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The Embassy RMB

WA Delegate: The Unitary Sovereign Republic of The Hanzanburg Union (elected )

Founder: Embassy master

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 756th Most Devout: 758th Most Cheerful Citizens: 1,028th+7
Most Rebellious Youth: 1,578th Nicest Citizens: 1,615th Most Cultured: 1,635th Most Inclusive: 1,658th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,917th Most Nations: 1,923rd Largest Publishing Industry: 2,253rd
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Embassy.

Established 26th April 2015, we aim to be the largest connector of diversity amongst regions, connecting thousands to each other through a single, neutral point.

The Embassy is the record holder for the largest number of embassies. On 16th April 2019, we had 4,057 embassies open. With 24,333 regions in NationStates that day, one in every six had an embassy with us.

The Embassy Leader and WA Delegate : The Unitary Sovereign Republic of The Hanzanburg Union

The Embassy Vice Delegate : Camel Empire

Secretary Of The Embassy : Leppikania

Receptionist On Duty : The Ambassadors Reception

All Embassies Requests Will Be Accepted

Embassy Requests | RMB Guidelines | Resources | History | Contact us

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    The Embassy Information Centre

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

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    NationStates Guide

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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    The NewsStand

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States, Central Eastern Europe, Pontbridge Islands, Aels, League of Salem, The Equator, National Socialist Ministries, Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten, Central Asia, Union Mundial, Old Celtica, Brazzaville, The Land Ov Denun, Celtica, The Turtle Isles, The SmorgasLands, The Subantarctic, The Sol System, The Democratic States of the Wasteland, United Regions, Continent of LGBT Equality, Loneliness, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, The Waste Management Center, Thandamaniland, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, Isolation, The Others, Real Places, North Gloucesterstania, GTA Forums, The Region of Hetalia, Empire of Andrew, Desert Islands, Epicenter Of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Sainam, Nova Civicus, Ultimum Terrae, Confederate States of North America, North, Crystal Empire, Stormbringer, Panessos, War Weary, The Meme Must Go On, Independent Islands, Raylore, The Kingdom of Burgundy, The Dunedain, Grand Central, The United Nations of Ellendor, CBGB, Funen, Omniversal Giants Mark II, Tsumonrin, Imperial Russian Empire, True North, Paradise, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Frozen Guns puppet warehouse, Imperium of the Wolf, The Bar on the corner of every region, Eientei Gensokyo, Cold Springs, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Northlandia, Melhorian Sea, Europea, Krumpelberg, Reality, The Union of Socialist States Republic, Polandball, Asura, The Celtic Militia, North Eurasia, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Novus Terra, Association of the Countries of the Free, Exodus, Central, The Czech Republic, Poopi Noopi Groupi, The Peoples Republic of China, Loony Bin, Malaysia, Happy Utopia, Eagles of Germany, HFY, Solar Alliance, Northumbria, Fiji, Icecrown Citadel, Laotis, Turkiye, RWBY, Know Your Region, The Central Pacific, Portugal, Land of Orcs and Goblins, The Middle Nowhere, The Popptart Empire, Knights of The Templar Order, Regionless, Dispatchia, New Jahkku, Public Telegrams, Tenebris, The Rogue Gallery, Yuno, The Great Universe, Austnara, New World Alliance, 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Alpha Centauri, Tanabiku Galaxy, Undertale, Ordo Circumspectionem, Pawnsilvania, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, Pigsty Steppes, Mapperdonia, Kanada, Senegal, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Axiom