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The Democratic Republic contains 156 nations, the 107th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Poor Incomes in The Democratic Republic

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, The Democratic Republic is ranked 6,208th in the world for Highest Poor Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of OctoparniaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Eight to one”
2.The Allied States of United Nations Supreme CommandFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Family is people who protect and care for one another”
3.The Imperatoria Unio of BretenMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“If you wish for peace, prepare for war”
4.The Community of United IslascaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“From Many, One”
5.The Sultanate of UDMSPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Always trade”
6.The Federation of GonadezCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles”
7.The Republic of UniKRInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“We Shall Overcome”
8.The Republic of Marius17Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Justice and Power!”
9.The Empire of FireFox15Capitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Use the firefox browser, Long live Firefox”
10.The State of VajrayanahLibertarian Police State Slightly Overzealous Peoples Democracy“I Vow to Thee my Country”
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Regional Happenings


The Democratic Republic Regional Message Board

After the announcement that the USSR will begin constructing a new type of missile cruiser, Sweden has requested naval access to the Norwegian provinces of Troms and Finnmark. In addition to this, the Swedish parliament authorized the construction of a new naval class to be dispatched into the Arctic in late 1961/ early 1962.


Today,The Soviet Union had sent support to the Mexican Revolutionary Che Guevara and his communist followers.They provided T-54's and T-55's and AK-47's.The Mexican Civil War broke out a few weeks earlier and Che was big on it before Soviet support.Che Guevara had recently asked the Soviets for help after it didn't go so well and after seeing Fidel Castro's success in Cuba,they funded him.They were all trained by Soviet Generals and were given weapons that would help.Mexico City was divided in the Civil War North and South,and now the civil war was entering a stalemate.

Small skirmishes along the border of the Mexican Socialist Republic and United States of Mexico has been relegated to small skirmishes,while Che and his revolutionaries fight on.

While that was going on,Khrushchev privately asked for a new ship to be put into prototypes called the "Адмирал Головко" (Admiral Golovko) to be built and put into prototype stage and be tested at a secret base in Lake Baikal and for it to do some drills to see how useful it could be.


Today,in South Africa,a rumoured Soviet backed communist revolution has occurred.Khrushchev has ordered for support to be given to the Communist Side of the South African Civil War.

Soviet Tanks have been sent there due to a free movement agreement between the USSR and the British.The "Commune of South Africa" seems to be winning against the Republic of South Africa.The Civil War in Mexico has stayed at a halt.Che Guevara has asked for more support and it was given,landing at Acapulco,Guerrero.This shipment contained explosives and molotovs,as well as more rifles.

Communist South Africa has promised to end apartheid as part of its revolutionary goal.The Revolution is bloody with a reported 3,500 deaths so far.We hope for our Communist Brothers in South Africa and Mexico that they will win against those bourgeois bastards.

The Mexican Peoples Army,headed by Che Guevara is a force we will always support,as long as they are communist they will get our support.

Khrushchev has stated his stances on the Revolutions, that "They are beautiful,Spreading the greatest ideology to ever bless the Earth.".

Since then,the Mexican front has shifted in Favor of the communist Mexicans.


Today,some shocking news came out about Premier Stalin's death.As it turns out,the Soviet Government had been hiding the reports of Stalin's death.

The report states that,according to the government,Stalin shot himself after losing the war.This news is saddening to Soviet leadership and citizens and they will hold an annual Stalin Day on February 18.

Stalin was a great leader to us.His blunders may have caused us to lose but we still respect him here.

Age of Chaos.

Today, The King Micheal I has declared a ban on Fascist and Nationalist Parties Because the Horrible atrocities committed In the Second World War.

A persecution has begun by the communists and socialists to take revenge on Fascism by Beating party affiliates. Riot police tried to calm the situation, but it lead to even more chaos with Socialists, Fascists and The government clash on the streets.

People have started asking, ''what does the king think of this crisis?'' ''Why he didn't respond yet?'' and ''Will the country will fall in civil war?''
As the riots rage on the streets the idea of revolution becomes more and more likely.

