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    שלום, MERHABA, 你好, مرحبا, 여보세요, CZEŚĆ, नमस्ते, & こんにちは


       𝘾 𝙊 𝙈 𝙈 𝙊 𝙉 𝙒 𝙀 𝘼 𝙇 𝙏 𝙃   𝙊 𝙁   𝙇 𝙄 𝘽 𝙀 𝙍 𝙏 𝙔  

        FEBRUARY 2024


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1.The Republic of SourathCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
2.The Confederacy of The fire bornFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Who are we without our traditional values?”
3.The Kingdom of DemarviaFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Long live the Kingdom”
4.The Federal Republic of HerzaslaviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Hey, Herzaslav’s! Tomorrow Awaits!”
5.The Reino de Espaρa of Imperio de EspanolaCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Plus Ultra”
6.The Principality of Monaco-Anarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Deo Juvante”
7.The Republic of CoL TimesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“News from the crazybloxian empire”
8.The Arab States of The Arabic LeagueAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Al-Arab Witthadon!”
9.The Commonwealth of RhovaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Motto...”
10.The Principality of Andorra-Anarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Virtus Unita Fortior”
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Yeah I'm a threat 😈

    2023년 11월/November 2023


        Korean Local Elections; Spring Cause Chaos

      | The Korean Local Elections, which are elections to Korea's Governorships; City Mayors; Regional Assemblies; and Municipal Councils, took place on the 7th February it is one the largest elections in the calender. The major prizes were the mayoral and governors elections; there are 28 Governors and mayors across Korea which are all elected on a two-round majoritarian system. Fourteen of the 28 assemblies were up for election, and roughly 5,000 municipal council seats across the country. |

      | The biggest battle was taking place in Seoul. Incumbent mayor Kim Tae-ho had decided against running for re-election, he had been in power since the 2017 by-election and re-elected in 2020, a number of other representatives on the Seoul Metro Assembly had also decided to stand down. The Transition Party has opted to run Park Young-sun as their candidate, the former Minister of SMEs and Startups is a long-term Assembly Member, having been a member of the Uri Party; Mansae Movement; Democratic Party and then Transition. Her opposition candidate comes in the form of Oh Se-hoon, formerly the Mayor of Seoul between 2006 and 2011. |

      | The contest in Seoul heated up further when Yi Jung-hee announced himself as the candidate for Spring, the former Prince turned anti-monarchist social democrat, was a surprise entry into the contest that turned it into a three-way race for the second round. In the end Oh Se-hoon and Yi Jung-hee squeaked through to the second round with 24.09% and 21.48% respectively, while Park Young-sun was relegated with a modest 20.59% In the second round Yi Jung-hee failed to beat Oh Se-hoon but won an impressive 40.31% to Oh Se-hoon's 59.69% in the monarchies own backyard, however he was successfully elected to the Seoul Metro Assembly. |

        Mayor and Governors Results:

      • Transition-Mirae Alliance - 시대전환-미래당
        Leader: Sim Sang-Jung
        Governors/Metro Mayors: 15 (-9)

      • People Power Party - 국민의힘
        Leader: Kim Chong-in
        Governors/Metro Mayors: 9 (+6)

      • Spring - 봄
        Leader: Yi Jung-hee
        Governors/Metro Mayors: 3 (+3)

      • Independent
        Leader: Won Hee-ryong
        Governors/Metro Mayors: 1 (-)

      | Across all the different results Transition Korea lost roughly 15% of it's voter base compared to the previous results for the Justice Party and the Democratic Party, while People Power Party gained roughly 5% on four years ago. The biggest gain in terms of raw numbers was Spring who outperformed opinion polls for the National Assembly, polling research company IPSOS study voting behavior and patterns and gave these figures if the elections had taken place for the National Assembly |

      • Transition-Mirae Alliance - 시대전환-미래당

      • People Power Party - 국민의힘

      • Spring - 봄

      • Green Party Korea - 녹색당

      • People Party - 국민의당

      • Minsaeng Party - 민생당

      | Time will tell whether Spring can continue this momentum for the next couple of years, but for now the party has built itself a solid base of voters and political representation across the country. Meanwhile Transition Korea will have to regroup and fight to stay in power if it continues to lose voters in droves to the smaller parties. |

Region Announcement

I have RPed Iran since 1984 of the previous timeline and in this timeline since the start in 1932. I have created a completely different country than the one in real life and I take pride in that. It was an absolute pleasure to rp over the decades with you all and I found it very fun and enjoyable.

