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Connecting myriad diverse regions to each other, we strive to be the heart of interregional community on NationStates.

Small and miniscule user created regions (UCRs) are especially welcome to enrich and drive the project.

RMB open for chatting.

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    The Embassy Information Centre

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    The Embassy's Milestones

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    The Reference Library

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Embassies: The Union of Socialist States Republic, Wiccaland, The Realm of Freedom, New Western Pacific, The Wonderful Bird Region, Triumvirate of Mwindo Levant Fembois, The Grand Oof, Elvarya, Terra Pro Redditu, Zentari, Cactus union, The Islands of Smead, Netraucora, Tarsia, Milexaavykin, Planet Balls, and 2,571 others.The Legionary, The Kingdom of Gods, Hells Headbangers, United Forum of Nations, Free Las Pinas Card Farm, Communist Soviet Union, Pisces Centauri, Khanubia, Rodos, United Republic, The Bar on the corner of every region, The RER Communist Republic, Israel, International Society of Julius Evola, Unlikely Alliance, Gypsy Lands, Hoyerlayian Grand Commonwealth, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Greater Nasunia, Heliste, Alnobia, New World Online, The McWanian Alliance, Free Market Federation, Duluth, New International, Stalingrad Zdroj Treaty Organization, The manatee regions, Cuara, Underworld, Sino, Laraniem, Greater Carrelian Empire, Architects of Aotearoa, Callista, Scoria, Teal Nation, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Nova Libertatia Alt Accounts, Pirate Paradise, United Imperial Alliance, Rio European States, Good Region, LIFE PUPPETS, Lewisham, the Yomese Empire, Fredonia, Great Aureania, New World Union, Japanese Black Metal Scene, Anime Girls, The Blue Star Union, Alesya, The Interdimensional Community, recreated cis, Caelum, The Northern Rim, Bonk, The Commons, Furby Island Puppets, Freeland, Latinoamerica Libre, THE ONLY OASIS, The Empire of Donevania, The Alliance of Eros, Math fans, Besondere Empire, Old Zealand, Galacticus, Communist Cartel, Wille Harlian Puppet Pool, Peninsula Point, The Reich, Salvo, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, Balugata, InfAxes Region, FIFA Lands, Paradisian Archipelago, Victorian era rp 2, United Cossack countries, Federation of Australasian States, Wrinklebrains United, Realms of the Disappeared, Yuno, Brennauer, The plaza, Commonwealth of Rananke, floorsatt, Fields of Hoth, Southern Africa, Imperial Galactic Empire, Bloopsjooj, Greater Novus Britannia Empire, 504 Rue de Davide Biale, The Global Union Consortium, Save Our Planet, The Confederation of Nations, Vexil, Britannia Prima, Realms of Monmark, Japan, Federated Global States, Lyrali, The Region Of Gargery, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, United Federation Of Edwards, Airport, Raxulan Empire, One big Island, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Penguia, Region Name, New Regime of Great Cyan, Trade Market, The Global Democratic Union, The Cascadia Soviet, Thesi, League of Salem, Kerbin, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Roma Invicta, The DRF, The JTF, Lasta, Alliance of Magical Girl Nations, Deep Storage, The Chancery, Aovelale, Monarchist Union, DOOM, Weffle, Scarif Imperial Security Complex, Poggertopia, Northumbria, The Region That Has No Big Banks, Indussean Card Farm, Nations of the Holy Sky Whale, Reminated Euromean Republic, Sovereign Corporate League, ZDay Command Center, Entropy, Olivedrabia, Central Organizing Authority, Persatuan Negara Sosialis Kapitalis, The Popptart Empire, The Dockyard, NSCP, Strawberryfield, Kyorgia puppet storage, The Bunny Fire, Empire Overlords, The Atlantic, The Land of Jokes, The Intercontinental Socialist Union, The Democratika, Democratic Federation, Nova Satus, SeaWorld, Eurasia Pacific, A Card Farm, The Kufkins, Cheddar, International Strategic Alliance, The New Chaotic Coyotes, Diwata, Mushland Undergrowth, Istenian Union, Television Stations, Campbell Soup Company, Kindling, Federation of Terran Nations, Caladarian Galaxy, Aelyadin, Noneuropean Union, Phil Swift, Mikon Archipelago, The Place, Noon Puppet Dump, The Quiet Corners, Nova Terra, Heart, Windfarmer, Macula Offeret, Worlds of Colors, The Federation of Utopias Unitum, Small Ineffectual Rulers, Florence, The lemon hub, Lake Obsidian, 6969, Greater JADA INC Co Prosperity Sphere, Jeinnhezslhaunia, Victors of the Weltkrieg, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Union of Free Nations, Canguta Nations, Guardian Network, Eagles of Germany, Trendsetter, Mr Rogers Neighbourhood