As civil war ravages the African nation, the SNHRF (Swedish National Humanitarian Relief Fund) has stepped in to provide to those displaced by the war. From Stockholm, 800 volunteers flew to Cape Town stopping in Rome and Lagos along the way. Upon arrival, 300 volunteers were driven to the disputed city of East London. As war raged around them, the brave volunteers helped civilians into vans bound for safety where a SNHRF field hospital set up in South African controlled land. There, civilians were tended to and provided provisions and safety. Although the Republic strongly supported the apartheid system, the volunteers treated everyone according to the urgency of their needs. In another part of the nation, volunteers were rationing provisions shipped along with them to combat the little food being provided in some of the smaller towns and villages. A few of the SNHRF remained in Cape Town to establish a supply line and to monitor all the humanitarian services in the country. As the war continues into March, the SNHRF will be receiving even more volunteers and supplies to help the civilian populous of South Africa.

Konflikt im Osten
Feldgendarmerie Obergefreiter Kleitz Borman

Today, we were stationed at a border outpost in the Ural Mountains. The past several weeks had seen heightened border escalations with the Soviets, and the local division commander has ordered us to take arms to be ready for any Soviet incursion. We had dug light trenches in the past several days, nothing too fancy. In the morning, the field kitchens brought up hot meals for all of us - a good meal of bratwurst, pastries and stew. We also received desert rations, canned chocolate pudding from Bavaria.

Two tanks from the armored recon detachment were brought up to the borders in the evening. The Jagdpanzers took up positions a few meters behind our position overlooking the valley road. There were photographs of Soviet tanks massing near the borders, and Moskau was not intent on having any sudden breakthroughs.

Life on the border was boring and slow. We commonly played games of cards to pass the time. If it wasn’t cards, it was football we listened to on the radio. If we were lucky, we would have a television to watch it on.

“Bavaria oughta win this round!” shouted one man. “Frankfurt is going to take them out surely! Bavaria’s defense is too weak on the right flank, Frankfurt can just pass the ball on the left!” Shouts another. Team Frankfurt has always been better at offense, but Bavaria was one to not be missed when it came to their defense. It would be an interesting match - for sure. We were all huddled around the television when we heard a boom echo across the valley. We rushed outside to see a column of smoke in the distance. I grabbed my rifle quickly, but was thrown back when an explosion ripped through the air. An artillery shell landed directly on one of our tanks, destroying it. One of the steel plates flew into the shack that I had just occupied, leading to the shack being set on fire.

Surely, death had only just been temporarily avoided. Ears still ringing - I took aim through the scope of my rifle to only witness groups of Soviet soldiers storming the border outpost. Tanks accompanied them - and we now only had one. The firefight started almost immediately, there was no time to rest. I remember when I was young, my father told me stories of how the Soviet charges terrified the German soldiers. Barbarians, in brutal hand to hand conflict. I was determined to not die in such a fate.

We fired without haste. As long as you were firing - you were bound to hit something. I didn’t know what overtook me, either it being fear or determination. Either that of the Soviet menace, or the will to destroy it. No matter how many shells, bullets, and grenades we threw at them - they continued to come. They charged up the hill and I suddenly saw five, maybe six soldiers right in front of me. Without even thinking, I fired upon them - and when they grew closer, I engaged in hand to hand combat.

Fists, bayonets - it was brutal. The Soviet however was poorly trained - his mere benefit was only a temporary numerical advantage. One soldier managed to pin me down, but he was shot off of me before he could deal a final blow. When I got up, I attempted to fire once more - but an explosion ripped across the hill side.

My ears rang louder than ever, my vision dark and blurred. What had just happened though was a miracle. The Luftwaffe arrived and blasted the enemy down the hillside, forcing them to retreat in haste. We totalled up maybe twenty German soldiers lost, along with one tank to five Soviet tanks and maybe excess of fifty Soviet soldiers. It was a gruesome battle of which, we had no explanation for.

That night, we were quietly relocated away from the border. Some thirty miles from the border, we began to see many camouflaged tanks and artillery. It was evident something big was bound to happen soon. But for now, we were on our way back to Moskau to have some well-deserved replenishment.