Supercluster, Luxembourg, Commonwealth of Baltic and Nordic States, Zen Buddhism, Crodown, VCG, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Rhea, New Brunswick, Angora Guanaco, Okanagan, CIA, Cote dIvoire, Gabon, Tuvalu, Two Letter, Cote d Ivoire, Sakartvelo, Comoros, The Gambia, Vanuatu, Slavija, Connaught, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Korovia, Leinster, Wales, Friends and puppets of Chewbockastain, The Nomadic peoples of Imperial Mongolia, Equality and Development Coalition, The Vast, The Epic Pony Region, The LBP Union, Gamyria and Historica, Nesapo, Land of Whispers, United Socialist Republics, Sikh Empire, The Nerby Banana Republic, Hippy Haven, Scoria, Zentari, Civilizational Compact, Armenia, Concordat of Phoenix, The Indian Subcontinent, NationStates World Regions, International Republican Union, Imperial Fatherland, Coalition of Catholic States, New Dinosaurtopia, Hippies, South America, Intarctica, Surda Federation, Especia and Meridon, USSR, Novels and Plays, Suomi, Regionless Nation, Chavel, North America, Door Monster Entertainment, Commonwealth States, Hetalia, Bernie Sanders Supporters, Sonnel, Cascadia, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Remnants of Hyrule, Claistrora, Novapax, Agora, The Place That Has No Big Banks, State of North Dakota, SECFanatics, Vandoosa, Altmora, Canterlot, Kotturheim, Leppikanian Puppet Storage, Etharia, RGBN, Industrialaska, Bully Pulpit, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Mob, The Ocean, Ibova, Kawaii, United Group, The Confederacy of Free Lands, The Great Experiment, Allied Federation of Nations, The Imperial Dominion, The Northern Outskirts, FUR, Ancient Empires, Babylonia, Dash Clan, Abyssinia, South Asia, White Obelisk, Board Game Nations, Asiana, The Western Realm, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Oceania, Costa Rica, Seattle, Namibia, India, Anzia, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Klein 2017, Assembly of Independent Nations, Maldives, Thebes, Atlantic New Lands, Mauritius, Liechtenstein, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Imperial Prussia, Morningstar, United Assembly, The Briserian Universal Union, Cookstown, African Union, The Sentient Hub, Coristno, Brasilistan, North Asia, Scotia, Malawi, State Awesome, French Empire, North Turkestan, AEGIS Alliance, The Pacific Republic, NATIONS REGION, Monarchist League, Chinese People Liberation Army, Chile, Where anyone can be anything, Yo Mama, North American Union, Delta, Diverse Regimes Project, The Land of Extremes, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Beer, The Great Region, United We Stand, League of Christian Nations, Global Alliance, Democritus, Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight, Union of Overcast States, Old World Union, Republic of Selsos, Isla Variatas, The Intercontinental Union Of Nations, Khuzifenq, Oblitus 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Order, Asia, Out Of Left Field, Memeworld, The Lands Of Guacamole, Otoris, Elprus, The Sweet Ubiquity, The Holy Roman Empire, Covenant Accord, The Bates Motel, 84 point 25 Anomaly, Where the Wild Things Are, Dot, Covfefe, Sao Tome e Principe, Ilarta, DBA, Manchester, Archdymia, The LAGC, The Puppet Show, Red Alliance, The States of Villaland, The Palaven Union, Doanese, The Militaristic Region, Henry Ford Archipelago, New Atlantis, desert, The New Mappers Union, Kortexian Tech Barracks, The Free Pacific, Jade Order, The Pacific Northwest, Cotton Club, The Travelling Sheep, The Iceberg Lounge, The Kingdom Of Westminster, The Three Kings, RAMS, The Sands, Scarlet Dominion, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, United Federation of the Blanji Alliance, The Arab League, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, The Real Pacific, International sovereignty pact, Walt Disney Parks And Resorts, The Loravian Archipelago, Low Earth Orbit, Nevaeh, Penguia, Venus Project, Union Sovietica de Mordor, United Vape Nations, Nationalistan, Land of Hairy Cheese, Leftist Collective, western europa, Greater