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New West Indies RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Egalitarian Democracy of Karteria (elected )

Founder: The United Insular States of Achipel

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most World Assembly Endorsements: 44th Most Nations: 125th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,667th+5
Nicest Citizens: 1,721st Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,798th Most Inclusive: 1,884th Largest Black Market: 1,939th Most Cultured: 2,469th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the New West Indies!

Have a seat, grab a drink, listen to the waves, and enjoy your stay!

Link💬 Discord || 🌐 || 🏛 General Assembly || ⚖️ High Court || 📇 Jobs
📚 Roleplay Committee || 🗺 Map || 🎵 Regional Anthem || Link🗃 Wiki

📋 Bulletin

New players start here!

Another region looking to establish relations? See our embassy policy.

Everyone who joins the World Assembly can become a member of the Indies Endorsement Program.

Quote of the Week

Twelve Titans wrote:If Ach made a new rule called "no memes", what is the recourse? There is none. Frellor would get banned in 30 seconds

Embassies: NWI General Assembly, High Court of the New West Indies, Old West Indies, Meihua, 10000 Islands, Ascenthia, The Allied Republic, 21st Century Rome, Evergreen Conifer, CISB, The Interdimensional Community, Greater Middle East, Portugal, Latinoamerica Libre, India, Federation of Allies, and 15 others.Roman Byzantine Union, Red Wolf Alliance, The Democratic Union, The Independent Newspaper, Cheddar, NationStates Today, Refugia, Southfield, Krasnaya, Uist, Forest, The Potato Alliance, Lorania, Fylkirvegr, and Official European Union.

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Regional Power: High

New West Indies contains 140 nations, the 125th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Governments in New West Indies

World Census agents lined up at public agencies around the world in order to study the extent of government in nations, taking into consideration economic output, social and cultural significance, and raw size.

As a region, New West Indies is ranked 4,620th in the world for Largest Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Galactic New Order of Nationalist German EmpireIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Peace, Order, and Justice”
2.The Socialdemocracy of Osma del surLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“Unity, justice and freedom”
3.The Monarchy of ArstotzzkkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Freedom is the sovereign right of every Arstotzkan!”
4.The Whispering Trees of Forest BreezeCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”
5.The Galactic Republic of Ventus PrimeInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Our determination is stronger than any fleet.”
6.The Dual Monarchy of ScherzingerCompulsory Consumerist State Consumerist Wage Drones“The Death Of democracy Will Start An Era Of Progress”
7.The Destructive Hosts of IdiocarasiaFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“The fires of destruction, shall forge greater creations”
8.The United Socialist Kingdom of Honk DonkLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Jek Wan-bä!”
9.The Federal Elective Monarchy of North Italian UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Fortitudo Eius Rempublicam Tenet”
10.The Precursor State of Almere RegionAuthoritarian Democracy Mouth-Breathing Creationists“Peace Through power”
1234. . .1314»

Last poll: “General Assembly Presidential Election [SEP 2020]”

Regional Happenings


New West Indies Regional Message Board

Ventus Prime wrote:SPACE WARS

Episode II

The German Empire Strikes Back

SZEL, the capital of the REPUBLIC, has been reduced to ash. After a decisive victory, SUPREME CHANCELLOR LYSITHEA SNOW leads the remnants of the Republic fleet to the planet of KATINA, in preparation of an Imperial counterattack.

Meanwhile, Snow’s second-in-command, RAPHTALIA, has her own mission, looking for possible allies and ships to aid the Republic.

As the Republic fights on, those in the KAPTEYN SYSTEM have already begun to rise up against the evil Empire, ultimately bringing the Empire’s worst to their doorstep...

star wars is quite bad these days ngl

**silently stares at the 5 ISSUES, waiting for them to solve themselves**

Just a quick announcement...

The birthday of one of our embassy regions, 21st Century Rome, is coming up, and with that, their annual birthday competition.

