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Greece was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 29

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Secret Society of Defender of Democracy (elected )

Founder: The Protecting Breeze of Grecian Winds

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Most Nations: 632nd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 992nd Most Devout: 1,768th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Greece, Birthplace of Western Civilization and Democracy. Greece was the first area in Europe where advanced early civilizations emerged, beginning with the Cycladic civilization on the Aegean Islands, the Minoan civilization in Crete and then the Mycenean civilization on the mainland. Enjoy our lovely islands, history and culture, join in on some fine dancing and sip some Ouzo! Opa!

|Aegean Islands Central Greece Crete Epirus Ionian Islands Macedonia Peloponesse Thessaly Thrace|

LinkNational Anthem of Greece
LinkΜακεδονία Ξακουστή-Famous Macedonia
LinkHappy Greek Independence Day-25th March 1821
LinkHappy Oxi Day - October 28 1940

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Embassies: Christmas, Ireland, Brasil, United States of America, Australia, Portugal, Japan, Cyland, Empire of Great Britain, The New Mappers Union, Singapore, German Realm, Union of Christian Nations, The Okchi Union, Bloco Liberal, Philippines, and 20 others.Velika Slavia, Mediterranean, Hiyamashu, Europe but better, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Paraguay, Zombie Research Institute, Libertatem, Atlantis, The Metaxist Front, Corfu, Africa, Bharat, American Jewish Committee, SECFanatics, Jervis Bay Territory, South Pacific, The New Meritocracy, Nasicournia, and United States of Femdom.

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Greece contains 22 nations, the 632nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Greece

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, Greece is ranked 10,484th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protecting Breeze of Grecian WindsCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“Aeì koloiòs parà koloiôi hizánei.”
2.The Dictatorship of Mighty GreecePsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Blood, Honour, Golden Dawn”
3.The Republic of Mapa astral regionalInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“É melhor acreditar em signos do que criticar as pessoas”
4.The Republic of Greek HelladaNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Freedom or Death”
5.The Republic of Greek Mountains and IslandsNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Liberty or Death”
6.The Republic of Jason and the ArgonautsAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“The best lack all conviction”
7.The Secret Rite of The Eleusinian MysteriesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“The Mysteries”
8.The Republic of Region of EpirusAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Progress with Humanity”
9.The Free Land of Virsachia ZygonasivConservative Democracy Conservative Hell“We Will Endure”
10.The Secret Society of Defender of DemocracyInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Pushmanevo Tithen | Nenikekamen”

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Greece Regional Message Board

Greece 84 Czech Republic 77.
Despite the win, we needed another 5 points from what the commentators were saying but I think at least another 2 points ahead and we would have qualified for the quarter finals.

Hello everybody

New dilli wrote:Hello everybody

Hey hey

New dilli

Ancient Greece just got tens of thousands of years more ancient

This Dispatch is made to clear and properly arrange the Security Council Record.
WE all know many nations and regions have been Commended and condemned. So I felt to give all Commended nations as respect and all Condemned ones shame.
First lets see Commended nations.


