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The Democratic Republic contains 94 nations, the 151st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in The Democratic Republic

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, The Democratic Republic is ranked 7,804th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of EvorenAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Freedom For All”
2.The Federation of The Great South WestCorporate Bordello Blood-Sucking Capitalist Leeches“Land of Risky Enchantment”
3.The Republic of CrazeeGInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Peace and Justice”
4.The Free Land of MONAPELLECivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“AA OH GOD BEES! OH MY GOD ITS BEES IM ALLERGIC!”
5.The Democratic Republic of PulszikiInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“By The People For The People”
6.The Federal Republic of RomanovsviaCorporate Bordello Blood-Sucking Capitalist Leeches“A Prussia Free and Fair”
7.The Empire of Fire megalloInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The Republic of Various MilitiasInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Why Wage War When We Can Buy Hostile Empires?”
9.The United States of Jesus ashy toesNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
10.The Republic of Liberal JapanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Equality, Democracy”
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The Democratic Republic Regional Message Board

Kilaguni wrote:Greetings! I'm new to this region, but not to NationStates. I'm trying to find a good region to rp specifically. Would someone mind showing me around?

Mbhetsa wrote:Hello

Welcome to TDR fellas! If you want to join the regional RP, please join the discord! Sorry for the late response - academics have gotten me quite occupied. If you have any questions, ask the director (me): BlackBaron5500/ Senator Coastal Republican States on the TDR discoed! We also have a regional government that you can join in on!

In varietate unitas - United in diversity




Name of Party




Progressive Party


December 30, 2018

United Independence Party


October 12, 2019

Freedom Party


October 15, 2019

If you want to make a NEW Political Party, then just make a factbook talking about what your party stands for, the members, etc. and Telegram America JB the link and what color/letter you want the party to be.

Read factbook

The Freedom Party is founded!

I hereby announce my candidacy for Consul of TDR. I love this region, we need unity, and it’s time for change!

Military Operations in Borneo and Papua.

After the agreement for a joint military pact to operate and assist the Swanovian Republic was signed with the United Monatian Asian Federation. Today, the United Monatian Army, United Monatian Navy, and the Monatian Airforce, finally begin their joint military campaign in an attempt to capture land for the Swanovian Republic and eliminate the Indonesian threat within the South East Asian Hemisphere of influence. Carriers and Destroyers will be put on standby to invade West Kalimantan and Papua, while the Airforce and Army will be stationed primarily in the Philippines and East Malaysia, ATMES bombers and multiple air superiority fighters and strike fighters will be placed on full alert. Meanwhile, Air reconnaissance teams will consistently monitor the ground of any signs of activity using the Ravens, ground harassment will be issued when necessary. Once ground troops are secured within the landing zones and air superiority has been achieved, Ravens will then commit to full on close support, assisted with attack helicopters. United Monat Marines will also have use of the MRF-11D3 (S-11 Viper) to conduct fast ground strikes on enemy positions if needed. Japanese built tanks and Chinese built Type 100s will be the main front in the attack of West Kalimantan, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, APCs, and Humvees will follow behind the MBTs and advance through the center and into the East. Similar tactics will also be used in the naval invasion of the Papua island. Missile strikes and air strikes will be conducted to minimize Monat casualties prior to the invasion. With the plans for the campaign settled, the Congress gives the go ahead to mobilize the military. 

August 4th, 0400, 2022. All forces in the air, land, and at sea are in position to strike simultaneously on their designated targets on West Kalimantan and West Papua. 0500. The WKIF 1, 2, and 3 (West Kalimantan Invasion Force) now begin via phase 1 of the operation. UMAF AAVP-7A1s in the water, slowly advancing to the shores assisted with long range missile strikes on artillery positions, spotted by the Raven recons. Minimal casualties were sustained by the Assault Amphibious forces, included in the WKIF 1, 2, and 3, a few vehicles were critically disabled by guided missile strikes, others destroyed. UMAF-built MRF-11D3s (S-11 Viper), ASF-15s, UMAF-built Ozerfighters now designated as the MRF-3, and ASF-2s, continuously dogfight against Indonesian Su-27s, although only a few were stationed in Kalimantan. The majority of the Indonesian Air Force’s strength relied upon Southern islands of Java, which are now captured by the allied Swanovians. Pilots of the Monatian Airforce used their extensive training to the test and easily neutralized the enemy air forces, gaining surmountable air superiority within the area of the operation, losing only 2 planes of the deployed 30 in odds of destroying 28 Su-27 fighter jets.