of Socialists, My Fridge, Lunaria, League of Christian Nations, The Others, Wolfonia, WHO HATES LIFE YOU DO I DOOO, U R N, Eternidad, The Empire of Nova Roma, Sea, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, free land, World of Beetles, Zombie Research Institute, Blepia, SEC Fanatics, Astrobolt Cards, H land, Jeo, The Western Isles, TBAR Trade Union, The Embassy II, Erynia and Draconia, Green Hills, Canterlot, Embassy Central, The Anti Fascism Alliances, Eastern Boreal, Grishahakkaverchynot League, Abandoned Region, Eurachya, The Union of Independent Nations, Gay Romance, The Okchi Union, BCHS, The Ice House, The Socialist Sector of Paint, Land of Orcs and Goblins, Puppet Nations, Anime Fanatics, The Cult of PCHS, Amalgamated Federation, Barony of Aclos, The Kongregate, Volkslebenian Union, Sapient Beings, Canopica, Wind of Spirits in Exile, the Boneyard, United Nations and Planets, Imperial Britain, Icelandic Commonwealth, Our Town, Novella Strait, The Respected Realms, Coalition for Collective Cooperation, Lotaijuunnian Rainforrest, Ankh Morpork, Republic of Conservative Nations, Heidelberg Castle, Scanidia, our own fridge, East Asia, Compatibility, Find Nation or Region, Random Region, United Christian Empires of the West, Order of Liberation, Just relax, Sovereignty Defense Pact, NS April Fools Day Jokes, The Union of Fairer Nations, Galts Gulch, The Confederacy of Free Lands, St Abbaddon, Imperial Federation Territories, Feudal Japan, Brasilistan, Gobbotopia, Steam Islands, Ulthos, The Illuminati, End 500, Solid Kingdom, Fridge, Mobian Archipelago, The Monarchy alliance, League Of Allied Powers, Ebonhand, Assorted Vibing Nations, Firefly, Torrezon, Hollow Point, Obscure Card Processing Facility, 1st Epitome United, Loony Bin, Zombieland, Krasnaya, Yessian Farlands, The Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall, Your fridge, SolarFlare, Neo Vyzantino, The Land of Noah, Abydos, The Avengers, Khalistan, United Christian Empires of the Galaxy, Environmental Protection Council, The Freedom Realm, Crystal Empire, Veris Administrative Region, The Red Room Academy, A hellhole, Camerania, Orynio, The Iceberg Lounge, Neo Otaku Utopia, Treciene, United States of America, Icarus, The Royal Kingdoms of Quirkiness, Oddness, Democratic Region of The People, Union of Republics, Osakaland, Qwerty bois, Quiet Cottage on the Edge of the Cosmos, Vehrsia, Independence Hill, The Nether, Axis of Absurdity, Aristokuvaa, The Sea Of Love, KAISERREICH, Kingdom of The Great Ecclefeucht, Loamhedge, Homestuck, Cosmonaut league, Union of Free and Independant States, Germanic Imperium, Buddhism, Wampumian Star Cluster, Kylden, Greatest Ixnay, Turkic Union, Weed, The Oceania, Corfu, Emeraldise, Haiku, Kenmorian Communications, The Empire of Russia, Prospit, The New Horizon, Viking Europe, Union of Nationalists, The Cretanja Queendom, Wyndia, Great Chuliu Empire, Groland, Atlantis, Metiva Lame, New Arnhem, The Sand Empire, Bakkorner, The Federation of States, 1000 Islands, Giga, Florida, Emirates of Futurnia, ISAF2, Nintendo, exoplanet kepler 1647b, Crematorium, Alcatraz, the realm of insanity, Roman America, Ath and His Corner of the Multiverse, CDW Federation, Strawberry Hill, Mare Islands, Vyamar, GorigiaUnion, The Doctor Who Universe, Scandinavia, The ProcrastiNations, NUFP, Cyberius Confederation, The Dark Dragondom, Lady Vera, The furry union, The New Empire, Western warzone advance, United Federation of the Blanji Alliance, Terra Sacra, Train Station, Grassbec, The Federation of Brigantia, Novapax, The Liberal States of Having Fun, The Atlantic Cooperation Pact, The Snakes, Silent, Avadam Inn, The Embassies, Roleplay BR revolucao e Politica, Mandalore System, Free The Cheese, Take a chill pill, Regal Plains, Melayu Archipelago, Mappened Federatia, Guinea Kiribati, The Gulf of Alaska, HELLLLLs Card Farming Nations, New Italy, Zenda, International Union of Nations, The Peninsula of Indochina, The United Northcote States, mutual cooperation alliance, United Valhaven, Hibernic RussiaPikachuan Union, The Great Experiment, Juhaszia, the imperium of mankind, Sarnor, Jurassic World 2015, POTO, Europi, Indonesia, Mozambique, Memphis, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, The Protector, Northern Africa, The Southern Pacific, An Alternate World, South Bentley, Republic of Cuba, Coldonia, Nezkat, 2525 World After Tomorrow, Gay Equality, United Alliance of Eufrocia, The City of Kihagi, DMZ Payung, West Sadanta, Alliance of Monke and Gandhi Nations, Nation Categories, Legislative Complex of Grand Magistrates, United Idiotic States, Rupert, Tocan Isle, Bastania, League of benevolence, MonkeyHouse, GUN, Army Divison Land, Wesse de Fraue, The Northern Pacific, Hsiao Han, 404 Not