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Est. September 28, 2015 | Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018

Welcome to Anteria, home to premier NationStates Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and international brotherhood! Together, we create our own world and cohesive narrative in which members from all four corners of the world can call their own.

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Current Roleplay Date: April 2021

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Regional Power: Very High

Anteria contains 345 nations, the 67th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in Anteria

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 13,862nd in the world for Most Extreme.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dictatorship of North bluntPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“North blunt forever!”
2.The United States of The Pacifican UnionAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Multi Populorum, Patria Una!”
3.The Republic of EwitsimAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“Work Hard For The Motherland”
4.The Island of Novaya ZemljaAnarchy Post-Revolution Embryonic Society“A Change in Plans”
5.The Jingoistic States of AlathuaPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Strength Through Domination”
6.The Empire of PromoPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“All Hail Me”
7.The Republic of QakhoristanLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Freedom No Matter The Cost”
8.The Dictatorship of KitsmenacePsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Cliffs are like roads, meant to be driven over”
9.The People's Republic of TorrentianPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“All press is good press”
10.The Community of Corthe KolheLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“By The People For The People”
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elections at Argarzia
Elections are started today, an electoral reform the political parties will pass to 6 from 11, the Liberty Party is in benefit, meanwhile the revolutionary party is last in the standings. A lot of people are protesting and the hard political situation due to the national instability are causing problems.

RP Councilor Elections!

The first term has passed, my friends. First of all, many thanks to the current RP Councilors for the amazing work they have done, I appreciate the commitment and helpfulness y'all have shown over the last 3 months!
But now it is yet again time for giving everyone else the chance of being a Councilor.

For those not familiar with RP Councilors: A Councilor's job will be to assist the Director of Roleplay in setting and overseeing the rules of Roleplay, guiding and helping new and old players, on Discord and the RMB.

So if you think this is a job for you, you can run for election by sending me a DM on Discord or a telegram here. You can do so until 17.04.21 12:00 EST, so you have 3 days to decide.
Good Luck!

Missile Strikes over Plagyorasia

Reports of missile strikes over Plagyorasia have been confirmed by the Bakyernian military following a number of preemptive strikes today's morning.

Earlier today, multiple preemptive strikes against Plagyorasia were launched from navy warships off the coast in an attempt to disorganize and disorientate the Plagyorasian state's military and its capabilities. Some of the confirmed locations that were bombed during the attack were mainly strategic military targets such as defenses, logistical infrastructure, and transportation.

The Defense Force has made it clear that no civilian infrastructure was targeted and it is expected that all casualties sustained were military on the Plagyorasian side. The preemptive strikes has already brought some confusion among the public to why Bakyern is striking preemptively at an enemy when a war hasn't even begun, however some are saying that a war is already starting as reports of preparation among Shadoveilian and Bakyernian armies already taking place along the Plagyorasian-Shadoveilian border, hinting to a war that will occur in the extremely near future.

Attempted Cathedral bomber arrested
A man has been arrested and charged over his alleged role in a terror plot to bomb Bainbridge's Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin.

The man - who has not been named - was originally arrested in September 2019 for attempting to spark a republican revolt in Gratiot, but escaped from prison during his trial.

At his arraignment, the man admitted he had planned to blow himself up inside the building.

It is alleged that the man, a Muslim convert, was going to target the cathedral, and that he said it was a good plan.

Prosecutors say he also gave advice and shared extremist propaganda with 'like-minded republicans.'

The man has also been charged for his escape from prison in 2019, and is also accused of participating in the Republican Insurrection of 2014.

If found guilty of any of these charges, he faces a likely death penalty.

New Sebronia wrote:RP Councilor Elections!

The first term has passed, my friends. First of all, many thanks to the current RP Councilors for the amazing work they have done, I appreciate the commitment and helpfulness y'all have shown over the last 3 months!
But now it is yet again time for giving everyone else the chance of being a Councilor.

For those not familiar with RP Councilors: A Councilor's job will be to assist the Director of Roleplay in setting and overseeing the rules of Roleplay, guiding and helping new and old players, on Discord and the RMB.

So if you think this is a job for you, you can run for election by sending me a DM on Discord or a telegram here. You can do so until 17.04.21 12:00 EST, so you have 3 days to decide.
Good Luck!

(The vote starts in 1 week, so the candidates have enough time for campaigns. Also making it clear that the current RP Councilors are also allowed to run!)