However, my time has come to peacefully leave Rping. I dont think or expect anyone to uphold my Iran as canon as its definitely a creation of it's own. It was an amazing journey and an amazing time RPing with you all. It was my pleasure to share my vision of Iran and the Middle East with you all.

I'm peaceful and happy about my departure from RP and I hope you will be too. Thank you for such great time.


Khartoum, The Republic of Sudan
January, 2024 - Al Bashir Is Dead!

"Good night Harold" were the last words belived to be said the night before to personal cell guard Harold Daknala, a guard at Kober Penitentiary in Northern Khartoum. It's 7AM on the morning of January 14th, 2024. Prison Guard Harold Daknala has entered Bashir's prison cell to serve him his daily morning breakfast. Mr. Daknala has greeted Bashir with a good morning but realised that Bashir has not replied as he usually does. He thought to himself that he must have still been sleeping. Attempting to wake him up he nudges him a bit after putting the breakfast tray down then putting two fingers in his neck to check for a pulse. No pulse. Mr. Daknala is overcome by shock and panick before he lays Bashir flat on his back and removes his blanket and puts his ears close to Bashir's mouth to hear for breathing. And there is none. After a few moments of settling with the fact that Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan's most ruthless dictator is finally dead. Mr. Daknala covers Bashir up to the head in a blanket before running out of the cell and finding his way to the warden. Warden Farooq Zuher was in the office signing papers before Mr. Daknala bursts into the office without even knocking. The sudden intrusion angered the warden was outraged by the lack of respect from a low ranking officer.


    P.G. Daknala :| "With all due respect sir, this was urgent Omar Al-Bashir is dead... sir."

Mr. Daknala broke the news while out of breath. The warden himself was in shock. He did not believe it. After summoning the Prison Doctor along with other guards among them Daknala they run back to the cell to see forthemselves. After a few more tests the doctor himself confirms that Bashir is indeed dead. The random confusion and chaos causes by the prison gurards running in and out of Bashir's cell has confirmed to the other inmates that Bashir is indeed dead. Inmates began to chant slogans like "The traitor is dead!" "It has fallen! Fallen at last!" And "Down with the Kouz!" Which echoed through the prison chambers setting a reminder to the days when Kober used to be the lockup space for many of Bashir's political rivals and oppositions and activists for the days of the December revolution.

by 8AM Warden Zuher makes communication with the Presidential Palace to break the news to Prime Minister Salva Kiir first as well as to find out whether the prison should announce his death to national t.v. and then to the world.

Back at the Presidential Palace:

    DM Zaim Binallah :| "Mr. Prime Minister I'm telling you that official apology you made was not good at all. Not only did you seem week Infront of the world the Sudanese people did not approve either."

    PM Salva Kiir :| "I assure you Deputy Minister I am quite aware of my mistakes but what choice did I have? This parliament lost its mind with the threats from France and the public too. Sudan had to descelate or risk a lot. If only there was something to take us away from all-"

The Secretary of the Prime Minister barged in with a brief knock interrupting the Prime Minister.

    Secretary Talila :| "Mr. Prime Minister Kober Penitentiary just called, Omar Al-Bashir is dead sir. They want to know if they should officially announce his death."

    PM Silva Kiir :| "Jesus Christ this is it! Yes yes, have them announce the death right away. Prepare for me a statement as well. Make it more about turning a new chapter in a our nation's history."

