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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2292, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. OOC comments are not allowed on the RMB and will be suppressed. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord. LinkDiscord Invite

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 60 nations, the 342nd most in the world.

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The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 8,406th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The JCyL in exile of PotutyCompulsory Consumerist State Consumerist Wage Drones“none”
2.The Inscrutable Realms of Iok-SototLibertarian Police State Slightly Overzealous Peoples Democracy“Mastery Through Hidden Knowledge”
3.The Free States of Grand EnclaveNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Nemo me impune lacessit”
4.The Colony of British-North-AmericaCompulsory Consumerist State Consumerist Wage Drones“God save the Queen”
5.The Confederacy of New-Confederate StatesMoralistic Democracy Narrow-Minded Backwoodsy Bigots“Deo Vindice”
6.The Federal Republic of United States of America and GuamIron Fist Consumerists Imperialist Pig Dog Oppressors“In God we Trust”
7.The Sovereign Corporation of Ivan IndustriesNew York Times Democracy Corporate-Dominated Sham Democracy“Power is Profit”
8.The Irradiated Wasteland of Xenophobic NeedlesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“I empty my explode like a blood sausage!”
9.The Shi Empire of Americas Enclave RemnantsCorporate Police State Halliburton“God Bless the Enclave! God Bless America!”
10.The Civil Defense Corporation of SmartiepantsesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Prepared for an uncertain future!”

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The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board

There used to be a story about how an Asian king was frightened when he saw an electric lightbulb from Europe. "Reversed lights" he called them, because all he saw up to that point was oil lamps that point upwards to vent out gas. It made no smoke, shined brighter than any burnt oil, and it ran on something incomprehensible to him. Electricity. Ever since the breakthrough in combustion engine research, industrial planners have begun discussing the implementation of a national electric grid. Now however, with the Coal-Gas Conversion technique rediscovered and vast amounts of black rock accumulated that they really started taking this seriously.

Machine Waves
During their extensive travels across Central and Western Mexico, the Army noticed a lot of metal pylons. But they do not have any wire hanging on them. They have metal spires and metal parabolas and various other gadgets. In 'Radio Stations', they recovered documents that allowed us to understand that these generate a 'wave' that can transfer sound across the air. Sounds like magic, to be honest. But newspapers are hard to get around, even with the new roads. Having a guy read the happenings in a studio and broadcasting it to thousands across vast distances is much better.

Constructing 10 Radio Towers
10 Steel, 10 Scrap Electronics, 10 RL Days

Aurora, pt. 1
Legate - no, Caesar Stephanus Bence, gazed upon the throne of Caesar with no small amount of awe - and regret. Who would have thought the tribal from Arizona would find himself sitting as Caesar of the Legion? If only the Legion hadn't almost torn itself apart in the process.

He had never gotten to march into Kansas. At the precise moment he had been about to launch his attack, Lanius had returned from his pilgrimage, alone and angry. His fury was only made worse by the presence of his late boss's nephew in the ranks, there to take his rightful throne away from him. The encounter was legendary (and indeed, had since been spun into legend by the more superstitious legionaries). The individual encounter had ended in a stalemate, and they had both retreated to lick their wounds.

From there, it quickly devolved into all-out civil war. While Stephanus tried in vain to keep the Legion's gains from collapsing, or at least to keep their main territories intact, Augustus' and Lanius' loyalists duked it out all over the Territory, wasting thousands of lives and destroying all of the progress that the Legion had made while Lanius was absent. Vesta had been killed while trying to mediate a peace between the two of them, and that had been the last straw. With what forces he had on hand, Stephanus entered the civil war as a third party, intending to put the two of them down and restore order by any means necessary.

Augustus fell first, his army crushed at the Battle of Three Suns. Stephanus intended to merely capture him, loath as he still was to kill the favored nephew of Caesar, but Augustus had taken his own life before the Praetorians could retrieve him. Stephanus mourned his death for a week, as did his whole army. Then Stephanus integrated what was left of Augustus' forces and went to square off against Lanius, who was now angry that his trusted subordinate was rebelling against him. They fought several battles in the mountains, with Stephanus generally getting the better of him, eventually pushing him all the way back to Denver.

Fate then intervened. Furious Bear (formerly known as Waking Cloud) had been tracking Lanius ever since he entered the Great Plains. She had been biding her time, waiting for the right moment to strike. She finally found it, sneaking into the heart of his camp, past all his guards, and into his tent. Her revenge was swift and merciless. Lanius was barely given time to acknowledge his enemy before she drove her dagger through his heart with a cry of, "For the Dead Horses! For Graham!" Lanius, beast that he was, took quite awhile to die and managed to rip her apart before falling himself.