To join, please telegram this application to me (21st Century Rome). Applications must be submitted by October 3rd at 6:59 PM PT. I'll use these to try to put you on a team as best I can by midnight PT on October 3rd (if not before then).

Application to join:
  • Nation name:

  • Region:

  • Nations in your region you do not want on your team: (optional)

  • Nations in your region that you request to be on your team: (optional)

  • Would you prefer your team to communicate through telegrams, discord, or no preference?

  • On a scale from 0-10, how much do you want to try to draw a ridiculous scenario in MS Paint/an equivalent for the competition?
    (0=you don't have MS paint/otherwise can't or won't, 5=you don't really care if you draw or not, 10=you'd be devastated if you can't draw)

    Please agree to the following statement by entering "agree".

  • I will not ask friends or family, or post any questions on the internet, and recognize that is considered cheating:
    Note that you can look stuff up on the internet, you just may not post the questions (but for most days, it won't help you)

Greetings, all!
It's almost that time of year again, when we invite all our embassy allies to participate in our birthday games. Participants will compete in teams of 3, and regions may have as many teams as they can find people to fill. The plan is to have October 4th-5th be used for meeting your teams and a drawing day, and hold the birthday games for starting on the regional birthday (the 6th), lasting a week. Activities for this year:

  • Pictionary-like competition

  • Guess the Movie

  • Guess the Language

  • Pun Guessing

  • Maths

  • Deciphering Ciphers

  • Find the Pumpkin

Each day will have up to 100 points available per team.


  • There is no limit to the number of teams that can join per region

  • Each event will last for 36 hours to give you time to coordinate with teammates on the other side of the world, so you can join without worrying about what time zone you're in

  • Please only register one nation.

  • Teams will be 3 people.

  • You can look stuff up all you want (just don't post the questions online)

  • If you try, you'll be able to help. It doesn't matter if you don't think you're good at any of these.


The following programs are approved for the pictionary day: (recommended - collaborative in browser so entire team can work together)
LinkMS Paint (Windows)
LinkPaintZ (in browser)
Linkjspaint (in browser, very similar to old MS Paint)
Please ask about other programs before using them

Read dispatch

They've invited the NWI to participate, in fact!
The event will consist of 7 different activities starting on October 6th, including stuff like guessing puns, deciphering and something similar to Pictionary.
People are divided up into three-man teams, so I recommend that you find some regionmates to work together with.

I encourage you to apply to join. The more the merrier, after all.
If you wish to apply, make sure to do it before 7 PM PT, October 3rd.

All roads might not lead to Rome, but this announcement sure does.


The planet was surrounded by Republic ships, all in formation for a possible counterattack. Meanwhile, Lysithea was meeting with High Command.

“Regardless of how many ships the Empire sends, they will have a tougher breaking through the planetary defenses,” Lysithea said, displaying an image of the planet. “We have two ion cannons on the planet and while we’d have to drop the shield at a precise point, if we time it right we can send a few volleys at a time at the enemy ships.”

“There’s a good chance the forces they send will greatly outmatch ours,” General Pellaeon said. “You really want us to hold out?”

“We don’t have a choice,” Lysithea said. “But I know help will come.” “Please don’t let me down Raph...”

CIC Station

Meanwhile, Raphtalia found herself in the middle of a hornet’s best, one she would have to tread through carefully. “Actually Mr. Wambor, we have other things we need to discuss,” she said, nodding to Keel. Keel nodded back, pulling out her holopad and pressing a button. The elevator behind them suddenly shut down. Then, faster than the normal eye could see, two others of her Guard suddenly pulled out blasters, shooting both droids that had been accompanying Wambor.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Wambor’s species weren’t capable of facial expressions, but the fear in his voice was evident.

“We don’t have much time to talk,” Raphtalia said. “And I wouldn’t go for your desk either.”

Wambor apparently thought she was bluffing and the second he moved, he suddenly felt a blade to his throat. “One more inch and I promise this will start cutting through,” Rifana said darkly.

Now Wambor realized who they were. “Damn Kapteynians...what do you want?”