Name of Nation


1] Kandarin

Security Council Resolution # 2

2] Todd McCloud

Security Council Resolution # 12

3] Imagey Nation

Security Council Resolution # 21

4] Sionis prioratus

Security Council Resolution # 28

5] Goobergunchia

Security Council Resolution # 10

6] Ananke II

Security Council Resolution # 34

7] Bergnovinaia

Security Council Resolution # 39

8] starblaydia

Security Council Resolution # 40

9] The cat-tribe

Security Council Resolution # 46

10] Crazy girl

Security Council Resolution # 49

11] Northern Chittowa

Security Council Resolution # 50

12] Fudgetopia

Security Council Resolution # 51

13] Commerce Heights

Security Council Resolution # 53

14] Ballotonia

Security Council Resolution # 63

15] Naivetry

Security Council Resolution # 67

16] Glen-Rhodes

Security Council Resolution #70

17] Warzone Codger

Security Council Resolution # 87

18] Topid

Security Council Resolution # 98

19] Lamoni

Security Council Resolution # 100

20] Skydip

Security Council Resolution # 118

21] A Slanted Black Stripe

Security Council Resolution # 119

22] Mousebumples

Security Council Resolution # 120

23] Bears Armed

Security Council Resolution # 124

24] The Bruce

Security Council Resolution # 125

25] Sanctaria

Security Council Resolution # 126

26] Harmoneia

Security Council Resolution # 128

27] Eluvatar

Security Council Resolution # 129

28] NewTexas

Security Council Resolution # 131

29] Abacathea

Security Council Resolution # 133

30] Anime Daisuki

Security Council Resolution # 138

31] 1 infinite loop

Security Council Resolution # 141

32] Astarial

Security Council Resolution # 147

33] Yohannes

Security Council Resolution # 149

34] McMasterdonia

Security Council Resolution # 151

35] Improving wordiness

Security Council Resolution # 157

36] TAO the Watcher

Security Council Resolution # 167

37] Westwind

Security Council Resolution # 168

38] Evil Wolf

Security Council Resolution # 169

39] Luna Amore

Security Council Resolution # 170

40] Forever Fields

Security Council Resolution # 171

41] sciongrad

Security Council Resolution # 178

42] Flemingovia

Security Council Resolution # 182

43] Nation of Quebec

Security Council Resolution # 190

44] Separatist Peoples

Security Council Resolution # 193

45] Dyr Nasad

Security Council Resolution # 196

46] Renaissancistic people

Security Council Resolution # 214

47] Imperium Anglorum

Security Council Resolution # 223

48] drasnia

Security Council Resolution # 224

49] August

Security Council Resolution # 228

50] Wopruthien

Security Council Resolution # 229

51] Zwangzug

Security Council Resolution # 233

52] Candlewhisper Archive

Security Council Resolution # 235

53] Ransium

Security Council Resolution # 236

54] The Macabees

Security Council Resolution # 237

55] Tsunamy

Security Council Resolution # 239

56] Wintony

Security Council Resolution # 249

57] Alasdair I Frosticus

Security Council Resolution # 251

58] Knootoss

Security Council Resolution # 255

59] Guy

Security Council Resolution # 256

60] Helaw

Security Council Resolution # 258

61] Frattastan ii

Security Council Resolution # 262

62] Minoa

Security Council Resolution # 265

63] xoriet

Security Council Resolution # 266

64] Bachtendekuppen

Security Council Resolution # 270

65] Lyras

Security Council Resolution # 274

66] Jutsa

Security Council Resolution # 275

67] Paffnia

Security Council Resolution # 276

68] Severisen

Security Council Resolution # 278

69] Woonsocket

Security Council Resolution # 281

70] Common Territories

Security Council Resolution # 284

71] Grays Harbor

Security Council Resolution # 288

72] Duxburian Union

Security Council Resolution # 291

73] Markanite

Security Council Resolution # 293

74] Ramaeus

Security Council Resolution # 294

74] Benevolent Thomas

Security Council Resolution # 295

Now let's see the condemned nations
Now Lets move to regions.
No time for the Condemned Regions
We all know that many regions were liberated lets see who were
This is the complete Security Council Data.
Lets Try to boycott all the condemn regions as well as nations,Hoped you liked it.

Read factbook

The brief story of two legendary Greek heroes.

Marinos Mitralexis, a Lieutenant in the Greek Air Force during WW2.
November 2nd 1940, 15 Italian bombers and their escorts are on the way to bomb the port of Thessaloniki.
They are spotted near Veroia, and 8 Greek fighters are sent to intercept them.
During the battle Lieutenant Mitralexis' plane runs out ammunition, so he used the front of his plane to ram the back of an Italian bomber, damaging the tail section and causing the bomber to crash land. He managed to land his damaged plane, and with only his pistol, took prisoner the four Italian crew.

He already had 5 confirmed 'kills' as a pilot before this.

Dimitrios Itsios, a Sargent in the Greek Army during WW2.
In the fotresses along the Metaxas Line, after days of brutal and relentless battle against the Nazis, the Greek Army was ordered to retreat and regroup. At Itsios' position in Mount Beles, he ordered his men to retreat while he stayed behind to hold the Germans off as long as possible. Two of his men refused to leave and the three of them fired nearly 40,000 rounds at the invading Nazis from their bunker P8, killing around 238 Nazi Germans and wounding hundreds more.
The Germans had no idea, thinking they were facing an army, they ordered artillery strikes and aerial bombing of the positions.