My Campaign for RP Councillor.

I am Kritsolia and I think that I am a good fit for RP Councilor because I have seen councilors (and the RP Director) work, and I have created many iiwiki pages that are filled with worldbuilding and contain a lot of information (they also follow the RP Guidelines). Along with that, my interest in RP doesn’t end at NationStates, I also have an interest in D&D, and hope to play it weekly when COVID-19 is over.
Some info about me and NationStates: I found NationStates in mid-October whilst searching for things to do that involve worldbuolding and RP (specifically Country WB and RP), and I found NationStates. It took a little bit of jumping between regions but I eventually joined Anteria, and I decided to stay, as it was exactly what I was looking for.

Info on my Country: My first iteration of my country was the Kistolian Kingdom, formed in 1142, it was a fairly peaceful kingdom not getting into many wars throughout it’s lifetime. It’s family name were The Jemitros, and they believed in fairly liberal views (for the time, they were still very conservative). The only major war the Kistolian Kingdom got into was the Great War, when it collapsed early on due to civil unrest.
The nation which passed through was The Dutchy Empire, which had joined the war only to lose in 1911. Poverty was increasing as “Forest Camps” (Disguised name for concentration camps) were created, and took in many minorities, including the Pecians. In 1924 the Dutchy Empire entered a war with Vardarsku, with an eventual loss (no specific dates yet, the Vardarsku war is still in worldbuilding). After that, The entire country was mad, the Ethnic Kistolians for losing the war (along with poverty), and minorities like the Pecians for being mistreated even worse during the war. Eventually, in 1950, a civil war broke out, many Slavic Minorities in the South East formed Slavitsa, and the Germanic cultured Kistolians formed Kistolia, New Sebronia joined the fight in 1952, and supplied the rebellions, along with fighting in the war. The war lasted until 1954, when a treaty was signed, splitting The Dutchy Empire in two, Pecia, and Kistolia. The borders were like this until 1984, when a conference happened, and created the Kistolian Union (a merger Union between Pecia and Kistolia). And finally, Kistolia joined the Sekidean Union in 2005.

Sincerely, Kritsolia

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Advance to Csatorna

As Shadoveilian armies have been confirmed to be pouring into the Plagyorasian border, movement of deployed Bakyernian military has been confirmed heading towards the port city of Csatorna.

Just as the Shadoveilian armies have begun their advance, the Bakyernian military has already made an advance targeted towards the port city of Csatorna still under Plagyorasian control in hopes of cutting off Plagyorasia from the world by capturing the country's only major port. Movement of rangers and marines has been confirmed by war journalists accompanying some units in the advance.

The advance is expected to take a few days to take over and occupy the coastal regions of Plagyorasia. Alongside that, more missile strikes have been confirmed to have been launched, but this time they're targeting the city of Csatorna. The current commander of the fleet in the bay claims that they are not purposefully targeting civilian targets, but are targeting military units and equipment that are inside cities and villages. The war has just begun and it is completely unknown how the response of the Plagyorasians will be sooner or later.

Kyapita, a means to our end:
Every engagement Qui Latine has had in Isshiki has been with the Kyapita faction. From the first battle in the wheat fields to those fought over the castle. Like any other group fighting against the Social Democratic revolutionaries in Isshiki, they were very poorly organized, hadn't made up their minds about a goal. They were not too against speaking with the Qui Latineans. Whenever they surrendered, conversations would break out about politics and why they were fighting. All these reasons added up; Seipor Basha wanted to speak with some of them himself, find some things in common so they wouldn't have to lose lives to no avail.

When he arrived on the 15th of April, many refugees belonged to the Kyapita group and ideology. They wanted to speak with the man in the upperclassmen's suit and understand why he looked over the fields so authoritatively; 'Why did he leave the comfortable palace to talk to former farmers about their political preference?' They thought. A scrawny boy, wearing navy blue overalls and a straw hat that hung low over the front of his face, stood tall in clear view of Seipor and asked, 'Do you want to talk or do you want to shoot?'. Basha glanced in his direction, 'I want to make peace with words, not guns; you and your families are the first steps.'

'Well, then why couldn't we have talked at first? Did your pride in your military get in the way?' asked the boy. Seipor stepped closer, 'There was something in the way of our mouths, either the bullets that flew towards us first or the sharp glances that froze our people with a cold look of men playing professional poker.'. He lifted his hat so he could make eye contact, 'I understand now, so we had to bud heads a bit to understand each other, yes?'. Basha nodded, 'I ask of all you, what made you want a new government and what motivated you to take action?'.