“What we want is simple,” Raphtalia said, lowering her hood. “You’re in possession of a rather large fleet, larger than expected and one that would certainly alarm Republic officials.”

“From what I hear, the Republic isn’t in a position to police anyone,” Wambor shot back. “And besides, why should I help you, after everything that’s happened?”

“I think you should be more grateful,” Raphtalia said sharply. “As I said, I was aware of your position but considering you were keeping out of trouble, I decided to look the other way. But I have one question though...these droids...they weren’t originally designed by the CIC, were they?”

“The ships were designed by a number of different manufacturers,” Wambor said. “But the droids themselves...were given by a third party.”

“Who?” Rifana asked.

“I don’t know, only the former leaders would know and if they haven’t told you before, I doubt theywould tell you now. So what, you expect me to just hand over everything?”

“At some point, the Empire will figure out your location,” Raphtalia said. “Even if you get away, you can’t outrun them forever.”

“And allying with them would grant you nothing, because to them, anyone is disposable,” Rifana added.

Wambor was silent for a moment. “Very well,” he finally said. Raphtalia nodded to Rifana and she let go of him. He went to his desk and took out a small holopad. “This will give you direct control. The frequency can’t be overridden so whatever you say, they’ll follow. The tactical droids will do the rest. One more thing...there’s a droid factory on Brigid that was supposedly destroyed but the foundation is still intact and it’s still giving off a signal. Unfortunately, it can’t be reactivated remotely, you’ll have to go planetside.”

“Thank you for the information,” Raphtalia said. “What will you do now?”

“For years I’ve thought long and hard about what happened with your people,” Wambor said. “I never was a fan of slavery, but I also didn’t have the backbone to just leave it all behind. I hope this will repay for what I did, or rather didn’t do.”

Unknown Space

In an area of space far away from any Republic or Imperial systems, a small exploration fleet was exploring uninhabited planets in the sector. They were part of the Leitandi Ascendancy, an advanced civilization that consisted of two adjacent systems, with nine inhabitable planets total. Despite their advanced warships, they were peacekeepers, only desiring to explore new worlds. Well, except one in particular.

On the bridge of the flagship, the Armoranth, Captain Jerrin was noticing her Commander appeared to be a little antsy. Not that she could blame the eighteen year old girl. “Impa, you seem a little on edge...or am I reading it wrong?”

Impa sighed. “No ma’am, it’s just...I understand we’re an explorational force but we’ve found hardly any planets to actually explore.”

“Ah, so you’re bored,” Jerrin said simply.

“N-No...well maybe a little...” Impa said, looking away. “I’m just saying, if we could find just one single-”

“Captain, scanners are picking up what appears to be an H-type planet about ten thousand kilometers off our port,” one of the crew members said.

“Well Commander, it seems our luck has finally changed,” Jirren said with a smirk. “Put the image on screen and magnify.”

The planet in question was a mixture of blue and green. It looked to be about sixty percent water, fourth percent land. “Seems hospitable,” Jirren said. “Well, Commander? Do you feel like tackling this one?”

Impa has to control the impulse of literally jumping for joy. “Y-Yes Captain. Consider it done!”

“Very well, go suit up and we’ll inform you when we’re close.”

Impa saluted and went off the bridge, a noticeable spring in her step. Jirren sighed slightly. She admired the girl’s enthusiasm but sometimes that enthusiasm led to carelessness. Of course, Impa could handle herself in a fight but considering she was the Leitandi leader’s daughter, that put a lot of pressure on the captain’s shoulders. Even so, she wasn’t too worried about her.

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Edition 3
Issue IV
Notice: The logo and content used in the issue are the property of The Independent Newspaper©. Any unauthorized capture or copying of the content is restricted.

Opinion Article
Should elections be the norm?
By La xinga, writer of NationStates News

Kuriko is not even done his/her first year as Secretary-General, yet it feels like the next election is arriving shortly. Although, well, it's not. Now, Kuriko and Running Mate The Salaxalans promised to fight fascists, and with Kuriko returning to a Defender after HumanSanity became delegate of XKI, it seems ever more likely. Kuriko has promised much more stuff, and a lot of them have already become true with only 1/8 of Kuriko's term passing.