The Secretary nods as she returns to get desk to inform Kober that the Prime Minister has approved their announcement. Kiir and Binallah would look at eachother with joy. The country's most hated criminal is dead and most importantly the country shall now see this as a sign of moving on. That includes the national humiliation Sudan faced within the last 3 months.

At 9 AM Kober Penitantary had called for an urgent press meeting and within an hour at 10:15 AM, January 14th, 2024, the Maximum Security Penitantary of Kober has announced to the press and on national t.v. the death of former President Omar Al-Bashir just at the age of 80 years. Bashir has been remembered by the country as an incompetent tyrannical fool, a greedy fat man, and a brutally incapable leader. He is remembered for the crimes he has committed against Darfur, Kordofan, the Blue Nile, the South, and against all that did not pledge loyalty to him specifically. Bashir cared less for anyone that did not care for him or anyone that didn't threaten his hold on power. And that was his ultimate crime. Negligence. Hunger, floods and droughts, war crimes, international sanctions that affected his people more than it did him. Stealing the wealth of the people for his own benefits, and bringing himself first before God himself for he never feared him. His crimes of treason against the Sudanese people were trailed and brought to justice by sending him for life in isolation. "It's only up to God to decide his true faith" said the judge that sentenced Bashir to isolation in Kober.

Soon by the afternoon protesters begain gathering outside the penitanatry and also other government buildings. Some celebrated in happiness. Some angered on the basis that he has not suffer enough and others angered on the basis that his justice has not yet satisfied his victims. Either way Parliament that planned to convene to debate the creation of holistic management programs all over the country have been postponed due to Bashir's death and rescheduled for another day. Schools released students early as people watched what seemed to be hours of live coverage of the situation.

As per Islamic tradition Bashir has to still receive an Islamic burial despite his character as the earth's latest scum. Islam dictates that a dead body must be burried the quickest way possible from the moment they pass away. Bashir was cleaned at Kober Penitanatry and his body was then official released at 12pm. He was covered up in a white bag and put on a minivan that has driven his body to a funeral home situated by the neighborhood near the old airport. Onlookers gathered outside the cemetery as Bashir's body was prepared for burial. The grave was already dug upon his death's announcement. He was then put in it by the cemetary workers, and then buried while a sheikh read from the Quran and made a speech and who Bashir was as a person. A neglecting tyrant who God can only judge.

Bashir had none of his family members at his side. His wife locked up on the charges of corruption and treason while his daughter lives exiled in Europe. His funeral was silent despite thousands looking from the boundaries of the cemetery. Later that day by 4pm a number of government officials have provided statements on Bashir's death with the most important of all by Prime Minister Salva Kiir calling on the nation to "start looking forwards as what bothered us in the rear view mirror is now gone."

World I need help joining the discord! My channels are read-only. I’ve join and rejoined with no luck. HELP!!!!

Salla Muscat wrote:World I need help joining the discord! My channels are read-only. I’ve join and rejoined with no luck. HELP!!!!

you need permissions first from Paramountica

Chehel Sotoon Palace
Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Alzarikstan
Time: 3:45 PM

The Strike that Broke the Feminist Lock in Iran

The sense of uneasiness and sheer shock wiped across the living room of the Chehel Sotoon Palace as Prince Reza Pahlavi sipped on his tea reviewing budgetary statements of the Pahlavi family. Looking up from his documents with grave confusion to the words he just heard about Prime Minister Nouri authorizing a strike onto Turkish personnel, who are members of NATO, within Turkish territory. Sitting up with a more straight posture, Reza Pahlavi would remove his glasses and rub the corners of his eyes as his fingers tapped his desk with feverish anger and sheer disappointment in the recent gaffs of the Nouri Administration. Standing up from his seat, Prince Reza would walk into the golden foyer and toward his personal office, where he would pick up the phone and dial a conference call with close Azeri friend and official Jeyhun Bayramov, who he knew he would be able to give his grievances too. With a few rings, Jeyhun Bayramov would pick up the phone with a hint of confusion in his voice:

Jeyhun Bayramov:

    "Prince Reza...what the he....what the hell is going on here? Are we at war?!?!"