August 8th, 2022. With the troops successfully landing within the shores of West Kalimantan, landing crafts carrying several Type 10s and Type 100s reach the shores safely and beginning to regroup for a well formulated attack inland. Now that the reinforcements have arrived from the landing crafts, WKIF 1, consisting of 100,000 infantrymen and mechanized units, 200 Type 10s, 5 type 100s, 100 APCs, and 250 Type 89 IFVs. WKIF 2, located in the center shorelines, consists of 70,000 infantrymen and mechanized units, 150 Type 10s, 80 APCs, 200 Type 89 IFVs, assisted by 30 RA23-MSC Ravens, loaded with bombs and cannons, 50 OH-1s, and approximately 20 airstrikes that the proven MRF-3s (Ozerfighters) can conducted with smart bombs, rockets, and long range cruise missile strikes. KWIF 3 will be a much larger force in comparison, the final invasion force, will be invading the southernmost part of the shoreline near Kumai. KWIF 3 consists of 200,000 infantrymen and mechanized units, 250 Type 10s, 150 APCs, 300 Type 89 IFVs, 60 RA23-MSC Ravens, 30 MRF-3s, and MRF-11D3s using air bases in Belitung and Bangka Islands. 

August 9th, 2022. 0600. WKIF 1 finally begin their assault. Several tank platoons of Type 10s with 5 Type 100s following behind them, form the frontlines. The EMIFC (East Malaysian Invasion Force Company, at this time, also begins its advance down south of the UMAF - Indonesian border in Borneo, consisting of a substantial number of 100 Type 10s, 300 Type 89 IFVs, 5000 mechanized units, 170 RA23-MSC Ravens, 200 OH-1s, 40 MRF-11D3s, and 70 MRF-3s. 

August 9th, 2022, 0755. Both the WKIF 1 and EMIFC easily breezed through West Kalimantan, taking the port city of Singkawang, major highways, and several towns, such as Sosok and Putussibau. Strike fighters waking for their orders to take off and engage the main Indonesian forces, while OH-1s and Ravens patrol the skies. WKIF 2 managed to advance further from the city of Pontianak all the way through Sintang, meeting dispatch forces from the East Malaysian Invasion Force Company, the town of Balai Berkuak and far into Mangkul, Manismata, and Berapi, using the main road. 0830. WKIF 3, however struggled to reach their designated areas to successfully capture due to unexpected numbers of enemy forces stationed in the South West area of Central Kalimantan in Kumai. 2 hours after the initial landings, enemy Indonesian strike aircrafts bombarded allied positions, destroying four UMAF Type 10s, 15 Type 89s, and 3 RA23-MSC Ravens. Reinforcements in the shape of 30 MRF-3s, and ASF-2s were deployed to achieve air superiority within the sector. WKIF 3 managed to push the Indonesian forces all the way back to Pembuang. The Battle of Pembuang then ensued, with a massive tank on tank battle in the outskirts of the town and a fierce air battle in the skies. It was a decisive victory for the Monatian Air Force, achieved total air superiority. Strike aircraft are then deployed to provide close air support for the tank platoons of WKIF 3, a long stalemate has stalled their advance for the night. 

0200. 40 RA23-MSC Ravens and 20 MRF-3s were immediately utilized for a night time operation to break the frontlines in Pembuang. 

0245. Roars of jets and propeller aircrafts fly past the UMAF Tank Brigades, explosions and missile streaks echo through the town and in the outskirts. Several large plumes of fire lit up the night skies. More noise which seems to be dozens more jets fly past, heading for the northern outskirts of Pembuang. Opposing Tank Forces fell into complete disarray, WKIF 3 tank platoon Ozeo 2 and Ozeo 3 initiated their attack on the disorientated tank brigades. The tank battle was soon over at 0450. With it, WKIF 3 continued their invasion deeper into Southern Central Kalimantan.

Invasion of West Papua, August 5th, 2022, 0850. The Papuan Invasion Force Asgrod 1 and Asgrod 2, both consisting of 50 AAVP-7A1s, the initial phase of the invasion, assisted with several ATMES air strikes and missile strikes into the Papua mainland into targeted artillery positions. The initial phase was soon followed by several landing crafts carrying Tanks and several more infantrymen to commence the 2nd front of the operation. Military engineers and soldiers then begin to create makeshift air bases for their Ravens to operate within the area, while many more long ranged strike aircrafts will be positioned within the Banda Arc islands in friendly Swanovian air bases to provide support. 1230. 40 Type 10s, 100 Type 89s, and 40 Ravens advance into West Papua unopposed, however, Asgrod 1 and Asgrod 2 will stop frequently to resupply and avoid a potential ambush. 

