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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2172, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 52 nations, the 328th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in The Fallout Wasteland

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 13,086th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Caesar's Legion of New DecandsorDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Pro Bono Terras.”
2.The The Children of Atom of Raiders of RagnarokDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Let the Atom consume you”
3.The Republic of A New PlaceInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“(absent)”
4.The Free Land of North TretoppetoplotsInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Wut”
5.The Republic of LunadaraInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Mission Accomplished”
6.The Northwestern Confederation of ArdentusDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Gott Mitt Uns!”
7.The Republic of Americas Enclave RemnantsCorporate Police State Halliburton“God Bless the Enclave! God Bless America!”
8.The Ödland Reich of New FrankenFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy“Alles für den Führer!”
9.The Fallen Angels of Liberated New ArizonaCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“You like the sight of your own blood!?”
10.The Seething Void of Iok-SototLibertarian Police State Slightly Overzealous Peoples Democracy“¯!_(ツ)_!¯”

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The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board

New Decandsor wrote:Pax Romana Chapter 3: Scars


Over three weeks after Caesar III and his army departed to conquer the Dallas Territory, he returns from his campaign, having successfully lead his armies to victory. He expected a happy and jovial greeting when him and his personal Cohort paraded through the capital's streets. However he saw many residents had a cautionary look on their faces. They held suspicions about him deep down, about the incident which led to him ascending to the position of Caesar. Regardless, he kept riding through the streets, his helmet, dented and damaged, still shining in the sun.

Arriving at Caesar's Hill, he disembarks and as his Cohort head to their barracks, Caesar III heads to his personal tent, speaking to no one. He enters his own bedroom. It was simplistic, he enjoyed the simple accommodations given to Legionnaires, it reminds him of his days as the Legate who stood beside Caesar I and his successor, Caesar II. He had but a simple cot, given to all Legionnaires, placed on the ground. The only other things in the room was a rack with weapons and helmets and a table with a mirror. He walks over to the mirror and examines the damage done to his helmet. The bullet had left its mark. He felt a deep anger grow in his stomach. Caesar III did not exhibit many emotions, but when it comes to his personal helmets, it hurts him. He removes the helmet and sets it on the table, before turning over to the mirror. Staring back is the horribly scarred face of a broken and battered man. Burn scars cover a massive portion of his head. Jagged scars left by swords and knives cross his face. His eyes were dark and cold, devoid of any emotion. He was so engrossed in his own reflection he didn't notice the Minister enter until he saw him in the reflection.

The Minister - "As Children of Mars, we all share scars. Both physical and mental. It is how we are bonded forever in the Grace of the War God. All of his children share the pains of the past, and the yearning for blood."

Caesar III - "The people do not respect me. They do not truly see me as their Caesar."

The Minister steps closer and puts his cold, scarred hand on Caesar's shoulder.

The Minister - "In time they will see the truth as we do. In time they will become Children of Mars. What they are experiencing is inner doubt. They still yearn for that degenerate heathen that was your predecessor."

Caesar III remembers his predecessor. She was a young, beautiful, and fierce woman that Caesar I likened to having a child. He named her his Heir, even though the Legate knew it was not a good decision. Even though Caesar III knew killing his predecessor was the only option to save the Legion, he still feels a slight regret deep inside of himself. But he quickly shook it away. He turned back to the Minister.

Caesar III - "She is dead and buried. It is time for all of us to move forward. Rally the Centurions and have them meet me here."

Caesar III turns back to his damaged helmet and hands it over to the Minister.

Caesar III - "Take this to Vulcan and have him repair it. When I give my speech, the people need to see the unbroken, undamaged face of Mars."

Pax Romana Chapter 3: Scars


The day was damp. Storms have ravaged the capital for nearly two days following Caesar III's arrival back from his Dallas campaign. The storms have lifted, but the ground is still wet from the torrential rains. Many of the residents have traveled to the far side of the city to the Hill of Caesar, where the Caesar is scheduled to make a speech. While many show up in fear, others stay in their homes. In his personal tent, Caesar III puts back on his repaired helmet after the Minister returns. Caesar III looks in the mirror and sees the Face of Mars stare back.