Prince Reza Pahlavi:

    "These are the questions that a lot of people across the Middle East and the world is most likely asking themselves right now, including myself. Quite frankly, I have no idea what is going on. Communication to the Prime Minister's Office has been cut most likely as no calls are going through apparently to Nouri. I am telling you that I have a bad feeling about this."

Jeyhun Bayramov:

    "Well has the Pahlavi Family said anything as of they intend to?"

Prince Reza Pahlavi:

    "Your guest is as good as mine at the current moment. Quite honestly, I do not really expect anything to be said. The current Empress is rather weak in this particular situation and Nouri is not listening to anyone but her own sub-consciously, which is clearly as dangerous as we once thought. Otherwise, I surely doubt that the Pahlavi Family and the Iranian people would have allowed such an individual to occupy the highest elected office in this Empire."

Jeyhun Bayramov:

    "Well with all due respect, I personally believe the problem is the continual dominance of this feminist ideology that Nouri receives the basis of her support and notoriety; an ideology that seemingly is losing precedence. There is an underlying Persian nationalism that is present that is not really tapped into yet but is showing hints of growing a geyser and hot springs. Something has to be done about this woman, otherwise, we would see the implosion of this ancient empire. CLEARLY if the Empress is not going to do anything about it and if the Majlis is frozen because they do not know what to do about Nouri, then that only leaves you to actually do something about it."

Prince Reza Pahlavi:

    "The best thing to do in this case is to allow for the people of Iran to determine the fate of Nouri and my position if this is the case Jeyhun Bayramov. As the Family has certain avenues of approach we can take regarding Nouri and the people, I firmly believe that we can slowly tap into this nationalistic fervor that you speak of; not to ensure the independence of any provinces of Iran but a unifying Persian identity that is relatable to even the slightest of majorities of this empire...Feminism has done great strides for this country since the 1950s...but there comes a time when enough is surely enough."

As Prince Reza would hang up the phone, he would return to the living room and watch the news give live coverage of downtown Tehran of protests against the recent airstrikes in Turkey and a crowd gathering demonstrating their disapproval of Prime Minister Nouri. With the disgruntled opinions of the average Iranian, Prince Reza Pahlavi saw an opportunity here to perhaps change the current course of Iran but for the better.

    October 2023



Politics talked. Opinions expressed. Ballots cast.

| ELECTION DAY in Canada would come once again as Canadians all over the country head to their local voting booths. A year of campaigning from all parties involved would finally come to an end as the last ballot is counted. The results are as follows:

LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA - Suzanne Cowan: 112 Seats
NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY - Jagmeet Singh: 23 Seats
GREEN PARTY OF CANADA - Annamie Paul: 3 Seats

The Conservative Party of Canada wins the most seats, making Andrew Scheer PRIME MINISTER once again. |


| Prime Minister Andrew Scheer would stand at the edge of the stage of the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. The stage would be decorated with a blue backdrop and a Canadian flag. His supporters would cheer as he makes his way up to the podium for his victory speech. |

    | Hon. ANDREW SCHEER, Prime Minister of Canada | “O Canada, from coast to coast, I thank you. Tonight, the silent majority spoke out against radicalism, and against misinformation. Tonight, the silent majority stood up for gender equality, freedom, and justice. I hear you! You are sending our Conservative team back to work in Ottawa with your clear message. We will make life more affordable. We will continue to fight for gender equality at home and beyond our borders. We will get criminals off our streets and we will keep investing in Canadians because all of us Canadians are the silent majority.

    To all who didn't for me, you came out to the voting booths, contributing to the democratic process we hold so sacred to us. You still have a voice. I hear you! To all who voted for us to trailblaze the direction of this great country for years to come like the brave pioneers before us, I assure you that you chose the right direction. I hear you! To the First Peoples, you were here long before any of us. As the silent minority, you have been neglected far too long as we blazed our trails through your lands. I hear you!

    We will show our true patriot love to all of those suffering in our communities. We will continue to support our allies in their struggles around the world for peace and democracy.