Found, Oslo, Rabat, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Alliance of Democratic States, Kitai, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Cantabria, Great Europe, Sakartvelo, Morocco, Dao, Friesland, Minnesota, Union of South Africa, Kinshasa, Black Dragons, Iowa, Kenya, Copenhagen, Joint Command, Dili, Wales, South Carolina, Manama, Asmara, Purgatory, The Hague, Laos, New Brunswick, Riyadh, The DankLeft Commune, Capital Heights, Tbilisi, Mogadishu, Nassau, Bank at the Airport, Dublin, Bikini Islands, Yukon, Galapagos, NationStates Entente, Calme Ybovien, Capitalist German Union, Illinois, Maconia, Mission Control, Johannesburg, 0000, Freecodism, Sesame Street, Moonkey Federation, Arconian Empire, Slavania, Vaal Hakia, The Puppeteria, Galactic Imperium, League of Free Nations, Anime landia, Alamite Confederation, Deradonia, White Obelisk, Seamount, Lesrex Union of States, Mineola, Colorado, Western Australia, South Dakota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, The Dragon isles, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Rise of Dictators, United People of Awesome The Awesomeing, The Isle Of Midgard, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Virginia, Brittania, Conservative Sphere, MVP, Eastern Roman Empire, The Valley of The Wind, Anime Region, Havana, NDjamena, Tonga, Liechtenstein, Thimphu, Maya, Zimbabwe, Nouakchott, Sydney, Imperio do Brasil, Brazzaville, Western Africa, Republic of Russia, Seychelles, Nature Republic, Dhaka, British North Atlantic, Rhea, Sudan, Kigali, Republic of Korea, Westminster, Solomon Islands, Bangui, Cameroon, Antananarivo, Bern, Abu Dhabi, Algeria, The Great Universe, Accra, Abuja, CPLP, Tie Dye, Bishkek, Brisbane, Apia, Espanol, Beijing, Cape Town, Mississippi, Antillia Islands, Tasmania, Barbados, Cards of Gold, Muscat, Botswana, Bloemfontein, Bharat, South Australia, North Carolina, Amman, Arizona, New Hampshire, Antigua and Barbuda, Northern Territory, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, Missouri, Birmingham, Belfast, Brasilia, Alternis Europa, Washington, Nebraska, Calgary, The Forest, The IWW, Atafu, THE WEST PACFIC, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Belize, Michigan, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Ecuador, New Mexico, Bangkok, Queensland, Bujumbura, Caracas, Union of Walking Baguettes, Ashgabat, Victoria, Port of Spain, 000000, Utah, Bridgetown, Burundi, Basseterre, Australian Capital Territory, Maryland, Abidjan, America Central, Nevada, Bratislava, al Qahirah, Algiers, Delaware, Undead Puppets, Bonn, Azerbaycan Respublikasi, Capitalist States, Australia Commonwealth, Baku, Addis Ababa, Benin, British North America, Buenos Aires, Washington DC, Bamako, Somalia, Kentucky, Angola, Ancient Lands, Knights of the Round Table, Bissau, Brunei Darussalam, Kansas, British Columbia, Wyoming, Imperial Fists, Atlantic New Lands, Peoples Republic Of Korea, British North Pacific, Bogota, The Third Underworld, Alternative Geopolitics, Star Frontiers, The Persian Empire, My Little Pony Equestria, The SOP, MARHAENISME for The World, Lake, United of Loush Nations, City State of Monaco, Banjul, The Union of the Mojave Wasteland, THE z q 7 d AND h UNION, The Geopolitical Roleplay Region, Mandalorian Sector, Systema Solaris, The Small Nations alliance, SHIELD, The Priimydian Commonwealth of Nations, Costa Rica, Kingston, Georgetown, Ecuador, The Liberal Parent Teacher Association, Rumathier, Free Neutral Region, A Small Card Farm, Nitrepza, Federated States of Micronesia, The infamous union of Carrds, NationState Monarchists, Red Liberty Alliance, Kingdom, The putnan empire of nations, Nachtenlieder, Celtia, The Agents of SHIELD, Arcturus System, Card Farming Region, The Union Of Social Media, Liphian card farm storage, Fraternal Union of States, The Barren Ones, Skivx, Giza, Hyperico, Honiara, Mockba, The Oxygen Bar, Brave New World, Funafuti, Cote dIvoire, East Timor, Alliance of the freedoms, Dakar, Little America, Congo, Empire of Brazil, Lisbon, Fiji, Ethiopia, Crimea, Djibouti, Leinster, Xusma Puppet Warehouse, The Place Where I Hide From the World, Colombo, Douala, Delmunia, European Asatru Alliance, Darnall, Intergalactic Sector AB, Quarantined Pisaynons, Black Clover, New Year, Not So Pure Land, The Communist Party of China, Wanderlust, The Grey Woods, nacionesunidasespanolas, The Rose Garden, Solace, Swiss, The Austro Hungarian Monarchy, Somewhere in Brazil I think, Imperial Socialist States, Pawnsilvania, Imperiorum Regni, Willyland, Outer Rim, Ghosts of Harvard Square, Hugosia, Smug, Altay, Nonadia card farm region, Tdumiom, The Breadistan Pact, The Capitalistic States of Independenica, Nation of Earth, Fellowship of the Opium Pipe, Bailiwick of