With Lanius dead, the last claimant to the throne of Caesar was gone. All that remained was Stephanus, the Legate of the Legion. The Legion was leaderless, and would fracture without a Caesar. So, somewhat reluctantly, Stephanus declared himself Caesar, in the sight of all his Prefects and Centurions. He declared that a new era had dawned, and took upon himself the name of Caesar Aurorianus, or Caesar of the New Dawn. The Legion had survived its greatest crisis; now, it looked outward towards the future.

The first order of business would be to rediscover what was lost. Much of the technological progress that had been made before the civil war had been lost, including the technology of mass production. The factories themselves had been destroyed, their engineers killed as collateral damage. Those that were left had no idea how to rebuild the machines they had been using to manufacture the weapons of the Legion.

As part of his first decree, Caesar mandated the creation of a new organization whose purpose it would be to rediscover this technology and others. This group would be known as the Collegium Ingenious, and they would be responsible for all the knowledge-gathering and researching in the Legion.

This, of course, immediately became the subject of controversy among the orthodox of the Legion's soldiers and commanders. Had not Caesar told them to reject technology, to rely on the strength of their own arms? Stephanus' own response to that was to point out that the original Caesar had used technology whenever it suited him. He also got the Priesthood to issue a statement declaring that "The use of technology is not a sin - addiction to it is. Man is to be the master of technology, not the other way around." This mollified them a bit, though there remained an undercurrent of uneasiness in the ranks.

In the meantime, the Collegium got together and began their first project - rediscovering mass production.
Industry 2 research started.

Industry march

With the understanding of larger production lines and construction techniques. The order was put out to expand all manufacturing plants and armories currently within the Union. Along with an expansion of the rail network into the North-western part of Louisiana. With the expanded understanding of robotics the hopes of automation in the factories were planned to replace some of the more unwanted and dangerous work. Along with a plan on producing the numerous protectrons planned for dangerous scavenging duties in more irradiate parts of the Union.

21C, 32 S spent

New Decandsor wrote:

Xavier Part III: The Tourist

The road to Goodsprings isn’t long and luckily it is a much safer travel route than anything further south, where the Newborn have gained considerable influence. Xavier isn’t sure of what to do once he reaches Goodsprings though. Will he stay for a while, or maybe head further north? With the MDF gone, there is nothing stopping the Newborn from rampaging across the Mojave. The best chance might be Vegas, but their Securitrons haven’t left the grounds of the city since the failure of Operation Hearth. Would they even be willing to help? Xavier isn’t sure, but getting to Goodsprings must be his first priority. After the short travel, Xavier arrives at Goodsprings and finds it significantly busier than usual. Dozens of people roam about the town, many of them don’t look like residents. Xavier suspects that they must’ve fled from further south to avoid the Newborn. Many of them were tired and their clothes were rugged. There was not enough space in Goodsprings for them, but several of them had tents sent up around the town. But as far as Xavier good seek, the community had little to no defenses. No armed militia, no walls, no Securitrons, just townspeople.

Deciding his best bet would be to gather some supplies first, Xavier heads to the General Store. He has around 400 caps on him, enough to buy some basic gear and equipment. At the counter of the store was a Hispanic man, who rolls his eyes when he sees Xavier walk in, “Great, another tourist I assume?” “Uh, yeah. I’m from Nipton.” The man sighs, “There’s a 10% fine for non-residents if you’re buying anything.” Xavier stops in his tracks, “That’s ridiculous!” “No, it’s not,” The clerk responds, “What’s ridiculous is having to accommodate for all of you people just coming here and sitting down like you own the place. We can’t afford you here, you should just keep going north.” Xavier shakes his head, “The people outside look tired, many of them look like they came from the south.” The clerk nods, “They did. They keep talking about the Newborn, which has scared some of the folk around here. Many people are starting to leave, and I don’t particularly blame them.” “There must be something we can do-“ Xavier gets interrupted by the clerk, “No, there isn’t. They can just keep going north, like everyone else. Won’t be long before I pack my bags to be completely honest with you. Listen, I understand these people have it rough, you too. But I really can’t do much to help them.” Xavier looks around the shop, noticing it’s almost entirely stocked, “There is something you can do. You know you can take all these things with you to Vegas,” Xavier says, “So hand out supplies to people. At least some weapons, maybe knives, even some guns and ammo so they can defend themselves.” The clerk shakes his head, “Absolutely not! I don’t do things for free, and I’ll be dammed if I just hand out supplies for free!” “But these people-“ Xavier tries to argue back but again gets shut down by the clerk, “No is no, and that’s final! You know what, I’m done with you. Just get out of my shop. Now!” Xavier glares at the clerk before reluctantly leaving the store.