    The True North strong and free has always been a beacon of hope for those with none. We accepted those who rejected their own governments from Asia to Africa. We will continue to accept them and their cultures into this glorious and free land.

    All of us want to live on a clean planet, in a safe community, and on a diverse land where Canadian business thrives. For the next four years, we will continue to build upon our great progress made towards this goal. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. We ensure that we will leave this country better than we found it, for the good of all of our children, and as an example to the rest of the world. Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you, Calgary!”

| As Scheer finishes his last lines, other Conservative leaders would make their ways on stage. Red, white, and blue confetti would launch as "O Canada" plays in the background. |


The Dominion of Canada

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2019 — CURRENT

Andrew Scheer

Leona Alleslev

November 4th 2019 to Today

November 4th 2019 to Today

Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Pierre Poilievre

Erin O’Toole

November 4th 2019 to Today

November 4th 2019 to Today

Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Jody Wilson-Raybould

Leona Aglukkaq
ᓕᐅᓇ ᐊᒡᓘᒃᑲᖅ

November 4th 2019 to Today

November 4th 2019 to Today


Conservative Party of Canada

The Government of Canada is the federal administration of Canada. The monarch is personally represented by the Governor General of Canada. The Queen's Privy Council for Canada is the body that advises the sovereign or viceroy on the exercise of executive power. However, in practice, that task is performed only by the Cabinet, a committee within the Privy Council composed of ministers of the Crown, who are drawn from and responsible to the elected House of Commons in parliament. The Cabinet is headed by the prime minister, who is appointed by the governor general after securing the confidence of the House of Commons.



Centre Block, the main building of the Canadian
parliamentary complex


Party Name


Political Position

Number of Seats


Conservative Party of Canada

Andrew Scheer

Centre to centre-right


Liberal Party of Canada

Suzanne Cowan

Centre to centre-left


New Democratic Party

Jagmeet Singh

Centre-left to left-wing


Green Party of Canada

Annamie Paul

Left-wing to far-left




Results of the 2023 General Election in the House of Commons

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Nileia wrote:Khartoum, The Republic of Sudan
January, 2024 - Al Bashir Is Dead!



    February 2024

      Speaking following the upheaval of Kurds across southeastern Turkey, Edrogan's self declaration of war against "Kurdish terrorists", and preemptive strikes perpetuated by Iran, Foreign Minister Wang Yi read a statement on the current events.

        FOREIGN MINISTER WANG YI, People's Republic of China — “We are deeply concerned about the current set of events evolving in southeastern Turkey. While on typical diplomatic occasion, what occurs within one country's sovereign borders is strictly domestic and does not concern other countries, the excessive and aggressive actions perpetrated by the Turkish military against Kurds residing within Turkey has escalated the tense situation to a point which risks not just a domestic conflict between Kurds and the Turkish military, but Turkey and Iran, and thus their respective collective defensive alliances, NATO and MECO. These actions should not be tolerated, and must cease and be replaced with diplomatic and civil efforts to promote peace. China does not support any such decision to invoke NATO's security clause, as such an aggressive action would result in a regional conflict and would represent a complete disregard for the process of peace. We also warn against any NATO actions supporting Turkey's illicit conduct, which would have similarly destabilizing effects that would hinder the possibility of peace.”

        “China is also very concerned the preemptive strike on Turkish military personnel evidently authorized by Prime Minister Nouri of Iran has only inflamed tensions and escalated the conflict. The outright military escalation by Iran, with no regards for a path towards diplomatic solutions, should not be tolerated. We do not support any such decision of Iran to request support from her MECO allies, and view such as an aggressive misuse of a productive alliance intended for self defense and cooperation, that would only result in a regional conflict.”

        “China rejects any escalation, and will work steadfast to prevent such. We offer a neutral mediation between Turkey, Iran, and Kurds within Turkey and Iran, to immediately follow a quick path towards peace and proper diplomatic conduct. Proper diplomatic conduct must be followed, and all parties must immediately work towards peace in all regards.”

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