August 13th, 2022, 0910. The operation will soon continue, while government officials from both nations discuss the handover the captured Indonesian territories to the Swanovian Republic.

Electoral announcement

A Consulship debate shall be held on the 20th of October. Make sure to vote in the election.

The SECP Protected State

Texas has become a hot zone between Latin America and the United States…
The Federation and Mexico have already put in their two cents for support for the “Latin American Opposition Army” (LAOA) in Texas.
The story so far is basically the same as it was in 1836, expect in an ironic twist of fate.
The LAOA outnumbers the Texan military nearly three to one, the Texan military has a fairly modern army; however, the LAOA is being armed by two other modern nations, the LAOA has received volunteers from across the Latin American Community (mainly in the form of Federation soldiers)… You can almost see the same version of the Texan war expect flipped.
From the start the LAOA have claimed much of Southern and Western Texas holding large cities like El Paso and San Antonio while the Houston finds itself surrounded and Austin is becoming the front line of the conflict.
Dallas and Fort Worth sits a comfortably away from the front, but the threat of LAOA attacks are every where in the nation at the moment…
Texas saw the threat it was facing and decided that if they wanted to control this fight they would have to take San Antonio which has become the de facto capital of the LAOA.
Thanks to LAOA informants the Texan military movement was detected long before they even crossed the front line.
A series of ambush and hit and run tactics slowed the large movement of Texan forces, but they would never be stopped by this…

The Battle for San Marcos

As the slightly battered Texan forces rolled into the city of San Marcos the real fighting begun…
San Marcos was turned into a fortress city essentially and the Texan rules of engagement are prohibit most destruction of said city.
As the Texan soldiers entered the city they weren’t faced entirely by LAOA forces, they now faced Federation troops as well.
The fight for the city and its threat of cutting off further Texas advance has turned San Marcos into a key city to take and defend thus halting Texas’ advance here until they can get it cleared up, but a bogged down battle in a hostile region while outnumbered is never a good sign.
Days turn into weeks as the Texan forces fail time and time again to break San Marcos, very slowly the Texan forces are pushed back as heavier weapons are brought in against the American weapon systems.
But the tide of the battle and possibly the war changed when Federation new gen fighters begun to make sorties against Texan targets.
Being able to out run and out shoot the modern Texan aerial arsenal it was only a matter of time till the Federation and LAOA to gain dominance of sky which soon translated to the ground…
The Texan route from San Marcos was rundown by consent Federation and LAOA attacks and this defeat just set off a domino effect the smallish Texan military just couldn’t deal with.
Soon Houston gave into its siege and Austin was taken at the front line, seeing the outcome of this the Texan government was willing to negotiate the end of this two mouth long conflict.
As the deal was signed between the LAOA Texas it was agreed that the LAOA would be declared an independent nation from Texas, the border between the two nations will be carved from the current frontline, and Texas will pay a small sum for the destruction and death it caused….
And in a turn of events the LAOA then agreed to be apart of the growing SECP, becoming an autonomous state of the Federation.
This small conflict showed a few things after it was settled, Mexico and the Federation have came together to help in assisting this war and likewise will breed future cooperation and that the United State’s actions of backing Texas against the LAOA tampered their relations in the eyes other Latin American nations.
Clearly the US isn’t interested in equality if they were so willing to back the hatred of Texas and the Federation is becoming the defender of the Latin American culture, perhaps some more talks about the future of the SECP and the other Latin American nations can come to a head…

Domestic Stances

There should be a Reform to the criminal codex to add a jury option as a check against trial aspect of justices. In this concept the justice will pick three jurors who will be convened and hear the evidence coming up with a innocent or guilty verdict. During trial the judge will make sure all rights are being followed and if verdict is guilty, the judge will give the sentence. This will be a option in trials court, which is presided by one Judge, the defendant can decide to not have a jury. There will be no jury option for Supreme court as they look at constitutionally of content and appeals.

I support the promotion of the idea of adding an economic aspect to our Regional government roleplay. There will be a Department of Treasury under the Minister of Interior, who will administer a Central bank. From there the Department of Treasury will monitor a currency system and stock market. This will not be mandatory to get involved in, but will add another dimension to The Democratic Republic.