Back outside, Xavier seems unsure of what to do. Then he notices a lady going around, talking with many of the refugees. When Xavier approaches, the lady notices and smiles, “Welcome to Goodsprings! I don’t think I have seen you here before.” Xavier nods, “Yeah, I just got in from Nipton.” “Well then, I suppose you can make yourself at home with the others. The name’s Trudy. If you’re low on food or water, I can give you some from our storage.” Xavier shakes his head, “No thanks, I have enough left for a few days.” Trudy nods, “Alright then. If you need anything, just pop into the Saloon and let me know!” Xavier makes note of Trudy’s kindness towards the refugees as he brings out a bottle of water and takes a sip. Xavier thinks he can stay at Goodsprings for a little bit, maybe try to help the refugees. But whether he liked the clerk or not, he was right. Xavier’s best bet would be Vegas.

Xavier Part IV: The Contact

Xavier waits patiently in the alleyway as the Sun slowly sinks beneath the tops of the buildings in Freeside. The information he has is all valid, directly from the Kings. This contact, whoever they were, would provide Xavier with everything he needs to smuggle supplies in to desperate civilians across Vegas. After several more minutes pass, a hooded figure walks into the alley. Xavier instinctively puts his hand to his side, where he has his pistol holstered. Xavier repeats the secret phrase he was told to say to the contact, “No gods-“ “No masters,” The contact interrupts, his voice smooth and comforting. Beneath the hood, Xavier could make out a handsome man with piercing blue eyes. “So,” Xavier says, “About the passage.” The contact nods, “It’s all set. The sewers have been cleared and the Followers have set up checkpoints to help funnel the traffic.” Xavier reaches into his jacket and brings out a bag of caps, “Good. As promised, here is the payment.” The contact shakes his head, “No, keep it. You’re going to need it. Getting the supplies out to people here in Freeside is no problem, but in the Strip? Different story. Tommy and his boys have it locked down. You won’t make it unless you’re packing with caps.” Xavier nods and puts the bag back into his jacket, “Appreciate it.” The contact begins to leave the alley, before turning back, “Keep your eye out, things are more dangerous in Vegas than they seem. Here, everyone is a dead man. Just remember that.”

El Paso Revisited
This was no time to rest. The Legion needed to expand if it was to survive. The NCR was breathing over their shoulder, and there were threats out there in the wasteland that would threaten to consume them if they remained complacent. In accordance with this knowledge, Aurorianus appointed Marcus Longinus, his longtime friend and a hero of the Oklahoma Campaign, as the new Legate of the Legion. While Caesar continued to work on matters at home, Marcus would go out to bring glory to the Legion (and fresh slaves and resources).

The plan of action was to first recover all the territories they had lost when the civil war occured and the Cohorts had to be pulled back. The first target was the city El Paso, right on the edge of Legion territory in New Mexico.

Most of the Legion's former territories outside of their heartland had fallen to Middle - but not El Paso. The city had managed to escape the ravages of that frightful horde, though they would certainly have fallen to it had not Middle collapsed so suddenly and so spectacularly.

In the original conquest, many of the original inhabitants had been enslaved, their places taken by Foederati settlers from elsewhere in the Legion's territories. Hardy and self-sufficient, these settlers had gotten together and formed the El Paso Association, a federation of the smaller settlements that provided for common law, trade regulation, and the like. The Association had done well for itself in the three years since the Legion's withdrawal, managing to hold off the cartels from the other side of the river.

With that being said, the news of the Legion marching from the horizon was met for the most part with jubilation by the population. Most people only remembered the good things about the Legion - safe roads, lower taxes, moderate personal freedom even if they didn't have much in the way of political freedom. This was much to the chagrin of their elected political leaders - who weren't really keen on giving up their political power, despite having got it somewhat by accident.

The leaders of the Association watched the approach of the Cohortis III and IV with some trepidation. They had no idea who had come out on top in the civil war, they only knew someone had. If it was Lanius, they could potentially be in for some crucifixions. Lanius would be just as likely to crucify them for treason and enslave their families. If it was anyone else...

Marcus, for his part, had been ordered to be magnanimous where and when possible. Caesar did not intend to be soft, but he did want to be as conserving of resources as possible given how little they currently had after the civil war. Those who submitted willingly would be left alone. Only those who resisted need be crucified.

The Cohorts marched through the streets of the main settlement like it was a triumph. Cheering crowds lined the streets on either side, throwing rice and trying to kiss the legionaries. Marcus himself rode at the head of the procession on his finest black stallion, looking resplendent in his Praetor's armor.