Jersey, Borkmaster, PFCF, The Jews, Jyzeria, Vardar, The Gynocracy, The Slide Countries National Assembly, Wasabi, United States Senate, North Kaiserreich, Jamesia, Anti Agustan Bloc, Nomansland, United countries of new hope, The Greater Midd1e East, Norsewood, Greater Aterman Sphere of Influence, Radical governments authright, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Monrovia, The Central Pacific, Victoria City, Zambia, The Southern Ocean, Seri Begawan, Singapore City, Surrey, The Gambia, Warsaw, Winnipeg, San Marino, The mystical land of Proctethian Puppets, Swaziland, Togo, Great Duck Point, Canberra, El Salvador, Conakry, The Six Counties of Ulster, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Compagnie, Turkiye, Maseru, Sanaa, Saskatchewan, Frisland, Halifax, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Comoros, Trinidad and Tobago, the Channel Islands, Vanuatu, Citta di San Marino, Belmopan, CROATIAREICH, Vancouver Island, Ghana, Luxembourg, Timor Leste, Ceylon, the Alliance Headquarters, Glasgow, Stockholm, El Aaiun, Gabon, Keewatin, Edinburgh, Tegucigalpa, Sinkiang, Stornoway, the Bahamas, Vietnam, Two Letter, Tifariti, Lilongwe, United Assembly, the united nations of swag, The Free Will, State of New York, NorthAtlantic, SPQB Senate and People of Britannia, Seattle, The House at Pooh Corner, Monteaba, The League of Non Sequiturs, Delaclava Overseas Provinces, Chicago, Tashkent, The Republic of California, Vermont Republic, Sao Tome, Vaduz, United Allied Federation, Lagos, Santiago, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Uganda, Tarawa, Yamoussoukro, Taipei, Temple Hill, Taiwan, Toronto, We have democracy, Senegal, Tunis, United Arab Emirates, Vientiane, Yerevan, Valletta, Woodlawn, Suva, The Philippines, Yaren, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Uzbekistan, The Union of States, San Salvador, Vilnius, Tuvalu, Ulaanbaatar, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Western Sahara, Sao Tome e Principe, the Northland, Upper Peninsula, World, Santo Domingo, Windhoek, Tanzania, White House, The Congo, Virgin Islands, South China Sea, Superior, Yaounde, Wellington, Sao Paulo, Wheroq, Durins Folk, Republic of the Congo, The Fairy Hunter Alliance, The Discovered Outside, The International Monarchical Union, Commonwealth of Humane Beagle, Katastrophia, Ontario, Allegiant Union, Ozzy, Confederation of the Mediterranean, Greater Kahl, La France, Advertisement, Cole Hewett, Pacific Union, Ouagadougou, Fegandar Dictatorial Coalition, Plague, Okanagan, Libreville, Praia, Putrajaya, Raleigh, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Lave Alt Dump, Parkland, Pub, Port Vila, Republic of China, The Britanasian Imperial states, Qatar, Republic of Congo, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Paramaribo, Sarajevo, The Sovereign States, Palmyra Tudmur, Saint Lucia, Port Louis, Roseau, Rhode Island, Prince Edward Island, Erda, Republic of South Africa, Port of Victoria, Rwanda, Saint Johns, Mobile, King George III, Richard, Porto Novo, Rogue, Podgorica, Republic of Ukraine, Ottawa, Pitcairn Island, Province of Ontario, Quito, Salt Lake, Republica del Paraguay, Riga, Panama City, Orient, Palau, Port Moresby, Republic of Myanmar, Pittsburgh, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Samoa, Saint Georges, Queens, Russian Federation, Rio de Janeiro, The European Commonwealth of Nations, United Imperial Union, Elvatos Alts, APSIA, The Piguana, New Caledonia, Land of Doge, Namibia, The Darksphere, Yubrikean Union YU, Orellion, Imperium of Bread, The New Dynasty of Yikestopia, The Robotox Empire, Stans, Union Army, China, Dauiland, The Labyrinth, The Refrigerator, War Weary, Naypyidaw, Detroit, Dominica, Malabo, Jamaica, Damascus, Gitega, Guayas, Marshall Islands, London, Kanada, Jakarta, Mexico City, Union Mundial, Northern Mariana Islands, Happy Utopia, Juba, Guatemala, Managua, Islamabad, Federal Republic of Russia, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, Nursultan, Empire of Andrew, Georgia, Imperial Prussia, Minsk, Kiribati, Nauru, Maputo, Guadeloupe, toilet arsonist appreciation society, DBA, Indianapolis, Lesotho, Male, Freetown, The Socialist Governa, Kuwait, Heavenly Palace, Houston, Guinea Bissau, Kyiv, Hudson Bay, ITALIA, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Ooferian Museum of Art, Kingstown, Kandahar, Kingdom of Eswatini, The County of Anvil, the grand empire of nations, Reality, Kampala, Kuwait City, Harare, Honduras, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, Iranian Islamic Republic, Kuala Lumpur, The Great Wonderland, Mongolia, Pontbridge Islands, Manchester, Montevideo, Northwest Territories, New Delhi, Wolverton Mountain, Freedom Front, Niamey, Livonia, Central