The Minister - "The Centurions have arrived. They are gathered in the meeting room."

Caesar III doesn't say a word and instead nods to the Minister, who leaves. He enters the meeting room, where several Centurions, all in their gleaming armor, stand around a table. When Caesar enters, they all kneel.

Caesar III - "Any news from our scouts?"

The Centurions stand.

Centurion Hissel - "Our scouts speak of some minor settlements to the north, nothing major. Our scouts to the east have found dangerous landscapes and wildernesses that have made it difficult for them to traverse. Our armies would have a hard time getting through. But our scouts to the southwest. . ."

Caesar looks over and notices the Centurion seems hesitant.

Caesar III - "What have they found?"

Centurion Hissel - "They have heard just the words of traders and merchants. A large nation. One that borders along the Pre-War United States and Mexico. A massively industrialized society and a major threat."

Caesar III - "Send a diplomat with some scouts. Put our Frumentarii on high alert. We need to know everything about them. Their advancement, how big their population is, everything. Send it immediately."

Centurion Hissel bows and leaves the tent in a hurry. Caesar looks at the other Centurions.

Caesar III - "Get outside. I'll be making my speech shortly."

The Centurions bows and leave the tent. Caesar III looks on the table at the map of the Legion. He has a strange feeling, but shakes it off. He finds himself looking over at the tent flap leading to the Throne Room, where the Throne of Caesar sits. For a moment, he sees a figure. He blinks and it is gone. Caesar III walks over and looks in the room and sees no one there. Must've been his mind playing tricks on him. He could've swore that the figure eerily resembled Sallow. Nonetheless, he turns and leaves the tent to make his speech to the citizens of the Legion.

Grand Enclave wrote:"All right, all pre-flight checks good, systems green," Cindy said. "Let's get her going." The engines spin up and the plane begins moving down the runway. After a short jaunt to build up speed, Cindy pulls back on the throttle and the plane lifts off into the air. "And we have lift off!"

She turns the intercom on. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are currently climbing to our cruising altitude of 15,000 ft. Please keep your harnesses fastened until we have leveled out, at which time you will be free to move about the cabin. Flight time will be about 16 hours at a cruising speed of about 242 mph, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy the inflight entertainment of whoever has the better joke."

New Franken
Nootka Coast
The Warren

Bigger Picture: Call of Winter


After the liftoff, Nancy seems to take an interest in the guests onboard the plane. She seems to stare at them for abnormally long periods of them, as if she was making concise and integral scans. She tries to begin small talk with the Super Mutant who joined the group.

Nancy - "I've never met a Super Mutant before, but I must say honey, you don't look half bad."

Meanwhile, the Enclave pilots after nearly half an hour, would hear a transmission from Mr. Anette back at the Mansion.

Edgar Anette III - "This is. . .Anette. . .calling from our central command, over. . .how are we looking pilots? Everything stable so far"

Wasteland Alive wrote:New Franken
Nootka Coast
The Warren

Bigger Picture: Call of Winter


After the liftoff, Nancy seems to take an interest in the guests onboard the plane. She seems to stare at them for abnormally long periods of them, as if she was making concise and integral scans. She tries to begin small talk with the Super Mutant who joined the group.

Nancy - "I've never met a Super Mutant before, but I must say honey, you don't look half bad."

Meanwhile, the Enclave pilots after nearly half an hour, would hear a transmission from Mr. Anette back at the Mansion.

Edgar Anette III - "This is. . .Anette. . .calling from our central command, over. . .how are we looking pilots? Everything stable so far"

"Read you loud and clear, Central," Cindy responds. "Flight is stable so far. Nothing but sun and waves as far as the eye can see, over."