Middle East, Itevia, The Imperium of Agia Germania, The Corsup Conservative League, Greater Brasilistan, Nova Terra, United Nations of Earthlings, The Confederacy of Free Nations, Ninjago, Alliance of Secondary Countries, leftypol, The Junto Region, Ebenezer, Furby Island Puppets, Castocium, Council of Islamic States, Federation of Conservative Nations, Circumspice, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Rogue CONclave, Gypsy Lands, Union Hispanica, Orient, The Mausoleum, The Fallout Universe, The Imperial Consortium, Silverhold, Region Mexicana Mundial, The League of Conservative Nations, Angels of Hell, Hyperion United, Canterbury, Iranian Islamic Republic, East Gwynthorpe, The United Nations of Tylerrism, Grand Land of Muffinstan, Confederacy of the North, Imperial Coalition of Nations, The Curtain of Steel, The Nordics, Worldly Debate Region, Bus Stop, Fortunate Isles, Elparia, Former United States of America, Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics, Wiccaland, Nusantara Archipelago, Aristokuvaa, The Union of the Axis Powers, The Glorious Union of the Collective, The Watchtower, Alstrept, The Western World, Shrayan Bose, Sidere Perfectum, Calnuxia, BackRub, West Ponit, Camp McKee, Northern Utopia, Mahakam, Imperial Roman Coprosperity Sphere, Rainbow Flag, New Worlds RP, Sovereign Land of Arstoska, Beringia, Mitteleuropa, United Alliance of Conservative Nations, The Democratic Guard, Union of Socialist Powers, Lil Pump and Lil Purp, Gwalethia, Union of Allied States, The Milky Way Galaxy, T R M D C, Deuterra, The Ocean States, Greater Etheria, Bikini Bottom, Oceanside, Malphe, Ivory, The Southern Arctic, Northwest Amero Canadian Union, The Realm of Neerod, Greater Europe, Where Anyone Can Be Anything V2, Pulau Klopstock, The Large Swath of Unclaimed Territory, The Epician Islands, The West Republic, The First Reich, Honduras, Agheasma, Southern Australia, Lusiteria, Zazumo, CrimsonHand, Ancient Egyptian Haven, Caelorum, Tikifa, Ships Haven Archipelago, Saertland Red Bloc Allies, The Parliamentary Democracy, United Republic Of Nations, Youtube, New Tibet, Province of Mactan, United Countries of Nyx, United Council of Nations, Limburgia, United League of Nations, Core World of Zintaria, Salutations, The Land of Subtopia, Novo Brasil, Prison, Shoreside Union, Gaiya, Union of Free and Independant States, Greater Nova Roma, Second Kekistani Republic, United Federation Of Edwards, The United Empires of Carson, Gucci RP, The Region, Wampumian Star Cluster, Nation Dumping Ground, The East Backwater, Greater Brutesia, Union of General States, Istem, Coin Collecting Club, RHINIA, Elite Dogs R Us, GrubBerg, The Union Of Social Media, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Ayy lmao, Land of Abisa, Asian Dawn, Utopian Realm, Royal Assembly of the Third PCWZ Empire, Island Of Union, Leracona Prime, iFunny, Democratic Peoples Republic of iSTEM, Union Of Great Britain, Machtpolitik, Ameurasia, United Tropical Islands, Slambo Circle, Warehouse, Ikuisuus, General Alliance of Nations, Windy Island, Authoritarianism Is Cool Kind Of, democratic union of free states, The European United Kingdoms, Auralia, Continents of Allyiran, Azerupt, Hypernova House, The Camelot Union of States, The Disneyland Resort, Grumbletonia, Global Industrial Union, Biqgai, The Rouge Nations, International Economic Union, The Conservative Republic, New West Indies, Homeplace, Mom Central, Estaria, The Parthian Capital Hierarchy Society, League of Capitalism, The Pit under the Arm, United Nations Protectorate, The Alliance of Luck, Free People of The Democratic Federation, The Great American Union, Sufficient Union, Embassy, Commonwealth of United Republics, Tasmanian Trailer Park, Church Of Xylo, Embassies, The Fallout Wasteland, The World Alternative Union, The Alliance of Emerging Nation States, AdventurelandWhackAKenzie, The New Coming of Communism, Germany Russia, Grain Mush Islands, The Sorcerhood, The EverLit Torch, The Pigmask Empire, Telegos, Union of the Kind Ones, Central Perk, Warehouse of Wayward Teen Punk