African Republic, Edmonton, Lobamba, Atonement of Harmony, Nashville, Montserrat, Las Vegas, Manila, Nuku Alofa, Raylore, Dushanbe, Dominican Republic, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Dodoma, Mbabane, Maldives, Lusaka, Novayajord, Nova Scotia, Gaborone, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Luxembourg City, Khartoum, North Columbia, Djibouti City, Malaysia, Mackenzie, Guinea, Mountbatten, Montreal, God Complex, Monaco, Miami, Mauritius, Autism Spectrum, Beyond the Wub, Solar Alliance, Associated Renegades, South East Britain, Knights of The Templar Order, Nesapo, Transatlantic Treaty Organisation, United Empire of Islam, VCG, Slavija, Cities of the World, Claistrora, Polandball, Dark Energy, Eientei Gensokyo, North Turkestan, Organization of United Sovereign States, Politics Amino, Khuzifenq, Alameda, CBGB, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Pie Pi, Jwamesoria, I Do Not Know, Great Peppian Commonwealth, 42 Douglas Adams, Babylon 5, Click Here, The Exarchal Republic, Jack In The Box, Joint Operations Space Command, Asiana, Hippy Haven, Aozora, United Otter Emirates, Krillin, The Progressive Bloc, Vocaloids, Aymeria, Imperium Potestatis, Quezo, Blomjoro, Hagia Sophia, TGU Prison, Luna Inixia, Neti Neti, East Elmer, Censorship Zone, Americase, Pineapple Goes on Pizza, Intergalactic Communist union, Puppetry Tree of Hamatu, TGU Defence Force, hi hi, United Nations of Liberalia, Emu Federation, After Oil, Chittagong, The Kingdom of Burgundy, South pacific gyre, New Calgaria, Federation of Queens, Deathland, Pectusia, The Flower children of the World, The Least Pacific, The Libertarian Legion, Xinjiang, The ReUnified Croastian Alliance, Plius Thil, Vorkuta, TerrorStates, United Banks, The Network, The Yap Archipelagos Economic Zone, Freshness, Social Federation Alliance, The Zanchesian Confederation, Tsumonrin, Union Hispanica, Starways Congress, The Independent Newspaper, The Empire Of Venomira, United Republic Of Nations, Bus Stop, Sanlibutan, Budapest, The Galactic Region, Hive Mind, North Amurica, Cardiff, TNA HQ, Cemetery, Castries, Cotonou, Urumqi, Madagascar, Saint Helier, The Three Kings, Saint Peter Port, Commonwealth States, Chan Nations, International sovereignty pact, Union of Ever Socialist Republics, Ivory, Lost Valley, Terroristen, The Eastern Collective, Shmata, The Central Union of Discrete Nations, Mainland Asia, The New Roman Republic, Southern Resistance, LOL, The Southern Arctic, Jab, Ahunie, Mysuru Capital Region, Greater Middle East, Rogue CONclave, Seaside, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Dorab Card Farm, Moroni, Jotunheimr, Pacific Glorious Eurasian Union, Argo Navis, Greater Brutesia, The Four Crown Pact, Federation of Allied Nations, The Great Double, Columbia, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Celadonia, Bailiwick of Guernsey, Greater London, United League of Nations, Union Sovietica de Mordor, Gamerist Squad, CrimsonHand, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, nasunia, Democratic Unity Alliance, North Alliance, The New Lands, Greater Koaland, Nusantara, Wealth, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The Rejected Pacific, Brave New America, Militaristic Hellhole Union, The Cloudnamers, Asia Pacific Economic Group, Lady Rose, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, That One Place, The Moderate Alliance, The Planet X, Valentine Day, Edmundian Empire, 00 00, Atlantide, 00 0, A random region with no purpose, The Siren Snarkipelago, Hatari, Colony of mars, The Warp, Hetalia, The Zombie Factory, Union of Democrats, Anti Fairy Pact, 0 0 0 0, Terra Ceralis, The Northeast, Fifth Wall, Veran Economic Zone, Concordia Primus, Ebola QuarantineZone, The New European League, Federation of Social States, Artic, The Great Monarchical Nations, Orc Island, Connaught, The Dour Isthmus, Oblitus Realm, 0 0 0, The Cormorant Pact, Lome, Anime and Memes Alliance, NJ Cardfarm, Beachfront Nuclear Hellscape, Skyrim, Glass Gallows, Unieae, Tiktok, Commonwealth of Saint Norm, Tarkin, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, 0 r c, New York, B71, Region of Torve, Capital Wasteland, Hell, Lavumtul, The Sorcerhood, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, New Balkania, Union of the Seekers, Sanctuary III, Anarcho Land, The Thonlands, Starwars Rules, Montealba, Interdimensional Alien Zone, Union of the Red Republics, The Slide Countries, The Empire of Friendship, Groovy, Lyrali puppet storage, The Union of Rightwing Nations, Baymoor, Libertarian States Of Leave US Alone, Preathien, Horrors of the 5th Reality, State of North Dakota, Ayy lmao, The Union of the Mediterranean Sea, The Fish Tank, Wrangel, Tasmanian Trailer Park, Grumbletonia, Balvenia