I support the regional RolePlay in their endeavors and would want to work with the RolePlay community and Director of RolePlay in getting things done to make it more attractive to new nations and help it grow. By no means do I support a government take over of RolePlay, but I do support a corporation between the Regional Government and the RolePlay community. I would support an amendment adding in the previous office of RolePlay into the Constitution as a member of the cabinet. Incorporating into that section the rights guaranteed to RolePlay by an existing Act. It's time we stand as one region and support our common cause.

I support the Updating and reforming of the regional military. We will do this to get rid of positions we have never even knew existed until now, even though they have existed for months. I will also make sure the proper channels are in place and a clear objective is known within the ranks of the military. I also will be looking to pass a regional military appreciation day which will be held once a year. This day will be to honor the members of our military who sacrifice their time to serve our region.

I will be looking to pass a new holiday known as Public service appreciation day. This holiday will be held once a year and will be a day for members of the region to stop what they are doing and thank the people who spend their time to make everything possible. From the lower department officials to the Consul.

Foreign Stances

I will work to reform our foreign policy from the bottom to the top. This will be done to make sure we as a region stay competitive and stay close at the same time with our fellow NationState regions. Why do we want to do that? We want to do that so our region has a good reputation, with that reputation, it will boost our recruitment efforts and make it easier to reach out and get more involved with things outside of The Democratic Republic.

We as a region need to look at the external threats more seriously, as we still at this time have a war going on with The Democratic Commonwealth. To protect this great region, I will direct my Department of Defense to look at possible points of entry that are soft targets. As well as protecting the region in traditional sense. There is the diplomatic sense of simply ending the war. With that said, I will speak to the President of The Democratic Commonwealth and end the tensions between our regions and set up relations. I will not support or sign a deal that is one sided.

Why vote for me?

I will get to work from day one to make this region safe, fun and fair for all citizens, new or veteran, RGer or RPer alike. We are one in The Democratic Republic and we should start acting like it. I will also address making parties more formal and setting up more campaign measures to make sure there are no needless personal attacks or attacks with no cause against a group of people in the region.

The region is in a precarious situation as of now. This decision you will be making at the ballot box should not be taken lightly. This will decide if we highlight on this moment in our history. So, we must act, we must choose right now. The Democratic Republic can go to the next level if you would let me.

I realize there are people reluctant to support me because either things they heard in the past or even things above in this policy page. Just look at my track record, In this region and out. I will fight for this region to succeed even if I have to work for hours on end, as I did in founding the region. I will not relent for the best of this region and I will definitely work with each and everyone of you and not against.

Read factbook

New States
The United States today has ended agreements with the Islands of Hawaii and their reintroduction into the United States. According to the agreement Hawaii will rejoin the United States in return for a guarantee of no longer entering and using ground scared to the people of Hawaii, in addition to the Hawaiian islands Midway, Johnson and Wake Atolls as well as the Pitcairn Islands have joined the union officially becoming territories and under the jurisdiction of the United States. In the Atlantic the United States has come to an agreement with Bermuda and the Azores Islands officially becoming overseas territories of the United States. With the inclusion of Hawaii the United States comes one step closer to reclaiming their own territory. to the South of the United States they once more offer the Republic of Texas statehood, however with the precarious situation currently happening no proper meetings have been established, although with the threat of the Federation and the impending civil war, more are siding with statehood

Open Doors and Trade

The PRO and Austria have continued dialogue for peaceful relations since 2020 with the nations when they were once. Austria, Czechia, and Slovakia will rent ports from the PRO and trade with the majority Slavic nation and other world markets. The PRO will import Austrian goods while Austria imports PRO goods mainly in the domestic product department. The rest of the PU views this favorably and feels that given Austria's minor Slavic population that should the nation wish to become part of the PU or the PRO they would be welcomed with open arms as honorary Slavs.

With the fall of the government which controlled Austria Czechia and Slovakia who were on good terms the PRO, the PRO will honor that agreement and allow the nations to continue to use PRO ports to import and Export as they see fit. The rest of the PU agrees. Poland a close PU ally also opens its ports up to the Austrians to trade in the Baltic and beyond. The sphere of PRO influence in Europe is vast now spanning wide and far.

Ambassadors have also been sent to Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to attempt to open dialogues with them as well. And open trade with the nations to keep commerce in the rest of Europe flow freely. It is not yet clear how the nations will react but it is hoped that it will be favorable.

Hello there fellow companions, I'm the new nation here and I was wondering, how can I join your Role Play map?

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