Family Time: Part 2

You could smell the uncomfortableness that all were feeling in the throne room from a mile away. There was a long moment of awkward silence in response to the Queen's question, but finally, Richmond's voice broke through the quiet.
"We could, like, I dunno, go to the local art gallery?" he said, shrugging. Selena scoffed.
"Yes, I would just love to spend the day wasting my time admiring some old men's fantasies on paper," she retorted. "That sounds like such good use of my time and brainpower!" It was Richmond's turn to scoff.
"You just have no taste!"
"Yes, I do!"
"Do not."
"Do too!"
"Do not."
"Do too!"
"Both of you, please, stop arguing!" said Thomas with a frustrated groan and the two stopped, clearly embarrassed. Queen Regina pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Thank you, Thomas," she said with a slight smile. "You see, my children, this is the issue. We need to find a way to overcome these differences and bond as a family." She rose from her throne, walking towards her family. "Why don't we go to that art museum... and then we can do something that Selena wants to do?"
The children nodded in agreement despite their obvious resentment towards this idea.

New Jersey, New Brunswick, Rutgers University aka "Edgeridge"

War, war never changes. A nation has fallen. The former strong nation is known as the "United States of America" has fallen due to war for resources, placing its population in the line for nuclear devastation and placing it in a panic. Some people reserved spots for Vaults for their local area, while some did not and were left to perish, all due to war for resources. Look at life nowadays, you have to keep one eye behind your back and one on yourself, people could go feral at any moment and for any reason, the wasteland is complete anarchy and chaos. The Civilian Protection Front formed in 2081 and has continuously been supporting communities of civilians in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Edgeridge, a scrap town protected and governed by the Militia. Edgeridge has been a hotspot for civilians to retreat to for safety and security. Nowadays groups are formed searching for pain and destruction in their wake, while small communities like the Civilian Protection Vanguard, are looking to help and provide for the population. It's a dog eat dog world, but that's only because of war. War, never changes.

It was a Wednesday night, CPV Customs & Border Control Officers and Dog Handlers were guarding the checkpoint that led to Edgeridge. A band of civilians hesitantly walked over to the checkpoint holding backpacks. Specialist CBC Officer Daniel Warrel spoke up at the group, he and the other Officers held an array of Battle Rifles at the checkpoint, as well as three Sniffer Dogs roaming the checkpoint.

[Specialist CBC Officer Daniel Warrel] "Hey, you all! You looking to get into Edgridge? Step over to the checkpoint, and hand over y'bags."

The group began to walk away, which made things more suspicious. The Officer called out to them again, in a demanding tone now.

[Specialist CBC Officer Daniel Warrel] "Come here and hand over your bags, now."

The group hesitantly walked to Daniel, handing over the bags to the CBC Officers. The Sniffer Dogs immediately began barking, they smelt something radiating off the bag. The CBC Officers opened the bags and scrummaged through them only to find homemade bombs within them. The CBC Officers took aim with their Rifles, but before they could the bags detonated. Some Officers were injured while one died in the blast while some had the opportunity to seek cover and shoot from cover. The civilians which were revealed to be Raiders began retreating, yet returning gunfire at the surviving CBC Officers. Messages were made over radio, the Radio Operator informed the Rifle Department and the Medical Branch of the explosion at the checkpoint. Riflemen and Field Medics rushed to the Edgeridge checkpoint to guard and aid those who were wounded in the explosion. Field Medics rushed towards the wounded CPV CBC Officers and began applying pressure to the bleeding wounds, as well as applying hemostatic agents to induce blood coagulation. While some received isotonic fluids to stop the process of a hypovolemic shock to those who have lost large amounts of blood. The wounded CPV CBC Officers were evacuated to Edgeridge's operating room for CPV Surgeons to help them. Riflemen and even more CBC Officers were called to the checkpoint, it was now on high alert. Governor Andre Garrera soon heard about the explosion, and immediately began preparing a speech for the public of Edgeridge. The next day, a Thursday morning, the Governor and Colonel of the CPV, Andre Garrera, walked to the gymnasium of the University as well as did the Edgridge population to hear Andre out after being notified of a town meeting.

[Governor/Colonel Andre Garrera] "Folks, men, and women, boys and girls. We are gathered here today to talk about the events that went down at the Edgridge border checkpoint yesterday night. Multiple terrorists detonated bombs at the checkpoint, killing one and injuring few. Civilian Protection Vanguard Medics were able to assist those who needed medical aid and should be released depending on the severity of their wounds. We must thank those who got injured for putting themselves in harm's way to protect us. That's what Edgridge and the CPV are all about, protection and well-being of fellow man. For the next month, I'm placing the checkpoint on a level of maximum security, we cannot let any explosive devices into this town, nor can we let any malicious person slip by us. Together we stand and together we fall. We all will exercise a 20-second moment-of-silence for our dead friend who died in the explosion last night, Border Control Officer Specialist Daniel Warrel."