Port, Sikh Empire, Sails Puppet Storage, Weyrest Archipelago, The Defenders of Nations and States, The Fallout Wasteland, Schuylkill Valley, Fort Squidward, Cascadia, Alcodia, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Astrobolt, Bully Pulpit, The Land of Us, SCC CISC 310, Kapulungan ng Nagkakaisang Lungsod, Out Of Left Field, The Democratic Republic, Intruders, Iremia, Water bear Landmass Allies United, Brisbane Pact, South East Asia, Greater Nova York, The Union Army, The Whole World, Devia, The Organization of Cultured Nations, A Second Try, TNO Universe, The Dogeland Alliance, NumNumCookies, Roumania, The Archivers, Seven To Many, Minato, The Emerald Isles, Central Scientific Progress Coalition, Universal Pact, The Big City, Thr Embassy, Medio, Gaming Town, The Shadows, Charizard Sanctuary, Olgienslavia, MiddleEarth, Old Zealand Hotel, Dixie, Holy Imperial States, The Greater Mexican covenant, Canadian Territories, The Satanic Nations, Last Flight, Ancient, Country of God, Ikuisuus, Riru, DurgBurg, Roman Byzantine Union, Union of Liberal States, United Nations UN, New Augrativan Kingdom, DHS learning group, Cokolands based puppet region, PolCompBallia, The Union Of Liberty, Union of Socialist Powers, Greater American Union, Greater Tokyo, Animeland, London England, The Land of the Lards, Spanish Region of Spainland, Timeless, United Islamic Association, The Sweet Ubiquity, Gettysburg, The Alliance of Luck, Nova, 314159265358979323846264338327950, The Other Left Sea, Argos, Alliance of Isolated Tribes, Galactic Hegemony, Commonwealth of Baltic and Nordic States, Kappa Region, Association of Islamic Nations, The Church of Yesnt, Principaute de Monaco, Tarn Vedra, Mystery Flesh Pit, The Wired, Separatist Alliance, The Reborn Foundation, Hungaria, Time Clock, The World Powers of Terra, The Micro Union, Field of Dreams, Eurasian Trade Federation, The Texas Confederation, The Southern Lands, Rebel Federation, Meillur, Jordeo commonwealth, The Sublime Ottoman State, Starfall Alliance, The Paragon Union, Hiyamashu, Magna Terra, Sarmatia Asiatica, Bongo, The Animatrix, The Collective States Of Utopia, Venmere Puppet Army, Kayyoor Pact, Taurica, Dar es Salaam, Asian Dawn, South Central Atlantic, Riados, Totally not a rebel army, Robotox Empire Banishment, Inkopolis, Roxalani, Dogwarts, Ashren, New Scalia, Liberty Democratic Alliance, Scandinavian Union, Maoutica, Peninsula Coreana, Knock off Google, Elmer, New Wind, The crimson axis hq, Gagium, World union of third positionists, Redundant Realm of Redundancy, the dump, New EQDverse, The nimbus reach, Red Archipelago, Holy union of christian states, Iron legion of hungary, Das viertes reich, ICONIC PERIODT, Langburn, The Redlands, Evangelical christian nations league, Hegiroth, Westfalen Westphalia, Ravaged Cybertron, The Domination Syndicate, Astares Covenant, Desert Islands, Yertania City, Eastern Zemlya, Battlestar Necropolis, Planet Express, Free Cantguta, Global Stories, Fat, Kremlin, Alfs Mesopotamia, The United World, The Dunes, Indian Mars, Confederacion de Paises Gusticos, The communication zone, The Green Sea, Kings Landing United, Shadal Kingdom, Lands of Zephathah, International World Union, Singapore, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, Saar Basin Card Factory 1765, The Region, Singapore Island, Imperial Federation of Great Redanien, Zefistan, Catherby, World Assembly Council, Therrand, Anti Anime Action, Nghymruian Lands, RSCA, Council of Constructed Languages, Isles Coral systems, Fettarian Peoples Land, Quesenian Continent, Dai Toa Kyoeiken, Rejuvenia, Vamperion, Tower of The Wizord, The Vasilic Sea, Cao Wei, The House of Prayer, The Rock World of Pop Punk and Friends, Blackrow, The Socialist States of Upper Canada, 1980s America, Urana Firma, Tulipania, International Immortal Ideaventions, TOP, Codex Ylvus, Nethermost Hall, The Long War, The Alliance of Livarkia, The Waord Lands, Free Alsace, Dudeland, meteos land, New Nevada 2040, Libertas, Ilarta, United Essentan nations, Industrial Region, Mobius, The New Habsburg, Land From Beyond the Stars, Nations Union, United1, Stan Loona Babes xoxo, Sentakeo, Refrigerator, Integrity, AHA Stop, The Fridge, Grazistan, Allorist Alliance, Cluxberg, Community of Wandering Lands, Federatie van Verenigde socialistische s, Kachizzle, League of Greatness, Bluntvilleberg, North Antarctica, COMMUNIST NATIONS UNITED, Egg Carton, Himalayan Subcontinent, Zebra Ice Station, 12 Days of Christmas, WARLORD, The Loush 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Federation of Earth, The Emirates of Askbhat, Leauge of the Rhine, Victoria Pennyblythe, Disciples of Satan, Wack Hawks, The North Middle South, Oppressors, Emperia, Do what you want, The Seafarers, and Province Arms.