Rockers, Who would win, Hellenic Seas, North Thunderia, The Democratic Republic, Northern Enmy, The Haven Of Calebia, Southfield, Devia, Fredonia, Argo Navis, The Global Democratic Union, Existence, Summa Cum Laude, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, Blobtopia, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The united nations of liberalia, Golden Dragons, The Dawn of Unity, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, The Larry Pact, Andromeda Galaxy Coalition, Anti Moderator Alliance, Universal Pact, The New Kingdom, land of the redpandas, The Nazi Pacific, The Franco Spanish Empire, The Srivijayan Consortium, TGU News, Cazbeez, Central Quark Puppets, The United Front of Commonhealth, Green Hill Forest, Clergy of the God Rhllor, The Alliance of Grandfather Anrico, New East Berlin, Kaiser Might, The Children of SpicyBigDad, Fredericka, The Pact of Hesse Saxony, Warzone Sandbox, Southward Islands of Liberal Faith, The Allied League of Nations, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, New celtic order, Schwarze Sonne, Kingdom Of Austria, Communist Cartel, The International Assembly of Nations, Japan, Farkasfalka, The Mysterious Raiders, Our Town, Elemental Realms, The League of States, The Combination of Controversial States, New Epinadia, Union of the Seekers, Outlands, Stoners, Earth 2080, The Greater Nazi Empire, Free Politics, Happy Nations, Vault 13, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, Region of Something, Eastern Federation of Socialist states, Chicken overlords, Despotic Europe, Zombie Research Institute, Confederate Region of Kathakar, PinkDowlg Empire, The Galactic Empire of Britain, Europae, Lemkovyna, Court of International Law and Justice, Steam Punk, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, The White Shoe Association, West Qasrian Lands, Penguin League, I am Groot, Christian Nations Union, MentosLand, The Reborn Foundation, MArihuana CONfederada Int Aceptada, Confederation of New lands, Ebola QuarantineZone, Homieland, The Flying Fishes Bait Shop, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, nasunia, Estado Novo, Ooleechnee Phanare, Warzone Asia, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Storenda Kukwandara, Trump, Invicta, The Puppeteria, Profell Regions, Solemnace, Debate Region of the Rhine, The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands, Capri, Eurerre, luck, Warschauer Pakt, The United States of Greater BlatterLand, Omnia, Train Station, The Chinese Republic, Pigeon Axis Force, The Dogeland Alliance, im inactive, Asteria, United Republic of Micronesia, The Federated Nations of Hava, Imperial American Europa, Small Globe, The Great Continent, United wilages, United Conservative Alliance, Desdin, The Organization of Cultured Nations, Anarcho Land, Hartfelden, Concorde, Montealba, The Alliance Of Supreme Powers, NOZ, World Awesome, Citadel of Ricks, Union of Queer Nations, Mensa Economy, Strawberry Hill, Peaks of Unom, American Patriotic Front, Emojiland, True Land, United Fascist Federation, A Nice Puppet Area, The Scottish States of Unity, That Region Over There, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, Alliance of Liberal Democratic Nations, Silvonia, Verdenia, Alliance of Holy Orders, Union of States, Everscant, Eastern European, The Smolcastic Federation, The Mystical Council, Former State of Massachusetts puppets, Wololooo, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Twin Cities, Rat Nations Assembly, The Average Confederacy, Latinoamerica Libre, Democracy Club, Union de naciones socialistas latinas, The Limbo, Xedas, Chilamanus, International Northwestern Union, Serdouan Sea, The Mathornian Commonwealth, Union of Justice, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Union of Imperials, Pride Rock, Tesseract, HALO UNIVERSE, Gladius, United Fascist Workers Association, Society, Solitaria, Semper Roma, Westeros Total War, Idris, Crazybloxian Empire, United Socialist Powers, The United Study Group, Pravda, The Western Union of Europe, Embassy Hub, Chernomorskiy Union, The