20 seconds have passed of silence, with faint crying heard throughout the gymnasium of Daniel's family and wife who attended the town meeting.

[Governor/Colonel Andre Garrera] "Thank you. I assure all of you that you are safe, together we stand and together we shall fall. And remember, for the people, by the people! You all are dismissed, be safe, and have a wonderful day."

The next occurring month the border checkpoint for the scrap town settlement of Edgeridge will be placed under heavy surveillance and high security.

Battle for Anchorage

The mainland artillery piece had finally been silenced after two salvos from the battleships forward turrets and a barrage of Missiles from the gunships. However the Kentucky was now sporting two holes in its deck and a bent cannon. The PMV Valdez had pulled up to one of the few remaining docks and its doors blew open to allow the bodies of men to rush out, heavy plasma machine guns covering them from the deck. The infantry and mechanized units moved into the city itself, pushing back the meager defenses of the group occupying Anchorage. Behind them the main ramp from the Valdez was placed down and the Battalions continent of twelve Sherman’s roared down into the streets and down separate ways to provide fire support for the infantry.

As the fighting continued buildings were cleared and men were reporting families, non combatants hiding. Colonel Radec ordered them seized and brought to the docks. After twelve hours of street fighting the last holdout was destroyed by a salvo from the Missouri, obliterating the stronghold.

“Colonel the civilians have been brought down to the docks as ordered. They’ve all been tested as per procedure and have a unique mutation allowing to seemingly ignore the freezing cold temperatures, or so the medics speculate sir!”

Colonel Radec looked at the first lieutenant with a disgusted look. “More mutants, I despise these creatures. Lieutenant, gather twelve of them at random for shipment back to Control for testing. The rest execute as traitors.”

As the RAR flag was raised above Anchorage the docks was filled with the noise of screams and gunfire as Colonel Radec added another butcher to his name.

New Jersey, New Brunswick, Edgeridge

Four Militiamen in suits, sporting the mandatory tan CPV armband, had approached the Edgridge checkpoint. They advanced towards the CBC Officers who had healed from their injuries from the terrorist attack against the Edgeridge border checkpoint.

[Constable Nicholas Garand] "Hello fellow Militiamen, the Cohort has arrived. We'd like the information on who these bombers were, what they looked like, and every detail of information we can grab of you all."

The Riflemen and other CBC Officers left it for the people who attended the bombing since most didn't lay eyes on them before they made their retreat.

[Private CBC Officer Trevor Berwick] "Well... They looked like regular citizens but they had clothes that Raiders often seem to wear, torn apparel, masks, even some of their bags held a small number of Chems. But once Daniel saw bombs he didn't search any further, but we couldn't do much because they detonated seemingly right after he located the bombs. That's all I can tell y- OH YEAH! They also had Pipe Weapons as well, commonly a Raider weapon. They probably belonged to a gang."

The Constables were writing down the details on their notepads as the CBC Officer gave them the details on the attackers.

[Constable Nicholas Garand] "Thank you very much, your word is very valuable. We'll be conducting an investigation led by Inspector Amari Vandella. Good day."

The suited Cohort had fallen back into Edgeridge where they would share their information with the lead investigator in an office room, Inspector Amari. Amari took a moment of sifting through the data they had written on their notepads before she gave her thoughts, as well as the plan.

[1SG Inspector Amari] "After reading the information provided, our suspects might as well be identified as Raiders. I want constant surveillance on Raider activity, more patrols in Brunswick, and constant radio communication between findings and locations. This notion was planned as an organized attack. And the bombs were probably crudely homemade, meaning they have the intellect to make more of these explosives. Caution should be advised and exercised during patrolling and any sightings of homemade explosives should be reported immediately, in Edgeridge and outside."