The embassy with A random puppet storage thing is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Leauge of the Rhine is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Violetism has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with How did you even find this region has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with The Union of Absolute Powers has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with International Red League has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with New Grassbec has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with Order of Our Most Based Lady Victory has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with The North American Continent has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with Wealth Gap Union has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with German Empire of Prussia has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with new united states has commenced. Completion expected .

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The Embassy contains 16 nations, the 1,035th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in The Embassy

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, The Embassy is ranked 1,531st in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Promised Land of Ernest N CrossCorporate Police State Halliburton“Promettez d'Ítre vrai et mentez le mieux possible.”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of Sail Nation TravellersFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Not Always on the move”
3.The Tasmanian Island of Greater NSWInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“The Premier State”
4.The Oppressed Peoples of Lower SlobboviaPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Oh that this should be happening to us!”
5.The Most Serene Republic of SaltmorasNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Safety, Security, Unity”
6.The Dirty but Lucrative Affairs of A Goblinoid MerchantCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Everything has its price...”
7.The Republic of AlphonzoInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Ready for Battle!”
8.The Protectorate of Catherine Louise Marie Ernestine FreneauLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream”
9.The Disputed Territories of Chris CillizzaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Journalism At Its Finest”
10.The Colony of Embassy PuppetInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“RIP The Ambassador Reception, and maybe come back later”