Now onto the juicy stuff. In 2016, Caelapes won the election, and in 2020 Kuriko won. The next election will most likely be in 2024. But do we really need to wait till 2024? Should we, instead, add a "congress/parliament" with a representative from each region, with midterm elections? Or maybe political parties, or just the ability to impeach Kuriko for existing?

The pros for this is simple: Fun. Nations that are not new to the game will probably have a lot of fun with the whole political stuff. Nations new to the game may also be more interested in the game and want to stick around. The people having fun the most will be the politicians and the ROs, the main dudes at the head of these stuff. It will also attack the thought that NS really doesn't have much stuff to do. You will ALWAYS have something to do.

The cons, well, are a bit more complex. First of all, it will make the admins do quite a lot of work. Don't forget the Admins are people, not bots.................we think.

Second, although it may make new nations more interested in the game and want to stick around, it may also make new nations extremely confused, and just decide not to log back in. Three, this can allow regions to continue making themselves the point of the game, and four, NationStates is not an electoral game, it's a game to create a nation.

What do you think? Should we do this? That's up for you to decide for yourself.

Raxulan Empire Closed Embassies with Farkasfalka

After some forum conversation, the Administration of Raxulan Empire had decided to close embassies with Farkasfalka. We contacted their Soveriegn to know more about the issue. "We orginally opened embassies with them due to their right wing association (Conservative/Libertarian) and out of hopes that they would be useful to us in our fight against Communism, however the alliance we had (if you can call it that) did not produce very profitable results and seemed to carry more baggage then what it was worth, hence we are closing our embassies with them", said Rost Dreadnorramus.

Layem Imposes Travel Ban on Citizens Alliance of Democracy

Recently the region of Confederacy of Layem had imposed a travel ban on Citizens Alliance of Democracy. We talked with Democracy Alliance Founder to know more about the the issue. "I was attempting to reform things in Layem with new laws, and was planning to do it after the election. Someone said I was wanting to do this, and I got banned from the region. I got vocal about this real fast, exposing Layem's lies and authoritarianism. Because I was tarnishing their reputation, they banned travel to my new region. As a side effect, Layem was removed from the United Regions Alliance and the founder was put onto a watchlist. These were not my actions, however, my vocalism may have raised awareness to these topics. I have attempted to violently seize power in Layem in early June. They use it against me, although I am ashamed of it and want to leave it in the past. Just telling you this because they may target you. You now have heard both sides of the story. Be careful when talking to the founder; he can turn into a raving jerk sometimes."

Currently, no communication was made possible with the other end.

MoFA Elections in Confederacy of Layem

The region of Layem is soon going to hold its Ministry of Foreign Affairs elections. We talked with Randolphina, one of the candidates, about their election manifesto. "Currently Layem faces really "nothing" in the foreign affairs sphere. We only are close to 1-2 regions and are currently looking to expand and become closer with more regions. I've promised a 'one month plan' in my dispatch if you are interested to take a look. I plan on making Layem more 'inter-regional' friendly", said Randolphina.

Augustin Alliance Emerged as N-Day Champion

Augustin Alliance has emerged as the N-Day champion, pushing all other factions below it. Last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, was the most targetted faction this year, finishing in last place with a world record-breaking amount of radiation (821,369). Ba Sing Se completed at the third place with 0 radiation. An Alliance of Potatoes deserves appreciation, for not only having the most number of nations, but also for fighting back to second place. The Potatoes managed to upgrade their score from -65k to 284k, within a few hours.

Overall, throughout the N-Day, nuclear war was intense among the first few regions, with Horsemen of Apocalypse dominating the scoreboard in the initial hours. More information can be found here.

