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The Monarchy alliance contains 47 nations, the 429th most in the world.

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1.The Mighty Imperium of Atlesian EmpireIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“vivere ad pugnam pugnare ut mori”
2.The Empire of NeimireedInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Strength Through Freedom”
3.The Kaiserreich of TuirslandFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Si vis Pacem, para Bellum”
4.The Kingdom of Czaedom of BulgariaMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“Bravery, integrity, intelligence”
5.The Empire of Of The Virgin IslandsIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“Two Most Important Things, Conquest and Nukes”
6.The Republic of GlarnesiaIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“United in strife, together in peace”
7.The Holy Empire of Holy Roman Empires2Iron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“To change to future, you must remember the past”
8.The Principality of BurumistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Mission Accomplished”
9.The Federation of SuptonsInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“You Can't Stop Progress”
10.The Federation of Mis RempInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Peace and Justice”

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Magnacia RP: A Journey of Love, Pt. 3

It had been 3 days since the King's Company left for Berandi, they have encountered several fortresses made by the Dakbanwa, refilled its supplies at Base Marshall, a mere 200 KM from Ginlakbayan, and had passed through several polities, yet, the King's Company is still far away. Fillep called his Herald, Joan van Garaald, and ordered her to send a letter to the Queen, which is also a thousand kilometers from Berandi:

"My Dearest,

I have traveled more than 500 KM from Ginlakbayan, and I am already impatient to see you and kiss your pink lips. I hope that you are also impatient and had been traveling too,

From your only King,"

Hours later, after van Garaald had left and after the sun had set, the King's Company had set up camp near Mount Veridian, where they had planned to stay for the night. On the King's tent, he invited all of his staff to join him for dinner, (roasted chicken, buttered corn, rice, cheese, wine, and beer) where they discussed the natives they passed through, the news from the High Kingdom, and places they've passed through.

The King had sent his staff to their individual tents to sleep, but, unlike them, he still cannot sleep without reading his favorite book, The Brave Chickening of Sir Robin, which was the 9th book about Sir Robin during his quest for the Holy Grail. He read and read for hours until he had realized that it was cold, snowing and the sun rising. He stepped outside, stretching his feets and arms, while shivering, he then saw that two footmen were sleeping, sitting against their guns, the King threw two snowballs, at which awoken the footmen, alarmed and pointing their arms before realizing that their King is laughing at them, in which they respond by laughing and throwing snowballs at the other footmen, doing the same thing. The entire encampment was awoken and played with snowballs, before realizing that they were running late, at which they rushed back to their tents and changed their sleeping gowns to their uniforms and leaving the tents for the servants to deal with.

While heading to Point Makalon, another fortress, the Company had encountered a merchant selling children for 10 Ducats, at which the King had refused, leading to the merchant's reaction damaging one of the horses.

By the end of two days, the Company had traveled a total of 800 KM, and would travel four hundred kilometers more before reaching Berandi.

Hermes Express 123 wrote:Eldarien hops up of the throne to walk down the steps, accepting the Jewel when he reached the bottom.

A jewel of Emerald. For this I thank you. I shall have it broken into multiple pieces, and have those used to create the fine gems used in rings of myself and my family. Im sure my daughters will especially love them. As for the messenger, his name is Bergill. I sent him to your capital? He should have sent back a Letter, explaining the status of our treaties, aswell as details on our embassy. I will have a staff of diplomats, guards and workers gathered to work at it, and a convoy of supplies to build it. Anyway, I will have a large sized building on the Fifth level assigned to you, for use as your residences and as an embassy. I can have guards and workers assigned to your and the embassy, unless you wish for a raider to be sent back to your homeland to request some of your own peoples. Oh! I nearly forgot! What deal was agreed on anyway?

Roderick listened carefully at this, not wanting to make a mistake in his appearance and response. He took some time to think out his response before saying

"Majesty it pleases me to see you so pleased, and the treaties to be signed between Your Majesty and Her Majesty Gwen Queen of the crown lands on commerical trade on silks and fabrics, as well as elven goods- items which you have a monopoly of? Its simply a chance for our traders to trade with yours, paying appropriate taxes of course. We were also taken to discuss the taxes on our traders, what are they to be?"

How is everyone?

Warm Greetings,

As both our regions have embassies established, we cordially invite members of this region to take part in the RCN & Friends Tri-Sport Tournament

The RCN Tri-Sport Tournament sign up has now been posted on the NS Sports Thread


West Phoenicia
President of the RCN

Tuirsland wrote:Magnacia RP

"My beloved,

I assure you that the road to Berandi is safe, my men had been stationed on the road itself, you can find Brigadier-Lieutenant Filep Macron at Touer-di-Gispanyia, about a kilometer from your gates. I believe that the bandits are already under control. I shall be making my journey to Berandi within a day, as I have to settle things with my Chancellor-of-State.

Your Dearest, and only King."

As Gwen's royal procession nears Berandi, her ladies of the court and especially herself and prepared. Plum pudding and olive oil are rubbed on their skin to make it smoother, along with their own designated necklaces being put on them.