Today,Soviet Premier Khrushchev and Swedish Prime Minister Tage Erlander met in Tashkent,Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic.The summit was meant to relieve tensions between Sweden and the USSR after things between them were getting heated.Premier Khrushchev had announced the Speech in Astana a week prior it the meeting and promised to relieve tensions between Sweden and The Union.

The Soviet Attack,1961

"After we heard of an outpost earlier in the day,my unit had decided to plan out an ambush while the Germans were off their guard.

We planned it out by bringing 10 tanks and 300 soldiers to help take the outpost,but it wasn't enough.We were preparing for the invasion for a few nights before the eventual attack,and once it was set up,we decided to attack on a night that was snowy so we could have more camouflage.Then,the day came.February 31st,the day of the attack.We moved quietly and swiftly through the snowy terrain while we made sure to stay in the dark.

We heard them,they were cackling and talking in German. "F**king Krauts" said soldier Ruslan Medvedev. "Calm down,Corporal Medvedev." i said while preparing the tank shell for launch.I gave the tanks shell to the Tank commander and then he fired. "Charge!" i said as we headed toward the outpost.The ensuing skirmish was bloody,men were being killed left and right and i was shocked.How could we be losing? Didn't we bring more troops?

We kept fighting until the Luftwaffe came and shut us down.Some men left behind to cover the retreat while the rest of us retreated.We had got out just in time and headed back to the outpost in Tyumen.We had gotten the causality report soon after.50 Soviet soldiers dead,5 tanks destroyed.The battle was no good.I am scheduled to meet with Khrushchev soon for a reason i do not know.I hope their lives will be avenged with greater blood from the Krauts across the Urals."

Story Given by Dimitri Turgenev,a Soviet Battalion Commander in the February 31st Incident

Written by your very own Seven Seas

Skundi Resigns

The last time I was this sad about someone stepping down Obama was leaving the White House. Skundi, on this 26th day of September, 2020, has left their long standing position or Foreign Secretary. Why? Well, Foreign Secretary wasn't quite the job the Banana Duck wanted, instead they want to "write more bills for the HoC, and I can only do that not in a demanding government position". As well as that Skundi is planning on "starting a Loranian News Service (totally different to SS’ one don’t worry) providing fact-checking, opinion and just general news articles". Totally different? I imagine that is supposed to mean totally better. Whatever the case, we will need a new Foreign Secretary. Skundi has nominated Liberated Wales, an excellent choice if I do say so myself. Liberated Wales has accepted gratefully this duty, and states that it is the best position for them. I wish both of them luck, as they navigate the these waters of Loranian politics.

An Impostor of Fiendish Inclinations?

Yashou japan, as they usually go by, has come to Lorania as Paran toho. On their arrival Liberated Wales notified us that they are the scum of NS, a true ne'er-do-well. My first inclination was to get proof of this, what did they do? Liberated Wales sent me a TG of a TG from source I do not wish to disclose. This TG outlined the doings of this most foul nation. These doing included impersonation of other nations, spamming, election rigging, plagiarizing, and general treason. Should we have a nation like that threatening the safety of Lorania, and so soon after the Bio incident? Well, while changing the regional code to Code Yellow, I allowed Paran toho to stay. However this was much to the dismay of some residents, and I will be keeping an ever peeled I on this nation.

Bio is Back

Sh!t... I thought Bio was banned. If you don't remember them see my previous issue. Anyway, they have returned as Oijisa2. Technically they are allowed back, their sentence was banishment form the region for one week. Are we going to allow them to stay here, eh... maybe. I believe in second chances, so I guess even the nations like Bio deserve them. Oh wait, what is this I see? 30 or so suppressed posts, many by Oijisa2 as well as Tai Pei. Our two regional buffoons. We have gotten used to Tai Pei's antics, even enjoying them. But it seems they have gone too far. Oijisa2 and Tai Pei seem to have gotten into an intense argument starting with the proper punctuation of Oijisa2's factbook. Both nations let fly their best insults, Oijisa2 going for the more schoolyard bully approach as Tai Pei remained an intellectual. In light of these occurrences the government has come to the conclusion that we must have OOC laws and be able to eject and ban nations without going through IC procedures.

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