The three Greeks only surrendered when they ran out of ammunition.
This is briefly what happened next, from those who survived and documents.

Schörner: Who is the commanding officer of this bunker?

Itsios: Me, sir.

Schörner: You? A Sergeant? Isn’t there a higher ranking officer? A Colonel? A Major?

Itsios: No sir, only me and these two soldiers.

Schörner, then took Itsios to see the killing field with the countless dead Germans.

Schörner: Sergeant, this is your work. I congratulate you. Do you know, that you killed almost all of the men I sent against you plus one Colonel?

Itsios: I’m sorry, sir, but i was defending my country.

Schörner: I’m sorry too, but I have to do my duty as well.

The Germans agreed to something they hadn't done for any other adversary during the war;

1. No Greek was to be taken POW,
2. The Greek troops were going to leave the bunkers with their weapons and the officers with their swords and finally,
3. No German soldier was to enter the fortresses until the last Greek soldier had left and the Greek flag was lowered by the bunker’s garrison.

The Germans did one other thing, when the Greek Army was retreating from the fortresses along the Metaxas Line, an honorary contingent of German soldiers presented arms” and the Greek commanding officers were asked to inspect the German contingent.

Happy Oxi Day to all Greeks everywhere.

The People Of New Thebes, Amphipolis, The 4th of August Party, and The third hellenic republic

Today, according to the AEST zone, is November the 17th.

This date is deeply controversial to many across the Greek nation. Some people celebrate this date as a date where students rose up against an oppressive government and sacrificed their lives in order to bring back democracy to Greece. Others dread this day as a day where the ideologies of Communism and Anarchism became normalized in the Greek nation which in turn led to the radical left-wing politics we see in the present. Some say these students were martyrs whilst others accuse them of being traitors. The Metaxist perspective sees these students as traitors and the event itself as responsible for the issues that Greece faces in modern times.

The students are often praised as a truly "democratic" force when they were opposing the Junta and are immortalized as martyrs by the current government. This is false as they were influenced by various Socialist, Communist, and Anarchist forces and were opponents of the USA (the bastion of "democracy) and NATO. Greece, as a nationalist and "democratic" nation, should not be immortalizing the actions of an ideology which has proved detrimental to the nation throughout all of its histories. From the Greek Civil War to the modern-day, the Communists and Anarchists of Greece have proven to be treasonous and militant throughout all their history.

In contrast, the presiding power over Greece (Georgios Papadopoulos and the Greek Military Junta) saw Greece benefit economically and militarily. Papadopoulos's regime saw a Greece that maintained traditional values under the guise of "Religion, Faith and above all Greece". Papadopulos's Greece saw a country, whose economy has always been unstable, managed to see economic growth. A country, who despite having a long history of political division, that managed to stay united under a common faith and Nationalism. A country, who was at that time surrounded by Communist and hostile neighbours, that managed to resist and quash the Red terror. Greece was truly better during the Reign of the Colonels than what it is today.

Some may ask, "what is the connection between the events during the Uprising and it's legacy in modern Greece?". Truly, I say to you, that due to the normalization and celebration of this event, we see radical Left-Wing ideologies gain popularity and legitimacy in Greek politics. It is due to this event that PASOK and SYRIZA were elected. It is due to this event that we have been plagued by the likes of Alexis Tsipras and the KKE. It is due to this event that we find ourselves in economic turmoil. And it is due to this event that we see a very militant and large presence of the Radical Left.

So I call out to all Greeks, Nationalists, and moderates of the Right-wing! Do not celebrate a day that seeks to normalise the militant actions of the Anarchists and Communists of Greece. Do not celebrate a day that seeks to radically change Greece's values and national identity. Use this as an opportunity, as a reminder, to resurrect the values that supposedly died with the Greek Military Junta. Always remember the values of "Θρυσκεια, Οικογενια και απ'όλα Ελλάδα" (Religion, Faith and above all Greece).

"May God preserve Greece and guard the Race"

- Ioannis Metaxas

You were ranked in the Top 5% of the world for Largest Black Market.

Wow. Going to have to do something about that lol

Καλα Χριστούγεννα Ελλάδα, Merry Christmas Greece.

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