He rode up to the Association's delegation, standing on the steps of their assembly hall. They bowed respectfully, and Marcus nodded. Then, in the presence of them and the crowd, he loudly declared that the Legion had returned to El Paso.

In private, he assured the leaders that he had no intention of crucifying them for any supposed treason... so long as they didn't oppose the Legion's return. He was no Lanius, and it hadn't been their fault the Legion had left. The leaders were suitably grateful, and nearly fell over themselves to pledge their undying loyalty to Caesar.

With that settled, Marcus settled in one of the Cohorts to take over the defense of the bridge from the cartels. At some point, they would need to cross the river to deal with them, but for now they would play defense.

With El Paso secured, the newly-formed Collegium swarmed over the city, looking for technical documents and whatever knowledge they could hoard to fulfill their mission.
El Paso, TX reconquered
3000 people added.
89 tech documents found.

Children of Mexico

The diktat of Mexico, ever wishing to motivate the people of Mexico as young as possible, opened Youth Brigades, where the children too young to begin work in labor units can go to learn important skills, like firearms, wasteland survival, leadership, military discipline and marching. The Brigades will instill into them the core tenets of Mexico, as well as prepare them for the responsibilities as Citizens of Mexico. They will be organized into 30 child groups, led by 3 adults, picked from military volunteers, generally NCOs that lead squads. In this way both the children can learn what they need to know and the NCO can learn how to lead larger groups, aiding them in performing their own duty to the motherland.

Drug Wars, pt. 1
Marcus wanted to head north, to start retaking their territories in the Great Plains, maybe even set foot in Kansas, but the Cartels had other ideas. Not long after reoccupying El Paso, Marcus received word from patrols in Southern Arizona that they had intercepted drug runners from Puerto Peñasco trying to smuggle drugs into the Legion from across the Altar desert. The cartels were using the relatively intact port city to smuggle drugs in from farther south in Sinaloa into both Arizona and into the NCR (futile as both of those efforts were). Marcus, of course, was furious at the brazeness of these degenerates, and immediately set about trying to wipe them out.

Marcus gathered up two cohorts and immediately marched south from the ruins of Phoenix, intending to burn Puerto Peñasco to the ground. Depriving them of their port would halt or at least stem the flow of drugs into Legion territory by making it harder to transport the drugs from their growing fields farther south. It also made their border just that much shorter, especially since most of southern Arizona and New Mexico was just endless, hard-to-patrol desert.

The Legion fell first on the small settlement of Sonyata, but a few miles from the ruined fences of the US-Mexico border. The settlement was a depot for the drugs, the origin of many of the drug runners that braved the desert and Legion patrols. The town wasn't very heavily defended; the cartels hadn't expected the Legion to move against them in force and had not bothered to put up many defenses. The thugs assigned to guard the depot ran at the first sight of the banner of the Bull, and were cut down by pursuing Legionaries for their trouble. Once the town had been taken, Marcus ordered the drugs be burnt; the warehouses with the drugs in them were set on fire, and anybody with even an ounce of it on their person was crucified in front of the burning warehouses.

The survivors of the attack managed to make it to Puerto Peñasco to alert the cartel there of the attack. This meant that when Marcus and his two cohorts showed up, the Cartels were ready, having ringed the center of their operations with sandbag defenses and having set up machine guns. The machine guns were ancient, the leftovers of their pre-war glory days, but they were well-maintained (they had to be to survive this long) and would still cut down anybody that charged their positions.

Cohortis III charged down Carrera Sonora while Cohortis I circled east to Boulevard Fremont in an attempt to flank the defenders. The first century that managed to reach the cartel positions around the docks were mowed down or otherwise pinned by the machine gunners. A second assault by two centuries in tandem produced the same result, with the centuries taking massive casualties and getting pinned under the machine gun fire. Cohortis I didn't fare much better, ending up in a slug-match with a company of cartel soldiers in the urban ruins, near Avenida Sinaloa.

The fighting continued until nightfall, when both forces drew back to regroup and reassess the situation. This was quickly turning into a stalemate that Legate Longinus could ill afford, and he knew he had to think of something fast. That's when a younger centurion (a volunteer, no less) came up with the idea that would win them the battle.

Fire Breathers
Long ago, though not so long ago, flying machines were clogging the skies around the world. They are faster than any other mode of transport and carried hundreds of people. But these did not use blades. They had fans. The fans, through some trickery, allowed them much higher speeds than even the venerable props. This is intriguing. Having a metal bird that can fly at velocities unprecedented will allow a great advantage to any future Soviet Air Force. Especially considering the AMNC in the North, Mazatlan must prepare for a potential civil war in case it does not go through well.

Research on En5

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