Political Scale of NationStates

In a recent poll, we asked people what do they think of the general political-leaning of NationStates. Most of the people, believe that a specific portion of nationstates is left-leaning, while a fair amount of people voted to express their opinion, that most of the nationstates is left-leaning.

If you want to put any advertisement/news from your region,please contact our editor,The Newspaper Boy
Read dispatch

Funky Goats wrote:
I encourage you to apply to join. The more the merrier, after all.
If you wish to apply, make sure to do it before 7 PM PT, October 3rd.

For anyone interested, here's a link find out the time of the deadline in your area.

Volirum wrote:For anyone interested, here's a link find out the time of the deadline in your area.

Thank you Mr. President! :)

By the way (and sorry for the double post), I wish to extend a hearty welcome to Borgenatia and Native eagle who just joined us! Remember that you can find information about the NWI in here:

Welcome to the New West Indies!

What is this place?

Our community is a dedicated group of roleplayers, government workers, lawmakers, comedy junkies, flag-makers, designers, and many more!

Founded on March 7th, 2018 by Achipel, the New West Indies (NWI) initially created a modern roleplay canon that has continued ever since. Nations began solely in the Caribbean area of the map, but as the community grew (and grow quickly it did), the roleplay became more complex with it, becoming more Post-Modern and spawning a variety of new adventures.

Vexillology (flag-making) is at the heart of the region. Experienced creators like Cymiopolis, New United Carolinas, and Portinabia (among others) frequently show off their skills.

Government and lawmaking have recently begun to take hold, as many experienced members debate potential reforms and changes to regional institutions and affairs.

Members often discuss politics, memes, games, and other topics on our Regional Message Board (RMB) and especially Discord. Anyone who follows the rules and wants to have a good time in their area of interest is welcome here!

What should I do first?

Apply for Citizenship!

You should start your New West Indies experience by completing the Citizenship Application, which will allow you to experience roleplay, lawmaking, and other engaging activities! Once you fill it out completely, relevant authorities will inform you if it is approved.

Make sure to answer every question! To decide what RP claim you want (if desired), go to the Regional Map – make certain that what you want isn't already taken (is any color besides grey). If you are having trouble with the app, contact a regional officer.

Explore our Community!

Our Linkdiscord server is the best place to start – you can begin mingling with the citizenry and ask questions if you're confused. You can also introduce yourself on the RMB as well.

Our Constitution outlines our laws and values – every citizen should read it and be familiar with the rules of the Indies road.

Speaking of the RMB, getting your feet wet in roleplay is quite important if you want to participate. Whether you're a newer player or experienced roleplayer, it's beneficial to get your first post out there and introduce yourself in- and out-of-character.

Finally, you should consider accessing the following resources for knowledge and further assistance:

Regional Master Dispatch

| Where you can find links to every regional resource, including many described in this document

Glossary of Terms

| Are you confused by NationStates lingo or our region's terminology? This ought to help

How do I get involved?


Roleplay (RP) is the main attraction for new and old members alike. Start by creating your nation's basic lore; where is it on the map? What are its socioeconomic challenges? What are its politics like? These questions and others will guide you through creating an overview dispatch (such as this one) if you are so inclined. Otherwise, begin diplomatically engaging and describing the issues your nation faces on the RMB, so everyone can start getting familiar.

Once you are settled into the canon, branch out! Create some personable characters, discuss IC legislation in the Union of Nations, make an alliance, or create your own business! If you are so inclined, and become familiar with our guidelines, you could even make your own roleplay for the region! The possibilities are truly at your leisure (barring something extraneous).

See below for further assistance.

Guide to NWI Roleplay

| To start getting acquainted with how RP functions in our region, see here

Current RP Canon

| Introduction to the story so far

Roleplay Information

| Where all regional roleplay resources are housed in one place

Participate in the General Assembly!

