated publication to help you keep up with cards news through The Monthly Snapshot.

Additionally, the Guild's experienced members can help newer members familiarize themselves with trading techniques and other card-related strategies, once they have mastered the basics.

Finally, the Guild runs a whole lot of other card-related activities, including dedicated regular publications, featured collections, pull events, and so on.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is very simple!

~ First, you need to become a citizen.
~ Once you are a citizen, you can Linkapply to join the Guild.

What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Minister of Cards and Guildmaster Destructive Government Endorsing System. They would be happy to help!

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