Entente, Bloco Liberal, DefenderCon, Kingdom of Adonai, Opstan, Region Name, Lokerzen, PieTopia, United Fighters of Massachusetts, Blackout Session, Redditoria, Terra Pro Redditu, Oriental Realm, The Drawception Community Domains, British and French empires, 22chan, Bobberino, Burgerland, Bundesliga, Operian Puppet Corporation, Compact Conservative Country Collective, Brotherhood of Nations, OmniOne, Common Defense Pact, The Republic of Northern Powers, The Mercury Space Colony, Hive, Festivus, Roman Byzantine Union, Melanesia, Therapokna, Northern Ocean, The Assembly of Socialist States, Central Asian Union, NRP, Laraniem, Jeffreys Pocket Multiverse, Zeed, minecraft forest biome, The Hope Federation, The United Powers, Federation of Rice Lovers, Boss Apples, Appalachia, Indian maths class, Kebabistan, Heian Japan, Aetheres Nivis, Winter Empire Region, The Imperial Court, National Socialist States of America, The Grand British Union, Reminated Euromean Republic, The Maria Alliance, Europan Union, The Democratika, General Autism Alliance 2, Nasunia Debate Stadium, Yipmens Donut Shop, Eesti, Central Tasmania, Carson Central, The Confederacy of MoFos, Union of Democrats, Terra Aether, Craigs Communist Union, Scania, The International Coalition 2, Church of lasagan, United states of Kansusian lands, Galactic Republic Alliance, Christianity Union, The Commonwealth of Dictators, Realm of the Whispering Winds, Petershauser Park, The Illuminati Council, UNDERFELL FLEET BACKUP, Southeastern Confederacy, The Sapphire Realm, Don Carrys Mothers Cats Left Green Toe, Dublin, The Slide Countries, United Free States, Empathica, The Bastille, Atalaya 2 electric boogaloo, Scavenger Wastelands, The Holy Commies, The united countries of new hope, United Authoritarian Nations, AccrossRealms, Griffinheim, Padopai, Micronia, The Elder Scrolls, Geographica, Centralized Union of States, not corrupt land, Fort Desolous, New order of Anacaia, SHIELD, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, The Land of the Lards, Dharma Homeland, Great Yellow Empire, The Rubber Duck Land, The United Free Nations, Model United Nations, Kanto Jinfuken, Asia Pacific, The Council of Kings, 00000 Land of Nod, Eastern Union Alliance, Valley of Paradise, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Ree, Larrys Lookout, Gallish Empire, Steve, The New North West, The Third Royal Crown Empire, Port Royal, Revolutionation, Union of Socialist Labour Justice, The Enlightened Union, Antirrhopus, Colony 470, NOP Puppet Storage, The Federation of the FA, Tordondero, The White Guardsman, Europaeischer Schutzbund, Bloc, Ultimate meme union, The Steakhouse in Nationstates, New Koven A Union of Imperials Colony, Libera Mundi, Lardy Army, World Freedom Alliance, The Endless Realm, The Cliffs of Insanity, Borealicia, Capricornarius, IRAQ AND SHAMAR AND ARAB UNION, Defense Pact of Democratic Nations, Continental Navy, I see a Army, Blue, The region of the independent warriors, Swapania, Kombar, Appalachian Sphere, Union of Sovereign Satellite Republics, Found Region, Batzia, Thrones of the Three Kingdoms II, Government in Exile, Evangelical Christian Nations League, Kaiserreich in exile, The Coalition of Hakoa, the region of car lovers, The Independent States of Akrieus, Greater Austria, Anti Fairy Pact, Warzone Australia, New Lemuria, Cirque Infinity, Atchafalaya, The Alliance of Eros, Nezasnorden, Amarillo, United Nations UN, The United Empire of Steveonia, The Association of True Socalists SECOND, New Atlas, Stille Nacht Over Septentria, Kalrania Omega, The grand confederacy, Atlasia, Eurosia, Greater Provost, Coalition Of Rightly Guided Isian States, Shadow Realm, Nationalism, The Nuclear Wastes, Just an open region, Artifex Orbis Nova, Another Galaxy, Avoland, union of the progressive nations, The Red Banner, Liberties Justice, Cyber Industries Federation, The Confederacy of Untied States, The Federal Commonwealth Society, The Collective States Of Utopia, ORCA HQ, EastAsia, Blakelandias, Authoritarianistic Wasteland, Unitarian, Swedenborg, Blackbats, International Concordia