Once you become a citizen, you are automatically a member of the NWI General Assembly (GA), our regional lawmaking body. As such, you have the opportunity to not only vote on and discuss legislation, but you can also propose your own! We have many experienced members that can assist in the process, especially for newer members. The best way to begin learning about the GA and discuss law is to join our Linkdiscord and go to the GA channel.


| Supreme NWI Law

Passed Resolutions

| A repository of all passed GA legislation

Resolution Templates

| How to design and code resolutions

Contribute to the Regional Government!

Our Executive Branch is made of the Secretary-General, the head of government, who every six months (once elected) appoints a cabinet of four Secretaries that make up the "Secretariat." These nations execute GA law, protect the region, and moderate certain regional affairs.

Once you become more familiar with our region, any citizen can run for office, whether that be the Secretary-General or General Assembly President! Additionally, you can be appointed to a Secretarial position or a lower role within one of the Executive departments.

Even if you do not want to work in government, it is your prerogative as a citizen to vote in elections, which increases representation and makes government work better for the people as a result.

Join the World Assembly!

Joining the world assembly not only provides many benefits to you, but also helps the region in numerous ways.

Once you've joined the world assembly, you should endorse the current delegate (Karteria), which allows the delegate to have more sway in World Assembly voting and further secures the region. You can also discuss current WA topics and legislation with other members of the NWI in our WA channel on Linkdiscord.

See "2.4 What is the World Assembly?" near the bottom of this document for instructions on how to attain WA membership.

What are issues?

Issues are the key to any initial NationStates experience. To access them, click the button in the top left corner of your page that says "issues." From there, you can answer the critical questions for your nation however you please.

Depending on how you answer issues, they will affect your nation's "stats" and potentially enact "policies." See the toolbar on your nation's page (underneath your motto) for more information about each effect.

Issues have no major bearing on regional roleplay, but they can give you ideas for how to formulate your nation in-character. Just answered an issue enacting euthanasia, or banning nuclear power? Why not do it in RP too!

If you don't want to answer issues, or you want to answer them more/less frequently, you can adjust the duration between each one in your nation's settings.

What is a dispatch?

Dispatches are canvases for nations to express anything they wish in a public setting. You can write, roleplay, campaign, design art, or anything in between – all through a simple dispatch.

Guide to creating a dispatch

Go to this link


1. Go to your nation's page by clicking on your nation's name in the top-left corner

2. Click on the paper-like "dispatches" icon (third from the left) on the toolbar in the middle of the page – this is where you can view all your dispatches and create new ones1

3. To create a new dispatch, click "+ Write Dispatch" in the top-right corner2

4. Select the "category" for your dispatch (each one is described in the preceding paragraph above the text window)

5. Select sub-category

6. Choose a title

7. Begin writing!

1If you don't have any dispatches, the icon won't appear, and you will have to click on the "factbook" icon second from the right
2If note 1 applies, click on the factbook icon and click "+ Add New Factbook"

What are telegrams?

Telegrams are the method by which nations directly message one another privately. Mass telegrams, sent to every nation in the NWI, are frequently used by regional officials to keep everyone updated.

Guide to blocking recruitment telegrams

1. Click "telegrams" in the top-left corner of any page

2. Click "preferences" in the top-left corner of the telegrams page

3. Scroll down to the table that shows multiple telegram types

4. In the first row labeled "recruitment," select "Block All"

5. Done!

What is the World Assembly?

The World Assembly (WA) is an international organization with thousands of member-nations, which focuses on legislating the NationStates metaverse.
See the WA FAQs to get a succinct overview of the WA.

Remember – you can only have one WA nation at any one time.

Guide to joining the World Assembly:

1. Scroll to the top of any page and click "World Assembly" on the left

2. At the top of that page, select "Apply to Join"

3. After a few minutes, go to your email and select the WA email1

4. Follow anymore specified instructions, and reap your WA membership reward!

1If you have not attached an email to that nation already, you will need to add one in the settings

Upkeep provided by the Secretary-General
Created: July 16, 2019
Last Updated: December 28, 2019

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Read dispatch

But also, and especially, that you are welcome to ask any question you may have and introduce yourselves here! We look forwards to having you as part of the region!

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