Regional Happenings


The Embassy Regional Message Board

Embassy Report for 05-07-2021 Major
Embassies Before Update: 2585
Embassies After Update: 2582
Fredonia: 2753
Difference: 169

Yeah we're freeee!!!! Free-fallin'!!!!


Uh oh that ainít good.

Jacrovnia wrote:Embassy Report for 05-07-2021 Major
Embassies Before Update: 2585
Embassies After Update: 2582
Fredonia: 2753
Difference: 169

Yeah we're freeee!!!! Free-fallin'!!!!


Goraria wrote:Uh oh that ainít good.

We shall redouble our efforts!

Lower Slobbovia wrote:Using that old strategy, we would be targeting the embassies in Fredonia which donít currently exist with The Embassy. It could also be used with other regions such as, Gypsy Lands, Hollow Point, and The Great Universe. Personally, I would have no problem with that course of action.

You also could just raid every region that has more embassies.

Donelant Holorendal wrote:You also could just raid every region that has more embassies.

But raiding is bad 🤔

Brontosaurus wrote:But raiding is bad 🤔

We're all bad on this bad day

Donelant Holorendal wrote:You also could just raid every region that has more embassies.

Probably not a good idea

Donelant Holorendal wrote:You also could just raid every region that has more embassies.

"Do unto others as you'd like others to do unto you..."

By your logic, you'd be fine if Gypsy Lands organized an invasion force to storm the Embassy? Duly noted.

Embassy Report for 05-08-2021 Minor
Embassies Before Update: 2582
Embassies After Update: 2582
Fredonia: 2751
Difference: 167

Has the falling stopped? Has the bleeding stopped? Has the pain stopped?

Well, that certainly took a while
Hello The Embassy
You have another one now, yay

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