League, Strength in War, Orgafinian Troubles, oauei, Japo Roman Imperial Federation, The Region of Wind, Krasnaya, Scorched Earth, Southeast Wheels, Civilization, Kingdom of West Sayville, Meditation, aeiou, League Of Allied Powers, Aufkersta, Submarine Dongle Communications Cable, PNUfFuW, The Isolate Imperium of New Equestira, eaiou, Smol Fur Empire, The Unified Nations of Distinction, The United Confederacy, europa 12345, BOTs, Chaldea Security Organization, Ministreyl Commonwealth, Blair Campbell Regional Sector, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, The Reich, Cardly Working, United Dragon Archipelago, The Federation of Free Nations, Nietzsche, The Havenish Commonwealth of Nations, United Nations of Calebia, Northern Oceans, Myztikhal, New Klob Atlantic, The New Liberty Republic, Synland, Meme Team, The Antarctic Empire, Cards, Hiyamashu, Dawn of Civilization Roleplay, The Hood, Independent Alignments, The Dominion of Canada, The Liberty Entente, Colt 45, QUEEN YUNO WORSHIPPERSS, The Liberty Block, Elegarth, Ion, The Infinite Legion, The New European League, Imperton, Patriot Alliance, Terra Munda, Heiliges Remisches Reich, The 2nd Dominion, Anime Girls, Robot Industries, Alt Asia Pacific, Ekaterinburg Arena, StarFleet Army Organization, Furbish Poll Center, The Middle North Pacific Islands, Adryvia, New Reich of Bunicken, Malt Liquor, Phunktowne, Niefeltschenland Union, New Terran Blood, Heliopolis Cooperation Pact, Galicia Island, Solaris III, Grand Calradia, Gunma, Achelan Unity, The Federation Of Northern Europe, Der Reichstag, iouae, Mojave Chapter, Das Weltraumreich, Duluth, United Commonwealth, The Colonies of the Asdian Empire, The Dron Empire, The True Times, regional name, Empire of Austria Hungary, The Forbidden Zone, Sovereign State of Techganet, Mobius, Imperial Entente, The Roman Federation, Republic of Free Nations, The Union of Imperials Help Centre, The Scandinavian Union of Islands, Yoruba, Great Gallifrey, Skyrim, The 4th Internationale, Ertacious, SOS Brigade, The Serenity Republic, Anticom Military, Celtic Unionists, Hydrangea, Atlantian Alliance, New Augrativan Kingdom, Lasagna, Catacorpia, The International Polling Zone, The Cuban Empire, The Official International Polling Zone, The Emerald Isles, The COG, UNS, Humaria, United Essentan nations, International Intellectual Alliance, Russian BEES, SMA PIT 2019, Cthaia, The Federation of the Continents, Barren wastes, Viraneroa, The Roman Empire Resurrected, The United Nations of Victoria, The Union of Khoburg, Despicable Me, Gatchina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lezzie, The Zhelepukhovian Territories, Flappers, The Norwegian Region Legion, Royal Houses of Europe, Swedes, The Multi Dimensional Powers, The Grand Holy Bar Stool of McStooley, French Fry Frat, Galactic Imperial Confederation, Shigices, The Confederacy of Kek, New Wolf Order, Congress of Mangalore, 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Crow Alliance, Marxist Union Treaty Organization, Aeronpaxon, Lindblum, The True Army, Stans, Trinity Central Division, Quasars, Britonnia, Novae Terrae, The Free Leftist Union, Sol Anarchia, Thaecia, The Domain Of Godd Howard, That One Place, The Pact of The Centuries, Buteo Buteo, New Rataprarah, Patchwork Eden, Stardew Valley, Zeva Isles, Federal Republic of New Switzerland, East Terrac, Jahland, Experimental, North Korelia, Alpheratz, Spore Galaxy, Island of Atlas, New Regime of Great Cyan, The Hanseatic League, Earth 2063, The Gaza Strip, Volkslebenian Union, The Region of WESC, The Glowing Fleet of Lemuria, Pacific Countries, The International League for Peace, Council of The Laureate, Greater Asian Co Prosperity Sphere, Wild Hunt, Autobot region, Economic Cooperation Union, SEA anti socialist, FCN, The Alliance of Efros, The United Socialist NationStates, Aswanny, Sentakeo, The Port Royal Society, The New Commonwealth of Diverse Nations, Union of Liberal Nations, The Franco 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Path to Nowhere, Bastoria, Fiore1, The Kartoffelreich, New Jericholand, Filthy