Most of the ladies of the court have either sapphires or rubies, but the queen has two necklaces of petals from the south- rubber finely and liberally with olive oil to make them shine.

In the final few miles the queen puts on her dress, and spends the final twenty minutes of her journey in near silence, keeping her figure. When she does reach her destination, her elegant dress is held by her ladies in waiting as the servants prepare shade for them to wait for the Kings arrival- bringing wine and cards as well for the wait.

Magnacia RP: Nearing Berandi

A week and a half, that's what took them to travel from Ginlakbayan to the outer walls of Berandi. The Footmen (toots their tooters lol,) blows their trumpets to gain the Wall Guards' attention. The guards reluctantly opened the gates. Upon entering, the King saw such sophisticated and futuristic things, for one, a stall of wall guards checking the papers of people entering the city, another is a long pole blocking the roads, which the guards can only open. Fillep got off of the carriage and approach one of this stall,

"Excuse me," asked King Fillep,

"Halt! Papers or you can get the hell out!" ordered the guard on the stall,

"Here, guard, and please call your Doge, I need to see him immediately," the King handed his papers, stamped with the Great Seal of the Holy Kingdom and a Golden Seal of the Rivers, signifying that he is a noble, but what stands out the most is a drawing of the Order of the Five Rivers, which the King could only have.

"Forgive me, Your Holy Majesty, I have not recognized you." said the guard apologetically, "Soldier! Call the Most Serene Doge! Tell him the Holy King of Ginugpaan is here to see him!"

"Ah, no need to apologize, erm--" the King asked the guard his name, "Captain Pius Povpolo, I know its orders from the top."

"Aye, sire, sorry, now please," the guard points at the pole, "Proceed, and your carriage shall be allowed to pass through," the King climbed his carriage, and the drove pass the pole, leaving the rest of the company behind, and waiting a few meters away.

The company was climbing through, talking and laughing, before they were interrupted by the noise of the galloping of horse,

"Hyaa! Halt, Eyeflahs, hyah!" said the man, wielding a shield bearing the arms of the Makalons, and the banner bearing the same arms.

"Captain-General Makalon! How good it is to see, sir!" said one of the guards,

"Guard, have His Majesty, the King passed through?"

"Aye, sir, he is over there!" the guard points at the golden carriage,

"Right, do you want my papers or would you let me pass through?"

"You may pass, sir,"

Magnacia RP

"Why do you have a rank here, Makalon?" Asked the King,

"Oh, don't you remember? We were sent here by your dear Pa-pa to serve as Condottieri along with 19.3 K soldiers during the Wars of the Wells (Imagine war of the bucket, but city-states conquering wells of the nearby city-states). You were sent back home when a bow almost hit you. I served until the end of Second War of the Wells, where I got promoted to the rank of Captain."

"And how did you rose to Captaincy-General?"

"Ah, before the last Rag-hah died, he sent me again to Berandi, where I served 5 years before I returned home. I fought several battles during the Conbzian Wars, where I got promoted again and again, from Captain-Lieutenant to Captain-Sergeant, to Captain-Corporal and finally, Captain-General."

"That----kinda clarifies it?"


Makalon continued his explanations, until the Doge appeared, where he also shook hands with Makalon before bowing before the King, which made him feel annoyed.


Terv and his group of four other bandits- well not quite bandits by heart but more so by definition, were on the hunt for loot. And they knew just how to find it.

Cordovanian tax collectors.

No one dares to touch a cordovian tax collector, as they have at least 10 armed guards with them at all times, to their routes and back. Terv had a plan however. Terv always had a plan.

After noting the patterns of the tax caravan- small, only two villages, Terv and his group of outlaws as they preferred to be called dug up the road for the horses to step up and got hold of a bull from a very, angry farmer to say the least. The holes were covered first by a thin layer of dirt, then a thin wooden plank which would fall for a horse certainly, covered by more dirt.

It was working beautifully, Gwui was riding the cart which held the pull, with the rest and their bows at the ready.

The five outlaws saw the horses fall in the trap with their front legs, whirring around the cart. Gwui turned his cart around and let out the bull- unluckily for the guards who were wearing red as always.

Gwui ran to get his bow, only after the other four shot their arrows. Terv shot a guard, Yeweila injured one and the Miss Brook got one perfectly. All five got another opportunity to release, until the seven remaining guards- for there were 12 originally got into a sheild wall around the tax collector and taxes. The bull- enticed by the red cloak of a straggler not quite in formation charged at him, causing true morale loss.

The next volley hit once more until the captian ordered for the men to form a testudo and charge at the bandits.

Six versus five, good odds.

Two more including the captain were shot in the charge, though both wounded only, and seeing that the other four stopped short and surrendered. It was good loot.

The cordovian ruler must decide now hot to these bandits- or are they only bandits?

OCC: Cordovian peoples

Hello, Blackstar just concluded two big and important election. Result are as follows:

  1. Presidential Election(Part 1)

  2. Presidential Election (Part 2)

    Congrats Kitcheni for winning the Presidential Election

  1. Chief Justice Election(Part 1)

  2. Chief Justice Election(Part 2)

    Congrats Greater Taggart for winning the Chief Justice Election

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