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Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Zero Zero Zero Zero contains 4 nations.

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The Most Developed in Zero Zero Zero Zero

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, Zero Zero Zero Zero is ranked 20,293rd in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Imperial Defender 02Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Knowledge, Honor, Courage”
2.The Holy Empire of Rambler32Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“While the worst Are full of passionate intensity”
3.The Obvious Tinhamptonian Puppet of The Socialist NorthIron Fist Socialists Equality and Tolerance Society“Para Bellum”
4.The Republic of LarchherbPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Strength Through Freedom”

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check out what's happening in Lorania

The Loranian Times
Written by your very own Seven Seas

Skundi Gives API a Go
Skundi, seeing Lorania in a state of near rapid decline following the CTE's of the Drewpocalypse, has gone into API recruitment. A software that uses code and other new age mumbo jumbo to send many recruitment telegrams at once. Zweites Preussen was doing so before, however they had to focus on their main nation. API will hopefully allow
Lorania to grow with exceeding rapidity once again.

Skundi Takes Devionsa Under Their Banana Duck Wing
One day on the active RMB Devionsa arrived and was given a sort of apprenticeship under the Foreign Secretary Skundi. This has never been done before in Lorania, nor do we know if it is legal. But we all let it slide because it's a good thing for both of them and the region, not to mention that Skundi is almost an acting PM. Acting PM? Mmmm, South Ccanda remains quiet, and has been much since their election. Hopefully this will turn out for the best as Skundi teaches their student in the ways of Foreign Secretaryship.

The HoC Chugs Away
Sail Nation and I, Seven Seas, have been prolific with our bill writing. Sail Nation writing the by-election bill, and them and I working on the procedures of court. Gwentrev has met some proposed bills with a rather critical air, but one does need someone like them in an HoC. North Cromch continues to give their vote, and has yet to write a bill, while Byuristan seems to have gone silent, missing many of the past votes. Their position will be put up to vote again if they don't show up soon, thanks to the by-election bill.

Lorania Embraces Woodpeckers

Yes, you read right. Woodpeckers are the new la mode in Lorania. The origins are unclear but it most likely started in the RMB (as most of our weirder happening do). Now Zweites Preussen is considering going full woodpecker, changing their flag and most all other changeable feature to a woodpecker theme. It is hard to deny this fad, as the woodpecker brings a certain cute and cuddly air as well as ingenious engineering and a hard head. What will you do to bring out your inner woodpecker?

On Behalf of Lorania, Skundi Declares a Grudge
What starts with a Turkey and ends with a Union? The Turkic Union. They proposed embassies with our great region, but since they didn't meet regulations
They were denied. According to Skundi, Qazaq Eli banned them from the region. An act of (I quote) "sheer pettiness" and has thus derived a grudge between our region and theirs. A grudge is defined by Skundi as enacting the following: Issues an ill will to take part in positive relations and talks with Turkic Union, otherwise known as a grudge.
The full grudge declaration can be found here:
Was this the writing thing for our Foreign Secretary to do in the dace of Qazaq Eli's childishness? Well since I am a totally unbiased newspaper I won't tell you that it definitely was.

And now for the weekly dose of comedy!

Why do French tanks have rearview mirrors? To see the battle!

And that's it for now, good citizens of Lorania. Please send me your happenings so I can put them in the news. Really anything will do, I need material. I will be hosting a flag competition soon so get working on any cool design. See ya later!

- Your new budding journalist
Seven Seas

Issue #1

Read dispatch

Hey, Zero Zero Zero Zero! I'm from the region, Chartless! Wanted to check your awesome region out!

Wow, Zero’s not looking too good lately.

Old friends, we age together.

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