Casuals, Council of Intergalactic Nations, Donjia, The Official Region of the Official Cult, Vaellon, Memtech, Pyrrhia, State of Kennedy, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Ovama, Kao Sperklecopia, Fort Squidward, Hadria, Socialist Mutual Assistance Bloc, Flat Fiddy Five, Volgor, The elite region, The Holy BrotherHood, The Rim Worlds, The Republic of Sol, Aldorria, SCC CISC 310, The Ninsquer Regime, Geneva Treaty Organization, Grade 8 class, New Republic of United Nations, Federated Inannarc Regional Enclave, The Inquiry, Pinochet Island, The Royal States of the Prospila Union, The Mighty Alliance, land of tacticool and negative iqs, Ducks New World, Bumba Damballa, Legrume, Eirene, Greater NewCiv Region, Memeverse, Heritage Hill, Band of Brothers, Clown Club, The Silent Militia, Holy Dawetidish Empire, The Holy United Nations of HellSushi, Medieval Times Lyndhurst, The Vega Pact, Anime region, The Federation of 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Old Northern Utopia, International Democratic Commonwealth, Union of Nations, United Nations of OPEC, Union of Islamic Dictatorships, Independent Region, Urana Firma, Paneuropean Union, Spayse, The Elite Tribunal Of Morrowind, The Speedwagon Foundation, CERJ Alliance, The Former United States, The Planet of Savannia, Howle, The United Nations of 9cord, The Undying Region, The Global Diversity Pact, The Northen Union, New Aesteria, PK of rthbnd, Amuria, Terria, Eolor, Jalvian Archipelago, The Nations of Maryland, International Liberalism, Yesksise and Realran, Lands of Myth, The Trunk of a Pontiac Tempest, Rise of Nations, Y Chromosome Club, Legion of Exiled Governments, Euresia, Ichora, Coas Leon, The Oatpire, SHS Stole My Woman, America Forever, Dragons Reach, Empire of Liberal Nations, The Allegiance of Allied States, Free trade zone of terror, Infotech Region, Lagardia, The Draconian Order, Louisiana Swampland, North korea secret service branch, Papers Please RP, Socialist Economic 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Memephis, The Yellow Empires Reserve Army, New Atlantica, Eurilea, Independence Hall, Yellow Imperial Puppet Storage, Nations of the Orion Arm, Harvey Empire Union, The triarchy, Kateen, The Deep Fried Lands, The Prayer Room, Hydra Reich, ACENOS, The Holy Empire of Saints, Yellow Imperial Immigration Camp, The Celtic Union, Communist Allied States, Leftist Alliance, Black Mesa, The Wonderful world of Yeast, Fundavia, Al Riyadh, No more alerts, Roman Domain, The Serenity Pact, Whotopia, Omina, Walter Payton Region, Slavic Allies, Kataen, Kingdom of Stonewood, The United Nations Of Seston, Empire of Iberia, Harvey Kingdom, The United Unused Nations, United Union of Roleplay, The Rhadamanthus Space Colony, Europia, Empire of Blazeland, The Varda Space Colony, The United Nations of Defence, The Deucalion Space Colony, Mozarab Revolution, Jaeundak, The Socialist Colonial Empires, The Free Commonwealth, Toronto Raptors Fan Club, The Huya Space Colony, The Lempo Space Colony, Doofenshmirtz 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Watch, The Hippie Empire, Novus Imperium, Anarcho Communist Transhumanist Federati, Union des peuples libres, Saskatchawan, Fate Waifu Alliance, Altraania, The Arena, The Communist Region, Pax Perpetua, The World Order, Mazogion, Alesya, Haruatosukra, Greater Flammenwarf, Fedsonia, The United Micro Nation of the World, The Thermian Society, MLS, Creativity Is Not Allowed, Tallize, Isles of High Rock, Interplanetary Collective, The Realms of Athretvari, The Mists, Worldwide Communist Empire, Benin, The War Zone, Cuddle Commune, Corporate Federation, The United Kingdom of Goddess, The North American Continent, Land is Frees and Ness, Picklenugget Embassy, Greater Mania Region, The Levelled Pacific Imperial Republic, Before 2200, Scumistan, Raxulan Dominion of Sayville, Republic and Peoples Republic China, The Dunes, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Warzone Africa, Futarjan, Northern Federation of the Burning Star, Anarchy, Great Mongolia, and Lucidum Republic.