The boy looked at Seipor calmly, 'We spent day after day farming, even I a young boy had no rest. I'm sure it isn't like this anywhere else; my family and I wanted help from the government. We also wanted to work with other farmers; Convinced their business was more important than other's well-being that struggled like them didn't want to; They didn't want to improve together. We wanted to.'.

Basha nodded, 'So you wanted the government to help people get together to improve their lives? It doesn't sound like such a terrible idea, so why didn't the government try to do that?'. 'Even they didn't have the budget to go through with something like that. Money was a roadblock for them time and time again. We think that they spent too much time worrying about urban folks rather than us.' said the boy.

'Perfectly reasonable, now how would you feel if someone like Qui Latine was helping you through that?' Basha enquired. 'I know Qui Latine. You are some communist utopia with fake presidents and unruly authoritarians that spin one thing out of control for another theatre to grow. We'd surely suffer through the corruption and how you lose sight of things while one goal is important enough to focus so hard on.' said the boy. Seipor looked past the boy's shoulder out into the palm forest, 'We try our best, our economy is at the same state as yours, only if Qui Latine helped you, you wouldn't have to worry about lack of cooperation. Soon, we won't face such one directiveness either, that was part of Khaled byn Corro's rule.'

'Well, I should hope you do better, and I think you will. It's just a matter of convincing the rest of us.'

'I think I already have.' Basha said, looking around at all the faces, which stared at him eagerly. 'Your people will receive our help on one condition. You will not fight the social democrats in Isshiki any longer; But from this decision, you earn our protection and our resources.'. He looked out to them, 'What do you say?'.

The crowd applauded him as if to say, 'Of course, for such a charming man.'. Once this started, the soldiers saluted the people and pledged their allegiance to those who want to receive Qui Latinean assistance. When the clapping stopped, an event was held to help the people form a union together. They chose to make a flag for their people; Not for a state but an ideology and a party; A green similar to the Isshiki flag but less saturated, a black rose in the middle to signify their allegiance to the Qui Latinean socialists.

Which nations are oil rich?

My campaign for RP Councilor

Hello all, I am (unsurprisingly) Halsuntria (jk421#6165 on Discord), you can call by Hals or whatever I don't care. And I am running from RP Councilor. Now why am I running for councilor you may ask. It's not because I want more power or want to be more important than anyone, it's because I want to be involved in Anteria. I want to help more in the worldbuilding and roleplaying processes in Anteria. I want to make Anteria as a region a better place by helping people, to establish realistic worldbuilding and roleplaying, and to make it enjoyable for everyone.
Reasons why I'm a good RP councilor: I'm active basically everyday; I can be reached through telegram and Discord at anytime between 4-12 hours a day on any given day if you need help. I want to help; just like I already said, I want to help people do their roleplaying and so you shouldn't feel hesitant to contact me if you want help or need to pass something by that you think might be iffy. I know what is and isn't realistic, I can get a good feel for what is and isn't realistic and how to fix it, the only exception to this might be in military roleplay to an extent. I know about the Anteria Lore; I’ve been in Anteria since last August and since then have immersed myself and learned about the lore of the region. I can help fit your nations culture, history and other aspects to help fit into the lore so that you can have an accurate and unique nation to have in the region.

A little bit on Halsuntria: Halsuntria is an island nation located in Southwest Anteria in Caleren. It has four distinguished cultures, Gent, Kesgonter, Hen (& Oufrey) and Fuvern (being similar to Nganasan/Nenets, Sami, Mari/Chuvash, and Romanian respectively, essentially Russian minorities and some Romanians. It is ruled by an Oligarchy and leans pretty far right on the political spectrum. It's history starts in late 1000's BC from tribes and eventually some Khaganates that formed. It later devolved into utter chaos for the medieval time period as bush wars raged across the country for millennia from 400-1400 AD. It then calmed down a bit in the 1500's as tribes just did their own thing before Krenyan colonizers came in the late 1600's and left 30 years later from oppressive rule. It wouldn't be until the 1730's that the Oligarchy was formed and from then on Halsuntria's history has been pretty straight forward getting involved in the Great War and other global and regional events while developing into a regional superpower for the Caleren continent.

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