The Cohort was dismissed shortly by the Inspector, where they returned to their normal duties. Inspector Amari notified the council of CPV Prefects about her thoughts and the findings on the investigation. Cautious patrols were to be exercised, any sightings on Raiders or homemade bombs were instructed to be reported to CPV officials, and security will remain on high near the border checkpoint.

FreeAmericanStates wrote:She sighs "Gravelton violated the agreed upon claims, effectively I am saying is that all that land you are occupying in violation of the partition treaty just is leased to you as well as the other land to the south of it. However, should Gravelton stop paying the vassal tax Gravelton will become a independent state but also Gravelton will cede all that land back to the Federation as well some lands in your country bordering Columbus and much more complicated deals involving bordering lands."

"From our point of view, you hold no claim to the land as you do not occupy it, therefore you have no power to lease it."

New-order wrote:.

Puerto Vallarta was at one point famous across north america, and even the world. Incredible beaches, beautiful views, some of the finest resorts on the planet were here. This even stayed after the american invasion, even if it was visited by more americans than before. It was truely wonderful, before the war. Now?

Well now it’s heavily irradiated, the winds are high speed and rarely stop and carry salt in it that irritates the skin. In especially harsh storms, that happen almost every other day they can even cut you, meaning being exposed is a very idea. It rains nearly constantly, sparking debates among the soldiers on how the hell radiation even causes such weather changes, especially so localized.

There were locals, dispite all this. They mainly lived off fishing and sailing of all things; the weather often brought up items or fish close to the surface, allowing easy access to those skilled enough to do so. They lived in the large building still remaining, like the hotels which have largely survived from the durable nature of their design and old world engineering. They were a rough bunch, hardened by the hardships of their lives and also litteally from all the salt.

Attempts to get them to join the Diktat were mixed. They didn't want to join, but at the same time were willing to do work for the Diktat in exchange for trade. The soldiers also couldn't kill them or use force as they were not prepared to fight in these conditions. In addition, killing the sole people who might know how to actually use the ports was a bad move overall. Thus the Diktat maintains a small outpost in the city, as they get the port rebuilt, owning it less by actually doing so and more because no one is actively contesting it or will complain if they say they do on the next series of maps.

Spiderwatch, pt. 1
With his troops rested, resupplied, and reinforced, and Erie firmly secure, Brigadier General Morrison prepared to move south to wipe out the warlords who had escaped the fall of Erie. His ultimate aim was to readmit all of Pennsylvania, and then link up with General Windheimer in the push for Philadelphia. His methodology would see him "strip-conquer" the state along the east-west axis, going from North to South to North again in a layered approach to readmission.

As such, his next target was the citadel of Spiderwatch. Formerly the town of New Richmond PA, in Crawford County, the little town had been rebuilt as a refuge in the trackless wastes of what had once been the Erie National Refuge. Dan had spent a significant amount of time and resources building a proper stone fortress to keep out the horrors of the woods; since then, a small merchant's town had grown up around the walls, creating a fairly large settlement in otherwise uninhabited lands.

The lands around the settlement were forested and dark, overgrowth from the Erie National Refuge, originally forested by aggressive maples but since boasting trees of the likes of oaks, ashes, and elms (which had prospered since the radiation killed all the invasive diseases). The land had once been strip-mined by the coal interests, drained of its mineral riches, and then abandoned, all well before the Great War ever happened. By the time the bombs fell, the forest had managed to reclaim much of the soil, and in the century since the bombs, had managed to grow right up to the edge of the Rusted Hills, holding them back.

Unfortunately, the heavy prevalence of plant life meant a heavy prevalence of animal life, to a much worse degree than West Virginia. Aside from normal predators that had survived the war like wolves and coyotes, the forest also boasted such terrors as mirelurks, razorbacks, and bloodworms, alongside an assortment of giant insects and giant rodents like rats who lived alongside the herbivores that survived, like the deer, rabbits, raccoons, possums, etc. Trogs also inhabited the woods, enjoying the shade the trees gave them from the rays of the sun, having somehow discovered a way to breed and replenish their numbers despite the Pitt having been mostly cleaned up. The apex predator of the Eerie Woods, however, were the Giant Spiders.

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