The embassy with League of the United Tribes of Dakia is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with NationStates Raiding Treaty Organization is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Ar Fanclub has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Commonwealth of Protectorates has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Paradise has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Cult of the Cup has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Avaria has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with NAFTA has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Pabu Space Colony has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Seblarian Crimea has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Black Sea Pact has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Ghost Land Government Type Museum has commenced. Completion expected .

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The Embassy contains 7 nations, the 1,923rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in The Embassy

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, The Embassy is ranked 10,448th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dirty but Lucrative Affairs of A Goblinoid MerchantCapitalist Paradise Corporate Slave State“Everything has its price...”
2.The Ottoman Empire of Camel EmpireFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“The Eternal Camel State”
3.The Unitary Sovereign Republic of The Hanzanburg UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Ausgewogenheit, Gleichheit und Fortschritt”
4.The Exquisite taste of The Ambassadors ReceptionInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Noted in society for their host's exquisite taste”
5.The Federal Republic of DurcaneCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Durcane, land of prosperity and unity”
6.The Rogue Nation of Grand NordInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“God, Homeland, Liberty”
7.The Democratic States of LeppikaniaLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“All hail the glorious Gaben!”

Regional Poll • Summer Holiday Plan 2019

The Unitary Sovereign Republic of The Hanzanburg Union wrote:What is Your Plan to spend this best Summer Holiday of 2019?

Voting opened 13 days ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


The Embassy Regional Message Board

Lockheed Aircraft wrote:Why doesn't your region have embassy with The North Pacific, or the South Pacific, or any of the other game created regions?

We've had embassies with some of the Warzones. I suspect that embassy requests were sent to the feeders and sinkers at some point in the past, and rejected.
If we found out what their embassy acceptance criteria was, I guess we could see if we meet the criteria.

Send your mighty puppets to Puppeteria!

Together we will invade the continents of main nations and raise our mighty flag!

Vive La Puppets!

Let the war begin!

Puppeteria Founder wrote:Send your mighty puppets to Puppeteria!

Together we will invade the continents of main nations and raise our mighty flag!

Vive La Puppets!

Let the war begin!

If they're all in the World Assembly, sure.

Oh and The Embassy's RMB has 256 pages! Yay!

Hello! :) join my region to fight for fascism

Hello embassy region!

RHINIA is currently undergoing big change and we would love for you to send over a puppet or another nation to help us out! Currently we are looking for nations available to fill government positions and positions in our House of Commons, where all the laws are proposed and voted on.

Our whole system is being revamped and we are aiming to bring back political parties too, so feel free to create your own if you decide to join us!

Our embassies are currently being reviewed as well. My apologies if we do close an embassy with you. If you feel as though we have closed an embassy unfairly (we are only human after all), then donít hesitate to contact me.

If you have any questions, please contact Patek Phillippe or Barlomia


Patek Phillippe



Please consider supporting the proposed Security Council Resolution to be put on the floor.

We need approval of 79 WA Delegates!

We're playing ♠♥Baccarat♦♣

Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips.

Yay we have embassy

Pharoahs Haven wrote:Yay we have embassy


The Ambassadors Reception wrote:
Meanwhile, Flower Dance 7 has refounded Look Away for reasons as yet unknown...

They don't want Padfootia refound Look Away. Also, there are two nations at Look Away but they can't do anything.

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