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Regional Poll • To fill Justice Ginsburg's seat or not to fill it.

The Pirates of Xyanth wrote:There is a category five litigation storm on the maps. That storm is tracking unerringly toward the 2020 election. The liberals, still holding on to some thread of hope that Biden will be elected want the nomination held until after the election. The right and the President are saying the President should not wait because it his duty. The left is pointing to 2016 when the Senate refused to bring Judge garland to the floor. The right says Garland stood no chance of being confirmed and that would have been a waste of time. What do you think?

Voting opened 10 days ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region Regional Message Board

The 2020 election is shaping up to be quite the crap-show. In Pennsylvania between the courts and election officials, officials are not allowed to reject mailed in ballots over signature problems[1] and judges are required to accept and count ballots through the Friday after election, regardless of the postmark.[2] Also in Pennsylvania, the court kicked the Green Party off the ballot on a technical foul, refusing the party an opportunity to correct the error.[3] For the record the Green Party cost Al Gore Florida and the Presidency in 2000.

In Michigan, ballots postmarked the day before the election must be counted for the next two weeks after the election which really complicates certifying the results.[4]

Democrats have been publicly and loudly vowing their intentions to thoroughly litigate the results of the 2020 election if it goes against them. These are just the opening shots. Lawgivers in other blue states are making noises about further shenanigans and movement of the election goal posts.

The 2020 election stands to make the 2000 election look like a cake walk.

With all that in mind, there is a better than even chance, at least some part of this election will end up in with the Supreme Court. Probably on an emergency hearing basis.

I don't think there is any way we should go into election day one justice light on the high court. What do you think? New poll will be up in a minute.


As a supplement to the last post and the current poll, it seems wisconsin judges are going to force the counting of ballots received after election day, regardless of the post date. This is going to get ugly before it is over.

Yeah the universal mail in ballots are a retarded idea and will be an obvious source of voter fraud and uncertainty. Definitely need to appoint a new SC justice ASAP, and I see absolutely no reason why the senate shouldnt unless their goal is to obstruct potential election processes. If the Dems wanted to choose SC justices, they should have chosen a better candidate than Hillary Clinton and won the 2016 election. They didnt do that, so the choices lie with Trump and the Republican controlled Senate. The dems could have won the senate if they wanted control, but they didnt win it.

Pinochetus wrote:The dems could have won the senate if they wanted control, but they didnt win it.

Thank all that is Holy and a few things that are not. Let us hope it stays that way.


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So whether as individual nations or officially as a region, we're extending the invitation to you to become members of our Army of Freedom N-Day faction. If you have specific questions, you can contact our President, New Waldensia.
23 September 2020

Ram that SCOTUS pick through baby!

Imren wrote:Ram that SCOTUS pick through baby!

Agreed. With Wisconsin and some counties in Texas jumping on the bandwagon, playing silly buggers with mail in ballots, this country may come apart if the Supremes fail to resolve these conflicts.

Glad they havent backed off or fallen for the democrats nonsense about how they have to wait.

Hopefully none of the senators vote against it as she is... alright for a justice. Her track record of judgements during thus pandemic has been weak IMO in regards to the constitution and whether the mandates are constitutional re the 4th, amendment, but whatever. This may be as good as it gets and I see no reason that isnt partisan for voting against her.

I had no idea the rallies for Trump were back on. I could've been selling hats, masks and shirts to make some extra money. I will try to make whatever extra money I can from the rallies, sometime in October.

On another note, I am getting back into making videos on current controversial topics and other things interesting as well. I just released a four part video talking about the controversy surrounding the song WAP. I will make one today about either me responding to Classically Abby's video on Attracting Conservative Women or about What Conservatives views I hold and how my conservatism is a little different from typical conservatism. Let me just note I'm am not overall conservative, I have both liberal and conservative views blended together in a way where they work with each other instead of combat one another.

The Supreme Court currently has eight living members - so the President and the Senate can not wait, as presently decisions could be 4 against 4 (deadlock) - not just on the election, on everything. But it is the election that is critical reason that the nomination must be approved now.

It is obvious that the Democrats are engaged in massive mail-in ballot FRAUD - they are not even trying to hide it. So mail-in ballots must be rejected and the election settled by people turning up and voting on election day (with I.D.) - saying "this is a matter for the States" is pretending that the Civil War and the 14th Amendment did not happen - all the rights of United States Citizens are a matter for the Supreme Court.

Mail-in ballots must be REJECTED - the United States Supreme Court must prevent a RIGGED election deciding who is President of the United States, and deciding who makes up the United States Senate and the House of Representatives.

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